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Air Vice-Marshal R G Parry

Rey Griffith                   b: 7 Sep 1889                     r: 12 Aug 1943                     d: 8 Aug 1969

CB - 1 Jan 1941, DSO - 16 Aug 1916, MiD - 11 Jul 1940, DIC, AFRAeS, CdeG (F) - 2 Nov 1917.

For a list of foreign decoration abbreviations, click here

(RN): - Eng Sub-Lt: 1 Aug 1909, Eng Lt: 1 Aug 1911.

(RAF): - Capt: 4 Jul 1918, Flt Lt: 1 Aug 1919 [1 Apr 1918], Act Maj: 9 Aug 1919 Sqn Ldr: 1 Nov 1919, Wg Cdr: 1 Jan 1929, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1935, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1938, Act AVM:  3 Sep 1939 - 20 Dec 1941, AVM: Retained.

1 Aug 1909:            Engineering Officer, Royal Navy.

30 Sep 1909:           Attended RN College, Greenwich for course of study

24 Jun 1910:           HMS Victory for service in HMS Forward during manoeuvres.

 1 Oct 1910:            Lent to RN College, Greenwich for course of study.

10 Mar 1911:          Passed examination for promotion to Engineer Lieutenant

10 Jun 1911:           Supernumerary, HMS Vivid

30 Sep 1911:           Lent to RN College, Greenwich for course of study.

xx Jun 1912:           Supernumerary, HMS Pembroke

18 Oct 1912:           Engineer Officer, HMS St Vincent

 3 May 1913:           Engineer Officer, HMS Inflexible. (Gallipoli)

19 Jan 1916:           HMS Pembroke for service in HMS Centaur (under construction)

27 Jun 1916:           Passed examination (with credit) for promotion to Engineer Lieutenant Commander.

xx Jul 1916:            Engineer Officer, HMS Centaur (on commissioning)

xx Mar 1917:          HMS President for service in C-in-C's Department, Admiralty

27 Jul 1917:             Attended Course of Instruction at Wormwood Scrubbs Air Station

15 Oct 1917:           Admiralty for service with DCAP

 4 Jul 1918:              Appointed to a Temporary Commission in the rank of Captain.

 4 Jul 1918:              Staff Officer 3rd Class, Air Ministry.

 1 Aug 1919:            Awarded Permanent Commission in rank of Flight Lieutenant. (gazetted 30 Sep 1919)

 1 Aug 1919:            Commission in Royal Navy Terminated

 9 Aug 1919:            Staff Officer, 2nd Class (Technical). Engine and Machinery Design, Airships Directorate, Air Ministry

 1 Mar 1921:            Supernumerary, RAF Depot

20 May 1921:          Staff Officer, No 4 FTS.

28 Nov 1923:          Technical Staff - Advisory, HQ RAF Middle East.

 1 Oct 1926:            Attended London University

23 Aug 1928:           Staff, School of Photography.

18 Feb 1929:           Engineering Instructor (Engineering Officer Course), Home Aircraft Depot.

xx xxx xxxx:

26 Sep - 9 Oct 1934:    Placed on half pay list, scale A.

10 Oct 1934:             SESO, HQ Iraq Command.

 7 Jan 1937:               Officer Commanding, RAF Dishforth.

18 Jul 1938:               AOA, HQ Coastal Command.

 1 Jun 1939:               AOC, No 15 Group.

23 Feb 1941:             AOA, HQ Technical Training Command.

11 Feb 1942:             AOC, No 203 Group.

Whilst serving aboard HMS Inflexible, it was struck by a mine and he was awarded a DSO for his actions following the incident.  He transferred to the Technical Branch in 1940.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Service Order

“Engineer-Commander Harry Lashmore, C.B., R.N.

Engineer-Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Ellis Lester, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant Rey Griffith Parry, R.N.

Surgeon Martyn Henry Langford, R.N.

During the time H.M.S."Inflexible" was steaming to Tenedos — after having struck a mine — the engine-room being in semi-darkness and great heat, the ship in possible danger of sinking on passage, a high standard of discipline was called for in the Engineer Department, a call which was more than met Engineer-Commander Harry Lashmore, responsible for the discipline of the engine-room department, was in the starboard engine-room throughout the passage, and set a fine example to his men.  Engineer-Lieutenant-Commander Lester was in the port engine-room carrying out the same duties as Engineer-Commander Lashmore did in the starboard engine-room.  Engineer-Lieutenant Parry went twice through the thick fumes to the refrigerator flat to see if the doors and valves were closed; he also closed the escape hatch from the submerged flat, fumes and vapour coming up the trunk at the time.  Surgeon Langford brought up the wounded from the fore distributing station in the dark. Fumes permeated the place, rendering five men unconscious.  Surgeon Langford, though partially overcome by the fumes, continued his work.”

(London Gazette – 16 August 1915)

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