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Mechanical Transport AP2782A (Section 14) - Tractors

For technical specifications and images of the vehicles listed below go to the Members' Area

AEC, 4x4, Model 0853, Matador tractor with winch and platform body

Bedford, 4x2, Model OXC tractor
Crossley, 4x4, Heavy tractor
Commer, 4x2, 8ft Wheelbase tractor
Commer, 4x2, 10ft Wheelbase, Type Q2 tractor

Tractor, Wheeled, Semi Trailer, 4x2, Commer Q2

David Brown Taskmaster light tractor (Diesel Engine)

FWD, 5/6 ton, 4x4, Model SU-COE chassis

David Brown, Model VIG.1/462 tractor

Ford, 4x2, Industrial tractor

Ford, 4x2, 4/6 ton, Model 7v (Thames) Conversion (Allan Taylor Tructor)

Ford, 4x2, 30 cwt, Model WOT 3 Conversion (Allan Taylor Tructor)

Ford, 4x2, 30 cwt, Model WOT 3 Conversion (Reynolds Tructor)

Scammell, 6x6, Heavy tractor

Scammell, 3x2, MH6 tractor

Scammell, 3x2, Scarab tractor, Type MH6

Scammell, 3x2, MH3 tractor

Thorneycroft, 6x4, Antar heavy tractor

David Brown tractor, Model VIG/1C

David Brown, Model VIG 1/100 tractor

Lansing Bagnall, 4x2, Type AM 16 OT light industrial  tractor

David Brown tractor, Model VIG/1A/AM (Taskmaster)
Douglas Tugmaster heavy tractor

Ford, 2 tracks Roadless tractor

Clark Aerodrome Tractor, Model Clarktor 6

Celtrac, Model MG1 tractor

Case, Roadless tractor (without hoist)

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