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Officers - Select by Surname

The officers listed on this site are to be best knowledge of the author, deceased, where details of living officers are included, the officers in question have given their permission for this inclusion and have personally checked and verified the entry.  If any other living Air Officers, wish to have their details included, please contact me through the link to the left and I will gladly forward what details I have been able to collect so far.


C T Nance Sir Gilbert Nicholetts Sir Nigel Norman
E D McK Nelson Sir Hazelton Nicholl Sir Peter Norriss
Sir Charles Ness A A N Nicholson C D North-Lewis
C R G Neville K T Nicklin E W Norton
The Lord Newall of Clifton upon Dunsmoor Sir John Nicholls H E Nowell
B D Nicholas C J Nobbs C W Nutting
C H Nicholas


G S Oddie H D O'Neill R F Osborne
N C Ogilvie-Forbes W A Opie V C Otter
G L O'Hanlon A H Orlebar J A S Outhwaite
J Oliver R K Orrock R D Oxland
M D Ommanney    


J M Pack Sir Ian Pedder E Plumtree
Sir Godfrey Paine B E A Pegnall D A Pocock
L T Pankhurst Sir Richard C F Peirse J C Pope
A D Panton Sir Richard E C Peirse S L G Pope
Sir Keith Park Sir Claude Pelly Viscount Portal of Hungerford
J M A Parker Sir Lawrence Pendred C E V Porter
R G Parry H W Penney Sir Kenneth Porter
Sir David Parry-Evans M E M Perkins A G Powell
T A B Parselle A L A Perry Keene W G W Prall
B W Parsons R L Phillips Sir Walter Pretty
Sir Hubert Patch P T Philpott J W Price
Sir Lawrence Pattinson L W Phipps R J P Prichard
G J C Paul G A H Pidcock Sir Thomas Prickett
Sir Anthony Paxton J M N Pike T B Prickman
L G S Payne Sir Thomas Pike W H Primrose
N S Paynter M J Pilkington Sir Charles Pringle
R S Peacock-Edwards R C M Pink N A P Pritchett
H Peake Sir Tim Piper H M Probyn
E R Pearce Sir George Pirie H J G E Proud
F A Pearce D le G Pitcher A D Pryor
F L Pearce W Pitt-Brown C W H Pulford
T R B Pearce Sir Patrick Playfair A Pyke
H M Pearson B W Plenderleith R Pyne
Sir Richard Peck    


J C Quinnell


D S Radford W E V Richards A D Rogers
R A R Rae E H Richardson J D Ronald
R L Ragg E L Ridley Sir Frederick Rosier
F F Rainsford A P Ritchie P H Roscoe
G H Randle D F Rixson R P Ross
V B Ranford H J Roach V H B Roth
A J Rankin Sir James Robb J K Rotherham
J Rankin B J R Roberts J F Roulston
C E H Rathborne D N Roberts Sir John Rowlands
M J Rayson J F Roberts H V Rowley
H Reed-Purvis E D M Robertson F Rump
F H E Reeve W D Robertson B H C Russell
Sir Ranald Reid B Robinson H B Russell
A P Revington B L Robinson H M Russell
Sir Brian Reynolds J A Robinson J B Russell
G B M Rhind M W S Robinson J C Russell
J R Rhys Jones A M Rodgers N C S Rutter
A B Riall R J Rodwell J Rylands
Sir Edward Rice Sir Rex Roe D W R Ryley

This page was last updated on 26/03/21

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