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Air Commodore J F Roulston (37640)

Jack Fendick                b: 14 Jan 1913                      r: 14 Jan 1965                      d: 7 Nov 1973

CBE - 1 Jan 1945, DSO – 25 May 1943, DFC – 25 Oct 1940, MiD - 24 Sep 1941.

Act Plt Off (P): 9 Mar 1936, Plt Off: 6 Jan 1937, Fg Off (WS): 6 Jul 1938, Act Flt Lt: 2 Mar 1939, Flt Lt (WS): 6 Jul 1940, Act Sqn Ldr: 9 Dec 1940, Act Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1941, (T) Sqn Ldr: 1 Sep 1941, Act Gp Capt: 6 Jun 1943?, (T) Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1943, Wg Cdr (WS): 6 Dec 1943, Sqn Ldr: 25 Feb 1947 [1 Jan 1941], Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1947 [1 Oct 1946], Gp Capt:  1 Jan 1952, Act A/Cdre: 18 Jan 1957?, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1959.

 9 Mar 1936:           Appointed to a Short Service Commission.

 9 Mar 1936:           Initial Officer training, RAF Depot.

21 Mar 1936:          U/T Pilot, No 5 FTS.

11 Oct 1936:           Pilot, No 41 Sqn.

27 Apr 1938:           Pilot, No 80 Sqn.

30 Apr 1938:           Embarked on SS Lancashire for Alexandria with 80 Sqn

10 May 1938:          Disembarked at Alexandria and entrained for Ismailia

23 Jun 1938:            Attached to RAF Depot, Aboukir

 7 Apr 1938:            Pilot, No 223 Sqn.

 7 Jul 1938:              'B' Flight Commander, No 223 Sqn.

 9 Nov 1940:            Officer Commanding, No 223 Sqn

12 Apr - 24 May 1941:        Supernumerary, rest pool (leave in South Africa)

 8 Sep 1941:            'B' Flight Commander, No 223 Sqn./Officer Commanding, RAF Shandur

30 Oct 1941:           Supernumerary, No 70 OTU

 4 Nov 1941:           Chief Flying Instructor, No 70 OTU

 6 Jan 1942 :            Transferred to RAFO and called up for service

20 Oct 1942:           Officer Commanding, No 55 Sqn.

 6 Jun 1943              Officer Commanding, No 232 Wing.

xx xxx xxxx:              Officer Commanding, 24 Air School (Nigel (Dunnottar), South Africa)

 7 May 1946:           Appointed to a Permanent Commission in the rank of Squadron Leader (wef 1 Jan 1941)  

xx xxx xxxx:              Officer Commanding, 22 Air School (Vereeniging, South Africa)

xx xxx 1946:            Attended RAF Staff College.

xx xxx 1952:            Group Captain - Operations, HQ Far East Air Force.

xx xxx 1954:            Attended RAF Flying College.

xx xxx 1955:            Staff, Directorate of Operational Requirements.

18 Jan 1957:            Director of Operational Requirements (A).

 7 Mar 1958:           Deputy Commander, Air Task Group, Task Force 'Grapple', Nuclear Weapons Test Base, Christmas Island

xx Oct 1958:           Commander, Air Task Group, Task Force 'Grapple'.

xx xxx 1960:            Commandant, A. & A.E.E.

Educated at Queen's College (Kenya?) and the University of Capetown.

During the Ethiopian operations against the Italians in 1940, he led a raid on the capital, Addis Ababa requiring a re-fuelling stop at Perim Island at the entrance of the Red Sea.  On 12 November 1942, his aircraft (Baltimore III, AH144, 'C') was damaged beyond repair whilst he was taking off when it was hit by another machine.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Service Order

“Acting Wing Commander Jack Fendick ROULSTON, D.F.C. (37640), No.55 Squadron.

This officer is a brilliant leader, whose courage and tenacity in pressing home his attacks in the face of fierce opposition have been a splendid example.  In April,1943,he flew the leading aircraft of a formation detailed to attack the airfield at Soliman.  When nearing the target the windscreen of his aircraft was shattered by splinters from a bursting shell.  Pieces of the broken screen, smoke and dust filled the cockpit.  Unperturbed, Wing Commander Roulston led his formation to the objective which was heavily bombed.  By his skill and determination, this officer contributed materially to the success of the operation.”

(London Gazette – 25 May 1943)

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