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Mechanical Transport AP2782A (Section 15) - Trailers and Transporters

A, B, C, etc indicates that more than than one vehicle was covered by this item in this edition of AP2782, whilst (new) indicates that this vehicle replaced an earlier vehicle as that item.

For technical specifications and images of the vehicles listed below go to the Members' Area

Item Vehicle Previous Next
1 Trailer, 10 cwt, 2-wheel, GS, Mk 1 (FV Spec 9061)    
1A Trailer, 10 cwt, 2-wheel, GS, Mk 2 (FV Spec 9175)    
2 Brockhouse trailer, 5-ton, 4-wheel, Mk 2 flat platform    
3 Eagle, 5 ton, 4-wheeled, flat platform trailer    
4 SMT, 20-ton, 8 twin-wheel, Mk 1, trailer/works low loading    
5 SMT, 20-ton, 8-twin wheel, Mk 2, trailer/works low loading    
6 Eagle, 4 ton, 4-wheeled, low loading, flat platform trailer    
7 Hands, 10 ton, 4-twin wheeled, flat platform trailer    
7A Brockhouse, 10 ton, 4-twin wheeled, flat platform trailer    
8 Dyson, 50 ton, 16 twin-wheeled, plant transporting trailer    
9 Tasker, 20 ton, 8 twin-wheeled, trailer/Fuselage transporter    
10 Tasker, 5-ton, semi-trailer, long low loader    
11 Scammell, 6-ton, semi-trailer, Mechanical Horse    
12 Eagle, 10 ton, 4 twin-wheeled, drop frame trailer/excavator carrying    
13 Tasker, 6 ton, 8 wheeled, trailer, Fuselage transporter    
14 Crane, 30 ton, 4 twin-wheeled, drop frame, low loading trailer    
15 Not listed    
16 Massey-Ferguson, Trailer, 5 ton, 2 wheeled, Air Cargo    

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