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Guest Book 2011

E-mail:  stevejLovell<AT>
Date:  3 Jan 2011
Time:  23:15


Excellent site, I was looking for details of my Grandfathers BEM (1153832 Corporal Charles Douglas LOVELL) and found it here, I only found out he had one when I visited him on Boxing day!

Thank you!

E-mail:  bronantmill<AT>
Date:  4 Jan 2011
Time:  21:11


Many thanks for compiling an invaluable source of information. It was a so interesting to be able to read up on someone I kept hearing about as a child!

Kind regards

Deb Chick

E-mail:  nick42450<AT>
Date:  6 Jan 2011
Time:  04:15


was just looking up my last name on google and found this my name is nicholas Hearson

E-mail:  jtuerena<AT>
Date:  9 Jan 2011
Time:  11:30


Looks a very promising site.

E-mail:  frederick14<AT>
Date:  10 Jan 2011
Time:  01:16


I was conscripted in September 1945, just after the war in the Far East ceased and arrived in NEI in January 1946, as a clerk general duties.  At that time clerks were more useful than pilots! 

I had been posted to 904 Wing HQ at Kemajoran, and served there until Java was granted its independence. My co was G/Cpt Lee, whom I saw every working day.  I admired him and, when surfing the web recently, was extremely sorry to learn of his death.  I'm glad he received the honours and rank he did, and would feel priviledged to sign the guest book. G Setterfield 

E-mail:  petsno78<AT>
Date:  10 Jan 2011
Time:  17:33


Very interesting site. My interest in all things aviation stems from my service with the RAF from 1951-1955 including two and a half years with 148sqdn based at Upwood in what is now Cambridgeshire. I have bookmarked this site.

E-mail:  rlongden<AT>
Date:  11 Jan 2011
Time:  17:05


Very interesting site, will hope for some feedback, What I am looking for, is any information ie photos video airshow recordings between 1968-1971 relating to my late brother Flt Lt Dave Clement Longden who served in the RAF 1961-1971 he flew Hunters, Provost and Gnats, he served in Bahrain, Chivenor, Valley and Kemble/Rissington his last job was as an instructor at the CFS at Rissi.  He was killed in his Gnat over Upper Heyford Dec 71.Also would like to hear from long lost friends/colleges of his.  Can I also ask what would have happened to his logbooks, we never received them?  I hope to look forward to replies soon.........

E-mail:  beckiemilbourn<AT>
Date:  13 Jan 2010
Time:  23:20


Wow my grandad is up on this site- Herbert George Jones. It must have taken forever to enter all the details and research everything as you have done. I hope in the summer to do a bit more detective work myself so I can give you some more details to fill in the gaps and maybe have some photos too. Thank you so much

E-mail:  vastvegas<AT>
Date:  16 Jan 2011
Time:  23:58


Great site!

E-mail:  sarah.lousada<AT>
Date:  18 Jan 2011
Time:  19:28


Whilst remembering my Grandfather, Air Commodore C R Lousada (27258), I found your site and was delighted to see his record. Sarah Lousada

E-mail:  martin_johnson<AT>
Date:  19 Jan 2011
Time:  23:52


Came across this site when trying to find out more about my father's (Michael Brian Johnson) training in Southern Rhodesia around 43-45 at 22 SFTS Thornhill and 26 EFTS Guinea Fowl. Anyone who may have been there please contact me.

Still looking through the site, will return.

Thanks Martin Johnson

E-mail:  Gan4Rx<AT>
Date:  20 Jan 2011
Time:  15:52


I have many letters written on stationary from "The Jewish Legion for Palestine" that my great uncle wrote. They are all in Yiddish and I think they would be amazing to have translated and given to the Museum of this Legion. Is there a phone number that you have for the Museum in Netanya at the Moshav Avichayil?

E-mail:  rogerbrooksaraes<AT>
Date:  20 Jan 2011
Time:  16:21


If you are interested in your relatives RAF  Service records I suggest that you go to the Veterans web site or contact the RAF at this address RAF Diclosures Room 6 Trenchard Hall RAF Cranwell Sleaford

NG34 8HB

Tel 01400268164

I have the records for my family from 1919-1980 Good Luck  in you research it does cost a bit but well worth it

E-mail:  Mrpaddington<AT>
Date:  21 Jan 2011
Time:  09:50


Dear RAF friends & colleagues,

Recently I visited the refurbished RAF Museum at Hendon.  What a great surprise I had, not having been there for around 10 years.  It is terrific, lots more aircraft superbly displayed including my old Canberras, Hunters, and so many favorites from WW11.

Amazingly there were several groups of German Visitors there and we were all invited to watch a WW11 Blitz Video.  Do not come to London without visiting it, guaranteed you will enjoy the experience. Good Luck, David Andrews (ex 205 Sqd.. Bridgenorth, Melksham, Bassingbourne, Changi)

E-mail:  optimusmaxximus<AT>
Date:  21 Jan 2011
Time:  12:03


The most comprehensive site on the internet for all things to do with the R.A.F.

As an ex R.A.F boy entrant(22 entry Cosford/St Athan)it brings back memories of the various R.A.F Stations that I served at and that no longer exist today.

E-mail:  lindsay.broadbent4<AT>
Date:  23 Jan 2011
Time:  20:45


My mother a(Audrey 'Tiny'Richardson who married Alax Broadbent at Helhoughton in Norfolk) is nearing 92 and had a serious stroke recently. I discovered a gold brooch amongst her belongings depicting a winged spur and the motto 'Exploramus'(we explore). A search led me to your site where I discovered it is the insignia of 239 Squadron, based at West Rayhham in Norfolk from Sep 1943 until it disbanded in July 1945, where she was based during the second World War.

E-mail:  rockthishouse<AT>
Date:  24 Jan 2011
Time:  19:35


who rembers me?butch mcalenan,


1 SQN   1977-1981,



E-mail:  elaine.johnwhite<AT>
Date:  24 Jan 2011
Time:  20:40


Hi My name is John White [Chalky] I was in the 33 entry Gen Mach, any old mates still around from 1958/59.

E-mail:  Causbri<AT>
Date:  26 Jan 2011
Time:  23:26


SAC Brian Causer RAF Detachment Salalah 1973-1974

I remember meeting Earl Brandon (Paddy), I was leaving the Wobbly Wheel Club one night and was stopped by a well oiled sergeant Alan Bramham who was my boss at the time who dragged me into the Sergeants Mess to meet Paddy.  I remember leaving in the early hours of the morning and being well entertained by Paddy's stories and the free alcohol courtesy of the Sergeants Mess.

Many thanks to Al Bramham for the invite and booze and Paddy for the stories, what a great character sadly missed.

E-mail:  machilles<AT>
Date:  30 Jan 2011
Time:  12:12


very good and interesting site will keep visiting well done to everybody concerned michael achilles ex raf

E-mail:  worcree32<AT>
Date:  30 Jan 2011
Time:  15:13


A interesting site,I have search many others but can find no reference of 5001/2/3 Squadron. We served in Aden Libya & the Oman 1956/59. I believe the Squadron was disband in the early 60`s.I find it really odd to read about the SAS arriving in the Oman from Malaya during the Jebel Akhdar War but there is no mention of Airfield Construction Branch being there. It was us that made the airfields (to get them in)& repaired them. Is this STILL a military secret!!! LAC4176119 Tom Chapelhow

E-mail:  rjday<AT>
Date:  31 Jan 2011
Time:  04:31


I am 2/Lt Cyril Levick's nephew. He is on the WW-I Memorial at Arras.

I would like to find out all I can about his time i: 1) The Artist's Rifles and 2) In Squadron No. 4 in the RAF in the 1914-18 war.

Robert John Day

421 Ford Street North

Thunder Bay, Ontario


E-mail:  shellikenspie<AT>
Date:  2 Feb 2011
Time:  09:01


Hello, We are looking for any colleagues of Ken Massey, Clerk Catering who served in Aden, Sharjah, Masirah, St Athens, Hereford, Colerne, Lyneham, Ken was also part of the R.A.F Gymnastics team (early 60's), He will be 65 on March 8th 2011 and we are trying to put together a "This is your life" book for him. Any info good or bad will be appreciated. Thank you.

E-mail:  tonyturn783<AT>
Date:  2 Feb 2011
Time:  21:11


I have a large (50 mm) medal inscribed 'CROSS-COUNTRY' and '2nd BDE RAF' COLN 1919.

Your information on 2ND Brigade says 'disbanded 1918 ??'

This perhaps shows that it was still in existence in 1919 ?

If this is of any interest to you I could attempt to supply pictures of the medal.


 A Turner.

Note from Webmaster - It was indeed disbanded in 1919 and the relevant entry has been updated.

E-mail:  fionapacker<AT>
Date:  10 Feb 2011
Time:  22:24


Dear Sirs, Iím doing a family history and looking up all about my darling one and only uncle Gus Walker R.A.F. Air Chief Marshal, who is no longer with us but at rest beside his only brother my Father in a nice quiet grave yard in Norfolk.  I would be pleased if you could help me. Mrs Gillian Fiona Passingham Nee Walker

E-mail:  fionapacker<AT>
Date:  10 Feb 2011
Time:  22:24


Dear Sirs, Iím doing a family history and looking up all about my darling one and only uncle Gus Walker R.A.F. Air Chief Marshal, who is no longer with us but at rest beside his only brother my Father in a nice quiet grave yard i Norfolk.  I would be pleased if you could help me. Mrs Gillian Fiona Passingham Nee Walker

E-mail:  paul-mon<AT>
Date:  20 Feb 2011
Time:  12:08


Great to read about my Grandfather Aircraftman 2nd Class Cecil Frederick Mason BRIGHT great being able to read this to his great grandsons very proud.

E-mail:  knrolfe<AT>
Date:  25 Feb 2011
Time:  06:16


I did my National Service after training at RAF West Malling as an on field Fireman. I mostly drove the Monitor.  I did my service in the early 50s and was demobed as an LAC.  I enjoy looking at all the RAF sites

My name is Ken Rolfe

E-mail:  laylamariadm<AT>
Date:  26 Feb 2011
Time:  15:38


I am looking for information about Mervyn Bennett, Servicing Commando, 1942-1946.  He may be deceased or 93 years of age.  Thank you so very much.

Leila Dabby

E-mail:  tonygen<AT>
Date:  3 Mar 2011
Time:  02:42


Came here because I was looking at a half wing in the RAF Review which I found out here is for Load Master.  Great to find someone with the info I needed.  Good show.

E-mail:  timtoole<AT>
Date:  4 Mar 2011
Time:  10:56


Great site.



E-mail:  scope66<AT>
Date: 6 Mar 2011 
Time:  12:03


Really nice site you have here.

E-mail:  atoal<AT>
Date:  7 Mar 2011
Time:  19:36


Re: Crash of Hastings TG611, Tegel Airfield.

Thank you for the information on your website. My uncle, Joseph Toal, was part of the crew. I have been to Berlin and visited the memorial, but have never been able to get much information. So, again, thank you.

Kevin Toal

E-mail:  k5462<AT>
Date:  13 Mar 2011
Time:  02:55


Very good site. Will be sending member fee today.

My Father (J.H.T.) was shot down in a Stirling near Manheim on Sept. 6, 1943 and was a POW in Stalag Luft3 for the remainder of the war.

I took up his love of aircraft and flew all kinds of aircraft, retiring in 2005 from AIR CANADA.

Look forward to reading more.    CHEERS


E-mail:  andrew.emson1<AT>
Date:  15 Mar 2011
Time:  23:10


Very Nice.  I was looking for information for my Grandfather RHE Emson.  Thank you for your diligence.


Andrew Emson

E-mail:  k5462<AT>
Date:  16 Mar 2011
Time:  01:44


Nice site. Very interesting!

E-mail:  don.roskilly<AT>
Date:  16 Mar 2011
Time:  22:59


First class easy to navigate site!

Don Roskilly RAFVR 1943-47

E-mail:  a.f.shiel<AT>
Date:  23 Mar 2011
Time:  04:10


I came across this very useful site while looking for records of my cousin, Group Captain W L Green, 27 Squadron, RAF Marham, he was a GR1 Tornado pilot

He was lost, along with his navigator, over the North Sea 16th August 1990 during a night bombing exercise.

E-mail:  ginhanson1<AT>
Date:  25 Mar 2011
Time:  15:39


I'd be interested in contacting members (or they contacting me) of the 169th who may have known or have been imprisoned in Luft III with Wylton Todd. Todd ejected by parachute and captured by Germans, imprisoned in the famous "Great Escape" Luft III camp. He wrote the music for a play they put on while inprisoned, and he designed the memorial for the escapees who were shot down. Just trying to see if anyone has any info, memories, pictures to share?

Virginia Todd Eades and Virginia Hanson (daughter and granddaughter, respectively.)

E-mail:  npt<AT>
Date:  31 Mar 2011
Time:  15:52


came across your site by accident ... I shall return!!

E-mail:  geoff<AT>
Date:  3 Apr 2011
Time:  14:33


excellent history of badges. I was researching the badge(s) my late uncle Sgt C. Hamilton, air observer, 82 Sdn. watton, 1940 may have worn, he was k. i. a.

10. viii. 1940, belnheim mk iv. the crew of 3 all died. Cherbourg. France. killed by air ace Karl Heinz Metz ex Spanish Civil War pilot for Luftwaffe.

 my uncle was originally at Res. Comm. hendon, which I am also trying to rsearch aka his training and eventual 'status' as crew no. 3 of 3.

Geoff Hamilton

E-mail:  heather<AT>
Date:  4 Apr 2011
Time:  15:12


A very helpful site. Thank you

I am looking for anyone who was in Algiers, where my father was stationed, between Nov 1942 and Nov 1946.

He was T/Sgt Ernest Walter Vann of H.Q. (u) NW Africa Air Service Command and later of number 10 Signals Unit, Algiers.

He did his initial training at R.A.F. Padgate ( March 1941 to June 1941)and ended up there again in Dec 1945 before being de-mobbed in Feb 1946.

From Padgate he moved to R.A.F. Andover between June 1942 and September 1942 and then to Oxford to the Clerk and Despatch School and the Air Ministry Codes and Ciphers School at Headington, Oxford in september 1942. He was attached to 12 Squadron at Andover and 238 Wing when he first went to Algiers.

I have photos of "B Watch in the garden at Headquarters" and am particularly looking for Arthur Kreiger who was one of the "Three Dopes", the others being Cyril Weston and my father, Wally Vann.

Other names on the photos are Arthur Webber,Jock Clarke,Miss Reeves, Arthur Harrison, Richard C Stone. (plus others) from Heather Barton

E-mail:  fjlamb<AT>
Date:  4 Apr 2011
Time:  20:53


Excellent site! Working on my family history and found your site very helpful.

E-mail:  erswellduke<AT>
Date:  5 Apr 2011
Time:  13:18



I was a Plt Off on 112( Shark) Squadron based at Bruggen (1952-55) when AVM Crawford Compton was the Station Commander; At that time none of the Squadron pilots had any idea of his distinguised past; He was a tough and much respected Commander; I had the privilege of shooting Wild duck around the sea plane base at Sylt on a number of attachments during his tour.

Some years later while I was attached to the French Legion D'Etrange as a forward air controller during the Suez invasion I met him again at RAF Gamil where he was the detachment Commander. He then arranged for me to be transfered to Gamil where, again, I had the pleasure of shooting duck following the cease fire. Without doubt, he was the most memorable officer that I have ever met and I much regret not paying him a visit during his illness before he died.

Sincerely, Richard (Dickie) Duke

E-mail:  rene.teulier<AT>
Date:  7 Apr 2011
Time:  19:38



Your site has just been recommended to me. It looks most interesting.

I'm sorting my late father's photos (Sqn Ldr Wilfred Timms, died 2009, aged 91 : RAF apprentice 1934, 29th entry Cranwell; retired 1973 Locking) I am trying to tally them with his service records, and hope to identify people/locations. I would happily share them - even donate originals if someone recognizes themselves or a relative. Do you have a photo gallery?

Can I search for topics, or do I just read through the various entries?

I have done research, and shared photos on the Cranwell apprentices site, as well as Navy ones (My father was with Fleet Air Arm and RNAS for a while - including on HMS Glorious in the Med.)Likewise on Forces Reunited, but with only 1 relevant reply so far.

I wold like to be a little more successful this time!


Maureen Teulier (Perpignan, France)

E-mail:  acbird36<AT>
Date:  8 Apr 2011
Time:  03:47


I hope to obtain through your website information on an old friend of my father who is a retired Air Vice Marshall active in the history of the Canadian Air force.

From the comments I have read it appears your site serves a commendable role in keeping alive memories of military history.

E-mail:  thomasboschcan<AT>
Date:  10 Apr 2011
Time:  22:50


  I was at MORETON IN THE MARSH In 1952 1FTS This web site is just great to read. I live in Canada its good to get some news. Keep up the good work. H Thomas. 

E-mail:  paston82<AT>
Date:  15 Apr 2011
Time:  06:50


Hi Iím looking for Brenda Bolton joined WRAF Spitalgate 1970 came out in 1974 then worked for post office appreciate it if you can help

E-mail:  tracyflannigan<AT>
Date:  21 Apr 2011
Time:  09:35


This is a great site! I was able to find out more about my Grandfather and understand why he had won a medal for Gallantry.

I will be showing this to my family and children now - we should not forget the heroism of our forefathers.

E-mail:  a.apugh<AT>
Date:  23 Apr 2011
Time:  08:41


My father Flt/Sgt Dei Pugh was a bomber pilot at Pocklington and in his diaries from that WW2 era he wrote this;

"1/1/1945,a returning plane to Pock. overshot the runway 4 times finally coming in too low and clipped the chimney of a house [River Head?]and crashed into a field.I think all the crew were killed.One of the first on the scene of the crash-even before the firetruck-was AC Gus Walker who came tearing along in his car,This very popular gentleman had lost his arm earlier in the war but could still fly and drive far better than most people with both arms.I flew him on some of his visits to our satelite airfields"

Alun Pugh,Leeds

E-mail:  buffwing<AT>
Date:  23 Apr 2011
Time:  18:45


A Very informative and interesting site, well put together with something for everyone who served either during the war and since.

E-mail:  iha551<AT>
Date:  1 May 2011
Time:  17:01


I was impressed. Iain Adam Gliding Instructor 661 and 663 Squadrons ATC. My work mate Gabrial Donald flew with 105 Squadron in 1944

E-mail:  antoallison<AT>
Date:  2 May 2011
Time:  16:44



I am writing from Australia and looking for some information on Lt Thomas H Britton - my great uncle who died in northern France WW1.  I believe a distant relative Jane has already compiled a lot of information about him and her father Dennis Noble Britton and I would love to get in touch with them before I visit Villers-Brettoneux in May-June 2011.


E-mail:  Ewhinnett<AT>
Date:  2 May 2011
Time:  18:06


My Great-Uncle was Arthur F Britton and was a WW1 Flying Ace and credited with six aerial victories. He was awarded the Military Cross and Croix de Guerre.  I know he lost a leg in battle and sadly died the following year in 1919 from the flu. I would love to know more about him and any photographs that may be in existence. He was a Lieutenant in No. 57 Squadron RFC.

E-mail:  stories<AT>
Date:  6 May 2011
Time:  21:39


Very impressed by your web site.

First experienced the RAF in Rangoon (when I was a lad of ten) just before it was bombed on Dec.23,1941 and included that story in my memoirs which I included in my

Also included is a yarn about Paddy the Earl of Bandon, by a former RAF flying officer, Brian Burke, who graduated high school with me in Bombay.

Very best wishes!  Joseph Valu/ Editor

E-mail:  gordonweare<AT>
Date:  7 May 2011
Time:  22:42


When my dad died in 2007, I came into possession of 3 RAF photos, one is a pilot Pink in an DH9, another pic similar, and an Avro 504.  Old photos from around 1925 ? but good clear quality.  not sure how my dad came to have them.  My dad was RN 1938 to 1954. Gordon.

E-mail:  gordonweare<AT>
Date:  7 May 2011
Time:  22:43


RAF ! What became of Tony Williams and John Debenham of Hunter Sqn, RAF Valley in the late 1960's.  great men they were, great life.  Gordon Weare ex Holyhead. now in New Zealand

E-mail:  wright3<AT>
Date:  10 May 2011
Time:  20:31


My mother (Hilda Anna Pring) was in 12 BC,933& 907 Squadrons between Oct 1941 & Dec 1944. Sadly she died last year, but I have been researching her war record and have found your site very interesting.

Phil Wright

E-mail:  rjday<AT>
Date:  15 May 2011
Time:  02:40


Although a junior (very) rank, I knew Air Cmdr. Tindal Carril Worsely very well during his time as STSO at HQ FEAF between the dates of mid 1956 through to my departure from Singapore in November 1957. Upon his arrival at RAF Changi he became the  Commodore of RAF Changi Yacht Club where by chance I met him upon his very first entry into the clubhouse. If of interest to you or your site, I would be pleased to expand upon our association at some time in the future and offer an airman's view of a real gentleman of a senior officer and his easy-going attitude to an all-ranks sporting environment

E-mail:  Cromwell<AT>
Date:  16 May 2011
Time:  00:12


A great site - very interesting. It brings back many memories.

Mel Quick

Malta GC

E-mail:  r.findlay1<AT>
Date:  16 May 2011
Time:  18:56


I found all the gen very interesting it brought back lots of memories

E-mail:  brightrob<AT>
Date:  17 May 2011
Time:  15:06


Fantastic site keep the memory alive, my dad did 30 ops with 622 the majority in LM466 G.IP and his name was Charles Robert Bright

E-mail:  l.swanick<AT>
Date:  17 May 2011
Time:  15:25


david herbert 210 royal signals squadron 1961-1964 great website just looking to find old army pals.

E-mail:  mjh754<AT>
Date:  19 May 2011
Time:  22:11


An excellent history source for both current and ex-RAF personnel!

E-mail:  bugbyte<AT>
Date:  21 May 2011
Time:  12:32


I have had the honor of becoming acquainted with many of men and women from No.51 during their stay at Offutt AFB in 2011.  I was the overnight guy at the Candlewood and seen you at your best and at your other best.  Take care and God bless.

E-mail:  shanettespeech<AT>
Date:  21 May 2011
Time:  14:15


I am piecing my father's history from WWII together. My father's name was Reginald Graynoth. He flew with Paddy Campbell a navigator on Albemarle's during D Day on Squadron 297.  He was also best man in my parents wedding.  Would like more information about what happened to him.  Thanks. Shanette

E-mail:  hhfrancis<AT>vodafone.conz
Date:  22 May 2011
Time:  09:42


A very comprehensive site.  Hopefully, any ex Navigators of 205, 215 and 48 Sqn who lived in Temple Hill RAF Changi during 1966-68 who knew us KIWIS of No.41 Sqn RNZAF might like to pse contact me.

Hugh Francis

E-mail:  stevewmcdonald<AT>
Date:  26 May 2011
Time:  13:17


..very imformative with loads of history..i look forward to coming and having a look from time to time..thankyou..Steve(from Australia)

E-mail:  davidvbrown<AT>
Date:  27 May 2011
Time:  22:09


Great site. Dave Brown, Photographic Section, 607 squadron, 1954. Is there anyone else left?

E-mail:  jimhawkins51<AT>
Date:  1 Jun 2011
Time:  17:25


I was impressed with your very interesting & well  structured site concerning everything "RAF". Found purely by chance though !!, whilst searching for  info & found even more "Gen", all under one roof. 

Must take an "army" to maintain/update/change ?. 

Webmaster comment - All done by one person

Hope to "Sign Up" again (the site that is) to see more. Thanks, Jim H......(Ex RAF Supplier 1968-91)

E-mail:  changi808<AT>
Date:  7 Jun 2011
Time:  19:51


I think that the website is providing a valuable service for ex - service and serving people. Thank you for your effort in building this site.

S3529275 SAC J. Daveridge RAF 1960 - 1972.

E-mail:  dsodey<AT>
Date:  10 Jun 2011
Time:  15:05


Just saying hi,

I've never kept in touch with anyone since leaving the RAF in 1978.

I was a Boy Entrant of 47th Entry, cook, at Hereford I often wonder what happened to everyone.

Kind and fratarenal regards,

David Sodey

E-mail:  jeanwaltham<AT>
Date:  14 Jun 2011
Time: 14:00 


The website is very interesting, unfortunately I was unable to post my message via outlook, probably my fault. I am looking for service information or especially people who may have known him for (Sir) Godfrey Hounsfield who was at the RAF Cranwell Radar School first as a student then as an instructor 1939 - 1946. Jean Waltham

E-mail:  Asifawood<AT>
Date:  19 Jun 2011
Time:  14:05


 A very informative site, well done

E-mail:  revell.mike<AT>
Date:  22 Jun 2011
Time:  21:44


If there is any ex- members of the 13th entry Boy Entrants RAF Compton Bassett 1951 - 1952 please give me a call

E-mail:  peterwilkins372<AT>
Date:  22 Jun 2011
Time:  21:48


My Father served in the raf in 932 no 12 tichfield fareham  and 952 waterbourne sheerness from 39 to 45 his number was 863442  leonard jonathan wilkins.He ended up at 20 pilot afu i should like to know what this stands for.I should also like to know if he had time on airsea rescue because i think he may have been at calshot southampton.

E-mail:  barb.brock<AT>
Date:  23 Jun 2011
Time:  14:36


Excellent website, one of the best on WWI casualties I have found. I am trying to get closer to the events surrounding the death of my youngest uncle, and this site has been helpful.

Date:  28 Jun 2011
Time:  19:27


Great information but I did not find my father Hugh Welland D.F.C 57 and 627 Sqn's

E-mail:  edleymaps<AT>
Date:  29 Jun 2011
Time:  21:44



I served with the RAF from 1956 to 1963 and was an airfame fitter stationed at RAF Lyneham.  My work involved servicing Comet 2 and Comet 4s of 216 Squadron.

In 1959 I was seconded for a six month tour with the RAF Liason Party stationed at Orange Caritat, in France.  This was a base operated by our friends in the Armee de l'aire.  When I returned to Lyneham, I was presented with a RAF pin showing a special RAF Badge.

My pin (which has long been lost) showed the standard Royal Crown atop a circular design with the words ROYAL AIR FORCE LIASON PARTY printed around the bezel.

I have never seen a copy of this badge since.

Are you familiar with the Liason Party and the special badge?


Mike Edley 4183366

E-mail:  jlindsayrogers<AT>
Date:  1 Jul 2011
Time:  05:19


Dear Sir:

My father served with the RAF Service Police during WWII. My interest is in his service with No 32 Service Flying Training School in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada during the period November, 1940 to December, 1943. Any information about the Service Police unit attached to the training school would be appreciated.

Your truly,

James L Rogers

Victoria, BC, Canada

E-mail:  johnbrough1<AT>
Date:  4 Jul 2011
Time:  14:30


I was very interested to read the history of my late fathers squadron 37 B flight, he Wilfred Brough apparently served with the squadron from 1940 through to his demob date in 1946

E-mail:  flack885<AT>
Date:  7 Jul 2011
Time:  10:32


Hi I'm Harry { Freddie } Flack I joined the RAF Volunteer Reserve {MT Section} prior to WW11 at Mildenhall, pre WW11 non Commissioned VRs were given a six figure No starting with a seven my No was 757581 and we were required to sign on for 5 years. I wonder how may of us are still around? At the outbreak of war I was mobilised and posted to  RAF Sutton Coldfield collecting Hydrogen from ICI at Runcorn and delivering the Cylinders to Balloon Barrage sites around Birmingham. In 1940 I was posted to Forehill House HQ 31 Balloon Command as a Staff car driver to Air Commodore Quinnell. What a man what a character!! { He once threatened to blow my head off with a double barrelled shotgun} one could write a book about him, there was never a dull moment where he was concerned. My next posting was to 1456 Flight Boston Havocs at Honily and High Ercol.After that I went to White Waltham fot the formation of 554B Mobile Signals unit as Cpl i/c MT.We spent about 18 months around the south c  oast training for "D Day" and landed in France on "D Day" with the Canadian Army (Juno Beach ) we followed closely behind them through France. The day after Brussels was liberated we arrived in Belgium at a village called Kessel and found ourselves with the Germans in front of us and the Army behind us fortunately for only a short time. W ehilst at Kessel I was transferred to 83 Group HQ 2nd TAF spending the winter months in Valkenswaard Holland and in the spring following on through Germany to Schleswig Holstein where for a short time I was Batman Driver to the CO. Our big chief was AVM Broadhurst his driver was Dai Reece the Golf professional. If there is anyone out there who remembers me I would like to hear from them. I shall be 93 in October,still driving and go to work 2 mornings a week.

E-mail:  money.irene<AT>
Date:  10 Jul 2011
Time:  19:23


Great web site. Found my uncles Squadron 63 at Waterbeach. Flying Officer R.P. Benfield.

   I am trying to find his grave.  His plane was hit by lightening August 1950. (webmaster - query has been answered)

E-mail: leaton<AT> 
Date:  12 Jul 2011
Time:  15:44


quartered RAF Seletar 1961-62 as part of Aussie army signals, working at CK2. was friends of RAF Tom and Dot Cooper and son Melvin of 35 Lambeth Walk, on base. ran the two British wolf cub packs on Seletar whilst there. now retired to Brisbane as a 70 y/o codger.

E-mail:  a.crossman<AT>
Date:  13 Jul 2011
Time:  12:16


Your readers may be interested in the blog I've put together about my Dad - W/C Philip V.K. Tripe, Rt'd RCAF (1918-1982) who served in the RAF during WWII. I'd be happy to hear from anyone on this.

Anne (Tripe) Crossman

Nova Scotia, Canada

E-mail:  kevmorrow<AT>
Date:  13 Jul 2011
Time:  22:35


I have a photograph of RAF Wroughton taken in Wood Hall, Swindon seeing the two hangers still intact.

E-mail:  thuyvietnam38<AT>
Date:  18 Jul 2011
Time:  17:31


Thank you for allowing me to sign in your Guestbook,it great.

Daughter Left Behind In Bien Hoa Of Vietnam War

 My named DiemMy-Thuy and I was adopted for 40 years. My birth mother passed away when I was about 4. My biological father left me when I was a young child. Iam here today, because I am looking for my father named Dick/Duff Murhead I am not sure how to spell it. He was served in Air Force Bien Hoa 1964-65. I do not want to cause problem. I just want to meet my father again, if you and anyone know about him. please contact me at Ngoc Phan amerasian Facebook-Profile. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless to all.

E-mail:  marthamb2007<AT>
Date:  31 Jul 2011
Time:  16:58


this great i am 89 yrs old,and great fan of 405 sqn.

E-mail:  mdhaylock<AT>
Date:  31 Jul 2011
Time:  23:58


HAYLOCK, Robert Arthur died in Brighton and Sussex General Hospital on March 17, 2006 in his 86th year. Pre-deceased by and now re-united with Elizabeth (nee Davidson), his loving wife of over 60 years, his parents Harold and Gladys Haylock of Keetor House, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, and his brother John Layton Haylock of Burford House, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. Robert is survived by his son Malcolm and his wife Barbara, his granddaughter Melanie Bichener and her husband Rob, and his great-grandson Kyle Bichener--all residing in Ontario, Canada as well as his cousin Caroline (nee Johnson) Carver and her husband David of Whetsted House, Tonbridge, Kent. Flight Lieutenant Robert Arthur Haylock, AE served with 236 Squadron Tangmere, Sussex during the Battle of Britain.

E-mail:  ryszard.cichy<AT>
Date:  10 Aug 2011
Time:  15:41


Thats a first nearly complete site on (RAF& Allies) activity during WW II .Lets Say a historic job! Good luck to You

E-mail:  chazjordan<AT>
Date:  12 Aug 2011
Time:  00:42


My Grandfather: Lt. C H Jordan was an Observer with 2nd Lt J L Boles with 11 Squadron and records show were responsible to downing four Hun during 1917 according to their OC 11 Sqn.  They were based at Estree Blanche

E-mail:  pwestaway<AT>
Date:  14 Aug 2011
Time:  02:51


My father Alfred Westaway was in this squadron 601 from about 1938 until the early 1950s.  He started as a AC1 and ended up Sgt pilot and was an instructor until the end of his RAF career! He sadly died in 1980 at the age of 60. After he was a flying instructor at the Surrey and Kent flying club also at the central flying school at Elstree.  Did anyone know my father as he never talked about those days!

Peter Westaway

E-mail:  christopherberry<AT>
Date:  22 Aug 2011
Time:  15:14


I am ex RAF and I find this site an absolute gem.

E-mail:  paul<AT>
Date:  27 Aug 2011
Time:  14:56


Thanks for the details. I am trying to augment my father's (written) memories of his service during the Second World War. (Beaufighter Squadron in North Africa and beyond)

E-mail:  neil.j.palmer<AT>
Date:  28 Aug 2011
Time:  11:11


Came across your site looking for information on the Minehead CD/CHL site M116. Then I spent an hour trying to get away as it is so interesting. There was an open day run by Exmoor national park at this site on 27August 2011. Can you help in getting any more information about this site. Are there any service people left who were stationed here?

I shall definitly be returning.

E-mail:  mfurness8<AT>
Date:  29 Aug 2011
Time:  14:54


Your web site just come to my attention I think it a great idea. I started my National Service on 17th Jan 1949 with a week at R.A.F. Padgate with a school friend Leonard PARKER where we were given a medical and issued with our uniforms. Leonard PARKER was found to have a perforated eardrum and was sent back home. On 25th January I was posted to R.A.F. Bridgnorth for basic training, passing out on the 22nd March 1949 for 7 days leave. On 30th March I was posted to R.A.F. Compton Bassett for trade training as a telephonist, then on 29th April I was posted to R.A.F. Lyneham for practical training on an active switchboard until 27th May when I returned to R.A.F. Compton Bassett for a final trade training exam, obtaining a 70% pass to indicate I'd passed as an A.C.1. 14th June 1949 posted with three other telephonists A.Cs. Ray CRAWFORD from Worcester, Paddy GEARY from Dagenham and M.S. (Mike) GENTLE from Hornsey Middx to R.A.F. Headley Court.  On arriving there we found the builders  were there constructing new buildings around the existing country house to become a Medical Rehabilitation Unit (M.R.U.) for aircrew. Evidently there was no telephonists needed there at that time so we were relocated to R.A.F. Chessington, about ten miles North of Headley. As R.A.F. Chessington had a fully manned switchboard we were misemployed doing fatigues for the S.W.O.  On 21st July I and six other airmen went to R.A.F. Hornchurch having been delegated to help during a dock strike, there were thousands of us there accommodated under canvas. 27th July returned to R.A.F. Chessington to resume fatigues. 8th August 1949 Ray CRAWFORD, Paddy GEARY, Mike GENTLE and myself were returned to R.A.F. Headley Court but no relief from fatigues as a telephone switchboard was n't installed until 15th August. 20th December 1949 Xmas dinner in the Officer's Mess served by the Officers we also had the privilege of being served by a Polish Air Marshal. Corporal Dave OAKLEY arrived in January 1950 to supervise the telephone exchange. On 30th June I went to R.A.F. Cardington to be issued with a new Best Blue to wear for the official opening of R.A.F. Headley Court on 3rd July by Marina Duchess of Kent. I was demobbed on 16th July 1950,other names I remember from R.A.F. Headley Court were Flt Lt TAME, Corporal LORD, A.Cs Algy ROBSON a Londoner, DANKS from Portsmouth, Louis EDEL from Channel Islands, Len JOHNS from Plymouth, Jack FORDHAM from Lower Edmonton London and Fred WILLS. my National Service ended in September 1951  with two weeks "Z" training at R.A.F. Upwood.  I hope I haven't gone on too much.  Regards Fred FURNESS   

I've e-mailed two photographs, one of my colleagues in Hut 2/48 19 Flt and of 19Flt 'E' Sqd 3 Wing to R.A.F. Bridgnorth which were added to their collection of photographs.

E-mail:  youhavemail.taylor<AT>
Date:  1 Sep 2011
Time:  03:11


Looking for Penny Ruth Hallows Spittlegate September 1961...UK....or Allison..... Jane.... not having much luck.. Penny's last name could be spelt Hollows!

Penny was my 1st girlfriend....I would love to get in touch she was from Chichester Sussex "The Wickam Arms" I was from Knott End, Fleetwood, Lancs.

I now live in Australia name is Paul Taylor, Penny would have known me under another pet name!

E-mail:  jrmcdonald690<AT>
Date:  4 Sep 2011
Time:  12:11


Posted by Joel R McDonald

Very nice web site.

Joel R McDonald

E-mail:  davidgarrity<AT>
Date:  4 Sep 2011
Time:  22:38


I'm trying to find any information about my Grandfather, James Charles Rattenbury from D flight 4 squadron 11th 0ctober 1943. If anyone has information about this squadron and what it means please.  Thank you

E-mail:  miketech<AT>
Date:  9 Sep 2011
Time:  17:38


Trying to find history of dad (F DENTON WO, DFC DFM) making book of his life in the RAF

E-mail:  sac389bgood<AT>
Date:  10 Sep 2011
Time:  22:30


Very interesting.

Just found the site after being directed to it by a contact on the Airfield Information Group site, and then uploading a number of 1920's photographs of my father's time in Egypt and Aden, onto the Flickr site.

Brian Goodhead

E-mail:  ram2004<AT>
Date:  21 Sep 2011
Time:  08:55


Bang on site use it frequently all sections of entry

E-mail:  wendy742<AT>
Date:  21 Sep 2011
Time:  09:45


My Uncle was Air Commodore R L Mills and it has been wonderful to see his record on this site. Thank you very much

E-mail:  hillmoore<AT>
Date:  24 Sep 2011
Time:  13:23


A good site.

E-mail:  d.medland123<AT>
Date:  25 Sep 2011
Time:  20:20


I found your website while browsing.

I hope you can help with my question.

A wonderful website.

David Medland.

E-mail:  porgain<AT>
Date:  3 Oct 2011
Time:  04:20


Dear Sir:

Thank you for you good work. I have a request: Air Commodore Geoffrey Dalton Stephenson was the father of my friend Victoria Ellen Dalton Stephenson Strawderman. I have been researching his RAF service for her for several years, and I would like to add his RAF photograph to the Wikipedia article about him. However, I do not have copyright permission. Would you be willing to give me permission to use that excellent photo of him from your page on him? I would be most grateful.

E-mail:  chrischant<AT>
Date:  4 Oct 2011
Time:  15:33


Superb work and an invaluable research tool

E-mail:  leaton<AT>
Date:  4 Oct 2011
Time:  18:37


Tom and Dot Cooper and son Melvin from 1961 RAF Seletar. Anyone who knew them or can help me find them would be appreciated here in Australia.  They lived at 35 Lambeth Walk on Seletar.  Len  mobile Australia 0400242077

E-mail:  alpickyuk<AT>
Date:  6 Oct 2011
Time:  16:46


Can anyone supply any information or memories concerning Walter Pickering Lancaster flight Engineer with 75th New Zealanders. many thanks alan pickering

E-mail:  billfill<AT>
Date:  6 Oct 2011
Time:  23:02


very interesting and useful - I have been tracing the very short career of my mother in law's first cousin who flew with 252 Squadron - Glyn Machin. Thank you. Bill Fillery

E-mail:  svengali67<AT>
Date:  14 Oct 2011
Time:  05:46


my name is dimitri luyken,i am trying to find the father i never got to meet,he was a piper in the british forces around 1966,stationed in laarbruch or gohg,my mothers name was berdina,she was from holland...i just have my fathers first name brian,or bryan,not sure which spelling.if someone knows how to find him,please contact me,it's been 44 years to long....

E-mail:  pwhooker<AT>
Date:  17 Oct 2011
Time:  09:52


I have been Researching my great uncle, Robert Walker of 205 Sq,(died 5th April 1942)

I would just like to thank you and this site for providing me with the information I was looking for.

I now know the aircraft ID that he died on.

It will allow me to paint a memorial painting in memory of him and the 7 other airmen who died.

When finished it will be on my website

E-mail:  san.anboon<AT>
Date:  18 Oct 2011
Time:  01:21


from what i have seen to do with the raf regiments is good,what i was looking for was past members of 2624 squadron r.aux.a.f,of which i was a member of back in the 1983 -1985 based at raf Brize Norton i worked at raf Benson in the civil service.

E-mail:  thelodge<AT>
Date:  27 Oct 2011
Time:  05:48


It is wonderful to see my father's history recorded it allows me the opportunity to share this with my grandchildren. Yours sincerely - Peter Duncan Blockey Squadron Leader RAF (retired)

E-mail:  rescue01<AT>
Date:  27 Oct 2011
Time:  17:46


Just found your site. It really is an excellent source of information. Thank you very much.


E-mail:  briansharp<AT>
Date:  29 Oct 2011
Time:  19:27


Hi, most interesting, found info on R N Bateson ,I was his driver at RAF Stanmore park and Bentley Priory, from 66/67and he was a true gentleman, thanks Brian

E-mail:  gnadin<AT>
Date:  4 Nov 2011
Time:  04:17


A most impressive website.  Congratulations  on the depth of research!


Geoff Nadin

E-mail:  ss018w8916<AT>
Date:  4 Nov 2011
Time:  09:21


great info on this site thanks for time and effort you have put in trying to find a fredderick luxton or ellen gurr records on them ww2 raf coltishall nolfolk 257 sqaddron anyone with info we would much appreciate keep up the good work

E-mail:  mike-meaden<AT>
Date:  5 Nov 2011
Time:  13:01


Excellent web site - I was reminiscing about the past and RAF West Kirby in February 1955 was a part of it, National Service the `training` came as a bit of a shock but made me grow up quick and respect authority, not necessarily the person. I never did get back to re-visit, as usual leaving things too late. Many thanks for helping to refresh ones memories

E-mail:  scottie19<AT>
Date:  5 Nov 2011
Time:  16:10


I would love to hear from anyone who remembers my mother L.A.C.W Olive Harman who was a driver with 16 O.T.U. and was based at Upper Heyford and Cottesmore during WW2. She served with Elsa Wangler, Olive Newnham, Phyl Anning and Rene Ansell.

E-mail:  geert.baudoncq<AT>
Date:  5 Nov 2011
Time:  19:46


Great website where I found a picture of the Mitchell used in the 180 Squadron. The brother of my mother in law (Victor Ernest Scuse) was killed in action on 30 August 1943. Joan (mother in law) is still alive (93) and is very pleased with the information we found. Maybe somebody can help us to find out if the other members of the crew are still alive: P.O. C.O. Motherall (Pilot) and P.O. W.J. Dumsday. 

E-mail:  datempleman<AT>
Date:  6 Nov 2011
Time:  17:24


I would love to hear from anyone who served in 155 Squadron in Malaya during the emergency, with a view to resurrecting the annual reunion which has sadly fallen away recently.  Many thanks, Dave Templeman

E-mail:  robbwilliams<AT>
Date:  6 Nov 2011
Time:  21:42


In retirement in Bury St Edmunds Sir Patrick Playfair displayed non of the character that led to him having such a distinguished,. high-level military career.  He was sometimes seen with his wicker basket shopping at a well known grocery store in Abbeygate Street!.  Lady Playfair, a former Cochrane Lady I believe, took a strong and effective part in the town's affairs.

E-mail:  arwright<AT>
Date:  7 Nov 2011
Time:  22:05


I have just been looking at the information on 84 Squadron and realised that "Ginger" Wright in Arthur Turnbull's photograph is my father Albert Wright. He also features in the C Flight group shots. I have a large number of my father's pictures of his time in Persia, which I will put on line soon.


Tony Wright

E-mail:  bfcs42<AT>
Date:11 Nov 2011  
Time:  03:57


Brian F. C. Smith

I am the son of Flight Sgt Frederick Curtis Smith who was Whitley pilot who died with his crew when his plane went down in the Irish Sea in Cardigan Bay.  I found this out in a book, Angry Skies Across the Vale, written by Brian Kedward. I am trying to discover more information about the location of the crash. If you have any suggestions of where I might research for this information I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Brian Smith

E-mail:  rayho07<AT>
Date:  11 Nov 2011
Time:  17:22


Really enjoyed the whole experience. My Dad was Flight Sergeant Ted Scott. I was nearly born Canadian, but Dad turned down his promotion. He flew a lot with Canadians and Polish crews.  Thanks for sharing your history.

Date:  11 Nov 2011
Time:  18:52


Researching R107107 WO1 William Henry (Bill) Davy DFC of 156 Squadron, KIA 19440624

E-mail:  circlem<AT>
Date:  12 Nov 2011
Time:  21:47


thank you for a comprehensive site, I am finding my way through it as I am researching the histories of the Irish pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain.  I am hoping to make and display examples of the various aircraft used by these men.

No. 23 Sqn was the first on the list for info on P/O G.J. Grogan (42972) who was an air gunner with 23 Sqn.

Many thanks

Would appreciate any help if possible.

David O'Mahony


E-mail:  01227366132<AT>
Date:  13 Nov 2011
Time:  13:43


I have just made an inquiry about Squadron 247 British China Squadron. Am awaiting any response.

E-mail:  bt06<AT>
Date:  20 Nov 2011
Time:  21:51


I have cleared my garage and found a wooden steering column! ther used to be a note on the base sayine this was off a re7 Crashed on sleaford high rd 1917 killing sgt.... and pilot, Can any more be researched on this aircraft.

E-mail:  auwolf<AT>
Date:  21 Nov 2011
Time:  22:07


Re. LA number 496.crash.

This Halifax Bomber was shut down on nov.26/1943.

It was shot down over my village [Hausen] 5km.from Rettersbach. I was 12 years old at the time and went to the crash site.  The Canadian crew member J.A.A.ROY went to my uncle as a prisoner of War. I clearly remember him as a Canadian. I would like to contact Him or his family. Thank you

E-mail:  richard<AT>
Date:  22 Nov 2011
Time:  17:22


Nice well laid out web site my Grand Father was Air Commodore GBM Rhind RAF

E-mail:  tigercub<AT>
Date:  24 Nov 2011
Time:  11:00


A fantastic site that holds a wealth of USEFUL information. Many thanks for putting this together as an easy reference guide to squadron aircraft.

E-mail:  k.scott<AT>
Date:  26 Nov 2011
Time:  20:39


Great site congratulations to everyone's hard work with all the information on here.

My name is Raymond Scott aged 87 and was in  244 Squadron. Would love to hear from anyone still around, I have lots of pics re Egypt.

Regards Ray

E-mail:  tonyhebron<AT>
Date:  12 Dec 2011
Time:  15:52


What a great website-

I received a book from a friend called Ghost Stations.

After that I have gone on to read all I could about the true stories of the RAF.

I come back to check things on your site and you have done a great job.

P.S. I even have my 21 year old daughter reading the books, she has been overcome many times with the bravery off the men

E-mail:  prherod<AT>
Date:  22 Dec 2011
Time:  15:57


Great site. I have been researching my late fathers time with 35 squadron pathfinder force at Graveley- anyone with similar interest please feel free to contact me. I have various photos and records that may be of use.

E-mail:  Jackie.clark<AT>
Date:  24 Dec 2011
Time:  06:24


I am the daughter of Ray Peters Flying Officer. Found info available interesting. As I was born after he died I am always interested in anything about him. Have a book in which he featured. Will go back to your site for further perusal thanks

E-mail:  robert.mcknight66<AT>
Date:  26 Dec 2011
Time:  13:20


Lovely to find this site with a picture of my Dad (ERIC ARTHUR WILLOUGHBY)sitting in front of the aeroplane, sadly he is no longer with us but brought back lots of memories of the photos he had and his tales of Wellesbourne, Kineton, Gayden and trips into Stratford also the desert footy matches

E-mail:  benolivi<AT>
Date:  30 Dec 2011
Time:  22:03


Web Site is great! My Relative James David Dodding was a member of 514Sqdn. He was a Co-pilot and his aircraft was lost on 19/20 Feb 1944. I believe it was during a raid on Liepzig Germany. I am trying to find more info about him and his unit and would love to know if there is anyone still around that might have known him. Probably pretty unlikely but thought it might be worth a chance. Anyway Great Website. Thanks..

E-mail:  Ray.Hart<AT>
Date:  31 Dec 2011
Time:  13:07


Very interesting - found it quite by chance: pity it's not more widely known.

Ray Hart

Air cdre (Rtd)

Admin - ex-CO of Scampton (81/82) and Uxbridge (90/91)

E-mail:  we2<AT>
Date:  31 Dec 2011
Time:  22:17


I ran across this sight while doing research on an uncle, who was a member of Sqn 145. Pilot Officer D. G. Reid, killed in action near Malta on July 22, 1942. He remains M I A. I have found there were 4 possible pilots of BF 109"s who may have shot him down. I am still doing my research. Good luck with this sight.