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Medal Ribbons

The illustrations below show the various ribbons worn on the left breast of British Military uniforms.  The ribbons are listed in order of precedence.  Only campaign medal which could have been awarded to RFC/RNAS/RAF personnel during their time in the air services are shown.  Some officers would have received medals for actions prior to 1914, but these are not included here.

Victoria Cross

Ribbon of the VC

Victory Medal

Ribbon of the Victory Medal

Conspicuous Gallantry Cross

Ribbon of the CGC

Naval General Service Medal 1915 - 62

Ribbon of the Naval GSM 1915-62

George Cross

Ribbon of the GC

General Service Medal 1918 - 62

Ribbon of the GSM 1918-62

Distinguished Service Order

Ribbon of the DSO

India General Service Medal 1936 - 39

Ribbon of the India GSM 1936-39

Distinguished Service Cross

Ribbon of the DSC

1939 - 1945 Star

Ribbon of the 1939-1945 Star

Military Cross

Ribbon of the MC

Atlantic Star

Ribbon of the Atlantic Star

Distinguished Flying Cross

Ribbon of the DFC

Air Crew Europe Star

Ribbon of the Air Crew Europe Star

Air Force Cross

Ribbon of the AFC

Africa Star

Ribbon of the Africa Star

Albert Medal

Ribbon of the Albert Medal

Pacific Star

Ribbon of the Pacific Star

Distinguished Conduct Medal

Ribbon of the DCM

Burma Star

Ribbon of the Burma Star

George Medal

Ribbon of the GM

Italy Star

Ribbon of the Italy Star

Distinguished Service Medal

Ribbon of the DSM

France and Germany Star

Ribbon of the France and Germany Star

Military Medal

Ribbon of the MM

Defence Medal

Ribbon of the Defence Medal

Distinguished Flying Medal

Ribbon of the DFM

War Medal 1939 - 1945

Ribbon of the War Medal 1939-1945

Air Force Medal

Ribbon of the AFM

Korea Medal

Ribbon of the Korea Medal

Queen's Gallantry Medal

Ribbon of the QGM

General Service Medal 1962

Ribbon of the GSM 1962

1914 Star

Ribbon of the 1914 Star

South Atlantic Medal

Ribbon of the South Atlantic Medal

1914-1915 Star

Ribbon of the 1914-1915 Star

Gulf Medal

Ribbon of the Gulf Medal

British War Medal 1914 - 20

Ribbon of the British War Medal 1914-1920

NATO Medal

Ribbon of the NATO Medal

A single medal is also awarded to personnel serving on United Nations duties.  Whilst the medal remains constant the ribbon is changed for each 'action'.  A selection of these are shown below

UN Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP)

UN Forces Medal Ribbon for service in Cyprus

UN Protection Force (UNPROFOR)

UN Forces Medal Ribbon for service in UN Protection Forcce

UN Interim Force in Lebonon (UNIFIL)

UN Forces Medal Ribbon for service in Lebonon

UN Headquarters (UNHQ)

UN Forces Medal Ribbon for service in UN HQ

UN Iraq Kuwait Observation Mission (UNIKOM)

UN Forces Medal Ribbon for service in the Iraq Kuwait Observation Mission

UN Mission in Bosnia Herzegovina (UNMIBH)

UN Forces Medal Ribbon for service in Bosnia Herzegovina

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