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Marshals of the Royal Air Force

The officers listed on this site are to the best knowledge of the author, deceased, where details of living officers are included, the officers in question have given their permission for this inclusion and have personally checked and verified the entry.  If any other living Air Officers, wish to have their details included, please contact me through the link to the left and I will gladly forward what details I have been able to collate so far.


Sir Dermot Boyle

Sir John Grandy Sir John Salmond 

Lord Cameron of Balhousie

Sir Peter Harding Sir John Slessor  
Sir Michael Beetham   Sir Arthur Harris Sir Denis Spotswood
Sir William Dickson Sir Andrew Humphrey Lord Tedder
Lord Douglas of Kirtleside  The Lord Newall of Clifton upon Dunsmoor The Viscount Trenchard of Wolfeton
Sir Edward Ellington Sir Thomas Pike  Sir Keith Williamson
Lord Elworthy of Timaru Viscount Portal of Hungerford  

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