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Brigadier-General R H More

Robert Henry MoreRobert Henry            b: 9 Mar 1895                       r: 3 Nov 1902                       d: 1 Nov 1951

CMG - xx xxx 1918, CBE - 3 Jun 1919, SMSL, O - xx xxx 1919.

For a list of foreign decoration abbreviations, click here

(Yeomanry): - Lt:  1 Mar 1901,

(Army): (H) Lt: 8 Aug 1914, Capt: xx xxx xxxx, Maj: xx xxx xxxx, Lt Col: 9 Apr 1917, Lt Col: 20 Sep 1919.

(RAF): - (T) Col [Maj]: 1 Apr 1918, Act Brig-Gen: 14 Jan 1919?, Wg Cdr: 1 Aug 1919 [1 Apr 1918], (H) Brig-Gen: 20 Sep 1919.

(RAFO): - Plt Off (P): 25 Apr 1939.

Robert Henry More

by Bassano Ltd
whole-plate glass negative, 17 December 1918
NPG x154558

National Portrait Gallery, London

xx xxx xxxx:            Soldier, Imperial Yeomanry

 1 Mar 1901:            Officer, 4th Battalion, Light Imperial Yeomanry

14 Mar 1901:           Officer, 5th Battalion, Light Imperial Yeomanry

 3 Nov 1902:            Relinquished his Commission in the Imperial Yeomanry.

xx xxx 1903             Civil Assistant to the Military Secretary, War Office.

 8 Aug 1914:            Officer, General Reserve of Officers (Cavalry)

 9 Apr 1917:             Assistant Military Secretary (additional), War Office

20 Mar 1918:           Relinquished the Temporary rank of Lieutenant Colonel and given permission to retain that rank

 1 Apr 1918:             Deputy Director of Air Personal Services (Staff Officer 1st Class).

20 Nov - 3 Dec 1918:           Admitted to Eaton Square Hospital (Influenza)

14 Jan 1919:             Director of Air Personal Services.

20 Sep 1919:            Transferred to Unemployed List.

25 Apr 1939:            Granted Commission in RAF Reserve of Officers (Admin and Spec Duties Branch).

xx xxx 1943:             Resigned his commission in the RAFO

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