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Royal Flying Corps

Pilots' Flying Badge RFC Pilots' Wings

Origianl 1913 RFC Pilots Badge (courtesy of Chris Langley)

Adopted in 1913 by the RFC, it formed the basis of the RAF Flying Badge in 1918.
Observers' Flying Badge RFC Observers Wings Originally adopted in 1915 by the RFC, its use was continued by the RAF until superseded by the Navigators and Bomb Aimers badges in 1942
Shoulder Title (Metal) RFC shoulder flash (metal)  
Shoulder Title (Cloth) RFC shoulder flash (cloth)  
Collar (left) and Cap (right) Badges RFC Collar badge RFC cap badge  
Works and Building Services

Collar (left) and Cap (right) Badges


RFC Works and Buildings Service - collar badge RFC Works and Buildings Service - cap badge  
Wireless Operators RFC Wireless Operator  


Royal Naval Air Service

Officers' Cap Badge RNAS Officers cap badge  
Chief Petty Officers' Cap Badge RNAS Chief Petty Officers cap badge  
Pilot (Other Ranks) Pilots badge - other ranks  
Airship Coxswain Airship coxswains badge  
RNAS Anti-Aircraft Corps RNAS Anti-aircraft Corps shoulder flash  
RNAS Engineer RNAS Engineer badge  

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Flying Badges in the  RNAS were worn on the cuffs above the rank braid.  To see them click here

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