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Air Commodore E F Waring (05012)

Edmund Francis             b: 28 Aug 1899                     r: 6 Apr 1949                     d: xx Feb 1987

CBE - 8 Jun 1944, DFC - 3 Dec 1918, AFC - 3 Jun 1935, MiD - 17 Mar 1941.

(RN):- PFO: xx xxx xxxx, (T) Flt Sub-Lt: 23 Dec 1917.

(RAF):- Lt: 1 Apr 1918, Fg Off: 1 Aug 1919 [1 Apr 1918], Flt Lt: 1 Jul 1924, Sqn Ldr: 1 Dec 1934, Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1938, (T) Gp Capt: 1 Dec 1940, Gp Capt: 1 Dec 1943, Act A/Cdre: 5 Nov 1945?, A/Cdre: Retained. 

xx xxx 1917:           U/T Pilot

xx xxx xxxx:            Pilot, RNAS Seaton Carew

xx xxx xxxx:            Pilot, No 246 Sqn.  (Kangaroo - Seaton Carew)

xx xxx xxxx:            Pilot, No 495 Flt, No 252 Sqn. (Seaton Carew)

xx xxx 1919:           Staff, Seaplane and Storage Station, Killingholme.

   1 Aug 1919:         Awarded Permanent Commission as a Lieutenant

12 Sep 1920 :         Pilot, No 267 Sqn.

 1 Aug 1923:           Pilot, No 481 (Coastal Reconnaissance) Flight.

 4 Dec 1924:           Supernumerary, RAF Depot.


23 Jul 1925:            Supernumerary, RAF Depot.

15 Mar 1926:          PA to Director of Operations and Intelligence/DCAS.

 1 Nov 1927:           Personnel Staff, HQ Coastal Area.

 9 Feb 1931:            Flight Commander, No 201 Sqn.

 5 Mar 1934:           Pilot/Flight Commander?, No 203 Sqn.

26 Apr 1936:           Supernumerary, RAF Depot.

 1 Aug 1936:            Air Staff (Maintenance Liaison), HQ No 2 (Bomber) Group.  

12 Sep 1938:           Wing Commander - Flying, School of Air Navigation.

 1 Jun 1940:             Officer Commanding, RAF Lindholme

19 Jul 1941:             Officer Commanding, RAF Swinderby

 9 Sep 1941:            Posted to Air Ministry Unit

 5 Oct 1941:             Deputy Director of Air/Sea Rescue Services.

xx Dec 1944:            Officer Commanding RAF Bombay.

 5 Nov 1945:            AOC, No 225 Group, 

 1 May 1946:            AOC, No 2 (Indian) Group.

 6 Dec 1946:            AOA, HQ Coastal Command.

He attended Cheltenham College and joined the RNAS in 1917.  In 1935, he flew one of the flying boats of No 203 Squadron, which took part in a cruise from Plymouth to Basra, flying in K3584.  As Deputy Director of ASR, he was instrumental in the development of the air-dropped lifeboat.  He died in the North East Hampshire area.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross

“Lieut. Edward Francis Waring. (Sea Patrol, NORTH SEA)

Whilst on patrol on August 28th this officer observed hostile submarine submerged, apparently awaiting one of our convoys that was in the vicinity.  Skilfully manoeuvring into position, he released a 520 lb. bomb which detonated about thirty feet from the bow of the enemy craft.  Bubbles and oil rose to the surface, and it has since been established that the submarine was destroyed.”

(London Gazette – 3 December 1918)

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