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Gallery 3 - Memoirs of Constance Roberts WAAF


Constance Roberts
No 50 Cse, WAAF Officers Course 1
No 50 Cse, WAAF Officers Course 2
Roberts 1 Roberts 2 Roberts 3

Constance with her mother, her medals and Pay Book

Roberts 4 Roberts 5

Codes and Cypher Section

Roberts 6 Roberts 7
Roberts 8

Photos showing a USAAF base in Italy with Mount Vesuvius erupting in the background.

Memoirs of Section Officer Constance Roberts

Memoirs 1   Memoirs 2

Memoirs 3  Memoirs 4
Memoirs 5  Memoirs 6
Memoirs 7 Memoirs 8
Memoirs 9  Memoirs 10
Memoirs 11  Memoirs 12
Memoirs 13  Memoirs 14


Imperial Service Medal and Certificate

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