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Mechanical Transport AP2782D - Radio Vehicles - Section 2 (Chassis used to mount Radio bodies)

Radio vehicles were and are treated slightly differently to other types of vehicle.  Chassis can be fitted with a number of different bodies, which while looking similar to each other are equipped with different types of equipment to fulfil a wide range of duties.

For technical specifications and images of the vehicles listed below go to the Members' Area



1 AEC, 4x4, Matador Type 0853 chassis (to FVRDE Spec No 9053)
2 Austin, 1 ton, 4x4, GS chassis
3 Austin, 3 ton, 6x4, Model K3 and K6 chassis
4 Bedford, 15 cwt, 4x2, Model MW chassis
5 Bedford, 3 ton, 4x2, Type SLC, chassis
6 Bedford, 3 ton, 4x4, Type R, GS chassis (no trailer braking)
7 Brockhouse, 5 ton, 4-wheeled, Mk 2 trailer chassis

Commer, 15 cwt, 4x2, Type Q2 Mk 3 chassis

9 Ford, 3 ton, 6x4, Model WOT 1 series chassis
10 Fordson, 3 ton, 6x4, Thames-Sussex chassis
11 Leyland, 10 ton, 6x4, Type 19H/1 and 19H/7 chassis
12 SS Cars, 10 cwt, 2-wheeled trailer chassis
13 Chassis, trailer, 10 cwt, 2-wheeled (FV 2301-G/2)
14 Leyland, 10 ton, 6x4, Type 19H/3E, tractor/heavy
15 Bedford, 30 cwt, 4x2, Model KC chassis
16 Tasker, 8 ton, 2 wheeled, drop frame, semi-trailer chassis
17 Rubery-Owen, 10 ton, 2 wheeled, drop frame, semi-trailer chassis (FV 2700 series)
18 Morris, 15 cwt, 4x2, Model J2 chassis
19 1 ton, 2-wheeled trailer chassis (FV 2401 series)
20 Bedford, 25 cwt, 4x2, Model TJ1Z2 chassis

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