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If you would like to post a request for information please submit it to me using the link below and I will publish it on this page, please do not change the subject title.   If you can answer any of the queries posted, please submit your reply below, please indicate which request you are replying to: -

Send your request here

Request 1000.    Posted  20 Feb 2012

I have just become a member.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has any information/memorabilia about my father Reginald Morris Nash who was stationed with the following Sqd/units during WW11 :

Oct 42 to Jan 43 - 97 Sqd RAF Woodhall Spa.

Jan 43 to Aug 43 - 57 Sqd RAF Scampton

Aug 43 to Aug 44 - 1660 conversion unit RAF Swinderby

Aug 44 to Sept 45 - 50 Sqd RAF Skellingthorpe

He died in 1995 and i would love to find out more about his wartime experiences.

Thank you

David B. Nash

Request 999.    Posted  20 Feb 2012

Removed as e-mail address is no longer valid

Request 998.    Posted  3 Feb 2012

I am in the process of organising an exhibition in recognition of the centenary of the formation of the Royal Flying Corps and I would appreciate the opportunity to ask the members of this site for any assistance with the following.
I am in need of further Photos, histories, documentation of early RFC men, and squadrons 1 - 5. Also any artefacts relating to the RFC which people might feel able to loan to the museum for our display.
The exhibition is due to open in April at the Farnborough Air museum which is housed in the original  RFC headquaters building.
The museum is a charitable trust and entry is FREE.

Any assistance with this request would be greatly appreciated.

Request 997.    Posted  3 Feb 2012

I am trying to find any information/photos or people who knew Cpl Terry Fleet, my father (R I P).  I believe my Dad had something to do with Motor Transport Unit and I had been led to believe he was an electrician.  He served at RAF Changi in 1952,  RAF Sealand 1959, and RAF Butzweilerhoff in 1961 as well as serving in Borneo. I think he was in R A F from 1944-1966

Request 996.    Posted 9 Feb 2012

Any photographs of Ron Chidgey, 66 Squadron, Borneo/Singapore 1964-1967?

I have written a junior fiction story based on the RAF working in Borneo during the above period (based on stories my father told me).

I would love to receive copy of any photographs anyone might have of the 66 Squadron, to potentially feature in my eBook: Cpl Ron: Borneo Warrior Rescue.

Thank you.

Sandra (Chidgey) Arthur

Request 995.    Posted  3 Feb 2012

Can anyone tell me the history of Glasgow Bomb Plot, I was posted there in December 1964 and the unit closed in June 1965.

There is no mention of the Radar Bomb Score Signals Unit located there on the very brief station history. We were parented by

RAF Leuchars. It was a very small unit with a Flt Lt OC, no other officers or SNCOs. The radar was I believe an AA4 Mk7

Questions:    What was the signals unit number?

                      When did it open?

                      What was built on the old site?

Bob Williams

Request 994.    Posted  3 Feb 2012

I would like to get in contact with anyone who give me a few details about :: F/Sgt. H.E. Gander of 309 S&T Collumn RAF 1945. He came from Rushden Northants.. A ferw more infos, behind hes name was DMT 364815   254 P23 2nd. TAF. Thanks for your help.   heinz Johannsen

Request 993.    Posted  3 Feb 2012

I have received this Pho from Poland,it was found in an german Doldiers Photoalbum. does anyone recognize anyone

Request 992.    Posted  3 Feb 2012

I am searching for a war diary or information about Unit 314 motor transport with the 2nd Tactical Air Force in France Belgium the Netherlands and Germany. My late father was a LAC driver in these countries

Thank you

Request 991.    Posted  31 Jan 2012

I would like to hear from anyone who knew my father Harold John Barham .

He served in RAF from around 1935-1946. He was in Norway on the frozen lake before being evacuated back to England.

Also at Felixstow, Biggin Hill etc.

Request 990.    Posted  31 Jan 2012

I am looking for any information of S/Ldr Eric Montague Cooper Shipp. C/O of 309 S&T Collumn1945/46. Or any other Members. Ihave the War Dairy and like to share it with people of Interest, and members or families of ex Members, Have Photos etc.   Heinz Johannsen 0049 4331 448855 or Email. All Infos are welcome. Thank you  

Request 989.    Posted  29 Jan 2012

Can anyone please help,

I have always been puzzled why this photo of an RAF Pilot (see attached) was in my mother’s effects after her death, I know she worked in the NAFFI at RAF Colerne Wiltshire during 1939 – 1945 approx. not sure if the start date and finish date is correct.

Any info would help

Request 988.    Posted  26 Jan 2012

I’m looking for a WAAF named Catherine H Lloyd. She was from North Wales. She was blonde and I believe she was 20 in 1942 when my Grandfather met her. He was a US army air corps medic. He has since passed but had intended on marrying her after the war but couldn't ever find her. I have a picture of her that he carried in his wallet until the day he passed. I would love to make contact with her if she's still with us. If anyone has any info, please email me using the link above.

Request 987.    Posted  23 Jan 2012

Hoping someone can help with information regarding death of my grandfather, No 623211 Leading Aircraftsman, Royal Air Force, Crawford Anthony, accidentally killed by being knocked down by a motor lorry, 9th August 1940, the Arterial Road, Shotwick R.D. aged 29 years. His residential address was 5 Schonberg Street Carrickfergus Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. This information was from original Death Certificate. He left a wife and three sons. His wife remarried and moved to Australia with the two younger sons in 1950 while the eldest stayed.

Any information/group photo/someone who might have served with him etc, would be greatly appreciated.


Peter Anthony, Australia

Request 986.    Posted  14 Jan 2012

Looking for any members of RAF  stationed at the RAF Station Schleswig Land 1945 - 1950. Horsa Glider, Target towing --- or Berlin Air Lift. I have a number of Photos of RAF Personal from that time, looking for more, pay well.   Heinz Johannsen Rendsburg  0049 4331 448855 or Email.

Request 985.    Posted  20 Jan 2012

I am looking for a photo of FL/Lt Navigator Alfred E. D. who was killed in an air-crash with a MOSQUITO NF XIX, serial number MM 678 of No 157 Squadron  RS-A.
His pilot VALE William (AUS) was also killed (for the pilot I already had contact with the family and I became a photo of William Vale.
Airborne at 1805 6 Oct 1944 from Swannington Airfield in support of the Main Force Dortmund operation.

Although the crash-site is unknown, my mother was a witness: it happened in Belgium , in the village of DRIESLINTER province: Vlaams-Brabant, at approximately 5 miles of the city TIENEN ( = Tirlemont in French).

The information and/or photo of him will only be used for the VVF sectie Tienen (that’s the Heritage Association).

Request 984.    Posted  14 Jan 2012

Poole Flying Boats Celebration UK Charity 1123274 at PFBC, Parkstone Library Buildings, Ashley Cross Poole, Dorset BH14 8AZ

Assistance would be most appreciated with Research as to the founding of RAF Poole at Hamworthy in 1942 and which then was operated as RAF Hamworthy from the 31st August 1942 - initially with the Sunderlands of RAAF 461 Squadron, and later replaced in March 1943 with the Catalinas of RAF 210 Squadron until the end of that year…

Also, there has been great difficulty in discovering more than just a handful of photographs relating to the period when 210 Squadron operated from RAF Hamworthy, which is in marked contrast to information supplied by the members of the Flying Boat Squadrons of Australia.

As 2012 is the 70th. Anniversary of RAF Hamworthy, PFBC will be delighted to hear from anyone involved there, especially as we have a project underway to Celebrate this Event… and also to Commemorate those who were lost!

Many thanks in anticipation                   

Very best wishes                  

Aimee Alexander (PFBC Archivist & Trustee)

Request 983.    Posted  14 Jan 2012

My name is Malcolm Jeffries, I am hoping to find information about an accident when an RAF vehicle overturned, killing a friend of mine, aircraftsman 2nd class, Roger Littlewood, he would have been a boy entrant, aged 17, stationed at RAF Yatesbury.

The accident happened in October 1960.  I would much appreciate hearing from anyone who remembers this incident, or knows anything about it I know that there were many personnel there at the time. I am trying to find the inquest results; the inquest was opened and adjourned on the 1st Nov 1960. I would also like if possible to obtain a photograph of Roger, to put on an on-line memorial site to him. If you served with Roger Littlewood and have a group photo with him on it, please let me know.

Request 982.    Posted  7 Jan 2012

I’m trying to find photos of my second cousin. His name was Cecil George Jones, he was christened on 15 July 1915 at St Leonard's parish church, Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

His parents were George Walter and Lilian Rose Jones. Their address was given as 11 Innage Gardens and the trade of George senior was Foreman of William Phillips & Co Ltd, Mineral Water Works, Moat street, Bridgnorth.

If any relatives wish to get in touch with me please do. They may be interested to know that my Mother has some very interesting information, some of it though is quite sad. Cecil had to younger sisters; they would well be in to their 60’s now, probably married with children. Cecil was also married.

His descendents might like to know ‘just what happened’. 

My Mother thinks this is Cecil George Jones, but she’s not 14 anymore..(she’s 82) The photo was taken early 1940’s, RAF Bridgnorth.

We think he was a rear Gunner on Lancasters and was shot down over Germany. Any help, photos, confirmation would be most appreciated.

Flt.Capt. Paul Ottersen

Request 981.    Posted  30 Dec 2011

Photo's wanted of RAF Newmarket, post WW2, across the road from the swimming pool, NOT the airfield. Friend has the RAF flag used on last day of the station ( presented to his Grandfather) and wants to create a display, but finding it hard to get photos

Tony Pringle
3 Engelhard Road, Newmarket, CB8 0SA 01638 663 343

Request 980.    Posted  23 Dec 2011

Please if anyone has information or p1ctures of RAF 120 Unit Maintenance Unit at Ras El Ain in Palestine then please let me know


Mike Dehaan


Request 979.    Posted  23 Dec 2011

I have recently rediscovered a wrist bracelet dug up many years ago in our back garden.  Attached to the bracelet is a tag with the following on it:

No 529733 Cpl Nye G. T.H.



Whilst the bracelet has no sentimental value to myself, I thought that even if Cpl Nye was no longer about, some of his relatives may be and would like it as a memento.

I would like to make contact with Cpl Nye or his relatives.

Thank you.

Stewart Tilley

Request 978.    Posted  23 Dec 2011



BORN 2 SEP 1917 / DIED 2005






No. 1424803


135 WING 6349






Request 977.    Posted  10 Dec 2011

I ‘am looking for information about K . Forth  - He is survivor of a crash with the Lancaster DV280 at Macharen (Holland) on  June 22nd 1944

He broke his pelvis and after hospitalisation he became POW  and was in Stalag Luft III.

Any news is welcome, thanks

Jan Ruijs - The Netherlands

Request 976.    Posted  10 Dec 2011

I am researching Flight Lieutenant Nick HAINES who served as a navigator with the 2nd Tactical Air Force during WW2. I believe he was an Australian who enlisted overseas. His RAAF file has little info except his "home town is Rose Bay NSW" plus a press release from 1944 giving a brief outline of his activities. He raced cars after the war at Le Mans, Spa etc.

Any details you have for him would be appreciated.


Request 975.    Posted  10 Dec 2011

I am looking for Flt/Sgt W. J. SWINTON, 486 Sqn, RNZAF, who was shot down on the 10th of february 1944 over HELLENVILLIERS (EURE) in France in Typhoon 1B, SerNo JP689, code SA-P. He was flying a misson to CHARTRES (France). I did obtain one of the ammunition boxes of his aircraft.

I can be contacted on

Tx & Grtz.


Request 974.    Posted  10 Dec 2011

Can anyone tell me the registration of the Lysander used by Flight-Lieutenant John Bridger DFC, when he dropped the 2 French agents Moulin and General Derestraint here in France on the 19-20 March 1943? Was it V9367, or V9673, or another?
I am developing a model of said plane on my web site  , and would be very grateful if someone out there knows this.

Request 973.    Posted  10 Dec 2011

My father was shot down in the Bay of Biscay approx. 1943. He received the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal for his actions. His story was published in the Strand Magazine, with coloured pictures of him flying the Liberator. The magazine disappeared and I have never been able to find a copy. I would be very appreciative if someone could.  The story was called, “Three of us Lived” by Flt. Sergeant Ronald John Foss.

Ken Foss

Request 972.    Posted  3 Dec 2011

I am seeking information about a Trevor Headley, who taught me maths in the 60's. I believe he was a bomber pilot, but I have no more information. Can anyone help please?
Chris Wilson

Request 971.    Posted  3 Dec 2011













Request 970.    Posted  3 Dec 2011

I am trying to trace a photographer from 30 (B) Squadron, Iraq and Kurdistan between 1930 and 1934.
I have a number of his photographs and some have his face - but - I only know that he "may" have been called "Reg Allan" and would have been a half brother to my father.
Early pictures put him at Leading Aircraftman rank in Mosul.  Quite a few shots of aircraft in flight and some of the Assyrian refugees.
The photographs are being scanned and put on a web page with transcripts of the hand annotations from the reverse of many.
I have a possible alternative name for him - but unlikely - R.Owen.
Photographs are on -
I can be contacted on - rfcrafsaaf AT gmail DOT com

Request 969.    Posted  18 Nov 2011

My father Frederick Clark (Corporal, 951297) died recently.  I found correspondence to him dated 8th December 1944, from F/Lt J Arnold Jones (Station Education Officer), whilst my father was based at Tilstock.

It refers to his ‘unselfish heroism’ to rescue trapped men from a plane that had crashed.  I would appreciate it if anyone has information about this incident.


Roger Clark

Request 968.    Posted  15 Nov 2011

Am still looking for WAAF Peggy Kitching or Kitchin (or a similar sounding name) who worked "on the plot" probably at RAF Newmarket in 1942 to complete my story of my uncle Sgt Jim Kendal, 75 Squadron.

Request 967.    Posted  13 Nov 2011

I have some memorabilia (photos, 1939 - 45 medals with citations) for Flight Lt. Desmond Wade who was a member of Squadron 247 British China Squadron. He was killed in action in 1942. Is there anyone or museum that would like to have this material? There is no next of kin alive or decendants.  At this time of the year it seems criminal to sell them off to the highest bidder! Any ideas will be helpful.


Lawrence J Blake

Request 966.    Posted  9 Nov 2011

Hi, I recently found out that I had a great uncle Pilot Officer Keith Francis, LLOYD-JONES 404250. He served in Squadron 76 RAF (466 RAAF). He was in WW2 and I can’t find any pictures of him. I was wondering if you could help. Thanks a heap!!

Request 965.    Posted  9 Nov 2011

I am trying to find out any information regarding No 1 Mobile Repair and Salvage Unit - 25 Mar 1950 - 1 Jan 1957 based at RAF Celle Germany for my Uncle who served with the unit.

Frank Creelman

Request 964.    Posted  4 Nov 2011

I’m trying to find info of capt. Mick Bales & rear gunner Thomas Howell Manuel who were in 70 squadron - 1943/4?

They passed away recently and i have just been reading his log book

Thank you     mike

Request 963.    Posted  4 Nov 2011

Does any one know where the above person is buried. This is of great interest to me as I had the privilege of working with him at RAF Syerston 1952.

Request 962.    Posted 32 Oct 2011

I am trying to find any information about my Mother from anyone who may have memories of her – her maiden name : Irene Constance Kaye.

She and her sister Eileen, both made valuable contributions towards the war effort. My Mother was one of Churchill’s drivers.She once ‘stood Churchill up’ when she lost track of time in a Frankie (Frank Sinatra) concert. She also drove humbers and transported troops to Biggin Hill. She was at Northwood. Her family were in Scarborough, her father Thomas was a lawyer/barrister. Eileen was a radio operator. One of her best friends was Winnie Ord.

My Mother met  Leslie William Offley, a Londoner, who was a serviceman, and who played the double bass. They emigrated to Australia in 1956.

I’d be very grateful for any recollections of my Mother from someone who might remember her.


Request 961.    Posted 25 Oct 2011

Is there anyone still living who flew in 97 squadron at the beginning of the war with Conrad Heaton-Harris

Request 960.    Posted  10 Oct 2011

I would like to find out who this young man was. I know that he trained as a pilot at RAF Bridgenorth in 1943 and that he came through the Voluntary Reserve Scheme. He died sometime between 1943-45 and his name was George. He was my 'now deceased' mother's boyfriend.

Request 959.    Posted  10 Oct 2011

My name is Daniel Poodts, I live in Argentina and I speak a little of English.

Visiting the website  I found information about my cousin Guy Joseph Florent Corbisier, son of Jean Corbisier, and Angele Poodts.

According to the family history, Guy had joined a battalion of paratroopers in England. He was sent on a mission to Germany was not performed due to bad weather conditions. Again he left the mission and before leaving, he said he would jump yet. His plane was shot down in Luxembourg and the villagers gathered the wreckage and they buried bodies: 3 British and only 1 Belgian ,1 had no identification because it was a mission in enemy soil. That is to say that there were 2 missing Belgian bodies. His Father tried unsuccessfully to find out what had happened to the two missing, thinking that the possibility existed that would have jumped over Germany , have survived and been taken prisoner. Although the English pilot of the plane survived, it was impossible to get information from British intelligence. For months they had the hope that the Russians released in their advance through Germany at the end of the war. But this did not happen. And no one knew how and where Guy died.
Some family members visited the place to see the wreckage and 6 tombstones with the names of the paratroopers but with only 4 Bodies.

If you have any information that you  would like to share with me, I will  thank you very much.

Best Personal Regards

Daniel Poodts

Request 958.    Posted  1 Oct 2011

My name is Hugo Harris and I am in my 3rd year at Brighton University studying Fashion and Dress History.

I am currently conducting a case study with 7 other students on three paper dress patterns. Each paper was addressed to a Mrs M Clark two at RAF Butzweilerhof and one at RAF Henlow.

We would like to make a request/ search out for a MRS M CLARK based at RAF Butzweilerhof and RAF Henlow during the 1950's.

Any information and help we at Brighton university will be extremely grateful,

Request 957.    Posted  6 Oct 2011

I'm looking for a Hunter Bennet, i recently found a telegraph saying



happy xmas sweetheart your darling


if anyone has any information please contact me my email is thanks

Request 956.    Posted  1 Oct 2011

seeking any help finding family of Tom and Dot Cooper and son Melvin of 35 Lambeth Walk, RAF Seletar dates 1961-72, believe they hailed from Manchester. Melvin would be around 60 now. I am ex Australian army, now retired in Brisbane.   Len Eaton  mobile 0400242077

Request 955.    Posted  1 Oct 2011

Seeking any information on W.A.A.F. Flight Officer "Blackie" Black, Intelligence Officer, attached to 148 Squadron, at RAF Brindisi 1943/44, as part of my research into the Squadron history, and sortie logs. Regards Terry Maker

Request 954.    Posted  1 Oct 2011

I am researching Henry Davidson attached to 249 Sqn in 1941. He was an ace from the BoB. During his time with 249 he crashed a Hurricane, L1715. I am trying, in vane, to find the GN code for this aircraft. Hoping you can help.

Bill Davidson,

no relation, I don't think?

Request 953.    Posted  21 Sep 2011

Leone McDermott & Jackson Hetherington

Leone was in the WAAF  at RAF Cranwell,  in 1943

Jackson Hetherington was in RCAF stationed at RAF Chivenor Devon in 1943, they were married 18/8/1943 at Sleaford Register Office.   Witnesses on marriage certificate are E.G. Barnes and B Trevett. 

Any info at all be great



Request 952.    Posted  21 Sep 2011

I am attempting to seek information about the squadron(s) my father was a member of from 1939 to 1941.  Eric Douglas Sykes (Sgt) was a WOP/AG on Whitley bombers.  We lived in Ripon, Yorks. and I presume Dad enlisted and was posted to a squadron in the north.  He crash-landed three times in a two-week span erly in 1941, and was medically discharged.

I have a photo of his air crew.  It appeared on the front page of the now-defunct Daily Sketch, in 1940.  The heading was "The men the Nazis fear."  The photo is attached.

If anyone could give me a clue about the Whitley bomber squadrons, I would be very grateful.  I'm working on our family tree and would like to complete a special section on my late father.


John Sykes

Request 951.    Posted  12 Sep 2011

Aircrew at Moreton Valence (Nr Gloucester) in February 1943

My father died when I was 2 years old, and I am trying to find more information about him. His name was Henry Charles White and known as Harry.

He lived near Stroud in Gloucestershire, and I know was in the RAF and stationed locally.

I have come across a photograph showing a group of aircrew trainees at Moreton Valence in February 1943.

The person in the photograph far right on the second row looks very much like my dad. Also the tall gentleman second from left top row looks very much like my fathers best man Leonard Whitmore that lived at Paganhill.

I have been to the National Archive in Kew armed with a file number which referred to Moreton Valence, but sadly no names of trainees and no photographs.

I would be very grateful if anybody has any information about trainees at Moreton Valence, and if anybody could put names to the photograph.

Best regards

Richard White

Request 950.    Posted  12 Sep 2011

I am trying to find out information on my grandfather - Islwyn Howell Perkins (D.O.B.: 28.09.1920). He refused to talk about his experiences during the war so none of the family know much at all. No documents, uniforms, medals (if there were any) remain. I have applied for his service records but they haven't come back yet. I know he was in the RAF Bomber Command and was possibly a rear gunner in a Wellington bomber. I don't know his squadron or his service number. I did hear him mention the plane "F for Freddie" but whether he actually flew in it, I cannot be certain.

I believe he was stationed in Cairo in 1942. AS a child I remember seeing a picture of him with the plane, he is of course called "Taffy Perkins" in it. He was an accomplished singer and was recorded singing on the BBC radio broadcast from Cairo on New Years Day. I also know he was in Crete at some point.

I have found a London Gazette entry from 23 March 1943. I think he was in the RAF Volunteer Reserve, the entry states he was a Sergeant, it reads:

I would like to hear from anyone or their family who knew him:

Bill Dill (Rank Unknown)

Mart Levine (Rank Unknown)

Ernie Allen (Flight Sergeant)

Wally Everett (Rank unknown)

Matt Holliday (Flight Engineer)

Request 949.    Posted  1 Sep 2011

I am trying to piece together information about the Balloon Barrage deployed around Sunderland in May 1943. The town had just suffered its two heaviest and damaging air raids of the War, on two separate nights a week apart. Immediately after the second raid, the balloons arrived (along with a number of decoy defences aimed perhaps at boosting morale rather than fooling the Germans).

Can anyone tell me which squadron supplied the barrage, how many balloons were deployed, and most importantly, details (factual if possible) of the location of the individual sites. From memory, I think I can recall 9 sites, with vague memories of one or two more.

Request 948.    Posted  1 Sep 2011

ERNIE ENTWHISTLE and TERRY RYAN (both Corporals based in Fontainebleau)

Does anybody know their whereabouts? 

Colin, Keith, Don, Arthur and Jim have all reunited and are keen to find Ernie and Terry. 

Ernie lived in Rochdale and Terry lived in Ipswich

Request 947.    Posted  28 Aug 2011

I am looking for any details or memories of my uncle, Flight Sargeant Charles Ronald Hughes, RAF Squadron 176, who was believed drowned in the Bay of Bengal on 11th November 1944 after the plane he was navigating came down.  The pilot and the 2 passengers survived.

Karen Tulitt

Request 946.    Posted  28 Aug 2011

I am in possession of a photograph album belonging to LAC Munn C, 1335647 , containing various pics from 1943-1945 of his time in Murree, Koragi Creek, Korangi , Karachi and Redhill's Lake in Madras to name but a few.

This album I think was found in my late uncle's house - Brian Burren. There are no photos of him in this album, so unsure as to why he had it. I am hoping to find any one who knew, or is related to Mr Munn so this can be forwarded onto them. If you can help in any way whatsoever, I will be very grateful as I would love to be able to give this a good home!

There are pics of Cyril Nightingale, Taffy Jones, Arthur, Cyril, Len, Beeby, Den, Ken along with many others

Request 945.    Posted  6 Aug 2011

I am trying to get a photo of Sergeant Jack Wilfred Gardner, ID# 126572 (26 OTU).  He was shot down and killed with my Uncle on Sept. 11, 1942 on the Dusseldorf raid.  I have managed to get picks of the rest of the crew but Jack seems to be very illusive.  Can anyone help?

Request 944.    Posted  20 Aug 2011

I am looking for information about my father Harold Bertie OFFORD (581524), RAF, 224 Sqn this is from a DFC citation in 1945.

Danny Kaye

Request 943.    Posted  5 Aug 2011

For the archives of our city in the Netherlands, we are looking for information about

E.A.L. Smith (Eric) , he was an Australian pilot (RAAF) who crashed  with the Lancaster bomber DV 280 on June 22 -1944 in the Netherlands. We are also interested of details of the other crewmembers: AB Gossip (RAAF) and DC Sykes - K. Forth - HF Raynham - P.H.M Jones - J.H. Hollis and R.E Fittall (RAF). They all are buried in Uden war cemetery.

Pilot officer K. Forth survived the crash to become a POW.  If there are relations please contact me.

Thank you

Request 942.    Posted  3 Aug 2011

My father served on 26 Sqn in 1953-54 and was searching for any literature regarding the Sqn at this time. I wonder if anyone has any information regarding the Squadron and aircraft. His name and rank was SAC John Scillitoe.

Kind regards


Request 941.    Posted  2 Aug 2011

I am trying to gather any information anyone may have on my grandfather George Herbert Martin who served in the RAFVR in the Middle East during the Second World War.

Does anyone have any stories about him or any photos?

Thanks from Cathy Rogers - his granddaughter in Hamilton New Zealand 

Request 940.    Posted  1 Aug 2011

I am looking for information, biographical notes or relatives of flight sergent wireless operator Roy Victor Ledger from 35 squadron. He died in a crash in Markelo Holland in 1.3.43, on his way back from a bombing pathfinder mission to Berlin that left from the RAF Gravely base in Cambridgeshire.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Request 939.    Posted  22 Ju1 2011

I am looking for biographical notes on the following former RAF pilots:

(1) William Clark Carswell

(2) Leslie Stewart Hamilton

(3) Thomson (or Thompson)

(4) Ceserland

All four served during WW-II as fighter pilots and were hired by the Syrian Air Force in late 1947 or early 1948 to serve as flight instructors. All, or some of them remained in service till at least 1950. They flew initially Harvards and later Fiat G-55 aircraft. Any information will be more than welcome.

Best regards,


Request 938.    Posted  17 Jui 2011

Does anyone have any information about 81 Signals Wing? My father sergeant Harry Jones served as a Wireless Operator Mechanic at Cosford Winstone and Hartlebury during the 2nd World War.

Request 937.    Posted  3 Jul 2011

I am trying to find out information about 2 of my great uncles.

1- Flt Sgt Norman Yates 1530599 died 28th Jan 1944 while flying a Beaufighter from 254 Sqn North Coates. Trained at 31 EFTS De Winton, Alberta. I have found out quite a lot of information already but would like to know about his time between leaving EFTS and starting 254 Sqn. Would be nice to know how much operational flying he got to do, how long he was on 254 Sqn.

2- (a lot less info unfortunately, sorry) Sgt Hugh Mitchell, I don't know if he was promoted any further than that, but I'd like to think so. He would have trained around the same time as Norman at De Winton, early 40's, but they never knew each other, they would have ended up being brother-in-law if Norman survived the war!! Hugh did survive the war and died in the 70's I think, wouldn't have still been in the air force. He was also aircrew but I don't know what branch he was selected for, I am told he was also a pilot though. I would like to know where he was based and what branch he was selected for and which aircraft. I can't find his service number which is making it difficult, so even his service number would be a huge help.

Request 936.    Posted  26 Jun 2011

I  am after any information on my uncle`s service while attached to the RAF Bomber command all I know is he flew many missions over Germany in a Lancaster named “Fanny by searchlight”,he was the only RAAF member of the crew.

His details are Flying Officer Frederick Norman Smoker 427032 RAAF and he was discharged from service at RAF Gamston on 18 Feb 1946.

I do not have any details of where in England or for which squadron he flew with, I would be very grateful if anyone could fill in the missing pieces.

Request 935.    Posted  24 Jun 2011

Do you regularly visit, or are you planning to visit, the Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial in Englefield Green (Runnymede)? Is a relative or friend of yours commemorated on this monument? If your answer to either of these questions is “yes”, then I would love to hear from you.

I am a postgraduate history student at Royal Holloway, University of London, conducting dissertation research related to the monument. An important part of my research is the personal story you can tell me about your relationship to the monument and those whom it commemorates.

Contact me at

Request 934.    Posted  12 Jun 2011

I am looking for info on F/Lt J. R. Hulley DFC. He is my wife’s cousin.

He was an observer with 10 Sqn. 4 Group stationed at RAF Melbourne, Yorkshire . From another website (which I can no longer find)  it appears that in May 1943 (when still a sgt) his aircraft, Halifax ZA-R, was involved in destroying a German night fighter.

If anybody has information relating to this event, or any other information about him and/or other crew members, we would be delighted to hear.

Jim Chadwick

Request 933.    Posted  10 Jun 2011


I'm trying to find a crest for 238 OCU, can anyone help?


Request 932.    Posted  8 Jun 2011

I am living in North Qales on the Llyn Peninsula. My house was built on farmland in the district of Ceidio, which is near Nefyn on the north side of the peninsula.  I understand that RAF staff were stationed here during the 2nd World War.  If anybody out there has any information or stories from that period I would be very interested.  I think that it was radar staff who were posted here.     Thomas Usher

Request 931.    Posted  18 May 2011

I'm trying to find any information or photographs of Bunchcrew House near Inverness, Scotland. My father was in the RAF and was billeted there approx 1945.  

Request 930.    Posted 18 May 2011

I'm  looking for any information regarding William John Cawte(Bill) who entered service as an apprentice at Cranwell in 1920, trained as a fitter armourer, sailed on HMS Vindictive to the China Station, HMS Eagle to South America, both in the thirties, had various further postings in the UK and Middle East, and eventually retired as Squadron Leader in 1952. Thanks, Michael C. Cawte

Request 929.    Posted 14 May 2011

Can anybody tell me if there where any USAAF Personnel stationed at RAF Halfpenny Green (Bobbington) in 1944 many thanks.

Request 928.    Posted 13 May 2011

Hi there just wondering if anybody out there has any info on 150 Sqn. 1944 Flight Sgt John Wood (Known as little Joe) he was a flight engineer.

Thank you for your help

Shaun Wood.

Request 925 has been removed as the e-mail address is no longer valid

Request 926.    Posted 6 May 2011

I would like to hear from anyone who knew Air Commodore Anthony Norman Davis DSO DFC, 1918-1988, or who could provide details of his flying career, particularly his time as CO of  No 16 Squadron 1944-45 and No 23 Squadron, 1955-56. Davis was Air Attache to Moscow in

1963 and the last Assistant Commandant of the Staff College at Andover before retirement. I am trying to trace his flying logbooks and/or any surviving memoirs and would appreciate any information from those who knew him. I can be contacted by email at or by phone 07906 377988. David Clarke, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

Much appreciated,

David Clarke

Request 925 has been answered and removed

Request 924.    Posted 30 Apr 2011

Air Commodore John Hugh Chaplin

I am trying to find out any information concerning John Chaplin - particularly his time during the Berlin airlift.

Annie Townsend

Request 923.    Posted 30 Apr 2011

 I am an aviation writer in Canada doing an all colour, hard bound, set of books on the British Phantom aircraft used between 1966 and 1992.  I would like to hear from members who have worked the Phantom FG.1, FGR.2 and F-4J(UK).  If you have stories or photos (I have a want list of photos but very little on servicing shots) I would like to hear from you.

Pat Martin

Langley BC

Request 922.    Posted 9 Apr 2011

Robert D. Shuman

Seeking information on P/O  R.D. Shuman .

With 32 Squadron RCAF . Shot down 4 June 1942 over Boulogne area  .

Hurricane IIc  Sr# Z3681 . GZ-?

Was taken POW Stalag Luft 3

He was American volunteer from Georgia, USA.

Anything from anyone who knew him ,or of him is appreciated.


Request 921.    Posted 9 Apr 2011

Sqn Ldr Wilfred Timms

Your site has just been recommended to me. It looks most interesting.

I'm sorting my late father's photos (Sqn Ldr Wilfred Timms, died 2009, aged 91 : RAF apprentice 1934, 29th entry Cranwell; retired 1973 Locking) I am trying to tally them with his service records, and hope to identify people/locations. I would happily share them - even donate originals if someone recognizes themselves or a relative. Do you have a photo gallery?

Can I search for topics, or do I just read through the various entries?

I have done research, and shared photos on the Cranwell apprentices site, as well as Navy ones (My father was with Fleet Air Arm and RNAS for a while - including on HMS Glorious in the Med.)Likewise on Forces Reunited, but with only 1 relevant reply so far.

I would like to be a little more successful this time!


Maureen Teulier (Perpignan, France)

Request 920.    Posted 9 Apr 2011

I am writing to enquire if any members have any information on a Wellington bomber from 40 Sqn RAF that was lost on a raid over Hannover on 15/16 May 1941.

The crew consisted of Plt Officer Dixon Frederick Raeside Whyte, Flt Sgt Leslie John Kennard, Sgt Ivan John Adey, Sgt Richmond Meech, Sgt William Ernest Moore, these men were all killed and are buried in Reichswald Cemetery. The surviving crew member was Sgt Percy Addison. He was captured and interned in a POW camp at Barth.

The Wellington’s serial number was IC, R1167 and was marked up as BL-N.

I would like to get in touch with any former 40 Sqn RAF personnel who may have known these men and may be able to give me more information.

Kind regards

Kevin Lamberth

Request 919.    Posted 8 Apr 2011

I am researching RAF Gosport. I have the original raid report of Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Naumann of 3./Sturzkampfgeschwader 3 who led an attack of Stukas on the base on 18th August 1940. Any help with this raid or the RAF base at this time, in particular photographs (especially bomb damage,) would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Peter Kane.

Request 918.    Posted 8 Apr 2011

in search off veterans serving with the 2809 squadron documents found by people in Wolverthem near Brussels in Belgium with names off officers and soldiers, can we still contact these veterans still living today ??

many thanks

Francis Hallemans

Request 917.    Posted 8 Apr 2011

 I am looking for any information on the POLISH air force based in Blackpool or Kirkham. Hubert Switala was an ACH/PTI instructor in 1940-1944 at the Polish depot. He joined the Polish Resettlement Corps in 1947 and became a British Citizen, remained in the UK until his death in 1977. Any info would be appreciated. Frances  x

Request 916.    Posted 25 Mar 2011

I am looking for ex 35 and 72 Sqdn veterans (or anyone else for that matter), who might have known Flt/Sgt - later Flt Lt - Jim Simpson, originally from Ulster, who started WWII as a tail gunner. 

I have been asked to prepare a biography on this - regrettably deceased - member of aircrew, so I seek some detailed background information on both his character, and his war record.  Currently, only his log books are available, which of necessity, are somewhat vague.

Any feedback/contact information gratefully received.

Dick Guy (ex Bomber Command ground crew - '60 - '80's)

Request 915.    Posted 18 Mar 2011

I am looking for my husband’s potential grandfather- his name, we believe, is Ivor Williams (see below) and he was in the 443 Squadron in Bournemouth England.  Everywhere I search I cannot seem to find any pictures on the 443 Squadron and I am wondering if anyone has any or any information. 

We are not looking to reunite with Ivor, just to see if he is in fact my husband’s blood line- all we have is a picture.  We know where he met my husband’s grandmother (in Bournemouth) and it was during the time the 443 Squadron was there 1944-1946 so the dates match up.  I have called archives in Canada and looked in the UK, but don’t get much help there- so ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Metian Andersen


Request 914.    Posted 4 Mar 2011

My Name is Garry Topley.

I am looking to get as much historical documentation I can about the time my Grandad served in the RAF during the war.

He passed away on the 24/2/2011 peacefully in he sleep at his retirement home here in Lower Hutt.

He was on of our returnees that really did not talk about what he went through (as many where), I think it important that his (there) story's are told. As one of the executor's of his estate I am the proud custodian of his photos and documents and would like to collate it in to some sort of document, for Myself, Family and if possible the wide community.

So with all this in mind I am trying everyone I can find that my be able to help, several web sources, 75 squadron ASSN. (Glen Turner), of course Family and hoping you can add to his history.

I have been scanning and have posted them here

Request 913.    Posted 4 Mar 2011

I am trying to trace LAC Tait G.QR. 1587276.  I believe his first name is Gordon.  I have found an incredibly long letter from him to my mother, before she was married.  It seems to be an account of a Tibetan trek he undertook.  Please could anyone who knows him contact me.

Many thanks

Jo Rees

Request 912.    Posted 25 Feb 2011

Some 300 airmen were trained as Chinese interpreters on service or service-sponsored courses between 1951 and 1962. The history of these courses is recorded in Mandarin Blue, a privately printed book of which I am one of the three authors; more information about this book is available through

We know the names of many of the students on the Chinese courses, and each course has its contact network, with reunions being held from time to time. All the same there are gaps in the lists of names, and even where a name is known, information about present whereabouts may be lacking.

So if you studied Chinese in the RAF or know anything about anyone who did, please get in touch with Reg Hunt or myself at We would be very pleased to hear from you.

Keith Scott (RAF 1955-57)

Request 911.    Posted 25 Feb 2011

Would be extremely grateful for information/ photographs, of my father ,Corporal John Pugh (116490), between, 1940-1946. He served in The RAFVR, with 203 Squadron, near Alexandria.
He was a member of the football team that won an important match, the ball was marked Naples 1945, I believe.  His trade was described as, ACH/GD.

Request 910.    Posted 18 Feb 2011

I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding the crash of an aircraft (Fighter) in the time frame 41/42 opposite the Cymmer Infants school on the mountain side in Porth Rhondda?

My age at the time was 5/7 years old but I remember it reasonably well, my classroom looked on to the hillside mentioned. I have many times wondered who the pilot might have been he was killed in the crash.

I believe the the wreckage and debris was removed by the RAF probably a recovery team from St Athan!

Anyone out there with long memories able to cast any light would be most helpful.

Request 909.    Posted 18 Feb 2011

I would like to make an appeal on behalf of Grantham Archaeology Group who are undertaking archaeological and historical work at St Vincents House, once home to 5 Bomber Group.

We would be keen to hear from anyone who has memories or photographs of St Vincents House during or just after the war years.

David Charles Hibbitt AIfA & John Goree (Directors, Grantham Archaeology Group)

Request 908.    Posted 18 Feb 2011

I’m looking for photographs of Spitfire Vb serial W3220 of 92 Sqn to base a painting on

Many thanks for any help  Ray Robinson

Request 907.    Posted 13 Feb 2011

My father in law Fred J. Moriarty was in the RCAF and trained as an Air Gunner at 10 B&G School at Mount Pleasant in 1944.  He served during WWII with the RAF as a Tail Gunner and M.U.G. in Lancasters during 1945.  In his logbook the pilot is listed as Flying Officer Pearson. 

I would love to help my mother-in-law and my husband know more about this part of Fred's life.  Any and all information welcome.

Thank you!

Jill Moriarty

Request 906.    Posted 16 Jan 2011

Is there anyone out there who was stationed at R.A.F. No 2 F.T.S. South Cerney and remembers a snowdrop , by the name of John Charlett, a corporal during 1948/50, if there is I would love to hear from you .

Request 905.    Posted 16 Jan 2011

Anybody have any pictures or information / recollection on F/L John Wilfred Hoffman out of Windsor Ontario, Canada


Request 904.    Posted 16 Jan 2011

My father S/L E.A. Ker, DFC (CO) was in a group picture of the pilots of 401 Squadron at Fassberg in late June 1945. All I have is a photocopy and would like to find the original – not sure how he got photocopy ( my Dad passed away last March and I just found this photocopy).

The other pilots in this photo in front of a plane were Art Wood, Bill Morris, RC Gudgeon, FE Thayer Jr. Bateau, JP Francis, DB Dack, Mel Gummer, JA Ballantine, JH Ashton, St. Arneault, Max Atkens, Don Jarvis, Jack Marson (adj) , LW Woods, AK Wodill, VE Cottrell, Stan Knight, LH Watt, Steve Stevens, RH Cull, Chify Gillis, Kay and AE Sawyer

Any and all help appreciated

Kevin Ker

Request 904.    Posted 22 Jan 2011

My father S/L E.A. Ker, DFC (CO) was in a group picture of the pilots of 401 Squadron at Fassberg in late June 1945. All I have is a photocopy and would like to find the original – not sure how he got photocopy ( my Dad passed away last March and I just found this photocopy).

The other pilots in this photo in front of a plane were Art Wood, Bill Morris, RC Gudgeon, FE Thayer Jr. Bateau, JP Francis, DB Dack, Mel Gummer, JA Ballantine, JH Ashton, St. Arneault, Max Atkens, Don Jarvis, Jack Marson (adj) , LW Woods, AK Wodill, VE Cottrell, Stan Knight, LH Watt, Steve Stevens, RH Cull, Chify Gillis, Kay and AE Sawyer

Any and all help appreciated

Kevin Ker

Request 903.    Posted 16 Jan 2011

I am trying to trace colleagues and friends of Sgt. Jerry JONAS.

He was seconded to RCAF 432 Squadron and whilst on a mission to Osnabruck December 6th 1944 was shot down in a Halifax Vll NP-695 code QO-K.

He and his surviving crew were taken as POWs

They included:

W/O2   P. Callaghan RCAF

F/O      C. Wilkinson  RCAF

P/O      S. Soles        RCAF

F/Sgt    H. Quinn        RCAF

2 crew were killed – F/O G.Spiers RCAF and W/O1 J.Chalmers RCAF

It is Jerry Jonas 90th birthday this year and any help in making contact would be appreciated.

Sincerely. M. Morgan

Request 902.    Posted 16 Jan 2011

Squadron Leader Jim (James Reginald) Cooksey

OC 74 Squadron (Meteors) at Colerne and subsequently Chief Production Test Pilot for Gloster Aircraft Company at Hucclecote/Moreton Valence 1947 to 1957; later BAC facilities engineer at Fairford 1968-72 during Concorde programme.  Pre deceased by his wife Alwyn in 1992, Jim passed away in January 2001 in the Chippenham, Wilts area and was survived by a son and daughter.

I would be very grateful for any news of Jim's surviving relatives in connection with a research project concerning his time with Glosters.

Kind regards,

Trevor Stone

Request 901.    Posted 16 Jan 2011

Yatesbury 1953-54
Colerne 1954-55
2590875 AC2 later J/T John Temple
I am committed to giving a talk entitled “I was an erk” in a few months time.  I am looking for photos to illustrate it and old friends from the 1950’s of Cardington, Hednesford, Yatebury or Colerne.  Anybody help me?  David Charnock?  Clive Nethercott?

Request 900.    Posted 15 Jan 2011

I would appreciate any information on my father.

Geoffrey Brian Shappard

DOB 13th September 1918 Taunton Somerset

September 1941   based near Sleaford Lincolnshire - Leading Aircraftman 909647

Request 899.    Posted 14 Jan 2011

Hi, I am looking information about William Connell Mitchell. He was with No 199
Squadron of the Royal Air Force.  His serial number was 1054919.He was a flight engineer and he was buried in Yves France in a military cemetery. He was killed on 3 Sept 1943. I am looking: where and when he was born, who were his parents, if he had brothers and if he was married or not.

Thanks a lot,

Diego Mitchell

Request 898.    Posted 13 Jan 2011

I am writing to you in the hope that someone might be able to help in my search for any information or photographs of the old RAF Loran and Gee station at Clee Hill. My father was a NAAFI manger there in the mid 1950's and in the long summer school holidays I spent many weeks on the camp with my dad.

As a school boy I had little understanding of the towers, generators and transmitters at the station but they were to leave a lasting impression upon me and shape the rest of my life. I am in my 70's now and a retired professional electrical engineer.

What a lucky school boy I was to be at Clee Hill RAF station.

Thanks in anticipation,

Ross Clare

Request 897.    Posted 2 Jan 2011

Looking for information regards a Stan (Stanley) Shaw.

In the thirties he served in Peshawar, Pakistan, bombing the tribesmen. In 1939 he was sent to France and during the retreat was tasked with destroying all our ammunition dumps (sometimes actually behind the advancing German lines).  He was on the last British destroyer to leave Brest before the Germans took over. I believe he also served in St Anne's Blackpool. He was either commanding or second at the Sunderland base in Felixstowe,  and also had several spells in the Air Ministry.

I am not sure of his rank but am told it was Wing Commander.....but I cant find anything on him.



Request 896.    Posted 7 Jan 2011

On July 20, 1944, a Dakota airplane lifted off from Bari, Italy, with several Partisan mid-level commanders aboard. It was a night flight, but thanks to wireless cables sent by a British captain who had dropped in with the Partisans, the plane found the crude runway in a clearing. The location was the Bosut Woods in Yugoslavia, about 50 miles west of Belgrade.

The plane offloaded the Partisan commanders, and some 25 Partisan wounded fighters were loaded on. The Germans were only a few miles away so the torches that lit the length of the runway were quickly extinguished.

At the last minute, the Dakota’s pilot (either an Aussie or a South African, I’ve been told) said that five Allied escaped POWs waiting there in the woods could also board. They had escaped three months earlier from a POW camp across the river from Belgrade and been sheltered by the Partisans since then in the Srem and the Fruska Gora. The plane returned to Bari.

One of the five escaped POWs was my father, Richard W. Bridges. He was an American B-24 pilot who had been shot down on October 1, 1943, while bombing Wiener Neustadt Austria.

I have obtained records from the UK Archives indicating that British Squadron 267 carried out the rescue. Is there anyone still alive who might have served in Squadron 267 and who could give me details of that particular operation or at least a general sense of how rescues like this were carried out? Has anyone come across any written account of this type of rescue from Yugoslavia?

I am writing a book about my father’s wartime adventures, which ended with the dramatic evacuation. You can contact me through the link above.

Request 895.    Posted 2 Jan 2011

Two queries, if you will permit, both linked to an ongoing project.

First, can anyone advise where I might obtain details of the School of Anti-Aircraft Defence located at / close to RAF Biggin Hill pre-1939. I note from this site that RAF Biggin Hill housed numerous AA Liaison units but I am advised that the School itself was a joint RAF / Army establishment. Having failed to find any trace in Army records at Kew I am appealing to those with a knowledge of RAF records. I would be particularly interested in details, preferably visuals, of the alleged "badge" for the School, namely "a kneeling, nude archer, his bow and arrow pointed skywards".

Second, when AA Command left Glenthorn House, just to the west of Bentley Priory, in 1955, what use did the RAF make of the premises? It was said to have been demolished around 1960 but on the London A-Z for 2003 there seems still to be a building on the site, labelled "RAF Glenthorn".

Request 894.    Posted 31 Dec 2010

LAC Mechanic Reginald Evans  - 1046595

I’m looking to trace anyone who knew / served with / may have photos of my father who originated from South Wales.  

He served between 1941 – 45, I believe as ground crew engine mechanic with 76 Squadron working on Halifax bombers. Based at Thornaby, Middleton St. George, Linton on Ouse and Holme on Spalding Moor. I have managed to get a brief summary of his service records but nothing else. He died in 1960 aged 47 and one of the few memories  I had of him was a squadron photograph my mother owned showing him astride a Halifax engine along with other personnel covering the aircraft and under the wings. (Lost many years ago) - I have tried most avenues, including The museum at RAF Hendon and the War Museum  but it  is believed a lot of these photographs were not recorded at the time and would have been sold privately to RAF personnel so no record exists.

Photograph of members of No 76 Squadron

If anyone can help, or identify who may still own one I would be more than willing to cover costs of getting a copy made  - please contact me using the link above. Attached is an old photograph, my father is top row right.

Many thanks.

Wayne Evans

Request 893.    Posted 31 Dec 2010

My name is Peter Shields, my father was a warrant officer basd at RAF Sylt 1957/58. He died while stationed at Sylt on the 13th January. I have very little information on my father and would be appreciative if anyone could help. Thank You Peter Shields

Request 892.    Posted 31 Dec 2010

My name is Alex Holt & I am trying to find any information about my father George Holt who served with 53 RAF Squadron Costal Command out of Iceland during 1943 - 1945.  If you have any information or can tell me anything I would be very grateful for any assistance.  His rank was Sargent.  I do not know much else.  Look forward to your comments & thanks for your kind support in advance. Do you know what medals the squadron would have been awarded?


Alex Holt

Houston Texas USA

Request 891.    Posted 20 Dec 2010

Request for information or photos of Frederick (Fred) Brenton Murray, Corporal in the 410 Cougar Squadron RCAF in WWII. He was my father and very proud of his service. He was a mechanic and served in England and Scotland. He was discharged and ultimately married in Montreal, then worked his entire working life for the Toronto Transit Commission. Any past contacts, friends, etc. are welcome to contact me directly at the following :

Ian Murray


Mailing address :

Ian Murray

40 Wallace River West Road

RR #3

Wallace, Nova Scotia, CANADA

B0K 1Y0

Request 890.    Posted 17 Dec 2010






Request 889.    Posted 13 Dec 2010

On 13th June 1944 a Wellington Mark 10 LP397 crashed in the village of Mayfield, East Staffordshire. The six crew members were all killed. Mayfield Heritage Group are intending to erect a permanent Memorial  Stone at the site of the crash in June 2011. Four of the crew were members of the RCAF and the pilot was also born in Canada. The Heritage Group would dearly like to hear from any relatives, friends, ex-service colleagues or indeed from anyone who has any information about any of the crew or who might be interested in attending or knowing more about our planned dedication service on Sunday 12th June 2011.

Crew:     Flying Officer Joseph Starr, RAF, pilot

                Flying Officer George David Wills Buchanan, RCAF, navigator

                Sergeant William Corley Davis, RCAF, bomb aimer

                Sergeant John Frederick Potts, RAF Volunteer Reserve, wireless operator/ rear gunner

                Sergeant Richard John Taylor, RCAF, air gunner

                Sergeant James Joseph Ursan Stevens, RCAF, air gunner

Any information or further details about the above would be much appreciated

Thank you

Pat Smith

Mayfield H.G

Request 888.    Posted 12 Dec 2010

The Legasee war veterans project is looking for volunteers who want to tell their stories.

As part of an exciting social history project, the film company Legasee is looking for war veterans who would like to have their stories filmed for posterity.

This footage will be used to launch a unique online archive of interviews for use by schools, colleges and members of the public.

To kick-start the project, we’re looking for war veterans of any age who wish to recall their experiences in front of the camera for the benefit of future generations.  

It doesn’t matter what campaign or country they served in, or what role they played.  The Legasee war veterans project is completely free of charge, with any travel expenses paid – all we need is their knowledge, enthusiasm and a small amount of their time to take part in the filming. 

If you know anyone that’s interested, please ask them to email me giving their name, age, daytime phone number and brief details of their wartime service so we can contact them to discuss this further.

We hope to hear from you, and please feel free to forward this email to any war veterans that you think might be interested.

Request 887.    Posted 23 Nov 2010

I would be interested to hear from relatives of Sergeant (Obs) William Martin 748313 who flew with 235 Squadron and was killed on 24th May 1940 when on escort duty to some Hudsons of 216 Squadron. He and Pilot Officer Michael Ryan were buried in the Frisian Islands on Schiermonnikoog. William Martin was married to my aunt and I am trying to find out more about him, partly because there is some hope that a documentary film may be made focussing on the background to the small cemetary where he is buried. I understand from my uncle that William had a twin sister though as my uncle is now 96 it is unlikely that she is still with us. However, hope springs eternal and I am hoping she may have had children. I believe she lived in the Barnes area of London, my aunt having lived in Streatham. Sadly she died around 16 years ago and what I have found about William has only occurred recently. I believe his father had a builder's business.

Kind regards

Nigel Pittman

Request 886.    Posted 19 Nov 2010

I am trying to establish the fate of F/O Gaunt who was shot down whilst flying a Beaufighter over Den Helder. Reference to the large attack on Wed 17 Jan 1945 is in Vol 2 of the definitive history of 603 Squadron entitled The Greatest Squadron of them All.  236 Squadron was based at North Coates and a strike against shipping and was carried out by 72 Beaufighters of 236 and 254 Squadrons escorted by Spitfires of 602 and 603 Squadrons. 6 Beaufighters were lost and F/O GAUNT was named as one who did not return.

During the attack two Beaufighters clearly in distress were heard on the R/T; one having been hit in a fuel tank and in flames, the other pilot- probably F/O GAUNT of D(236 Squadron) reporting coolly that he was going to land in a field. Aviators do not seem to know how to panic and to report coolly does not give any indication of his real situation. He is not reported as KIA but so many wives, relatives and families have found themselves at blind alleys like this.  If anyone can help in any way, it would be a large step towards closure for is daughter.

yours faithfully

Donald Dods

Request 885.    Posted 19 Nov 2010

654123 Aircraftman 1st class George Alfred Cottrill RAF Military Medal February 1942 see supplement to London Gazette 7th April 1942 Machine gun crew shot down enemy aircraft whilst being subjected to series of dive bombing attacks over a period of 4 hrs.

Any information or contacts with old pals much appreciated. Believe married in New Zealand  returning to UK in 50s

Request 884.    Posted 19 Nov 2010

I am researching the history of my uncle who has sadly recently died.   He was a pilot during WW2 and mainly flew Halifax bombers.  He was also involved in towing gliders to Arnhem. He flew over 30 missions into Germany and was also with special forces on missions dropping window to confuse the enemy. His name was Kenneth John Marshall born 1922.  I would love to hear from anyone who may remember him or have any information about him.

Many thanks

Dianne Bennett

Request 883.    Posted 6 Nov 2010

I am hoping to find any information on an American Volunteer pilot “ E.R.Little” aka “Dick Little” (major) who flew spits out of Westhampnett in the early days of WW2?.. Any info would be appreciated


Jeff Barley

Request 882.    Posted 6 Nov 2010

I am researching our Cullen Golf Club, North East Scotland, annual 4 day tournament. It was won in 1930 by a James Glennie,( maybe James Cruickshank Glennie), playing out of Aberdeen University. Is there any chance he could be a relative of yours??  It is our centenary year of the competition and I am trying to get photos of all winners.  Below is info I got from the University.

Glennie,  James Cruickshank

Roll of Graduates 1926-55, p. 361

MA 1931

S. of  David G, clerk; b. Bucksburn, 27 Oct. 1909.

Missionary of C. of S. , Rajpuyana, India, and hon. chaplain  to R.A.F., Johdpur 1942-44.  C. of S. Minister : Glencairn  Ch., Kilmarnock 1945; Mauchline Old Ch. from 1948 

M. Johdpur, 24 Oct. 1936, jean G., d. of William P. Lochrie, Dundee.

Since found out he died 13th Jan'y 1980, retired 12th May 1975 from Mauchline Old Church.  His son Hamish married Anne Hodge possibly 1950.

Request 881.    Posted 5 Nov2010

I have a copy of the Gnome Mono Rotary Engine manual which is inscribed inside with the name: L.A.C BOAT,  Observer,  51st Squadron RFC.

There is another inscription dated  Dec 14th  1917 and what looks like Agincourt, Estres, Somme. There is what looks like a signature Wm Ouissch.

I would be grateful if anyone can assist..

B J Davies JP

Request 880.    Posted 30 Oct 2010

I am desperately trying to find anyone who has heard of, or has information about, my Grandfather.

His name was Sidney Laraman, he served with the RAF from the late 1930s until the 1960s

He was stationed first in Canada, then at Tangmere in the 40s then in Changi and Malaya in the 50s, back to Tangmere afterwards.

We know he became a sergeant but that is all.

Many Thanks

Paul Standing

Request 879.    Posted 30 Oct 2010

Flt Lt Frederick Henry Savage 40263

On the night of 7/8 May 1941 a Wellington bomber of 150 squadron, R1374 crashed outside the village of Pont St Martin, Nr Nantes, France, killing all the crew of six.  They had been on a raid to St Nazaire.  150 squadron was based at RAF Newton, Notts,  at that time.  The crew are buried in the cemetery at Pont-du-Cens, Nantes.  On the weekend of 7/8 May 2011 the community of Pont St Martin are holding a ceremony to commemorate this crew, to which relatives will be invited.   Relatives of all the crew have been traced except for the pilot, Flt Lt Frederick Henry Savage.  He was an only child, but his parents had siblings.    I am a relative of a member of the crew, WO/Air gunner Leonard Harris.

If anyone has any knowledge of relatives of Flt Lt Savage I would very grateful if you could contact me.

Many thanks.

Patricia Harris

Request 878.    Posted 30 Oct 2010

I am looking for anyone who remembers Flt Sgt Desmond Widdows who was killed in February 1945. He was a navigator in a Lancaster Bomber which was involved in a collision with another British bomber over France in February 1945.  Only a few men survived the impact.  Any information would be gratefully received.  Please email

 Thank you

Request 877.    Posted 22 Oct 2010

My great grandfather Roy Webster no.1091141 was born in Hull 27/02/1912 He served in the RAF as a navigator from Around 1939-08/1946 142sqd I think? Some stations in Lincolnshire maybe others too .He bailed from a striken Wellington Bj653 which left RAF Grimsby on

13/10/1942 near Lintrup DEN all crew survived . He evaded capture for some time before becoming a POW in Stalag Luft I Barth, Stalag Luft VI, Stalag Luft VI and 357 Thorn I believe.  Not clear on how he obtained freedom and what he did before coming home after that? I’m led to believe he with others volunteered to fly back to Germany after the end of the war to sail SS officers yachts back to Calport from Cuxhaven June 10 194? Any information on Roy’s time in the services or places he may have been stations, camps etc would be great to find out more thanks

Request 876.    Posted 22 Oct 2010

I'm trying to find a photograph of a Vickers Valiant, XD 864. I've been researching the crash and am getting desperate to find a photograph of this plane. Thanks in advance Jerry.

Request 875.    Posted 20 Oct 2010

I'm also tracing another family member. Sgt R. West who served with 101 Squadron during the WW2. As far as the family know...he survived the war and disappeared in the 1950's. We believe he may have emigrated to Canada after serving with the Canadians.

Again if anyone has any information then that would be greatly welcomed. 

Kind regards...

Darryl Jones

Request 874.    Posted 20 Oct 2010

I'm currently doing family research, and came across a family member who was lost during WW2.

He was F/Sgt. F T West from 83 Squadron. His Lancaster ED974 failed to return from a night bombing raid on Berlin on the 20/21 January 1944.

All the crew were lost except Sgt. G.SA. MacKinnon who became a POW in camp 517 i believe.

I would love to trace any relative of MacKinnon as he was the only survivor and may be able to shed some light on that night. Or if anyone has any information then please contact me.

We owe a great debt to the Commonwealth Men and Women who served their countries. We shall remember them.

Thank you kindly for any help...

Kind regards...

Darryl Jones.

Request 873.    Posted 20 Oct 2010

I am currently tracing the history of my Great Grandfather in the hope someone with in your organisation could help. I would be pleased to receive any information you may have.


Lt Colonel Ivo Arthyr Exley Edwards; CMG, Legion d’honneur, Croix de Chevalier.

RAF Royal Artillary

Director of National Flying Service Ltd

Member of the Royal AeRC

Born 1881 

Father in law of Sir Douglas Bader

With kind regards

Dallas Powell

Request 872.    Posted 16 Oct 2010

I'm researching the crash in 1944 of an aircraft in France carrying SAS troops. I would like to know more about the process by which a navigator planned a route. This is quite a technical enquiry so somebody who served as a navigator during the period will probably be the best candidate to answer it.

Request 871.    Posted 16 Oct 2010

I have managed to obtain a framed poster entitled "Ten of My Rules for Air Fighting"; although the frame is period, I suspect the poster is a copy but no matter I am interested in finding out more about its origins.

It is signed O??maler or O??waller; W/Cdr and dated 10.1.42; 61 OTU - Heston

I know that 61 OTU were part of 81 Group and were stationed at Heston, Middlesex flying Spitfires

There is also a small piece of paper stuck at the bottom of the poster with two signatures A. Rowlands but the other is impossible to decipher but could end in reet!!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated

Charles Mackonochie

Request 870.    Posted 16 Oct 2010

I am looking for a photograph of the crew of the following Lancaster.

Lancaster HK769 - 622 Sqdn

It was shot down over Cologne on March 2nd 1945. The crew are as follows.

F/O M.E.M. Ray +; Sgt. W.J. Ormshaw +; F/O C.P. Boyle, RCAF +; F/Sgt. D.G. Lewis +;
F/Sgt. G.R. Conley, RAAF +; Sgt. P.S. Armitage +; P/O E.B. Boyce, RCAF +; Sgt. W.P. Heywood.

Sgt. William James Ormshaw  2221412 was my wife's uncle.

Kind regards

Martin Stevens

Request 869.    Posted 16 Oct 2010

We have a friend who was with the RAF as a driver of a mobile dental unit that was based at Sealand 1940 to 1945. Kitty says the car she pulled the unit with was an American Buick, she would like to know if any of these units have been preserved.  See photos below: -

Request 868.    Posted 1 Oct 2010

I interviewed a veteran of WW2, Mr James “Jim” Callan, who was a pilot with the squadron serving in Khartoum among other places. He recalls of shooting down a German stuka plane in 1941 (he flew Beaufighters himself) and helping the pilot, whose foot was stuck under controls following the emergency landing, out before the plane was engulfed in smoke and flames.

The German spoke perfect English having studied at Leeds University before the war and took Mr Callan’s details (so that the Germans could look after him once they took London). Years later, in 1969, Mr Callan received a letter from a solicitor in Germany. The pilot had left his Iron Cross for the Scot who had saved his life.

Does this story ring any bells with you or the name James Callan? Other men in the squadron would have been Peter Clark(e) who was another Scot and a navigator (discharged for stress related reasons I understand) and Colin Yorke, from Australia.

I am writing a feature story about the iron cross and how Mr Callan would like to find out more about the mystery pilot. All he knows is that a desert rescue unit he alerted to the site took the German away to a hospital and that was it. He remained in Khartoum and was moved to Tel Aviv towards the end of the war, where he ended up playing football for a local first division side (still going strong apparently).

Any information or pictures you may have and we could use would be greatly welcome.

Thank you for your time.

With kind regards,


Request 867.    Posted 3 Oct 2010

We are putting together a photo history of nurses from Saskatchewan who served in either WWI or WWII – if there is anyone who has photos, stories or contacts we would be greatly appreciative. In addition, we have an interest in the Guinea Pig Club and any nursing members from Saskatchewan.


Pammla Petrucka

 Request 866.    Posted 1 Oct 2010

Please can you help me. I am trying to find out about Stanley James Pearmain, who served in the 141 squadron. If anyone can help out with any information that would be great. Thank you

Request 865.    Posted 1 Oct 2010

My father Leslie Robson was bomb aimer on Halifax MZ932 (192 Squadron, 100 Group), Special Duties based at Foulsham in Lincolnshire.

On the night of 7/8 March 1945 they were carrying a Special Operator Henry Joseph Carley on a night raid over Dessau. The plane was badly damaged and caught fire as a result of an night fighter attack. Mr Carley baled out, and my father and the Mid Upper Gunner Gallagher who were both injured followed him. Both my father and Mr Gallagher were taken as POWs, but Mr Carley was shot and killed by three SS officers when they stopped the car on the journey from Kulte to Arolsen. I have only recently found out Mr Carley’s identify. I know that he was 29 years of age when he was killed and that he was married with two children. His wife was Mary and his children’s names were Peter and Anne. I am in contact with some German historians who have an interest in these events and were in contact some years ago with Mr Carley’s son. I would very much like to make contact with him if possible. If you know Peter Carley and have contact details for him I would very much appreciate it, if you could put me in touch.

If you know any details about what happened to Mr Gallagher after the war, I would be very grateful for any information about him too. My father and Mr Gallagher were the lucky ones. Very fortunate to survive.

Thanks very much

Jeremy Robson

Request 864.    Posted 26 Sep 2010

I’m looking for info about the crew of Lindsay Page Bacon who flew in the No 622 Sqn at the end of 1944.

On 26 January 1945 he and his crew went to No 7 Sqn PFF.

I’m looking for info about these men who where presumably in his crew during the 15 Ops they flew at the 622.

RAAF 62186 FO Bacon, L P, Captain (Pilot)

RNZAF 455771 WO P A Tennant, (Wireless Operator)

RAF(VR) 2210978 Sgt J A Cornwall, (Mid Upper Gunner)

RAF(VR) 1592648 Sgt H McClements, (Flight Engineer)

RAF(VR) 1652888 Flt Sgt R R Evans, (Navigator)

RAF(VR) 154615 FO Huttlestone, G H (Bomb Aimer)

RAF(VR) 1869191 Sgt J E Taylor (Rear Gunner)

If you have any information about them please let me know


Hans van Dam

Nieuwdorp Netherlands

Request 863.    Posted 26 Sep 2010

My late Father, Leonard Joseph Webb served with RNZAF 490 Squadron at Jui in Sierra Leone

In mid 1945 he was sent to RAF Oban and 302 Ferry Training Unit {FTU].

Does anyone have information on the Unit or of my Father.

Gordon Webb

Request 862.    Posted 24 Sep 2010

I'm searching for information on 5351 Wing between 1941 and 1946. My father Thomas Cecil Thompson was in the R.A.F.V.R. attached to this Wing as a LAC GC. Tom was in Hong Kong for a period of 8 months 27 days during these years He was also in the Marshall Islands and other areas of the South Pacific

Tom was a "Works Hand" I'm led to believe in construction. He also had a "mate" John Cameron I assume with the same unit.

Tom was on board the ship Empress of Australia or/and the P&O Ship Strathmore when the ships were used to transport troops.

Does any one remember Tom and John or have information regarding 5351 during the years 1941-1946 

Among my fathers processions is a Christmas Card from RAF Bassingbourn 1942

Inside there are signatures and best wished from 

M A Willis

John Ewart

Robert Neal

G H Warren

A Frazer (Jock)

J R Johnston

Plus 8 other signatures I am unable to read.

Does any one recognise any of these names?

I would appreciate any information as I would love to find out more about the time Tom spent in the RAFVR

Thank you


Request 861.    Posted 24 Sep 2010

I am trying to find out about my Grandfather Flying Officer Cyril Francis Carter.  We know he was with 427 squadron and was a tailgunner or mid upper gunner.  He was awarded the DFC after shooting down a ME 163 fighter when returning from a bombing mission on 1st November 1944.  The photo we’ve found  shows him infron of Gutsy Girty – Halifax II  With F/Lt J Lariviere, F/Lt E Sherlock, F/lt R Bue, F/O H Boucher, F/O C Monty.

If anyone could provide any details about him, or the squadron it would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks

Christine Johnson

Request 860.    Posted 24 Sep 2010

I am trying to find out what my father did in the RAF during WW2.  He rarely talked about his time in the RAF except for a few amusing anecdotes.  His name was Norman Moore and he came from Limavady in Northern Ireland. He was stationed in both Ceylon and India; he may also have been in Burma.  When he volunteered for service he was sent to Glasgow University for training.  His service record shows very little detail especially after he is posted overseas in 1944. My initial researches indicate that he may have been involved with radar in an A.M.E.S. unit but I have been unable to find out much detailed information about these or their personnel.

Can you or any of your correspondents help with contacts, sources or web-sites where I might find more information on this subject?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Request 859.    Posted 24 Sep 2010

I’m a committee member of the first and only RAF Museum in Germany. RAF LAARBRUCH MUSEUM (, and I need any info., Doc`s, photo`s etc of 420 Repair and salvage unit and the later 420 MU which was stationed at RAF Laarbruch to complete our history research.

If anyone can help us in any way, this will be greatly appreciated.

I’m also researching B.100 GOCH, which existed on the ground area of the latter RAF Laarbruch. Our predecessor!!

Many thanks in advance

Terry Moore

Request 858.    Posted 24 Sep 2010

I have an old travelling trunk that my husband found in a house in South East London that he was renovating.

The trunk has the name Squadron Leader T L Humble printed on it. I have managed to find that he was linked to the 16th Squadron between 1936 – 1940 but after that cannot find anything else about him. Also printed on the trunk is Tengah Singapore, so I assume he may have been posted there at some time.

It’s in excellent condition and still has the original clothes hangers and drawers etc in place.

I would like to find out if he is still alive or if he has any relatives that would like the trunk – I’m not interested in selling it just  to give back to them  as a piece of memorabilia for their family.

If anyone recognises this officer or his family please contact me through the link above

Many thanks

Request 857.    Posted 24 Sep 2010

My name is Mike Britton. My late father Ralph Britton served with the RAF at DIGRI in India from 1943-1946.  He was attached to 225 Group and was part of 22 AACU. He was a corporal and LAC. I would be most grateful.  If anyone as any info on Digri and what part this base played in WW2. My father left me a photo album which included some photo’s of his colleagues at the base in 1944 and 1945

Request 856.    Posted 17 Sep 2010

As an ex WW2 FAA air mechanic  Laindon Essex  ATC I  had a great friend and we went our separate ways , Sgt. Ronald Tilley, Lancaster  "Tail end Charlie" flew from Diss area in or with 153 Sqn Lancasters  and knew my cousin F/S Harold V Constable, RAF( RCAF?), served with 153 Squadron, RAF, during-an op on Bottrop 3-4 Feb 45, while acting in the position of bomb aimer in-Lancaster I PD378 / P4-L.

The aircraft crew were: -

F/O D B Freeborn, DFC, RCAF, pilot

Sgt D A Morley, RAF, flight engineer

F/O W A Brodie, RCAF, navigator (KIA)

FS H V Constable, RAF, (RCAF?) bomb aimer. This record states "RAF", but if he enlisted in Windsor, ON, he must be "RCAF"

FS J A Eastman, RAF, wireless op

Sgt J L Stalley, RAF, mid upper gunner

Sgt T D McNamara, RAF, rear gunner

P4-L came under a sustained attack from a Junkers 88 night fighter, whose fire killed the navigator. Soon afterward, the Lanc was abandoned over Allied held Holland. The nav, F/O Brodie, was taken to Eindhoven (Woensel) General  Cemetery. Since that time, his body was exhumed and reinterred at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery.

153 Sqn, RAF, was stationed at RAF Scampton, 15 Oct 44 - 28 Sep 45, before relocating to RAF West Malling until 28 Feb 55.

Harold Constable returned to Windsor Ontario and passed away eight years ago.

Any information of Sgt Ronald Tilley or colleagues who might know of his where-bouts would be  gratefully received

Regards John Constable

Request 855.    Posted 17 Sep 2010

Looking for information on a Canadian called Walter Dean I think he was based RAF Yatesburry around 1944. He got my grandmother pregnant who was also based there Jean Harrison.I was told he was killed in service but would like to find out if he has any friends or family.

Request 854.    Posted 17 Sep 2010

  My name is Brian Hornby  I'am trying to find information  about my

mother  Kristene   Hope De Vere last known in Lossie, my father was

philip Hornby was also  stn at Lossie 1942-45? I  have never  seen her or met her perhaps you can help me,  this I will  be grateful.

regards  B Hornby

Request 853.    Posted 17 Sep 2010

I am searching for anyone who knew my Uncle Sgt. Dennis Charles Butlin 547514 who was with No 12 Flying Training School, Grantham in 1940.I was born in 1939 but I remember Uncle Dennis giving me a toy rabbit whilst on leave about 1942/3 (which I still have). I cannot find the details of his service but in 1943  Sergeant Butlin was with  1663 Heavy Conversion Unit flying in a Halifax Mk.V DG408. based at Rufforth Near. York. Yorkshire.

Unfortunately this plane crashed on 1st, May 1943 and all the crew were killed. Most of the crew lie  in Bayeux France but my uncle lies in Howard Davis Park, Jersey, his body being washed up a month after the crash.  The surnames of the crew were, Williamson, Pelman, Suffling, Dunn, Thornton, Hunter, Hinett. Hope someone can help.

Christine L. Jermey

Request 852.    Posted 17 Sep 2010

I have just begun researching my family tree and would like to try and find out more information about my Nan’s first husband.  His name was Leslie John Weekes and I believe he was a Sergeant in RAF 224 squadron.  He died 14/11/44 aged 25.  From what I have read I believe he would have been based in Milltown, Scotland around that time.    

I would be grateful for any information or even memories of what it would have been like around that time that could be provided.  Please reply using the link above.

Thanks and kind regards,


Request 851.    Posted 11 Sep 2010

My name is Chris Wroblewski and I am researching an event involving tank mechanics of the Polish 2nd Armoured Brigade, Polish 2nd Corps Italy being utilized as skilled labour to overhaul/repair landing gear on SAAF B-24 (31 or 34 Squadron) and commonwealth Spitfires and Wellingtons (Squadrons unknown). This story was related to me by my late uncle Michal Krzywoszanski, he was a tank mechanic in the LAD of the Polish 4th "Skorpion" Armoured Regiment. He never mentioned where or when this happened in Italy or the circumstances. Kindly asking if anyone knows of a recollection or mention of Polish armoured vehicle mechanics from the Polish 2nd Armoured Brigade being temporarily utilized or volunteered as skilled labour to an MU or RSU of the RAF or SAAF in Italy in 1944/45? It's only a theory but I believe this may have been part of a larger expression of Polish gratitude for 31 and 34 Squadron's efforts during the Warsaw uprising. These maintenance units may have found themselves shorthanded and some skilled labour helped make up the shortfall. I have enquired to the Polish Institute & Sikorsky Museum in London and the SANDF Doc Centre in Pretoria South Africa; they unfortunately could find no information regarding this event. The UK Archives in London (Kew) have an extensive list of MU’s and RSU’s but I need to narrow it down considerably. I am currently waiting on information from RAF Northolt records. Any information you can provide or other resources/persons to enquire of would be very much appreciated. I can be contacted at on the link above.

Request 850.    Posted 10 Sep 2010

 I wonder if anyone can help me in identifying the man in this photo?

The writing on the back says "Lydda - Jan 27th 1946. Just another few months to do before the boat comes in. That's the reason of the grin Billy. JB"
Well, we believe it to be "B" as it matches the "B" in Billy, whom is my relative. She has confirmed that his name was Jack but can not remember his surname. We believe this to be Sgt Jack Broadhead of the 221 Squadron. We found an extract on which states:

" Squadron: No 221 ASR Detachment to RAF AQIR



Three crews detached from 221 Sqn Idku (Egypt) flying Wellington X111 Equipped with ASV2 were detached to Aqir circa March to Sept 1945. Captains = Flt Lt John Parker - W Off Earnest Wood - Sgt Jack Broadhead"

We are desperately trying to find this man, or his relatives. Please email me with any information you may have:

Thanks - Penny Stephan

photo of unidentified airman

Request 849.    Posted 27 Aug 2010

Can anyone give me any information on No 2750 Squadron RAF Regiment that spent some time based on Ashdown Forest in East Sussex during the 1940's my father was an NCO with this squadron.

Request 848.    Posted 27 Aug 2010

I am making an historical inquiry about the Second World War in the region in which I was born.

I have a question about RAF squadron 266. I found information on internet that op 24 December 1944 John Deall was the leader of squadron 266 (146 Wing ) stationed at Deurne near Antwerpen.

My question concerns an action on 5 December 1944 on a target in Holland (Klaaswaal, island Hoeksche Waard, south of Rotterdam.

In the logs of 2nd TAF I found on 5the December 1944 the following phrase:

Typhoons 4 x 38

(8 (?) 266/146 64 R/P at 3 field guns, 24 hits on guns and ammo seen to explode in T/A.

Though the Map-References are not told, I have strong evidence that this was the target area I mentioned above.

The story was: these three German fieldguns were constantly shooting at the Allied position at Willemstad (Brabant). On the 4the December there was a meeting from an officer of the 146 wing with the British commander in Willemstad about dealing with this enemy shooting; there were two solutions: shooting back with 25the ponders (artillery) and attack with rockets fired by Typhoons.

Other official information about the 5the December concerning the target area and the attack comes from books of the 84 Group Intel Summ’s. In this book stands about 5 December 1944: Close support operations on guns SW of Dordrecht and OP’s in the Nijmegen area. All seem to have successful.

Conclusion: in the morning of 5 December probably 8 typhoons of 266 Squadron attacked the three fieldguns. The fired 64 rockets on the target and 24 hits were on the fieldguns, they were no longer capable of shooting on allied positions in Brabant (Willemstad).

Question. I think John Deall was the leader of squadron 266 which was attacking the three German fieldguns on 5 December 1944 in Klaaswaal (Holland). I read that Deall made a personal record of his attacks. Can anyone help me to find a record of this attack on 5 Dec 1944, by Deall or someone else.

Regards, J.P. Bijl, Rhoon (Holland).

Request 847.    Posted 27 Aug 2010

I would like to hear from anyone who may have known my Uncle William (Billy) Russell. He was a N.Z. pilot who flew with 485 squadron. He was shot down over France and had part of his arm amputated. He was in Hospital with Douglas Bader and later a POW. He was killed in Feb. 1945 in Mid Wales when the plane he was flying crashed in a river.

 Thank you Marilyn Worsley

Request 846.    Posted 27 Aug 2010

Sergeant Alexander James Crammond - 531808

I’m looking to trace people who knew / served with / have photos of my Grandad.

He served at Lyneham Air Force Base in 1944 as a mechanic. I have managed to get a copy of his records and a brief summary of his tragic death at the airbase in December, 1944; when the aircraft he was working on exploded. The MoD would not provide any other information or supply a photo of him.

If anyone can help, or point me in the direction of assistance - please contact me using the link above.

Many thanks.

Geoff Allen

Request 845.    Posted 27 Aug 2010

I am trying to find information about my biological father, who was stationed in Wildenrath and Brüggen (West-Germany) around the 1960's. His unit (so I am told) was RAF airforce.
At the time he met my mother, who lived in Roermond, he must have have 25, 26 years of age. I heard that originally he came from Brighton (United Kingdom) and he always was driving a blue Chevrolet.
His name is Geoffrey McDonald/Geoffrey MacDonald/Geoff/Jeffrey or something alike.
My mother's maiden name at the time was Nelly Lensen and she was around 18 years of age. She got pregnant (of me) in december/january 1962 and they were to get married, but exactly the day of the marriage he never showed and that was the last she heard of him.
Since a few years I am trying to find him, my mother says we are very much alike (face and eyes) and I would like to contact him. Just to see him, talk some and find out, wether I have brother/sisters elsewhere, since I am an only child.
Please contact me if you know more by my e-mailaddress:  Thanks in advance, any information welcome!

with kind regards,
Annemiek Westerop

Request 844.    Posted 20 Aug 2010

Can anyone help with further information on Wing Commander J.

Nesbitt-Dufort, DSO? I understand that amongst his commands was 488 Squadron RNZAF. However, I believe that he had (has) a disability and am currently writing an article for the British Disabled Flying Association on 'Disabled Aviators of the Past' and would very much like to find out more.



Request 843.    Posted 20 Aug 2010

I'm trying to find the name/s of C.O.s of RAF Martlesham Heath and the adjutants during the time 1952 to 1954.   Any help would be appreciated..   The listing for this station stops at 1945.

John McCulloch

Request 842.    Posted 20 Aug 2010

Seeking descendants of C. E. D. CLINTON to whom were sent WW2 Defence and War medals at the address 64 Danehurst Street, Fulham, Middlesex, by the Air Ministry.

FreeBMD has two possibles:
Cecil Edward P. CLINTON b. 3Q 1902 (Kingston reg. dist.)
Cecil Edward D. CLINTON b. 3Q 1905 (Chelsea reg. dist.)

In 1911:
- CLINTON Cecil age 8 lvg. Kingston reg. dist., Surrey,
      with CLINTON: Richard age 36, Lizzie age 14, Richard age 12
      and FRANCIS: Rose age 29, Lily age 3, Ena age 1
- CLINTON Cecil age 5 lvg. East Retford reg. dist., Nottinghamshire,
      with Sarah DAVIS age 58 and William FURGOOSE [TURGOOSE] age 56

I read that the Defence medal was also given to civilians and to those in Home Defence - including the Air Ministry Constabulary.

The medals are in the box in which they were posted at the time, and in their original small bags, all intact. The box was in a desk I bought (August 2010) in the Creuse, France, and which arrived there from England, possibly the Hampshire/Sussex area. The previous owner of the desk (deceased) had been an estate agent in the south of England.

Could SKS help with information or suggestions which might enable me to find CLINTON's descendants and forward the medals to them?

Caroline in Chambon sur Voueize, France

Request 841.    Posted 20 Aug 2010

I’m looking for any crew members or sqn members who remember my father – Kenneth Fitton who is 90 this year in October. I believe that one of his crew  lived in the Norfolk or Suffolk area’s but I’m not sure.

I’m trying to contact any members of his crew or anyone who flew with 101 during the period 1940 (Wellingtons) through to 1952 when he retired from the RAF as a surprise for his birthday this year.

Please contact me using the link above if you can help.

Many thanks and hoping.

Request 840.    Posted 14 Aug 2010

Requesting any details or information on 102 (Ceylon) squadron that flew from Pocklington.  I am the daughter of Gordon (DON) Dewey who I believe was the wireless operator/Navigator on F for Freddie Fanny by Searchlight Halifax Bomber.  He did not speak much of his war time and now that his wife of 48 year has now died after him dying some 17 years earlier it has set me on an emotional mission.  I do have some names of people on the aircraft that he sometimes flew with but it does not seem appropriate to mention them at this stage as some may well be still with us and would not wish for any intrusion.  I am fired by a thirst for this knowledge and I am now on this journey.

Request 839.    Posted 14 Aug 2010

Does anyone remember Richard ('Dick') Lawrence (aka Lawrie) who served in the RAF as LAC, flight mechanic (engines) at Ballah 1942-1945 and Castel Benito, Libya 1945-46. Please contact me through the link above.

Request 838.    Posted 6 Aug 2010

I am looking for any information on a Wing Commander Donald Broadbent Cecil Walker of 544 Squadron RAF who died 11-11-43 whilst flying a Mosquito1X no LR478.

He crashed near Peña, Navarra, Spain, where he is buried, after being hit by artillary over France whilst on a reconnaissance mission.

He was on secondment from the Northumberland Fusiliers where he held the rank of Captain. 

Any further information on his background, origins, family & living relatives would be gratefully received.

Thanking you in advance

Steve Mullis

Request 837.    Posted 4 Aug 2010

Trying to find out anything about 342 Wing, my father George Nicholas was attached to. He spent some time in India and the Middle East, have some wonderful photos of him with his RAF colleagues, of which I am quite happy to share.  The photo below is of the “First Annual Reunion Dinner 342 Wing Association” held at “the Red Lion, Princes Street, Westminster, London”  on the 26th November 1947, accompanied with the minutes of the meeting including all who attended.

Would love to hear from anyone who knew my father or knew of him.

Request 836.    Posted 25 Jul 2010

This is a ' long shot ' - I wonder if it is possible for anyone to supply a photograph of  Air Marshal Sir Humphrey Edwardes - Jones, suitable to use as a reference for a painting?

As many people know this year is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Although this officer did not take part in the battle - he had a very important connection with it.

He was the first RAF pilot to fly the Spitfire at A&AEE  RAF Martlesham Heath, Suffolk. As a result of his report to the Air Minister, the Spitfire was ordered in quantity.

Hoping someone can assist

Thanks and regards

Jack Champ

Request 835.    Posted 25 Jul 2010

My father W/CDR Ronald Cox AFC went to Britain from Australia, where he had been Chief Flight Instructor at Point Cook for the RAAF, late in 1939. I have a record showing he disembarked 26/12/41 & was based at No. 3PRC, then 233Sq, 23 Sq, Stn Ford & finally H.Q. RAAF OS before returning to Australia. He flew 5 sorties with Intruders. Does anyone know anything more about his time in England with the RAF?

Denise Warner

Request 834.    Posted 10 Jul 2010

I am researching a documentary for BBC Scotland about the Clydebank Blitz of 1941, and I am looking for more information about barrage balloons.

Does anyone know how many balloons were used on the Clyde or in Scotland? I found statistics for the UK as a whole but not Scotland.

Any help would be appreciated.

Emily Henderson

Request 833.    Posted 4 Jul 2010

I am trying to  find out anything I can (date of death, family, and .. especially  ... his full name) of a Group Captain R. S. Ryan, CBE, at some time he was   Air Attache to Stockholm, and I understand he was at RAF Pershore in Dec 1944.  If anyone has any details regarding this gentleman I would be most grateful to hear from them.

Request 832.    Posted 1 Jun 2010

I would like to obtain information in regard to my father Mr. Peter Bruce PADUA.

My father served 5 years in the RAF back in the 60s and was, among other places, stationed in Singapore - Changi where I was born.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Frank A M Padua

Request 831.    Posted 1 Jun 2010

Cancelled - replaced by Request 1033. Posted 29 Jun 2012

Request 830.    Posted 1 Jun 2010

For approximately 18 months I have been carrying out the Family and Service History of the above Officer 152010 Robert David Ackers who lived at Huntley, near Gloucester.
Are there any members of 183 Squadron who were serving between April 1944 and August 1944 and may have have known David or can give me any information about the Squadron at that time I would be grateful.
David was unfortunately killed on a mission over the Falaise area in August 1944.

Philip Bevan

Request 829.    Posted 1 Jun 2010

My  mother, who is in her late 80’s, had a boyfriend who died in a plane crash in Regents Park in 1943 (October?), he was on a test flight with another (possibly in a Lancaster) when the plane hit barrage balloons and went down in flames. I can find a reference to a crash that year into the cricket pavilion in the park in the London Illustrated News site but no further detail.

She believes there is a plaque somewhere in the park in remembrance- I would be grateful if anyone can assist with any further information.

Thank you,

Roger Cook.

Request 828.    Posted 1 Jun 2010

I have a growing collection of artefacts, pictures, flying equipment and aircraft parts all relating to the College of Air Warfare and the Macaws display team, which operated from RAF Manby in Lincolnshire.

I would be very interested to talk to any surviving members of the Macaws display teams or any aircrew associated with the Jet Provost squadrons based at Manby.

And to anybody that possibly has any artefacts associated with the College of Air Warfare or the Macaws that I could copy or photograph. I live in Louth Lincolnshire so as all you that know Manby will know it’s just down the road.

Kind Regards

Nick Spendlow

Fire Service & Ground Operations Manager

Marshal Aviation Services

Redhill Aerodrome

Request 827.    Posted 28 May 2010

Hi, can anyone help with Tiger Moth markings from 19FTS and 22 EFTS.  



Request 826.    Posted 28 May 2010

I am searching for news of the husband or family of  Flt.Lt. Thomas Donald Grant who married my first cousin Marie Beattie at Aylesbury in 1944. A Tom Grant (Flt Lt.) was stationed at RAF Netheravon to train and supervise members of the D-day Orne River glider expedition. This could be the same Tom that married my cousin who's sister Doreen Steiner (nee Beattie) moved to Torbay with mother after the death of their father Sqdn. Ldr. Hedley Beattie at West Africa in 1945. Any information would be appreciated.

Peter D Beattie - RAFA Orpington Branch

Request 825.    Posted 15 May 2010

Can anyone give an identity to 'South American Joe' as he was known locally.
He was in charge of the Llangennith range for the Armament Practice Camp (RAF Fairwood Common, Swansea) during the war.
He and his colleagues were well known in the village and it is said he was a grounded fighter pilot.
John. Talbot.

Request 824.    Posted 15 May 2010

I’m trying to find pictures of a Presentation Spitfire Vb (serial W3331) “The King Rufus” which was lost with Sgt C G Todd of 92 Squadron, whilst providing top cover for Stirling bombers on a mission to Lille on 06/07/1941. I have already gratefully received pictures from a Belgian researcher possibly of the aircraft taken by the Germans at the time of its demise, but unable to see any markings as understandably it’s rather badly damaged. The aircraft was I believe one of two Spitfires gifted by a group called “People of the New Forrest Fund”.

I’ve spent some time now collecting information on Sgt Todd’s, sadly brief time with 92 Squadron, but would delighted to find a picture of this aircraft or indeed the pilot himself, perhaps there’s someone out there who can provide the last piece of the jigsaw?

Thanks in anticipation

Ian Hunt

Request 823.    Posted 9 May 2010

I would like to make an inquiry on the fate of Sgt Clark, which was shot down by flak over Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 18th September 1944, captured by Germans and probably sent to one of the POW camps. He flown Spitfire LF.IX, MJ116. I tracked the presented information on your and other web-pages, dealing with RAF related issues. The Military museum of Slovenian Armed Forces is evaluating the possibility of the excavation and presentation of the airplane, which is still in the ground just south of Slovenia's capital, so our wish is to complete the existing knowledge about the pilot and the airplane. Any photographs of No 73 Sqn Spitfires would also be most welcomed.

Best regards

Dr Andrej Gaspari

Archaeologist - curator

Military museum of Slovenian Armed Forces

Request 822.    Posted 30 Apr 2010

Did anyone fly with my father Arthur Lloyd Jones who was with the RAF even though he was a Canadian during WWII.  He flew Lancasters I believe.  He married Sybil Cudby from Watford.  I can be reached in Toronto Canada M2N3H7 at 416 221-9129 or through the link above.

Request 821.    Posted 21 Apr 2010

I spotted the references to Kumalo airfield on your website and thought some of your correspondents might be interested in the following. I have recently acquired various papers which belonged to the late Alfred Walter Douglas Woods, although he was usually known as Bill Woods and after his RAF service went into business as a motorcycle dealer trading as BMG Motorcylces at Ilford.

His photograph album is incomplete but shows something of his wartime service. I believe he joined the RAF in early 1939 intending to let them train him as an engineer for two years but German activities rather upset his plans until 1946. He left England in a convoy of troop transports headed by Athlone Castle from Liverpool (which must have been before the blitz there) and appears to have disembarked at Cape Town. He then went north by train taking photographs at Artesia, Kimberley, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Some pictures are of Kumalo airfield and the brick accommodation provided there but most are of his companions which include Paddy McGolphin, Jimmy Bamber, 'Sebastian' Sartin, Frank Palmer, Norman Paul, 'Pip' Hills, F/O Walters, Jimmy Leslie and --- Breffett. There are also references to Bill Walton and Bill Bailey. One view is of Tiger Moth 51 apparently numbered T-8242 and a group photo of W Flight, although I can't be sure that that was taken there.

I do not know anything of his subsequent service but the album includes two excellent shots, one in the mid section of a Catalina showing the gunners in position and another of the famous Catalina Z of 209 Squadron 'taking off from its base in Britain' which I guess was Loch Erne.

If any of this rings bells with anyone I would be pleased to hear from them or from anyone who knows anything about Bill Woods.

Request 820.    Posted 21 Apr 2010

I was recently on a trip to South Africa where I got married to a wonderful girl who’s father, Ray Clark who is now 89 years of age, was detach from the South African Air Force as a Spitfire pilot with the RAF to 1435 Sqn in Malta and in Italy during the last WW. Being an ex RCAF myself (32 years) and very interested to help him find out if there is any of his old squadron’s mates still  around.  Also someone help me with links to websites where I can find a bit of history about 1435 Sqn  which I believe was the only Sqn in the RAF with 4 numbers.

Would certainly appreciate photographs related to 1435 Sqn if available…

Appreciate very much the help provided… 

Simon Patry from Canada

Request 819.    Posted 21 Apr 2010

I am trying to find anyone who served on the Malta Radar Unit Ames 504 on Dingli Cliff.

My late father served on this RAF Station during WW2 from 1940-1943 and i am trying to research any information on this vital Radar Unit.

Any information would be most helpful.

Thank you for your time.


Request 818.    Posted 10 Apr 2010

I would like to find information on my brother, RCAF Sgt Marcel Smith, R-79500, who served with RCAF Sqn 420,was on aircraft Wellington, code Z 1679 on 9 November 1942, and was reported missing in action while on a raid over Hamburg, Germany.  Any information would be most appreciated, after all those years. I know that the pilot' s name was WS. Beale, and there were also three Sgts. C Snider, C. Collard and J. D. McDonald, on the same aircraft. Only Sgt. Collard was found near Pellworm, an island near Hamburg.  Thanks again for any help. Bill Smith, brother of Sgt Marcel Smith.  I was three years old when he left for the war.

Request 817.    Posted 10 Apr 2010

I would like some help in obtaining information & possibly pictures of an airfield/base that my uncle Jack McKay was stationed at in 1942-45 at Cochin India. He was an armourer and also moved to other RAF bases in India as well as Islamabad. He was born in Leith Scotland and is 92 years old, although he has health problems he still remembers some of the songs they used to sing at the bases (not printable!) He would be so pleased to receive anything at all relating to the RAF being in India during the second world war, and if possible anyone who can remember Jack at Cochin.

Kind regards,

David Henderson.

Request 816.    Posted 19 Mar 2010

Am for some time already searching for data of a bombing raid aimed at a bridge in The Netherlands over the (then) Merwede kanaal (canal) and alongside it the railroad Amsterdam=>Utrecht near Loenersloot (position 52:13’ 32.7” N 005:00’ 23.21” E) on 28.01.1945 (Sunday in the later afternoon), executed by 10 TYPHOON’s from the 197 squadron. All 20 bombs apparently missed, although two hit the side of the road just west of the bridge. Cause of the missing bombs reportedly was the weather, which had been too bad initially but then in the afternoon apparently cleared enough for flying but not for bombing the bridges. Non of the other 146 wing squadrons apparently succeeded either (it is understood they had bridges as target too) and thus the railroads in The Netherlands were treated.

I am living 300 meters away from that bridge now and somehow hardly any official recording has been done in history of the village about this bombardment and it officially thus slipped out of memory. I know in the meantime more, but this took a long time researching. What I however still would be pleased to find out is in what broader context this bombardment was executed? Is there anything more known about the circumstances? I have a number (3 in total) possible causes, but this is simply based on trying to fit the event into the context-at-that-time-as-I-think-I-know-it.

Any assistance is welcome to complete the picture….

Kind regards,

Hendrik Land – The Netherlands

Request 815.    Posted 26 Mar 2010

I was a dog handler stationed at RAF Scampton 1958-61. Last year I met up with a few of my colleagues after 50 years and had a tour round our former station. Some difference!!!

One of my pastimes now is modelmaking and, in particular, repainting diecast model vehicles in RAF colours representing my era in the RAF.

I am looking for photographs of Police Dog Demo. Team buses, especially the older buses from earlier days.

Do you have any photographs on file or can you direct me to an archive that may have these?

Kind regards

Harry Munro

Request 814.    Posted 21 Mar 2010

I am trying to trace the life of Flt Sgt John Ward. He was a member off 226 Sqn during WW2. He spent some time in Warsaw and I am trying to research his story. I have some info from the RAF Assoc but would like to track down any info I can. If you can help please let me know.



Request 813.    Posted 19 Mar 2010

My name is Peter Bull and I'm looking for any and all information that can be found regards my Uncle, Squadron Leader Charles Gordon Bull. His Aircraft, a Halifax was shot down on a raid to the rail yards south of Paris on July 18, 1944.

Any information that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am considering visiting the Grave site in France and the family would appreciate any and all information.

Request 812.    Posted 19 Mar 2010

I have recently returned from China Bay (Trincomalee) and Colombo, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and took photographs of RAF Graves at both locations if anybody would like copies.

Jeff Robinson

Request 811.    Posted 19 Mar 2010

I seek family of Frith Peter, pilot nr.111953., Plant Rober air gunner nr.1291941, Vinter Henry obs nr.1250069 of 13 Sqdn. shot down 26th June 1942  

Derbyshire Arthur air gunner nr.1086924, Swainston Bernard air gunner nr.1699589, Porter Arthur nr.124823 and McCallum Lawrence nr.422663 , 149 Sqdn. shot down29 th June 1943.

All the members of the family are welcome in my house.

Request 810.    Posted 12 Mar 2010

My interest is in discovering any information about my uncle, Flt Sgt John James Smith, No 1368998, who was posted missing 29.12.42 whilst piloting a Mustang.  He was taking part in a photographic reconnaissance operation from Sawbridgeworth to the Noordwal area in Holland and was accompanied by another Mustang which returned to base having been hit by shellfire.

In December 1940, John was recommended for pilot training by No 16 Aviation Candidates Selection Board, Edinburgh April 1941 - Reported to No 1 Recruits Wing, Penarth May 1941 - No 8 Initial Training Wing, Newquay Between August 1941 and January 1942 he was in Canada (Personnel Transit Centre, Toronto) and Mesa, Arizona at the No 4 British Fling Training School.

In February 1942 he returned to the U.K. and went to the No 3 Personnel Reception Centre at Bournemouth.

April 1942, John was posted to Watton (No 17 Advanced Flying Unit, thence to the No 53 Operational Training Unit at Heston.

In August 1942 he joined No2 Squadron, Sawbridgeworth.

The foregoing information has been gleaned from the Air Historical Branch, Ministry of Defence who have been most helpful within the scope of their knowledge.  It's a long shot but there may just be someone out there with personal knowledge of John or maybe had served at one or all of the above stations and can offer further info.  I'd be very grateful for this.

Request 809.    Posted 12 Mar 2010

Please can someone help me. I am trying to find out the name of a soldier

that was stationed in Germany probably Near Uetersen. He died in a car crash in 1946 on his way to Hamburg. He was engaged to my boyfriends grandmother Rauha from Finland. The only thing we have is a picture of this man no name. his name could have been John Peter or something like it. On the picture he has a badge on his left side that looks like a little flag.

Please can someone help me with something?

Regards Anna

Request 808.    Posted 19 Feb 2010

I am trying to track down historical photos of RAF Graveley in Cambridgeshire for a piece I am putting together on the history of the airfield. I am interested both in aerial photos and 'on the ground' shots, particularly if there are any of the latter from outside the airfield looking in.

Request 807.    Posted 12 Feb 2010

I was called up for National Service in March 1957 and went to Cardington and then on to Wilmslow for square bashing. I notice that there are Group Photos in many ex RAF vets. possession that were obviously taken in those early days of ones service when they were introduced to the RAF.

However, I personally do not ever recall having one taken then.  So I am wondering if anybody has got a group photo taken at Wilmslow in Mid March 1957.  I seem to recall that it might have been "C" Flight that I was in.

I will reimburse all expenses if someone can come up with a copy with myself in if it ever happened.

I can be contacted using the link above.

Malcolm Flack  Amersham Bucks U. K.

Request 806.    Posted 12 Feb 2010

I’m looking for photos of RAF Waterbeach Squadron 514 from the 1943 era. In particular any photos or memories of Flight Sergeant Lance Kell (my uncle) RNZAF (Wireless Op/Air Gunner)

The rest of his crew were…

Flight Sergeant Paul Eugene Mason (Pilot) RNZAF

Sergeant Ronald Frederick Laishley  (Flight Engineer) RAF

Flight Sergeant James Stanley Gallagher (Navigator) RNZAF

Flight Sergeant ? Dimmock (Bomb Aimer)

Sergeant Ernest James Oakley (Mid-Upper Gunner) RCAF

Sergeant ? Dennis (Rear Gunner)

Their Lancaster were lost near Hanover  Friday, January 14th 1944


Would anyone have any information about Pilot Officer Kenneth Frederick Morgan RNZAF a Wireless Operator out of RAF Tempsford  with 161 Squadron?

He was a friend of the family.

He was lost along with the rest of his crew near Huiron, France on Saturday, August 5th 1944.  Aircraft… Hudson LL248 - MA-U

Other crew members were…

Flying Officer Ian Armstrong Blaikie DFM     RNZAF

Flying Officer Robert Buchan Hall                RAF Volunteer Reserve (Air Gunner)

Sergeant Basil Featherstone Holland           RAF Volunteer Reserve (Flight Engineer)

Flight Lieutenant Edward Albert Loos DFC   RAF Volunteer Reserve  (Pilot)

Flight Sergeant David Gordon Patterson      RAF Volunteer Reserve (Air Bomber)

Photos or memories would be greatly appreciated

Request 805.    Posted 12 Feb 2010

This may be a complete shot in the dark but I am trying to find any information on my late Uncle, Anthony Chester, whose rank was Flight Lieutenant, stationed at RAF Cranwell but who was tragically killed in an accident on January 6th 1953 aged 24.  His service number was 579764.

Many thanks in hopeful anticipation.

Request 804.    Posted 12 Feb 2010

Can anyone tell me anything about the passenger plane that crashed in Kai Tak in July 1946.  I was in the Met Office at the time and went out to see the plane take off on a previously unused runway constructed by the Japanese in 1945.  It took off gently and seconds later its nose dipped and everyone on board was killed.   The RAF still determined priorities for passengers allowed to fly as there were no civilian planes as far as I remember.  While I was watching the plane, with the intention of taking weather observations, I was suddenly berated by a young officer because he had been taken off the passenger list.   Who was on, and who was not on the list had nothing to do with me.  When the crash took place he was stunned into silence.

KENNETH CB WILKIE, formerly Cpl Wilkie (Kai Tak 1945-47 and Mingaladon 1947-January 1948)

Request 803.    Posted 12 Feb 2010

I would like to contact any National Servicemen who were posted to RAF Weston Zoyland, near Bridgewater in between 1950 and 1956. I would also like photographs from this period and a rundown on the activities of this station.

If anyone can help, please email me or contact me on 07501 296 465

Gary Murray

Request 802.    Posted 12 Feb 2010

Hello I'm trying to trace my father his name is Peter Pennalton he was based in Weathersfield in Essex England in the 1960's he was seeing someone with the surname of (Morgan or Coote)

Request 801.    Posted 5 Feb 2010

I am 79, going fine, but  I am surprised and disappointed that I have never seen any reference or heard from any old colleagues from my  RAF National Service days  - Reception at Padgate, 1948 - then  West Kirby (Square Bashing) November to January 1949 . Main posting to RAF (HQ) Flying Training Command, Shinfield, Reading 1949-50 . Story really of Arctic clime of West Kirby '48 to one of our hottest summers in Reading  ( the Compton and Edrich year for those interested in cricket!)     Would love to hear from any of the guys in the photos.   First -  West Kirby 1948.  Some signatures on back that I can decipher - a D. JONES,  FRANK IRVINE,  D. MANSFIELD,   P.J. HORTON,    R.E.MADDEN, (Up the Spurs),   G. HILL (Good old Ireland),    D. J. MACK,   GERALD LOVE,    B. LAZARUS,    ROBT. GRIFFITHS,   M. JONES,   D. JONES,   CHARLIE..!,   P. WANLESS,    E.G. LIN,   F.C.IVES,   J. R. LAPWOOD, 

J. LODGUS (?) FLT/SGT.   I recall an invasion of Welshmen - but what a memorable and happy eight weeks of square bashing during a freezing cold couple of months.    One or two nasty D.I'S but I remember a particular D.I. a corporal Chard, more intelligent than most - who did not force you to get a haircut or shave, even if you didn't need one.  Near the time of our passing-out parade, our Flight was not quite up to scratch so an experienced Flt. Sergeant and a RAF Regiment Flt. Lieutenant were drafted in to get us up to scratch.  Remember the guy with two left feet (a Welshman) who they couldn't get to march in step even if threatened with death.   One day on parade ground the Flt. Sergeant said we were going to be inspected by some visiting Officers, and "If you let me down, I'll climb this f.......   flagpole and piss all over you".  We were supposed to be standing smartly to attention, but my imagination got the better of me and I literally collapsed laughing just as the officers were approaching.  I just managed to control myself in time.  I remember a trip to Hoylake with a mate who wanted to buy an alarm clock for his mother.  Some bright spark wound it up and set the alarm and it went off later whitle we were in the cinema.   And our first Christmas leave, the train into London continually being held up or diverted making us hours late, nearly causing a riot.      The other picture taken at H.Q.Flying Training Command, Reading, a group from Command Personnel  - Cpl John Clark, Jim Whitehouse, A. Barnwell, Dennis Green, Flt. Lts. Smith, Overton.  I was originally posted to Command Publications, my boss a Warrant Officer Durrant, and a gorgeous Wing Officer Reay.

We were all proud to have an Air Chief Marshall Sir. Ralph Cochrane as chief.   His personal secretary, a Sgt. Quirk, taught me shorthand, which has served me in good stead ever since.    Anyone remember the Sports Day v Reading University.    I was in 4x100 yds. relay, which we won, but to my horror were disqualified because a certain Flt.Lt.Smith (RAF Champion sportsman) overstepped the line.....  There was a S/Leader Draper, a perfect gent who was Shinfield.   He had to call a mess meeting to say he was getting too many compaints from mothers of WAAFS who were getting pregnant.  "Now lads, if you are going to......take precautions".     Anyone remember the first flypast of the Bristol Brabazon, were given time off to watch it.    Some sad memories - being drafted into Guard of Honour for the funerals of the several pilots who died while training.    Anyone remember Hut "G".  Jock Martin, Maurice Burrell, John Baxter, Norman Cooper - and there was Ian Bedford (former up and coming Middlesex Cricketer).    Hundreds of memories, so I hope there is someone out there who remembers me - AC1 John Harvey (now living in Enfield, Middx).   Telephone if you like - 02083603329, or email jwt.harvey<AT>      Thanks to all of you who made those days so happy and memorable. 

HQ Flying Training Command circa 1949 RAF West Kirby circa 1948
HQ Flying Training Command circa 1949 RAF West Kirby circa 1948

Request 800.    Posted 5 Feb 2010

Searching for George Easterbrook New Zealand pilot born 7-11 1921. Christchurch NZ

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