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RAF Badges - Airmen page 1

Airmens' shoulder flash 1918 - 1973 Airmens' shoulder flash 1996 - present
Shoulder Flash 1918 - 1973 Shoulder Flash 1996 - present
Airmens' shoulder flash RAFVR Airmens' shoulder flash RAuxAF
RAF Volunteer Reserve (Royal) Auxiliary Air Force
Airmens' badge - Works and Buildings Branch Good Conduct stripes
Works And Buildings Branch 1921 - 1929 Good Conduct Stripes
Parachute jump instructor (obsolete) RAF Regiment shoulder flash, also worn by officers
Parachute Jump Instructor RAF Regiment Shoulder Flash (also worn by officers
Qualified parachutist - not serving in an airborne unit Qualified parachutist - serving in an airborne unit
Qualified Parachutist (not serving in an airborne unit) Qualified Parachutist (serving in an airborne unit)
Ground Gunners' badge (obsolete) RAF Regiment Signaller
Ground Gunner RAF Regiment Signaller

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