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Operations - South/Central America

This page gives brief details of major RAF operations or combined operations in which RAF units played a part. 

Belize - British Honduras changed its name to Belize in 1973 and two years later with the possibility of invasion by neighbouring Guatamala, the British government sent RAF units to assist in its defence.  Following independence in 1981, the government of Belize requested continued assistance which by then consisted of Harriers and Pumas.  The Harrier force remained until 1993.

Operation 'Black Buck' - The name given to series of bombing raids on Port Stanley Airport by Ascension Island based Vulcans during Operation Corporate

Operation 'Corporate' - Falklands War - On 2 Apr 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands.  Preparation began immediately to re-capture them.  Air operations began on 1 May when an RAF Vulcan dropped bombs on the runway at Port Stanley followed by FAA Sea Harriers carrying out ground attack missions, some flown by RAF pilots.  By the end of hostilities in Jun 1982, RAF Harriers had been flown into the combat area, as well as RAF Chinook helicopters (although most of these were lost in the sinking of the Atlantic Conveyor).  Since the war, RAF units have been stationed on the Islands included Phantom and Tornado fighters, Chinook and Sea King helicopters and Hercules transport/tanker aircraft.

More fuller details on Operation Corporate are available on the Official RAF Website

Operation ‘Sky Help’ - Relief to British Hondurus (Belize) following Hurricane 'Hattie', November 1961.

Operation 'Snow Trip' - Ministry of Supply/Bomber Command project to assess the effects of winter conditions on airborne Radar equipment.  Two Valiants of 543 Sqn detached to RCAF Namao for the period 9 October  to 29.December 1956.


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