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Named Groups and Other Formations with Group status

Experimental Group

This was formed at West Africa House, Kingsway, London WC2 on 16 August 1918 to control RAF experimental establishments, disbanding on 1 January 1919.

Air Officers Commanding

xx Aug 1918 ?


Firth of Forth Group

This was formed at Turnhouse under the C-in-C, Grand Fleet on 1 November 1918  to control the RAF units at Turnhouse, Rosyth and Donibristle, disbanding in December 1918.

Air Officers Commanding

xx Nov 1918 ?


Technical Group

This was formed at the Covent Garden Hotel, London WC2 in November 1918 to control Nos 2, 7, 8 & 10 Aircraft Acceptance Parks.  It had moved to 14 Southampton Street, London by April 1919, when it re-located to 4 Thurloe Place, London SW7 on 14 April, where it disbanded on 1 May 1919.

Air Officers Commanding

xx Nov 1918 ?

Air Defence Group

This was formed at 145 Sloane Street, London SW1 on 18 July 1927 from HQ Special Reserve and Auxiliary Air Force but was redesignated No 1 Air Defence Group on 25 August 1927.

Air Officers Commanding

1 Dec 1925         A/Cdre J G Hearson

9 Aug 1927         A/Cdre E L Gerrard


Armament Group

This was formed at Eastchurch on 1 February 1934, assuming control of the Air Armament School and the Air Training Camps.  It was transferred to Training Command on 1 May 1936 and redesignated No 25 Group on 1 December 1937.

Air Officers Commanding

1 Feb 1934         A/Cdre L A Pattinson

18 Feb 1937        A/Cdre A G R Garrod


AOC Training Units

Post established xx xxx 1977? in RAF Support Command, to take over the duties previously carried out by the AOCs of numbered Groups within  Training Command.  Transferred to HQ Personnel and Training Command, 1 Apr 1994.  Post became AOC Training Group at the same time.  It has been included here because the post  replaced that of Group commander and was itself replaced by a unit of Group status.

 Air Officers Commanding

 2 May 1977                AVM P E Bairsto

10 Nov 1979                AVM J Rogers

 4 Jul 1981                    AVM F D G Clark

29 Jan 1983                  AVM M K Adams

 7 Jan 1984                   AVM R I Stuart-Paul

11 Nov 1985                AVM J D Spottiswood

 3 Mar 1989                 AVM M J Pilkington

30 Jul 1992                  AVM C C C Coville


Training  Group (Defence Agency)

Training Group Defence Agency badgeFormed 1 Apr 1994 within the newly formed Personnel and Training Command. Title changed to Chief Executive, Training Group Defence Agency and AOC, Training Group; xx xxx 1996/7 .  It was disbanded by being renamed No 22 (Training) Group on 30 Oct 2006.


Air Officers Commanding

1 Apr 1994                AVM C C C Coville

xx xxx 1994               A/Cdre A A Nicholson (Acting)

 8 Jan 1997                AVM A J Stables

17 Nov 1999             AVM I S Corbitt

 4 Apr 2002:              AVM G A Miller

 4 Jan 2005                AVM J M M Ponsonby

This page was last updated on 01/11/17

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