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Air Marshals

The officers listed on this site are to the best knowledge of the author, deceased, where details of living officers are included, the officers in question have given their permission for this inclusion and have personally checked and verified the entry.  If any other living Air Officers, wish to have their details included, please contact me through the link to the left and I will gladly forward what details I have been able to collate so far.

Sir Richard Atcherley Sir Aubrey Ellwood   Sir Hector McGregor
Sir Roy Austen-Smith

Sir Thomas Elmhirst

Sir Andrew McKee
Sir Roger Austin Sir Reginald Emson Sir Dusty Miller
Sir John Babington Sir Geoffrey Ford

Sir William Mitchell

Sir Philip Babington Sir Paterson Fraser Sir Alec Morris
Sir John Baird Sir Francis Fressanges Sir Douglas Morris  
Sir Peter Bairsto

The Lord Garden

Sir Charles Ness
Sir Brian Baker

Sir Gerald Gibbs

Sir Gilbert Nicholetts

Sir John Baker-Carr

Sir Michael Giddings

Sir John Nicholls
Sir John Baldwin Sir Victor Goddard Sir Peter Norriss
Sir Alfred Ball Sir Edward Gordon-Jones Sir Lawrence Pattinson

Sir George Beamish

Sir Leslie Gossage

Sir Richard Peck

Sir Leslie Bower

Sir Victor Groom

Sir Ian Pedder
O T Boyd

Sir Charles Guest

Sir Lawrence Pendred

Sir John Bradley Sir Edouard Grundy Sir Tim Piper

J J Breen

Sir Donald Hall

Sir Patrick Playfair
Sir Ivor Broom Sir Reginald Harland Sir Kenneth Porter
Sir Charles Broughton Sir John Harris Sir Walter Pretty
Sir Harry Burton Sir Raymund Hart Sir Charles Pringle
Sir Roderick Carr Sir Christopher Hartley

Sir Brian Reynolds

Sir Edward Chilton

Sir Leslie Harvey Sir John Rowlands
Sir Robert Clark-Hall Sir Kenneth Hayr

Sir Clifford Sanderson

Sir Gareth Clayton Sir Maurice Heath

Sir Robert Saundby

Sir William Coles Lieutenant General Sir David Henderson Sir Anthony Selway

D Colyer

Sir John Higgins

Sir Leonard Slatter
Sir Arthur Coningham Sir Frank Holroyd

Sir Ralph Sorley

Sir Cyril Cooke Sir Peter Horsley Sir Frederick Sowrey
Sir Norman Coslett Sir Rochford Hughes Sir Herbert Spreckley
Sir Robert Craven Sir John Hunter-Tod

Sir Charles Steele

Sir Denis Crowley-Milling Sir Douglas Jackman

Sir Alick Stevens

Sir John Curtiss Sir Laurence Jones

S C Strafford

Sir John D'Albiac Sir Robert Jones P O Sturley

Sir Lawrence Darvall

Sir Richard Jordon

Sir Bertine Sutton

Sir Leslie Dalton-Morris Sir Philip Lagesen Sir John Sutton
Sir Alan Davies Sir John Lapsley

Sir John Tremayne

Sir Geoffrey Dhenin

Sir Alan Lees

Sir Geoffrey Tuttle

Sir Grahame Donald

Sir Ronald Lees Sir Richard Wakeford
Sir John Donald Sir Francis Linnell Sir John Walker

Sir Peter Drummond

Sir Harold Lydford

P B Walker
Sir Eric Dunn Sir Douglas Macfadyen

Sir Hugh Walmsley

Sir Patrick Dunn

Sir Ian Macfadyen Sir William Welsh  
Sir Herbert Durkin Sir Harold Maguire

Sir John Whitley

Sir Albert Durston

Sir Harold Martin Sir Thomas Williams
Sir Barry Duxbury Sir Leslie Mavor Sir Peter Wykeham
Sir Humphrey Edwardes-Jones Sir Arthur McDonald  

This page was last updated on 10/04/21

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