No 242 Operational Conversion Unit Aircraft & Markings



Argosy C Mk 1 (Standard Transport Colour Scheme)

Argosy C Mk 1

xxx xxxx - xxx xxxx

Hercules C Mk I (Original Desert Camouflage)#

Hercules C Mk 1 (mid term Grey/Green Camouflage Scheme)#

Hercules C Mk 1 (current all Grey Scheme)#

Hercules C Mk 1

xxx 1970 - Jul 1992

Hercules C Mk 3 (original Grey/Green camuflage scheme)#

Hercules C Mk 3 (current all grey scheme)#

Hercules C Mk 3

Mar 1980 - Jul 1992

Hercules aircraft are pooled as part the Lyneham Transport Wing and issued to squadrons and the OCU as required to fulfil  their operational tasking.

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