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Joint Defence Commands

[British Forces Falkland Islands | British Forces South Atlantic Islands | Defence Logistics Organisation | Defence Equipment and Support | Joint Helicopter Command | Permanent Joint HQ]


Permanent Joint HQ (UK)

Formed  1 Apr 1996 to control joint 'out of area' operations 

 1 Apr 1996                       

10 Feb 1999                      V-Adm Sir Ian Garnett

 6 Aug 2001:                      Gen Sir John Reith.

26 Jul 2004:                       AM Sir Glenn Torpy.

xx Apr 2006                       Lt-Gen J N R Houghton

13 Mar 2009                      AM S W Peach


Joint Helicopter Command

Formed  5 Oct 1999 to control all operational rotary wing resources of the three services.

Motto:    Across the Boundaries

1 May 1998                       AVM D M Niven

27 Sep 2002                      AVM P D Luker

xx Jul 2005                        Maj-Gen G Coward

xx xxx 2008                       R-Adm A Johnstone-Burt RN

xx Mar 2011                      AVM C W Dixon

xx xxx xxxx                        Maj-Gen R F P Felton

xx Mar 2017                      AVM R D Mason

xx xxx xxxx:                       R-Adm J P Pentreath

xx Mar 2020                      AVM N J Colman

xx Mar 2023                      AVM A P T Smith


Defence Logistics Organisation

Formed  1 Apr 2000 to control the logistics organisations of all three services.  Absorbed into Defence Equipment and Support on 2 April 2007.

 1 Apr 2000                        Gen Sir Sam Cowan

 2 Sep 2002                        ACM Sir Malcolm Pledger

 6 Jan 2005                          Gen Sir Kevin O’Donoghue

Defence Equipment and Support

Formed on 2 April 2007, by amalgamating the Defence Procurement Agency and the Defence Logistics Organisation.  Its HQ is located at Abbey Wood

It is divided into six departments: -

Chief of Materiel (Fleet)

Chief of Materiel (Land)

Chief of Materiel (Air)

Chief of Materiel (Joint Enablers)

Director General (Resources)

Functional Directors

Chiefs of Defence Materiel: -

 2 Apr 2007                        Gen Sir Kevin O’Donoghue

 4 Jan 2011                         Bernard Gray

Chiefs of Material (Air): -

 2 Apr 2007                        AM Sir Barry Thornton

 1 May 2009                       AM Sir Kevin Leeson

xx Oct 2012:                        AM S J Bollom


British Forces Falkland Islands

xx Aug 1985                        A/Cdre R J Kemball

xx xxx 1987

xx Aug 1988                        AVM D O Crwys-Williams

xx xxx 1991                         AVM P G Beer

xx Feb 1998                        A/Cdre R L Dixon

xx xxx 1999                         Brig D Nicholls

xx xxx 2000                         Brig G P Sheldon

27 Jan 2001                        A/Cdre J A Cliffe

xx Feb 2002                        Cdre R J Ibbotson RN

xx xxx 2003

British Forces South Atlantic Islands

British Forces Falkland Islands was renamed British Forces South Atlantic Islands in 2004, when Ascension Island was placed under the command of the British Forces Falkland Islands.

xx xxx 2004                        A/Cdre R H Lacey

xx xxx 2005                        Cdre I Moncrieff RN

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 2012                        Brig W Aldridge

xx Mar 2013                       A/Cdre R La Forte

UK Space Command

Formed on 1 April 2021 at High Wycombe as a joint command organised under the Royal Air Force, and staffed by personnel from the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force and the Civil Service. The UKSC has three functions:

 1 Apr 2021                        AVM P Godfrey

[British Forces Falkland Islands | British Forces South Atlantic Islands | Defence Logistics Organisation | Defence Equipment and Support | Joint Helicopter Command | Permanent Joint HQ | UK Space Command]


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