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RAF Station Commanders - USA and Atlantic

[Lagens | Mount Pleasant | Stanley]

RAF Lagens

xx xxx 1944                  Gp Capt J G Davis


RAF Mount Pleasant

xx May 1993               Gp Capt P B Walker

xx xxx 1994                 Gp Capt R L Dixon


RAF Stanley

 4 Jul 1982                    Wg Cdr P T Squire (OC Hardet, ex 1 Sqn)

10 Jul 1982                   Gp Capt W J Wratten

xx xxx 1983                   Gp Capt  R A F Wilson

28 Feb 1983                 Gp Capt R M Austin

18 Mar 1983                 Gp Capt P King

xx xxx xxxx

 9 Aug 1984                  Gp Capt R D Lightfoot

 6 Dec 1984                  Gp Capt M J Gibson

 3 Apr 1985                  Gp Capt R B Duckett

30 Jul 1985                   Gp Capt T C Elworthy

xx xxx xxxx                    Gp Capt J Heron

xx xxx xxxx

Officers shown in Italics either never reached Air Rank or were not in the General Duties Branch when they did so

[Lagens | Mount Pleasant | Stanley]

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