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Air Chief Marshals

The officers listed on this site are to the best knowledge of the author, deceased, where details of living officers are included, the officers in question have given their permission for this inclusion and have personally checked and verified the entry.  If any other living Air Officers, wish to have their details included, please contact me through the link to the left and I will gladly forward what details I have been able to collate so far.


Sir John Aiken Sir Robert Foster Sir Walter Merton
Sir Michael Armitage Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris Sir George Mills
Sir John Baker    Sir Wilfrid Freeman Sir Christopher Moran
The Earl of Bandon      Sir Robert Freer Sir Keith Park
Sir Denis Barnett Sir Guy Garrod Sir David Parry-Evans
Sir John Barraclough Sir John Gingell Sir Hubert Patch
Sir Arthur Barratt Sir Michael Graydon Sir Richard Peirse
Sir Michael Beavis Sir Donald Hardman  Sir Claude Pelly
Sir John Boothman Sir Anthony Heward Sir George Pirie
Sir Norman Bottomley Sir Roderic Hill Sir Thomas Prickett
Sir Frederick Bowhill Sir Lewis Hodges Sir James Robb 
Sir Harry Broadhurst Sir Derek Hodgkinson Sir Rex Roe
Sir Robert Brooke-Popham Sir Leslie Hollinghurst Sir John Rogers
Sir Brian Burnett Sir Edmund Hudleston Sir Frederick Rosier
Sir Charles Burnett Sir Ronald Ivelaw-Chapman Sir Geoffrey Salmond
Sir Walter Cheshire Sir Jock Kennedy Sir Arthur Sanders
The Hon Sir Ralph Cochrane Sir Brendan Jackson Sir Hugh Saunders
Sir Hugh Constantine Sir Philip Joubert de la Ferte Sir Anthony Skingsley
Sir Alec Coryton Sir Michael Knight Sir Denis Smallwood
Sir Christopher Courtney Sir Wallace Kyle Sir Peter Squire
Sir Kenneth Cross Admiral Sir Cecil Lambert Sir John Stacey
Sir John Davis Sir Peter Le Cheminant Sir Neville Stack
Sir Walter Dawson Sir David Lee Sir Michael Stear
Lord Dowding of Bentley Priory Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory Sir Alisdair Steedman
Sir Alfred Earle Sir Hugh Lloyd Sir John Steel
Sir William Elliott  Sir Arthur Longmore Sir Peter Terry
Sir Basil Embry Sir Douglas Lowe Sir John Thomson
Sir David Evans Sir Edgar Ludlow-Hewitt   Sir Ruthven Wade
Sir Donald Evans Sir William Macdonald Sir Augustus Walker
Sir Douglas Evill Sir Nigel Maynard Sir Neil Wheeler
Sir Peter Fletcher Sir Theodore McEvoy Sir John Whitworth-Jones
Sir Francis Fogerty Sir Charles Medhurst Sir John Willis

This page was last updated on 08/04/23

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