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Operations - Africa

This page gives brief details of major RAF operations or combined operations in which RAF units played a part.  For ease of reference they have been placed in chronological order.

'Z' Force - Somaliland - A small force of 36 officers, 183 airmen and 12 DH9's under Gp Capt R Gordon was sent to Somaliland in Nov 1919 to carry out operations against the 'Mad Mullah'.   By Feb 1920, this operation had successfully brought an end to the activities of the 'Mad Mullah', died in exile in 1921.

Egypt to Nigeria Flight - 27 Oct 1925 - 19 Nov 1925 from Cairo to Kano and return, the flight of 4 - DH9A's was led by Sqn Ldr A Coningham 

Cairo to Cape Town Flight - 1 Mar 1926 - 12 Apr 1926 was led by Wg Cdr C W H Pulford.  On returning to Cairo, the flight of Fairey IIID's continued and flew back to the UK.

East Africa - Following the Italian invasion of Abyssinia in 1935, Britain sent reinforcements to the Middle East under great secrecy to combat any attempt by the Italian to invade British territories in the area.  Most of these units returned to the UK in Aug/Sep 1936.

Mau Mau Campaign - These operations began in1953 against gangs of terrorists in Kenya and involved aircraft such as the Lincoln, Vampires, Meteors and even Harvards fitted with bombs and machine guns.

Rhodesia UDI - When Rhodesia declared independence in 1965, Zambia requested British assistance to protect its boundaries.   A RAF Javelin squadron, RAF Regiment squadron and radar equipment was sent to assist.

Relief Missions - Various relief missions have been undertaken by RAF aircraft following, drought, floods and as a result of civil wars in the area.  These have included earthquakes in Morocco (1960), famine in Kenya (1961 -Operations  'Maize Bag' and 'Tana Flood'), drought and famine in Ethiopia (1984)

Operation 'Pontifex' - Valiant detachment to Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia - 1964

Operation ‘Tana Flood’ - Food drops in Kenya and Somalia, 1 October 1961 to January 1962

Operation ‘Sahil Cascade’ - Mercy flights in Mali, July 1973.

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