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Guest Book 2012

E-mail:  eliannee2<AT>
Date:  1 Jan 2012
Time:  15:55


My name is Elizabeth Allaway, my father CPL. Ernest Victor Allaway was stationed at ABU-SUEIR as of 23rd of September 1944.  My father died in 1946, and I just found a letter he wrote to my mother with the above address, and that he was in the MT Section (not sure what that is).  It was great actually being able to find this website and find where he was during WWII, as I never knew my Dad this site brought him closer to me.  Thanks, Elizabeth

E-mail:  andywardsmail<AT>
Date:  2 Jan 2012
Time:  01:59


Hi. My names Andy Ward and i would like to hear from anyone who served at RAF Cranwell on the Jet Provost aircraft. SSF, RECTS or JPH especially.

Brilliant site by the way!

E-mail:  kptpsimons<AT>
Date:  2 Jan 2012
Time: 03:06 


What a brilliant site this is. I am the granddaughter of Sgt. Ian Frank McManus, service no. 404056. He was the Pilot of Wellington X 3179 in 21 OTU, WW2. He was the only Australian in his crew. He died on 25th June, 1942. My mother never got to meet her Dad & I am looking for a photo of him as this would make my mum feel complete. Thanks Kerry Taggart.

E-mail:  kgd69scott<AT>
Date:  3 Jan 2012
Time:  04:08


Very interesting. A P Davidson was my Uncle Alec and he and wife Jane (Swedish) had a house in Oxshot called Bramcote, for the station he commanded in 1940.

Best wishes, Keith Davidson, 69 Scott St Blenheim NZ

E-mail:  mfww<AT>
Date:  4 Jan 2012
Time:  22:07


Ever since I "found" Malcolm's site, many years ago, I have used and been fascinated by its content and how he has maintained and expanded his original idea for the use of all of us.

Many congratulations.

Michael Wynne-Willson

R A F V R.  255 Squadron & N F I U, CFE

E-mail:  doug<AT>
Date:  5 Jan 2012
Time:  07:47


Thanks for help with research on Frank Beaumont....

........... continued Success

E-mail:  tonyorler<AT>
Date:  8 Jan 2012
Time:  16:59 & 17:03


I was stationed at RAF Gibraltar from 1970 -1972 and the the Air Commodore was at that time named Upritchard not 100% sure that is the correct spelling. 

Would be interested in contacting any one stationed at RAF Gibraltar (North Front) between 1970—1972

E-mail:  mike<AT>
Date:  9 Jan 2012
Time: 16:43 


I was looking for details of the LM trophy won by 97 sqn in 1953

Sgt M J Cawsey Air Eng at that time

E-mail:  mal.moss62<AT>
Date:  12 Jan 2012
Time:  00:17


Came across this site after visiting web sites of my old units in Germany i.e. Wildenrath, Laarbruch & Gutersloh. Found your site extremely interesting. Thanks & will visit it again.


E-mail:  aircomcourses<AT>
Date:  13 Jan 2012
Time:  09:22


Dear all, I’m trying to find a definitive photo of my second cousin. His name was Cecil George Jones, he was christened on 15 July 1915 at St Leonard's parish church, Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

His parents were George Walter and Lilian Rose Jones. Their address was given as 11 Innage Gardens and the trade of George senior was Foreman of William Phillips & Co Ltd  Mineral Water Works, Moat street, Bridgnorth.

If any relatives wish to get in touch with me please do. They may be interested to know that my Mother has some very interesting information, some of it though is quite sad. Cecil had to younger sisters; they would well be in to their 60’s now, probably married with children. Cecil was also married.

His descendents might like to know ‘just what happened’.

I can send a photo, my Mother thinks it's Cecil George Jones, but she’s not 14 anymore.. (she’s 82) The photo was taken early 1940’s, RAF Bridgnorth. We think he was a rear Gunner on Lancasters and was shot down over Germany. Any help, photos, confirmation of the photo, would be most appreciated.

Flt.Capt. Paul Ottersen, T.A.G

RAF Battle Of Britain Memorial Trust

Capel-Le-Ferne, Kent

E-mail:  cadydid04<AT>
Date:  17 Jan 2012
Time:  02:07


Edward Chatterton is me GGGGGGrand father I am doing my faily geneloage

E-mail:  fusionboy160257<AT>
Date:  18 Jan 2012
Time:  13:03


Great site very interesting indeed. I came across it searching for info on a "RFC" Badge I have, it does not have the usual 2 rings for a cotter pin but has a slider instead with the name "E- ARFIELD Co" stamped on it. any info would be greatly accepted.


E-mail:  michael.john.dunn<AT>
Date:  18 Jan 2012
Time:  16:03


very impressed with the whole thing

E-mail:  stephen.lawrence<AT>
Date:  19 Jan 2012
Time:  19:03


an interesting and enthralling site which has provoked a new research drive for my retirement.

Special interest 309 Supply and Transport Column in WW2

E-mail:  brian.redwood<AT>
Date:  19 Jan 2012
Time:  19:11


I was based at RAF Padgate 1956 for initial drill training and the went off to Yatesbury to undergo Radar Training. Now well into my retirement I am selling the Royal Air Force tartan from the website at  the tartan was designed by an ex RAF pilot who took his inspiration from the various colours of the sky.The web sites cover costs and the rest goes to the Wings appeal. Drop by and see for your self.

E-mail:  sp531<AT>
Date:  21 Jan 2012
Time:  08:52


My father who died 1993 served in621 sqdn ,cannot see him on photo though.His name Dennis William Porter born 28/12 1921 in Toronto Canada .He flew I believe with Alf [dont know his surname ,he was just uncle Alf to us in the 1960s [Aff kept The Trafford Arms Hotrl in Alderley Edge until his death in the late 1960s.Any information greatlel appreciated.


E-mail:  john.hilliard1<AT>
Date:  21 Jan 2012
Time:  10:55


Hi.stumbled across your site whilst browsing.As an ex RAF person I find it to be an excellent source of good information.I served some time at RAF Halton as Air Wireless Mechanic(with very occasional duties as temp aircrew wireless operator in avro Ansons).Wireless training was at RAF Yatesbury 1953.

John.H.  [aka Chas in RAF!].

E-mail:  tonyw1<AT>
Date:  21 Jan 2012
Time:  21:24


My father, Flight /LT George H Westbrook received the Mention in Dispatches and the Oak Leaf after serving in Malta during WWII. Yet nowhere is he mentioned. But we have the medals. Some people got forgotten. He was somewhat disheartened before he passed away in Brantford Canada in 1959.

E-mail:  consideritdunne<AT>
Date:  22 Jan 2011
Time:  21:50


I just buried my dad Robert (Bob) Dunne known as Paddy sometimes because he was Irish.  He served with 117 squadron in Burma and spent time in India and Gold Coast in West Africa.  He was an LAC or aircraft mechanic and I was wondering if anyone out there has links to this squadron.  I would love to hear from them to swap stories and photos etc. from David Dunne

E-mail:  hbarham<AT>
Date:  23 Jan 2011
Time:  00:48


What great site. I have looked at photos my father had from the 2nd war and have no idea who all these airmen are.  Would love to have anyone contact me if they know the name Harold Barham, Flight Engineer Halton, Brize Norton, Felixstowe, Hornchurch, Norway.

Many thanks

E-mail:  stephen.howling<AT>
Date:  23 Jan 2011
Time: 13:05 


My uncle flying officer Harold Lawson Howling flew as a navigator crash landed in Manston 23 9 1944 his gunners were killed during the raid

E-mail:  mick<AT>
Date:  23 Jan 2011
Time:  17:08


WOW !  What a fantastic resource, very interesting site and always so helpful.

E-mail:  jspriggs<AT>
Date:  24 Jan 2011
Time:  15:45


I have been looking for a venue to add an interesting item so that others could share.  My father, William Spriggs, DFC was on active duty with 8 Squadron RAF from Aug 1918 to early 1918 and the item is the officers mess menu prepared for the Xmas 1918 dinner for "A" Flight, signed by the attendees.  It looks as though it has found a home.

John Spriggs

E-mail:  iscullen<AT>
Date:  27 Jan 2011
Time:  15:08


gooday, Im really looking for a raf milatary guy who was posted in goose bay labrador,, 1969 thro 72 his name is sgt bob palmer, he also played in aband called cat 5, along with tony summers, who passed away. thanks ,Isabel Hagerty

E-mail:  paul-harding<AT>
Date:  28 Jan 2011
Time:  13:00


I've bookmarked your site and just wanted your to know I've enjoyed looking through it. Keep up the great work!

E-mail:  tandy42<AT>
Date:  30 Jan 2012


I joined as new member today, and I'm so impressed with the web site, having worked with computers/programming over the last 10 years, I can appreciate all the hard work and dedication that has been taken in this wonderful log of information about the R.A.F. on behalf of my father and myself.

God Bless you Sir

E-mail:  jmd31121999<AT>
Date:  31 Jan 2012
Time:  19:43


My Father was David Duncan (Duncan-Dubno) during WWII - he served with Squadron 620 and 214.  How do I find information about him please?

Kind regards - Joel Duncan

E-mail:  pamhillier24<AT>
Date:  5 Feb 2012
Time:  00:31


Thanks for the information on the 233rd Squadron. We wondered why Sidney Charles STONE was buried in county Antrim, Ireland and that question was answered in your spiel. Many thanks.

E-mail:  rafworksop<AT>
Date:  9 Feb 2012
Time:  15:28


Great website

I've set up a website memorial to RAF Worksop at

I'm also after anyone's personal stories of the airbase to help people reminisce

E-mail:  fontleroi<AT>
Date:  11 Feb 2012
Time:  12:15


Its very useful, but there are frustrating gaps.  I am trying to research the service histories of my father and uncle, both of whom commanded 53 Sqn during WW2.   There seem to be significant gaps in that area for 53 Squadron.  Maybe I will be able to help fill some of them in, in due course, from family records.  I'd welcome any contact from ex 53 Sqn from that period.  David Edwards

E-mail:  michael<AT>
Date:  12 Feb 2012
Time:  15:24


I was on 228 Squadron D Flight Detachment RAF Horsham St Faith,September 1961-April 1963.The flight then moved to RAF Coltishall.

E-mail:  veseyholt.oliver<AT>
Date:  12 Feb 2012
Time:  16:30


I have just discovered your site which is a testimony to your hardwork of which you must be proud.  I am the only son of  a v m Felton Vesey Holt killed flying in 1931 when I was four. I m afraid he wasnt a great writer so we have nothing much in the family and my present aim is to extract as much information as possible about him from official sources. Congratulations on making such an effective and scholarly contribution to military and air history oliver vesey holt

E-mail:  dudley.clist<AT>
Date:  13 Feb 2012
Time:  13:55


My name is Janice, and I am happy to undertake searches for free for missing GI's and searches in general.

Please contact me at my email address.

Kindest Regards

E-mail:  iscullen<AT>
Date:  18 Feb 2012
Time:  02:54


Gooday to all , just wondering if any would know where Bob Palmer is od late , He was on the first tour with the raf in goose bay Labrador til 1972, he was in a band called cat 5, I know hes still in the uk, I lived in Goose bay, any help of his address would be great , and thanx

E-mail:  2daveellis<AT>
Date:  18 Feb 2012
Time:  17:33


I was with 13 PR sqn from 1956 to 1959 in Akrotiri Cyprus.

Worked as photographer in photo section, I am in touch with a few other photogs that were there at the same time, maybe you are one too.

Dave Ellis

E-mail:  davidkernow<AT>
Date:  21 Feb 2012
Time:  01:51


Thank you for this website. It's been one of the sources I've used to imagine which stations UK-based Twin Pioneers might've visited during the late 1950s and 1960s for the sake of some flight-simulation routes.

Best wishes,

David Kernow

PS If anyone reading this has more information about the buildings and layout of the former RAF Acklington, I'd be interested to know!

E-mail:  steveh1968<AT>
Date:  21 Feb 2012
Time:  21:05



I am looking for information on Geoffrey James Bucknall died over Holland on 22/01/1944 he was a Wireless Operator, but he was also an Air Gunner.

He attained the rank of Sergeant and his service number was 1232279. He was based with the 51st Squadron. It would suggest that he was shot down on his way home from a bombing raid on the Rhineland (Germany) and was shot down, the incident number of the crash is LV 774.

He is buried in Oldebroek General Cemetery (which is a shared cemetery with some Commonwealth War Graves

If anyone in your group has any information on him or even the 51st sqn, please email me at

I am happy to put a link of your website on mine, should you wish


E-mail:  wonderlandparties<AT>
Date:  22 Feb 2012
Time:  00:07



I came across your site today, and was very proud to find a group photograph with my Grandad on it part of 94sqn.

My Grandad - Thomas Morris LAC Flight Mechanic stands in the middle row, 10 from the right.  We have a big photo album and would be happy to find away of copying the images and sending you more details. 

My mum found his RAF papers.  I recall a couple of stories my grandad told me about his time in Egypt.  We even found a reference from a Pen Company he worked for in Liverpool that was sent to RAF when he joined up at the age of 17.

I would love to hear from anybody who has relatives that feature in this photograph.

My grandad was medically discharged in 1942 (all because of an irregular heartbeat!!) and went on to work for the Ministry of Defence in Liverpool and took early retirement after long service.

My grandad went on to marry in 1948 having one daughter, one grand-daughter and 2 beautiful great-grandsons, his name lives on in our eldest child Thomas age 6.

Sadly my beautiful Grandad passed away last week Friday 17th February 2012, and his funeral will take place Thursday 1st March in Runcorn, Cheshire.

Thank you for this amazing site.

Best Wishes Lisa

E-mail:  r.burns258<AT>
Date:  24 Feb 2012
Time:  14:23


a very interesting HISTORY page i enjoyed perusing the contents thank you ,,yes i am of raf origins i served from 1947/1985 i classify this period to be the best part of my life,,happy days ,,ray burns,,retired warrant officer RAF.

E-mail:  john-rutherford<AT>
Date:  24 Feb 2012
Time:  19:24


I read with great interest your page on RAF Abingdon. I was dissapointed that there was no mention about national call up, I spent 8 months there & saw the film 'The Red Beret' filmed with Alan Ladd, Stanley Baker, Leo Genn & Lana Morris.I Must add that I had a great time there. Yours J.Rutherford

E-mail:  theresa.c<AT>
Date:  26 Feb 2012
Time:  08:15


my dad was based in raf cardington bedford i do beleve im sure he was a macannic in late 50s early 60s he sadly pass away april 2004 just 65 from cancer . i have been trying to find records and photos for my mum and family but dont really know how two search his name Derrick Coupland . i know he went to christmas island testing Hbomb .

E-mail:  johnnyrotten52<AT>
Date:  4 Mar 2012
Time:  12:30


My Father, 'Wing Commander Noel McPhail" joined 102 sq. in 1942. He piloted the Halifaxes on approximately 40 runs over Germany. He was awarded the DFC and DFM by King George IV.   He flew from Pocklington where I now know that there is a museum. Hoping to visit in 2012.   Sadly Dad passed away in 2009 at 94. He was a very proud Australian pilot. Very humble as well. RIP. Thank you for this site. John McPhail

E-mail:  peter-leech<AT>
Date:  6 Mar 2012
Time:  19:06


Very interesting site !   Have been trying to trace a bit of the service history of 1852991 Sgt (Wireless Op) Geoffrey Roy Grimsdell, born 1924 Barnet, Herts., and shot down 19 Mar 1945 while serving with 102 Sqn.  He is buried in Reichswald Forest Cemetery, Kleve, Germany. Would be very interested to know something of his aircraft, comrades etc.

E-mail:  crawshawja<AT>
Date:  11 Mar 2012
Time:  02:21


I was very impressed with your site when I first found it several years ago and still think it a fantastic information source - very well done.

I have posted a query to the "Help Wanted" section but would like to summarize it here. I am seeking info re Battle of Britain ace, Sqn Ldr C O J Pegge' who died in 1950 at the early age of 36. I believe I have probably found most of what is available on the Internet but lack details of his career 1945 - 1950. Any help at all would be much appreciated.

John Crawshaw

E-mail:  ww002627<AT>
Date:  26 Mar 2012
Time:  12:04


Very interesting. I am a former Royal Navy Warrant Officer, who was after an image of a tornado for a computer modelling project at Staffordshire University and found the detail and thoroughness of this site of a very high standard.

E-mail:  stevestack73<AT>
Date:  10 Apr 2012
Time:  22:52



I know that this is a very long shot, but I am trying to trace my granddad. we don't have much information for him, all we do know is that he's name is Norman served in ww2 ranked warrant officer after the war he worked at a gunsmiths in Hammersmith London, he was married, he's wife was wheelchair bound, he had affair with my nan which then in turn they had 2 kinds together but he could not leave his wife, he then died in 1963 aged 40. if anyone can help I would be very grateful. 

E-mail:  dave1185<AT>
Date:  11 Apr 2012
Time:  14:57


Hi! Please note that RAF Kuala Lumpur is wrongly spelled as RAF Kuala Lumper, which became RMAF Kuala Lumpur (TUDM Kuala Lumpur). It was the first international airport (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) in Malaysia's capital - Kuala Lumpur, from 1952 to 1965, after being replaced by Subang International Airport (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport). The airport is also known as Simpang (also spelled as Sempang) Airport, Sungai Besi Airport/Airbase. The many different names tend to confuse a many souls, myself included, and it is not surprisingly when I read it here on this site. Hope this help somewhat to clear things up for us all, cheers~!

E-mail:  alfred.clark09<AT>
Date:  12 Apr 2012
Time:  19:14


I joined 111 Squadron as a Sgt Armourer shortly before the move to RAF Leuchars, eventually leaving them in January 1977 on posting to RAF Luqa. Happy days but definitely hard work for the "Plumbers". I remember particularly "Q" changes on the "point" in the horizontal driving rain. Did I say "happy days" I must be going a bit "doo lally" in my old age.

E-mail:  patoxby<AT>
Date:  13 Apr 2012
Time:  22:40


My father Harry Riding was stationed in Luqa during world war 2 and was mentioned in despatches but we cannot find out why.  He served with many squadrons one of them being 683 and was with ground crew.  I would like to know a lot more but cannot access the information.

E-mail:  Robin-King2007<AT>
Date:  15 Apr 2012
Time:  19:17


Air Marshal Sir Hugh Pugh(e) Lloyd

I'm not sure of the Peterhouse connection.

According to my father Sir Hugh came from a farming family and was a telegraphist at Malvern, Worcs in 1914 along with my grandfather, Herbert Percival (Percy) King.  They and a third telegraphist decided to enlist one lunch-time and joined the Army (Worcestershire Regt) by the end of 1914.  They received basic training at Norton Barracks, Worcester, but when it became known that they were telegraphists they were transferred to the Royal Engineers and Lloyd and my grandfather were sent to 21st Division on the Western Front.

My grandfather was with Lloyd when they were laying telegraph lines and they were wounded by a 'whiz-bang'.  Lloyd was seriously wounded, my grandfather less so and gave Lloyd first aid. Lloyd was sent back to England to recover and there decided to enlist for the RFC on the grounds that it was probably less hazardous than field telegraphy duties.  He tried to pursuade my grandfather to join him but my grandfather decided against it (possibly because by then he had met my grandmother).

The two kept in regular contact until my grandfather died in 1951 and Lloyd sent my grandmother a letter of condolence which remembered the days at Malvern and with 21st Division.

I'd be grateful to learn more about Air Marshall Lloyd for my father.

Kind regards

Robin King

E-mail:  b.h.mcfarlane<AT>
Date:  25 Apr 2012
Time:  01:17


Interesting site. My father was in 486 Squadron Tangmere (HC Saward). Wld be interested in anyone coming to NZ whose relation was in same squadron.


Helen McFarlane (nee Saward)



E-mail:  sallystevens121<AT>
Date:  25 Apr 2012
Time:  01:31


I am so grateful to find your biography on my maternal great-uncle, Air Commodore John Glanville Hearson, known in the family as "Judge."  He moved to Australia with his family in 1963 and died soon thereafter, but I saw him often at his house in Basingstoke when I was growing up. 

E-mail:  hyndsg<AT>
Date:  27 Apr 2012
Time:  18:49


enjoyed this site very much as researching 212 and 240 squadron in korangi india 1946> my father who is 89 was a warrant officer with both crews thomas charles jennings he would like very much to hear from any of his old crew mates if they are lucky to still be here> you can contact tom through my email

E-mail:  cherryuk<AT>
Date:  5 May 2012
Time:  18:36


Thankyou . very interesting, I worked in Coningsby Officers Mess from 1956 til 1959 as a CPL. Mess Steward from which I have some very happy memories!!

E-mail:  mnewdick<AT>
Date:  8 May 2012
Time:  02:14


My father was John Anthony Newdick (1926-1971) and served with 215 squadron in India, probably late 1944 through late 1945.  He was a tail gunner on Liberator B24s and flew 13 missions.  Any information would be greatly appreciated, especially by anyone who may have known him.


Mark M. Newdick - his son - Danbury, CT, USA.

E-mail:  macmeanma<AT>
Date:  12 May 2012
Time:  20:56


Thank you very much for a well constructed and informative website!

I am searching for any and all information regarding a relative of mine Pilot Officer Ian Alexander Grant  who, as a member of the RNZAF, died when his Wellington Bomber crashed in the sea off Oberflakkee. He is buried in the Ouddorp General Cemetery. The reference is IC-DV480.

P/O Grant was born in Shanghai China of English parents - I am delighted to say the website is a great help Thank you, Steve Sands (Mr), Neston, Wirral.

E-mail:  khowe<AT>
Date:  19 May 2012
Time:  06:13


Thank you.  Looking for squadron of Harold James Holder (Jim) born 23/7/24. I have lots of photos with names on but no number.  I know he was in Rhodesia, Transjordan and Palestine.  I think left in 1946 as a Sergeant.  I also think he was a navigator prior to Rhodesia. 


Denise Howe (nee Holder)

E-mail:  BillD44<AT>
Date:  23 May 2012
Time:  04:43



Interested in any info related to my Uncle Jim Nichol who was a pilot in the 299 Squadron (Special Operations). He flew a Stirling code 5G-A, I believe he flew at Arnhem, possibly Normandy. James Edward Nichol, Pilot Officer. Thanks for any help!

Cheers Bill

E-mail:  grahambentley<AT>
Date:  29 May 2012
Time:  23:32


Very interesting web site. I am interested in anyone that knew my half brother Ron Bentley. He was at Coltishall working on Lightnings in the mid to late sixties.

E-mail:  vulcan157<AT>
Date:  30 May 2012
Time:  20:29


Has anyone please, got any info on an RAF detachment I was on in 1961-62 at Raf Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.] We would fly out to the Belgian Congo, in Hastings transporter a.c. to supply ammo & food for the Nigerian army lads fighting in the Congo. stopped over in Laluabourg & Leopoldville.[Kinshasa now I think]  We lived in a village called Appapa, [old naval ww2 barracks in the bush!] Any info would be great, thanks, A. Stewart, [ex-Vulcan airframe fitter] P.S. Ikeja was right next to Lagos airport, we had 2 aprons to park our Hastings.

E-mail:  vulcan157<AT>
Date:  30 May 2012
Time:  20:31


Your site is amazing, so helpful, brilliant work, cheers, Austin.

E-mail:  alwaysahomerun<AT>
Date:  2 Jun 2012
Time:  18:31



Hello Everyone,

Granted this is a long shot of sorts (like searching needle in a haystack) well, one never knows in this digital World we thrive on via this mode.

So here goes....

LOOKING FOR -- 1) MR PETER SIMMS, Student at former RAF Changi Grammar School in Selarang Camp, Changi.

I am one of the "amah's" daughters of Peter Simms' parents who lived in the Officers' Mass Camp Barracks behind the Changi Point Golf Course.

I was 9yrs old back then and my older sister 11yrs, and we used to help our mom (deceased) to housekeep their home during school off Saturdays & holidays. Peter was a 12yr old, handsome red-headed lad with cute freckles all over, back then. He loves to play soccer. He came to our little brother's 4yrs Birthday party at the Village and took a picture with us (and yes, in his Grammar School uniform - white short-sleeved shirt and black slacks, LOL!!)

Peter has also an older sister named Barbara, as I can recall. Mr & Mrs Simms were the kindest, down-to-earth, generous and most humble of peoples who never once regard our Mom as her servant, but a kindly friend -- despite the disparity in stature between them and us. Mrs Sim was truly kind and genuinely advised both my sister and I to do well in school, as our parents had to work very hard to provide the best education for us. To which, we both did indeed heed her profound advice. Today, am running my very own Global Corporation thriving in the USA since 1987, and my sister runs a multicorporation in Hong Kong, with 3 manufacturing plants in China's major industrial parks, supplying globally. Sadly, our beloved Mom passed away in 1999, but prior to that she did tell me to seek the Simms Family and share this story.

 So, Mr Peter Simms, Ms Barbara, and Mr & Mrs Simms, if you are all well, and wherever you may be, please be so kind to contact me via email at:


 I travel globally and always would return via Europe back to the States. Am planning my next trip late this month and perhaps we can meet in London or wherever your city of residence in the UK is, even in Singapore if you wish, alrighty.

 Otherwise, my Best of Luck & Wishes to You and Yours per your endeavours.

 Many thanks in advance.

 Kind regards,

 Sara Das (Mdm Chek's daughter)

E-mail:  ltmark045<AT>
Date:  4 Jun 2012
Time:  04:38



E-mail:  toni2has<AT>
Date:  11 Jun 2012
Time:  12:39


Excellent website

I am currently searching all available records to see whether any of my Fathers Polish RAF comrades or community colleagues are still alive in UK or elsewhere?

FO/Flt WA Bucior WW2 service

E-mail:  robin.stjohn-sweeting<AT>
Date:  13 Jun 2012
Time:  08:51


In photo of sqn 174 my father (Sqn Ldr DFC Ronald Frederick Sweeting) later known in Australia as Ronald Frederick St. John-Sweeting. He is standing in middle row 8 from left 3 from right white lanyard left arm no hat leather belt across right shoulder to left hip Retired from RAF in Australia 1956 5 Children 4 boys Chris Brian Robin Nigel and one girl Melanie (now Fronsco). Died April 2010 (90) Buried Blakiston South Australia

E-mail:  junebes<AT>
Date:  19 Jun 2012
Time:  15:53


Hello, I'm looking for anyone who knew FLT/O Mabel Dorothy Hunt WAAF from Birmingham, who served throughout the war. I have an envelope bearing her name in May 1946 addressed to her at 85 Group HQ BAFO, Royal Air Force c/o B.A.O.R. She also seems to have served in Egypt in 1947. Many Thanks, June

E-mail:  johnchall.gsy<AT>
Date:  22 Jun 2012
Time:  19:36


Just a small correction about Air Vice Deacon Elliott. During his service in Cyprus in 1950/51 there was no RAF Akrotiri and Number 26 APC was based at RAF Nicosia. Forgive me if I am being too pedantic. I was based in Egypt on 208 Squadron and we did our annual armament practice with 26 APC.

(Entry amended – webmaster)

E-mail:  jayneholmwood<AT>
Date:  25 Jun 2012
Time:  00:07


Hi - My late grandfather, Herbert Lees was attached to Porcupine 433. I believe he was the only Brit attached to this unit. At 34 years he was considerably older than his Canadian colleagues who were late teens/early twenties. In later years he and his wife Hilda were invited to Canada and had a trip of a lifetime completely spoilt by those who he had worked alongside and their families. He was awarded the DFC. Really regret not asking him about his life during the war! Jayne Holmwood  

E-mail:  gordonweare<AT>
Date:  25 Jun 2012
Time:  02:10


What became of all the RAF, Hawker Hunter boys, who all worked on Hunters at RAF Valley in 1967?

Times have changed.  Good bunch of blokes they were.  Gordon.

E-mail:  karipucci<AT>
Date:  28 Jun 2012
Time:  16:43


I am writing from Canada on behalf of my father, Clarence Edward Furness (he went by Bill).  He is looking for 2 members from his RAF squadron 299, his pilot, Les Bird (London, England) and his navigator, Len Nunn (Hull, England).

Thank you for your time

E-mail:  grandprimo09<AT>
Date:  1 Jul 2012
Time:  00:51


Having served with 1 (Field) Squadron R.A.F. Regiment at RAF Wunstorf from 1955 till 1957 I would like to make contact with comrades, particulary from No. 2 Flight

Bill Hartmann

E-mail:  lpnlizzard<AT>
Date:  2 Jul 2012
Time:  00:24


I’m currently interested in finding out if there are additional serving members of 547 Sqn Coastal Command who flew with Sqn leader RJ Lemieux (RCAF) carrying out U boat patrols on the B24 D Liberator. I ask as the years go people who fought for our freedom, to whom we shall not forget, become fewer. I would like contact with anyone who new of my father.

E-mail:  charis2u<AT>
Date:   2 Jul 2012
Time:  17:57


My father was a squadron leader of 248 squadron during WW11 ,I have his log book ,photos etc I was just wondering if any of the information would be of interest to your organisation ?

Charis Burland ( Mrs )

E-mail:  mcadams<AT>
Date:  4 Jul 2012
Time:  18:04


Very interested to find this site. 

I am doing research into my father’s service during WW2.  He was a Canadian and with 403 “Wolf” Squadron and with 6MFPS.  We have some info on postings while in England but his movements in Europe after D-Day are unknown.  We would very much like to know more of the 6MFPS and if they were at Bergen-Belsen around liberation .

His name was Russell Keith McAdams from London, Ontario.

Dave McAdams

London, Ontario Canada

E-mail:  bobhatcher<AT>
Date:  9 Jul 2012
Time:  00:03


Thank you for keeping the history of  WW2 alive and all the fantastic RAF information. " Lest we forget " My late father George Ross Hatcher flew in Squadrons 190 and 620 I believe. He left the war as a Warrant Officer 1st class. He mentioned Great Dunmow. He died in 1972. He also mentioned Norway. Any other people with information about the crew would be appreciated.

E-mail:  philipmarkheath<AT>
Date:  9 Jul 2012
Time:  06:06


My father was Colin A.J. Heath and he had a brother, Peter G.R. Heath who was killed in action in 1942.  I had heard that he was in the Pathfinders and I gather he led the 156 Squadron.  We have no further information or details.  We would really appreciate any comments about Peter, what he was like and his actions.  We would really value any photographs.  

E-mail:  WeBeEmblems<AT>
Date:  15 Jul 2012
Time:  15:25


Looking for ID of patch WW2 8th AAF related,  possibly from RAF Barnham #517, the patch is round with a large white 5 point star with a yellow outer border, in the center a Longhorn Steer wearing what appears to be a Crown, surrounding the star are symbols of Chemical warfare, Communications, artillery, winged prop, and a circle with X and line , a red banner is below inside yellow border.

It is my understanding it could have been related to the following unit/s 754th Chemical Depot Comp.(aviation)765th Chem. Depot Comp.(av) , I am trying to find photographic proof og this emblems use for a positive ID of it .

If you know of this emblem or have photo/s of it in use Please contact me, thank you


E-mail:  mbw<AT>
Date:  22 Jul 2012
Time:  07:30


Great site!  My father, H.J. "Pat" Barron was part of this amazing time in history.  See email I sent earlier.

Michael Barron-Wike

E-mail:  jetherjr<AT>
Date:  24 Jul 2012
Time:  20:14


thanks for sharing all this

E-mail:  Lisa.fletcher1<AT>
Date:  27 Jul 2012
Time:  08:17


My name is Lisa I'm the granddaughter of John James fletcher who was a chief technician at raf he served in several places like stoke on Trent northen Ireland bristol Singapore from 1951-1980  his wife was Florence and had 2 children John and Anne would love to hear of anyone who knew him

E-mail:  Sue<AT>
Date:  31 Jul 2012
Time:  22:21


Just discovered my Dad's old squadron no -541-from some old photos just discovered.  Dad sadly passed away last year but I know how much he loved being in the air force and all the friends he made while in the squadron, serving in Gibraltar during the war, and of course, his beloved spitfires. evwould want to be remembered to anyone who still remembers Ron Kimpton

E-mail:  davidgarrity<AT>
Date:  3 Aug 2012
Time:  15:44


Hello. I'm looking for information about the following. D Flight 4 Squadron initial training wing October 1943.My grandfather was in this squadron and i know nothing about his role in ww2. Thank you. David

E-mail:  LIbman40<AT>
Date:  19 Aug 2012
Time:  15:44


My name is George Wootton. I trained as an Air Gunner at El Ballah in Egypt. I crewed up at Aqir Palestine. We joined 40 Squadron at Foggia on 1.4.45 and flew on 10 operations including Yugolslavia, N.Italy, Austria and the final large scale operation of the war on 25.4.45 to the area of the Nazi National Redoubnt myth Bavaria - Freilassing in particular. Our crew did not receive the 39/45 Star. We had not completed two months on a Squadron before the war finished.

Then it was carrying supplies, trooping pows and early release groups. Thereafter I flew with 148 Squadron agin trooping but also looking for so called illegal immigrants to Palestine. After that I joined AHQ Levant at Jerusalem and worked on establishments for other ranks (P3). If there is anyone around from those days I would be delighted to hear from them.

E-mail:  yvers<AT>
Date:  20 Aug 2012
Time:  08:55


Q1949620 D McDonald served 1963 until 1971 interesting site

E-mail:  jim<AT>
Date:  31 Aug 2012
Time:  19:36


Great site. First time I've seen the definitive sleeve markings for the RNAS.

Very valuable info. Thanks.

Jim Hargrave

E-mail:  stevenmoore760<AT>
Date:  9 Sep 2012
Time:  13:33


Just found out that my late father was in this squadron in February 1942 before being transferred to HQ no 225 group, according to his service record he was a temp corparal.

 Steven Moore

E-mail:  signgeezer<AT>
Date:  18 Sep 2012
Time:  21:39


If someone knows ANY details about   PO Nav. George Bisheff of Mimico ON...KIA on Jun 22 1943.   # DT 772 Halifax bomber 408 "Goose" sqdn. downed in a raid on Krefeld Germany. Other crew members of the 7 killed include  C.L. Sebelius, James C MacDonald, W.D.Walsh, J.R.Archambault...buried in Utrecht, Holland..........I would be so grateful for any info.

Incredible site ! !....congratulations...Walt Swibb StCatharines ON

E-mail:  a.zantvoort<AT>
Date:  29 Sep 2012
Time:  14:41


I would like to get your attention for the following request. At this moment I researching a 427 Sqdn Halifax DK141, ZL-N shot down on the 23rd June 1943 over Kaathoven. Next year in June I will erect a memorial dedicated to this and another crew shot down almost on the same spot one night earlier previously. This concerned 158 Sqdn Halifax HR735. Entire crew where killed and still three crewmembers are missing. I am in touch with the relatives of the HR735 crew and one crew relative of the DK141 crew. I am eager to get in touch with the following crew relatives 

Pilot  F/Sgt  J.D.Hamilton from Kenaston, Saskatchewan

Nav  WOII    J.J.Reansbury from Brantford,Ontario

Wop  Sgt     N.G.Whiting  from Mansfield, UK

reargunner    F/Sgt  P.J.A.Dennis from Vancouver

Miduppergunner  F/Sgt  G.L.Tyrone from St.Louis, USA

and the relatives of Sole survivor Flight Engineer  Sgt  J.A.Spencer from Medicine Hat

Thank you very much,

Adrian van Zantvoort

E-mail:  mon<AT>
Date:  1 Oct 2012
Time:  11:28


I stumbled across this site a few days ago when I was looking for something else, and was very impressed as, despite my 32 years in the RAF, I was not aware of it before.  I particularly appreciated the biography of my father H D (Paddy) O'Neill.  I knew the majority of the information in it, and I may be able to provide a little more in due course.

I shall return.  Please keep up the good work.

Mike O'Neill

E-mail:  aideen.reid<AT>
Date:  9 Oct 2012
Time:  17:03


What an interesting site this is.

E-mail:  Ine82<AT>
Date:  21 Oct 2012
Time:  10:00


Replying to -Andy ward smith. the first e mail was rejected Andy

I worked on jps as a chief  tech in asf and also on th Poacher circa 74/75,  

Ian Newton

Brilliant site, use it al the time

E-mail:  brenda.redford<AT>
Date:  5 Nov 2012
Time:  09:02



I found your website purely by chance after putting in No 8 squadron RAF transport football team 1919,21 & 22 My Uncle Mick Goodchild is in the photo with his other team mates. I also have photos of him at RAF Halton in a Hockey Team 1925- 26 There is also a photo of him with a jotting on the back saying my old section @ ERD does anyone know what that means?  Then I have two photos of a vehicle called The Old Tub L.A.T. 18 with R.A.F on the side of this huge vehicle. Anyone know of this? And lastly my father Douglas Goodchild who was also in the RAF was a mechanic on spitfires in the late 30's early 40's.

Thanks to anyone who knows of any thing to do with these relatives of mine. Both sadly gone now.

Cheers everyone,

Brenda Redford nee Goodchild


West Sussex

E-mail:  leannedyson1984<AT>
Date:  1 Nov 2012
Time:  23:20


R.A.F St Athan, Boy Entrants 30th entry, any member of 30th entry or their families who has copies of RAF St Athan magazine with the details of the graduation and photographs would appreciate either photos of magazine as my father then flight sergeant boy entrant who I believe was the parade commander named Alan Dyson service number M0681904 much appreciated as we have no photographs of him in uniform . thank you

E-mail:  andrewfitches748<AT>
Date:  2 Nov 2012
Time: 22:06 


My name is Andy Fitches I was stationed at RAF Faldingworth 92 MU Oct 65 to Jul 70 with a short sojurn to RAF Khormaksar Aden in 67. I am looking for a 92 MU badge which was a red rose held in a hand I must admit I am struggling to find it.

E-mail:  patrickdentingerAT>
Date:   10 Nov 2012
Time:  03:33


Hello. After researching my uncle who died in WW2 after his ship, the Charles C. Pinckney, was torpedoed by U-514 on Jan. 27, 1943, I found the information that Sqdn. 224/R intercepted and sunk U-514 with rocket fire from a British B-24 Liberator on July 8, 1943, north-east of Cape Finisterre, Spain. If you or anyone has information on this specific attack mission and the crew involved I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm writing to thank all members of this squadron, and for serving so proudly and gallantly in WW2. Thank You!

E-mail:  drpaulmargerison<AT>
Date:  11 Nov 2012
Time:  21:20


Hello from Dr Paul Margerison PhD. This is a great site. I was an SAC in ATC at RAF Linton-on-Ouse in 1967. Grp Cpt Compton was Station Commander, W/Co Hamilton was O/C Flying. Some time in 1967 Grp Cpt Lewis became Station Commander he had been on Antarctic expeditions we used to meet him in The Bay Horse at Grt Ousebourne which was run by Charlie Jones brother of the Trades Union leader. Charlie used to give free shots of Old Crow American Whiskey.  Grp/Cpt Lewis and W/Co Hamilton used to come to the tower in the morning, and go straight into monitors to check the days racing form with SAC Mick Burgess (later F/O). Grp Cpt/Cpt Compton took Mick up in a Vampire which had just come from 3rd line servicing. He pulled more than 6g and wrote it off. Mick came back to the billet white as a sheet, and spent 2 days in bed. I was a bit of a naughty boy & got up to mischief. Sgt Ward (latterly flt/lt) was admin NCO to the SATCO Sqdn Ldr Binns. Sgt Dave Ward decided to call me Storky (logic: Margerison = Margarine = Stork (y)), and it stuck. There's a W/Co Clarke out there somewhere who remembers me (I've been told) because I borrowed his mini and drove round the camp on 2 wheels under the influence LOL. 14days jankers for that little stunt. Those were the days!

E-mail:  granjen<AT>
Date:  12 Nov 2012
Time:  21:33


I have found this site extremely helpful with information relating to 5 (Coastal Command) OTU. Thank you.

E-mail:  cliffatkuh<AT>
Date:  21 Nov 2012
Time:  01:19


I was an Air Mechanic (E) and worked on the Dominie while serving at HMS Gannet or RNAS Eglington in Norhern Ireland 1949 - 51; a joyto work on, I did an engine change on it, and on the test flight flew from Eglington to RNAS Anthorn (HMS Nuthatch) and back.

Cliff Wardell

I've been trying to find a book on either it or the Rapide

E-mail:  ken.allen1923<AT>
Date:  21 Dec 2012
Time:  10:36


I attended the unvieling of plaque to Halifax MA W 161 Sqdn Out of Tempsford  shot down and crash landed North of Chabinete.Any body interested I have pictures of the ceremony and will forward.

Ex F/O Ken Allen Halifax Flight Engineer 76/78 Sqns 4 Group Yorks.

E-mail:  Roy.Craggs<AT>
Date:  25 Dec 2012
Time:  01:16


Hi, name is Roy Craggs    mobile air movements Abingdon/Hickam AFB 1960/65.

If you would be so kind to email your address, thanks. Now living in US Las Vegas.

Roy craggs

E-mail:  audrieau<AT>
Date:  29 Dec 2012
Time:  08:24


Hi,  I am Audrie Scott,  the Daughter of one of the 175 Squadron during the Second World War - F/O James Scott.

 I am really interested in the site and have lots of memories of stories my Dad told me about.  Unfortunately my Dad died a few years back in 2005.

E-mail:  soluk<AT>
Date:  29 Dec 2012
Time:  12:34


Hi, my father was chauffer to Air Marshal Sir Geoffrey Tuttle (22074) whilst he worked at British Aerospace, Weybridge. Sir Geoffrey was good to me as a child & I eventually became an apprentice at BAe then went on to join the RAF myself. I last spoke to him at my fathers funeral. I am now retired & busy looking up old records. Thanks for  the site.

B Peter Barker.

E-mail:  rsgeier<AT>
Date:  21 Mar 2013
Time:  08:09


A very interesting site.  I am with the Parent's Committee of Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron 222 in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.  The 75th Anniversary of Air Cadets in Canada is fast approaching and we are being asked to write a history of our parent squadron as well as our own.  Most Air Cadet Squadrons are numbered after Canadian or British squadrons that flew during WWII.  With your permission, I would like to add your information to our own Squadron history as well as condense some of it for our write up in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet history which is coming out in 2016.  We've added the name of our local lake (Shuswap) after 222 as well as changed the patch to reflect our geographic location but kept the motto for 222.  I've attached our patch for your interest but feel free to discard it.  

The attention to detail is amazing!  What an amazing way to honour the men and women who served in the RAF in the 20th century.

All the best

S. Geier, Parent's Committee Chair

Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron 222 Shuswap

E-mail:  toni2has <AT>
Date:  24 Mar 2013
Time:  17:22


I am the proud son of Wojciech Antoni Bucior, a Polish born WWII Pilot who unfortunately passed away after illness in the mid-50's, when I myself was considerably younger.  I know my Father served at Northolt, Uxbridge and at RAF stations in the North West and in Scotland with 315, 317 and 129 squadrons and latterly in air traffic control.  Despite several efforts from time to time over the years, little has been found regarding his pre-RAF Polish Air Force career and due to no doubt to the interventions of other Nations in Poland's history very little is known of the family history, which I understand also included Katyn (!).  

Although only a child I can remember my Father's death was celebrated at the Polish Air Force Memorial at Northolt and I can remember seeing the many RAF and ex-Polish Air Force colleagues of my Father's attending the wreath laying and service.  Unfortunately my Mother, nor I had the opportunity to maintain contacts with these colleagues, although it is understodd they helped my Mother in hard times.  However, I suspect that many of my Father's former colegues are sadly no longer with us.  My Father also had a Sister who emigrated to the USA with her two sons, my Cousins, but again my family never maintained contact. 

I would appreciate it if the sons and daughters of those ex-Polish Air Force and RAF colleagues of my Father and indeed anyone with knowledge of my family ties in the USA would care to contact me and review any history.  


Toni Bucior   

E-mail:  poppa.whitman<AT>
Date:  13 Apr 2013
Time:  20:01


My name is Dennis Whitman. I served with the RAF MPSU stationed at Ringway. This year I will be turning 92 and it is a pleasure to see webpages like this. What I am really looking for on the web here is information about MPSU unit no. 2 attached to the 2nd Independent Para-brigade. We did all the parachute work for these brave men and traveled around the world with them. Our flight left-tenant name was I do believe Blackwood.

Anyhow, I was born and raised in Hartley-Witney and then moved shortly thereafter to Aldershot. After the war my family and I moved to Ontario Canada where we raised our family. I am not too Internet savvy and am having a hard time finding much info about the RAF that is not mainstream and was wondering if you could help me out some. Any relevant information or website links would be greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Dennis Whitman