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Guest Book 2010

E-mail:  joumal<AT>
Date:  28 Dec 2009
Time:  04:38


What a great site, I came on to Check out 652 Air O P Squadron 2nd Tactical Air Force, in Detmold West Germany, And saw another ex Airman who had been to Detmold after I had left, We are now keeping in touch, Hope to find more Ex RAF that were in Detmold 1953 to 1955,

E-mail:  this_old_man<AT>
Date:  29 Dec 2009
Time:  11:48


I was just having a look at the Squadron history page for 511 Squadron, on which I served as a rigger from 1957-1960 at Colerne.

The squadron motto is "Surely and Quickly" However, I notice that your badge shows the motto as "Surley and Quickly" (note from webmaster - corrected)

We were not always happy, but I don't think we could ever be described as surley!

The groundcrews were a great bunch during my time there, and after 50 years I'm still in frequent contact with Bryan "Sammy" Samuels, and John "Joe" Stafford. I saw Sam just a few weeks ago, and met Joe last year when he was on a visit from his home in Australia.

If anybody else recognises any of us, please feel free to get in touch. We'd love to expand our small group.

Dennis "Willy" Williams.

E-mail:  gordonhar<AT>
Date:  2 Jan 2010
Time:  13:18


I am trying to find out more details of my wife's uncle Sgt Eric Moon, he was air crew based at Worthy Down, Feb 2nd 1937. I have a 5 by 7 photo of a Coming of Age Dinner taken in the Sgt's Mess. I have his last letter to his mother dated Oct 1st 1937, between this date and a letter I have from Worthy Down dated Dec 14th 1937, I believe his bomber crashed en route to Leuchers.35 Bomber Sqd.

E-mail:  fsuther<AT>
Date:  2 Jan 2010
Time:  15:37


Great site: I served in the RAF and at Seletar in 1950 at #32? M.U. Joined the Pipe Band there and had a great time with them. A.Comm Opie, at that time, was I believe the CinC Far East. Sgt. Ian Muray was the " pipie " at that time. Have encounter only one x-member in all these years a James Pirie also of Aberdeen.

E-mail:  irenek62<AT>
Date:  2 Jan 2010
Time:  14:48


My brother Ernest Brown was a warrant office in the Royal Air Force during World War II and flew Arab dignitaries to the middle east. Don't know his squadron but would like any information or photos of him.   Regards Irene Knox (nee Brown)

E-mail:  francespawley1<AT>
Date:  4 Jan 2010
Time:  10:45


I am trying to find out details of War Dogs.  During World War II my mother in law read a newspaper ad asking for Alsatian dogs to be trained and deployed for the War effort.  She let both of her dogs go. I should like to see a copy of this advert if possible and details of the training and areas such dogs were sent to.

Frances Pawley


E-mail:  hayley.lee<AT>
Date:  7 Jan 2010
Time:  12:21


This website is amazing I have been looking for my Uncle Harry Stapleton for at least 2 yrs when my husband started my family tree.

Malcolm Barrass has given me the information that I desperately needed and to understand what actually happened and I have emailed him again, need to know dates etc if he has them available

But thanks many times again, this website is fantastic and so is Malcolm Barrass

E-mail:  r.chilton<AT>
Date:  7 Jan 2010
Time:  15:41


My name is Robert Chilton SAC 1964 I worked for Sir Roland & Lady Lees at air house in Germany, I have B/W photos of them and with HRH Princes Margaret and HRH Prince Philip a  long time ago. Iíve got many happy thoughts of Air House

Yours Fraternally Bob Chilton

Ps i also remember a Sqn Ld Lees and  a little boy and girl and daughter came over from oz

E-mail:  tessy<AT>
Date:  9 Jan 2010
Time:  03:10


I was an armourer on 73 Sqdn in Cyprus 1957 / 59.

Lived in Billet 86 with some great guys.

Sent home casevac for knee replacements.

After 4 years left and lived in Warrington until 1965 then my wife and 2 boys came to Adelaide Australia for 10 quid, best move I ever made.

Am 71 now and not too bad, just love my computers.

Keep on keeping on

Ray Walker.

Date:  9 Jan 2010
Time:  15:47


My Father, John Brown, was stationed at the RAF Manston base in 1942, most likely with the 174 Hurricane Squadron, though I am not positive of that. I do know he was there in the fall of 1942. He was on a ground crew. I went to Canada when I was 3, so I know very little about him. Does this name sound familiar to anyone?

Keith John Karren

Date:  10 Jan 2010
Time:  13:17


Does anyone remember RAF recruits from Jamaica during the ww2? I am searching for surname O'Connor (known as Aki?) who may have been a baker on the RAF station. He'd have been probably in his 20's.

Anyone who may have any tiny bit of info please email me, I have been searching for a long time & I do realise that this man may no longer be alive or may have gone back to Jamaica.



E-mail:  i.body<AT>
Date:  10 Jan 2010
Time:  18:36


Hello to everyone and a happy 2010. I am still looking for anyone of my age who was at RAF Ismailia in 1937/8. My age then was 4/5 years old. My email address is now

E-mail:  fsuther<AT>
Date:  12 Jan 2010
Time:  03:15


A walk down memory lane for many I am sure. I have not ventured too far into the innards of your site yet, am savoring the trip in. So far it is excellent for me.

Thanks for all you have, and are, doing


Frank Sutherland

E-mail:  info<AT>
Date:  12 Jan 2010
Time:  20:10


We have visited your website. We liked it very much. Keep up the good work.


E-mail:  gde271<AT>
Date:  14 Jan 2010
Time:  18:25


cant find any old bods fromm cleehill!! shurley their must be some one out there? period 1948  ex gra

E-mail:  jbish21<AT>
Date:  15 Jan 2010
Time:  10:34


A brilliant site with  so much information I keep coming back for more. Thanks John Bishop

E-mail:  gschilir<AT>
Date:  18 Jan 2010
Time:  18:01


I'm looking for 126th Sq fighting on 5th July 1943 escorting USAF bombers over Sicily.  This would permit to me reconstruction of air combat among Italian/German aircrafts versus British/American fighter. They fought over my head for about 15 minutes and I remember everything like a film seen yesterday. I was 5 years old! Many thanks for useful indication on this subject. Gaetano SCHILIRO - Roma Ė ITALIA

E-mail:  bwfoord<AT>
Date:  21 Jan 2010
Time:  20:41


I was one of Lord Trenchardís brats at RAF Halton when i discovered via the guard room that they had police dogs mi immediately asked for a transfer to the RAF Police in 1959.  It took 6 months to convince the powers to be that that was what I wanted I never looked back.  Did my training at RAF Netheravon.684242 Cpl Brian W Foord RAFP dog handler. Demob in 1964.loved every day of my service

E-mail:  carolinepepler<AT>
Date:  24 Jan 2010
Time:  14:25


Thank you for your detailed entry on my father Air Commodore Roland Eugene de Trevieres Vintras

E-mail:  delfina24<AT>
Date:  24 Jan 2010
Time:  15:08


Great Site,

I'm looking for anyone who remembers Albert Pickard, My father in law was an LAC in India from 1942 -1945 and worked on Mosquitoes mainly, his memory is not what is was and we are trying to find more on his life from this time. thank you

E-mail:  susankirkweaver<AT>
Date:  26 Jan 2010
Time:  20:14


Hi, I'm looking for anyone who was friends with my Dad who served in the RAF until 1973.

Ken Kirk - Mental Nurse

Served at Halton, Wegberg, Nocton, Akrotiri etc

Married to Eileen and while in the RAF had three children: Carol, Susan and Michael.  (Fourth child James born in civy street


Date:  28 Jan 2010
Time:  04:39


My father was a 19 year old glider pilot on 669 Sqn in India in 1945 (after he had flown into Arnhem) and I was a WRAF at RAF Wildenrath when I met my husband who was an army helicopter engineer on 669 Sqn AAC.

E-mail:  angie<AT>
Date:  28 Jan 2010
Time:  06:36


I'm researching my family tree and decided to look up 422 Squadron as my father's cousin, John Courtney Seely was killed in action 24/5/1944. What a lucky find this website was! To my delight, I found a photo of him (the first I'd seen) and details of his service - it was very moving to read about him. I was particularly interested to read an entry about him by "Alistair Cameron, UK". He talks about John's kid brother, David, who I knew nothing of. It would be wonderful to find out when this was posted and whether Alistair Cameron is around to provide more information about the Seely family - they emigrated to Canada in 1928 and it is difficult finding out about their life.

Thank you for a wonderful web site

E-mail:  doedobrd<AT>
Date:  28 Jan 2010
Time:  22:18


Master Signaller Singleton on 10 Squadron based at Lubeck during the Berlin Airlift wrote an ode to the Air Lift. I lost my copy during many moves and wonder if any ex 10 Squadron crews have a copy or anyone else.

E-mail:  jamespeter9<AT>
Date:  30 Jan 2010
Time:  03:03


My name is James Peter, a male born on 04 August 1945 at Walton-on-Thames, London.

I am looking for mention of my father Leonid Piotrowski, a  Polish Pilot, who was a Bomber Pilot in the RAF during World War 2. He went missing or was killed in action some time in 1945, but I have no further information.  I am the only child of Elaine Peter, born Elaine Anderson on 23 December 1912 at Klerksdorp, Transvaal, South Africa.

My Mother spent 11 years in Britain, first in Dublin, where she trained as a Nurse at Trinity College. She spent much or all of World War 2 in and near London, England, where she worked as an Emergency Services Nurse. My Mother and I returned to South Africa in 1947.   My father was a Polish Pilot, who joined the RAF during World War 2 possibly as a refugee from the Polish Air Force. I believe his full name may be Leonid Piotrowski, and that he  was nicknamed John Piotrowski in his time with the RAF in England. His names may be spelt differently, Leonid shortened to Leo or Theo.

The ink longhand in the few of my mother's and other letters I have is unclear, and show emotion and some travail.  I have one 1944-5 wartime black and white photograph of my father, in a RAF Uniform with Wings and a Bar Medal. It shows a strong likeness between my father and I. My Mum mentions considering marriage to Theo Piotrowski in a letter dated 22 December 1944, but that there were concerns.  My mother later told me that prior to my birth in England, she had changed her name by Deed Poll from Elaine Anderson to Elaine Peter.  I have the above mentioned Photograph of my father in an RAF Uniform, given to me by my mother, also my original birth certificate, and some 1944 and 1945 family letters mentioning him.  Together with my children and other family, I will be most grateful for any help or encouragement in looking for any listing or Wartime record of my father.

James (Jim) Peter.

E-mail:  stevenperry47<AT>
Date:  31 Jan 2010
Time:  22:30


This is of interest to me in view of the fact that my father, Norman D. Perry; who died 31/3/2008 served on the PR survey of British East Africa in 1948 as part of his RAF service, serving time as aircraft fitter particularly on the Lancaster unit.  Any references to himself in connection with this or any surviving members are welcome to contact me in due course.  I believe his section commander was a man named Ted Nutt (possibly Knutt, with an Avro Anson somehow involved.) He is still survived by his wife of 59 years (Betty) living in the Barry area of S. Wales and would like to know if there are any other contacts, photographs from the 1948 period of 82PR as a matter of course.

Thanks for any further recollections.

Steve M.Perry (son).

E-mail:  jim<AT>
Date:  3 Feb 2010
Time:  17:33


very interesting site, couldn't find my sqdn 88 but a lot of work done all for the good, lets not forget. Jim Westwell x 88 sqdn

E-mail:  teresa.koch<AT>
Date:  3 Feb 2010
Time:  23:13


Fanstastic and imformative site. This has helped my research on a art project for your fellow RAF pilots and AWC to be taught.

E-mail:  arlin<AT>
Date:  3 Feb 2010
Time:  23:42


Seeking information on my late uncle

Reginald Francis Sutherland who served in the RAF with a training Air Squadron based in Miami, Oklahoma during the early 1940's.

Any information will be appreciated.

Arlin Weingold

E-mail:  spoinekop<AT>
Date:  9 Feb 2010
Time:  00:49


William James Johnson JP. Melbourne, Victoria 3136, Australia. I am researching my family tree. My late father was awarded the Military Medal. James Laurence Johnson. Leading Aircraftman(512955)Military Medal awarded as per London Gazette dated 11May 1937 in Coronation Honours for valuable services rended in connection with the operations in Palestine during the period April to October 1936. I looked at your list of MM receivers. Very informative web site.


William James Johnson.

E-mail:  peter.bell<AT>
Date:  9 Feb 2010
Time:  22:11


Very interested in your site, My Uncle was killed 10th Aug 1940, and I would like to find out more details

Peter Bell

E-mail:  monicaj.martinovich<AT>
Date:  9 Feb 2010
Time:  22:13


An extremely interesting site.  I am doing some family research, and I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew my father ERIC CLAUD SMITH. He joined 6000 squadron in 1939 just before WW11 began.  He was a gunner, shot down and eventually became a pilot.

Monica Martinovich - Perth, Western Australia

E-mail:  i.body<AT>
Date:  11 Feb 2010
Time:  11:47


My email is now i.body<AT>

Hi. We were in Egypt with my DAD at Ismailia RAF camp in 1937/8. I was only 4/5 years old, but I can remember so much about it. I wondered if anyone had any photos of the camp. We have some but they are of us outside the camp school or Bungalow etc.

Thanks Ivor Body.

E-mail:  joemel12<AT>
Date:  13 Feb 2010
Time:  09:02


I am trying to find more information w.o. Jack Edward Woody of 131 squadron shot down over Morlaix, France,7 june 1944, flying a spitfire. If anyone knew him or knows more information I would be very greatful. (Deseased)thankyou.   Melissa Penfold,  Australia

E-mail:  michael.fonfe<AT>
Date:  13 Feb 2010
Time:  22:48


2890, along with 2729 Squadrons are unique in that they are the only two WWII squadron number plates to have been reactivated for the Cold War as part of the RAuxAF Regiment. 2890 was reformed at RAF Waddington as an additional ex-Argentine Oerlikon twin 35mm all weather air defence unit with Swiss Skyguard radars and assigned to defend nearby RAF Conningsby. Both squadrons, being assigned for 'Home defence' also very successfully fielded female gunners in all operational duties on both the guns and the radars. When the Cold war ended, 2890 was disbanded at Waddington in 1993. Its radars, however serve on as electronic warfare target simulators as a large number of Middle Eastern countries still field the system.

E-mail:  hillandale<AT>
Date:  14 Feb 2010
Time:  19:39


Thank you for this web site.   Norman Coslett was, by marriage, by Great-Uncle, and I am very sorry I never met him or his wife Audrey.  I am doing my family history and information on the Garrett side, Lady Coslett was a Garrett, is slim so this information will be of great interest to the family.

E-mail:  carl<AT>
Date:  12 Feb 2010
Time:  12:01


Very informative site, thanks!!


E-mail:  jegc<AT>
Date:  20 Feb 2010
Time:  15:37


I am typing my grandfather's memoirs who served in the RAF during WWII.  Your site has proved to be a valuable source of information and confirmation. 

If anyone has memories of him - Henry Michael Gordon Clark - who served at Atcham, Stradishall, Chedburgh and at 1 Dorset Square, London, I would be grateful.

Many thanks

Jane Gordon Clark

E-mail:  jfambrose<AT>
Date:  24 Feb 2010
Time:  16:24


Just a quickie

A friend referred me to this site. My dad was Poppa Ambrose 2 TAF during and after 1944 in various places and we lived in Germany in Jever in the early 60s.

Strange seeing all the stations and station commander's names some of whom I met: JE Johnson; Colin Coulthard, Billie Pettifer (Gatow)my brother's godfather, Donaldson and no doubt a few I can't remember at the moment. Must revisit the site sometime.

 Thanks for the memory

 James Ambrose (ex RAF 1988-1992)

E-mail:  phillb1<AT>
Date:  26 Feb 2010
Time:  08:47


Very interesting site, I hope you are able to continue to build up the information.  As a member of the Methwold History Group and an ex ATC member I have a project on the go to build an archive of material about our local Airfield which was only operational for a few years but was the base for several aircrew who were awarded medals during WWII.

I should like to hear from anyone who has information or materials concerning either the airfield or Squadrons based at it.  Of particular intrest would be information or stories about individuals who operated or were stationed here.

As we build our archive we are happy to share the information with the site owner.


Phill Barnes

E-mail:  doveandhawk<AT>
Date:  10 Mar 2010
Time:  15:12


Trying to locate a Bill Ramsey(or Ramsay) who served with the RAF in Malta in the late 50's.  I was in boarding school at the time and we were penpals.  Would love to know what happened to him.  My name then was Mary McHale from Ireland, maybe someone might know him.  Thanks for this opportunity to try and find him

E-mail:  eileen.brooks<AT>
Date:  12 Mar 2010
Time:  19:00


Trevor Evans AFC WO1 flew in the short bros Sunderland, he was a quiet man yet his eyes would light up then sadden "I lost good friends in that ship, but it was a good, un" He died leaving all his medals to my son.  Iím ex army but he was the hero.    Gary Brooks

E-mail:  dave.fokkema<AT>
Date:  14 Mar 2010
Time:  02:33


I'm tracking Christine (she was a nurse and in that days her dad passed away end she was transferred to the Persian Golf) of/and Ireen, I met this girls in the period 1965/1966 on the RAF base of Kinloss.

My name is Dave and in those days I was radio wireless operator on board of the S2PH Neptune from de Dutch Navy.

Hopefully is there any one who still recognize this girl/woman with greetings Dave

E-mail:  nachtigall234<AT>
Date:  14 Mar 2010
Time:  17:42


This seems to be the only site with information on 2914 Squadron but I would like to find out a lot more if possible about the WW2 period as my late father was a S/L in Egypt and up through Italy - that is as much as I know through reading a few documents that he kept.  If anyone can expand on the history of this period I would be grateful

E-mail:  bullit18<AT>
Date:  16 Mar 2010
Time:  09:07


My name is Peter Allan Bull, both of my Uncles and my Father were RCAF.

SL Charles Gordon Bull

Flight Sergeant Norman Frank Bull

Sergeant Walter David Bull

It is to their memory I sign this book.

E-mail:  dodsclan<AT>
Date:  16 Mar 2010
Time:  10:27


Very interesting and informative, are you going to do one for the other ranks?

E-mail:  anntwew<AT>
Date:  18 Mar 2010
Time:  01:12


Having served with Air Cdre JNH (Charles) Whitworth as his ADC at AHQ Hong Kong I was very interested in his service history which appears to be complete. I was connected with this site via a Wikipedia history of the Ghana Air Force.  Eric Walter Flt Lt

E-mail:  bj.68usafa<AT>
Date:  19 Mar 2010
Time:  20:31


As a colonel my father was the USAF liaison officer to the School of Land-Air Warfare, RAF Old Sarum, from 1949-52, when we lived in Netton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK.  He passed away in 2007, so I'm left without good information about his tour there and the duties he might have performed.  I'm trying to round out a family genealogy and would like to know more about this experience than my simple boyhood memories will provide.

E-mail:  simola<AT>
Date:  20 Mar 2010
Time:  12:19


Great piece of info. Sgt Peter F Freer 29 Sq was my maternal uncle. Died the night of 10/11 May 1941 near West Malling. Mentioned in Gibson's 'Enemy Coast Ahead'

E-mail:  paul8th<AT>
Date:  22 Mar 2010
Time:  02:17


I found a google reference to a RAF accident in which Francis Conn was killed in Northern Ireland in 1941.  I am looking for my great uncle Francis Conn.  Can you help?

E-mail:  hllanrfc<AT>
Date:  22 Mar 2010
Time:  09:53


Was with 651 at Middle Wallop 1959-1961 doing my National Service with Royal Artillery,interested in contacting anyone who was there.

E-mail:  marg<AT>
Date:  22 Mar 2010
Time:  16:57


Great site -so much interesting information.

I am prompted to ask if any of your readers had connections with RCAF squadron 408 in late 1943 at Linton and the HCU at Wombleton. I am researching my English uncle's sadly brief career with the squadron  -he was killed in a training accident in December 1943.Any memories of people or the places would be most appreciated  J J Mcgavock was the training officer killed at the same time as T Major and K Forster (my uncle) and R Welch.  There were 2 survivors.


E-mail:  david.bertrand<AT>
Date:  25 Mar 1210
Time:  20:01


I was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford, 20th Tactical Fighter Wing, 20th Security Police Group, 620th Security Police Squadron 1990-1992.

E-mail:  billingham.bilge<AT>
Date:  2 Apr 2010
Time:  13:39


What a wonderful site, well laid out out and easy to navigate. A good thing for a duffer like myself. Was looking for a military air loss that occurred during WW2 in or around (Possibly Lower Hergest) Kington, Herefordshire, UK.

It would probably have been prior to 1944. There was a single crewman onboard possibly a Canadian or US pilot and may have been flying from the nearby airfield of Shobden.

I have already looked here with negative results and would be grateful for any pointers.

E-mail:  greynomad<AT>
Date:  4 Apr 2010
Time:  15:45


Thank you for providing this information.  My Uncle was in No 8 (Pathfinder Force) Group and was killed in action over France on 10/05/1944, in a Lancaster 111 JB708.  I was able to obtain the Group's Badge and Motto from your site.

Thank you very much

Peter Harvey

E-mail:  dtj472003<AT>
Date:  4 Apr 2010
Time:  18:11


very interesting site. From a wearer of two obsolete flying badge QM and LM

E-mail:  pengwine<AT>
Date:  13 Apr 2010
Time:  08:46


Enjoyed the site. I recently visited Arnhem area and war graves cemeteries. My Father was in Royal Welch Fusiliers killed on 29 March 1945 and buried at Reichwald cemetery. I would be grateful to hear any information about Operation Varsity on 29th March 1945.

E-mail:  helenfmosse<AT>
Date:  14 Apr 2010
Time:  18:36


I came across your website by accident while trying to find any info about my late father. I was born in Lubeck in 1948 and I think that 'Johnnie' Johnson is in a photo with my parents when I was a baby.  I would be interested if anyone knew my father, Sqdn Ldr Lawrence E Moss. I'm afraid that I don't know what squadron he was in as all records have gone. Helen Moss

E-mail:  j.nurcombe<AT>
Date:  20 Apr 2010
Time:  14:12


I came on this site when looking for my late uncle AVM G B A Baker and you provided all the information.  I saw him a few times during the war as he would come to lunch now and then when SASO at Northwood.  He retired from the RAF soon after the war and settled first near Huntingdon and later at Henley on Thames.  He died in 1968.

E-mail:  chucke<AT>
Date:  25 Apr 2010
Time:  13:08


Just looking for history of 111, as my father was a cook in this squadron during world war 2.  His name Gordon Lock.

E-mail:  bobwilton1783<AT>
Date:  2 May 2010
Time:  18:13



I am an amateur RAF researcher, and I was given a series of photographs by a friend in Manchester.

I am led to believe that the photographs were taken in Belgium, maybe on Melsbroek Airfield near Brussels sometime after the D Day landings.  The aircraft in the picture is named 'Deanna' and I am wondering if it was one of those flown by RAF 226 Squadron, If it is I have another Mitchell and some crew photographs which you might like for your gallery.


Bob Wilton

E-mail:  ferryside28<AT>
Date:  8 May 2010
Time:  16:46


Brilliant interesting website, well set out and the content most informative.

E-mail:  mikey5060<AT>
Date:  14 May 2010
Time:  00:43


I am doing some research for a dear friend of mine.  His name is Hutton Griffith and he served with 520 Squadron as a pilot in Gibraltar during WW2. He lived in Guyana and joined the RAF. He is 88 and loves to hear stories about his time there.  If anyone has tales of Gibraltar, please share.

E-mail:  despeters4<AT>
Date:  20 May 2010
Time:  08:56


Dear Sir, I found your website most helpful in providing me further info. on my father's service record in Bomber Command 1943 to 45.

Perhaps you or your members could direct me towards obtaining further info. on (1) how to confirm the crash into the North Sea on 17Mar44 of my father's Wellington(which he survived)whilst with 17OTU, and (2) confirming the squadron he was with on the raid on Berchestongaden on 25Apr45(I recall his bombing run photos) whilst with 44/106/630 Sq's. All memorabilia from my father's service was sent to Canberra War Museum, Australia many years ago after my father's death.

FYI my father was: Warrant Officer Walter James Peters, SN:425962, Bomb-aimer/navigator, discharged Sep45, posted to 53BASE.

Again, congratulations on your very informative site, best regards, Des Peters(resident-Melbourne, Australia)

E-mail:  eric<AT>
Date:  20 May 2010
Time:  16:12


Trying to find my mothers cousin who flew with 61Sqn and was lost over Germany, believe in 1945. He was F/Sgt Eric John Day. Can you point me in the right direction. Think your site has helped me a lot.

E-mail:  nmb40<AT>
Date:  20 May 2010
Time:  23:17


Enjoyed my last few yrs we had serving with the RAF it was brill.

Wish I had known what I know now I would have been such a different person .

Met some amazing people  and kept them as friends .

Myself and some of the wives are meeting up soon .

Also we have friends in holland we are going to visit.

I also learned to glide and make ceramic chickens .!

What memories. Brill

E-mail:  ab04mcn<AT>
Date:  23 May 2010
Time:  14:19


Good to see 1ACC is still going strong. At Predanick on deployment co-incidentally when Ugandans were being kicked out of Uganda by Amin, local press turned up to ask what 1ACC meant? Some gate guard having read the news said, "It's okay mate its number 1 Asian Control Centre for Ugandans."

We had a laugh that night but next day in the local press we weren't smiling, and according to our CO whoever told them was on the next flight back to Wattisham - no one went home.

E-mail:  pearson.r1<AT>
Date:  24 May 2010
Time:  20:32


Delighted to find information about CYRIL BROOKING THORNTON MBE, an Old Boy of Shakespeare's School, King Edward VI in Stratford-upon-Avon. I am beginning research into the 51 boys killed during the Second World War, including Cyril. Any further information will be gratefully received please.

Richard Pearson


E-mail:  jmorgan<AT>
Date:  27 May 2010
Time:  12:30


Dad flew as Flight Lieutenant bomb aimer 1944-45 Sq 166. Came from Canada . Tenacity squadron. So sad to hear about the "Marrowbone and Cleaver" removing the pictures.Keep up the good work. We remember!! Jim Morgan Junior.

E-mail:  mallarray<AT>
Date:  28 May 2010
Time:  00:07


I was briefly with 240 Squadron in Koggala having arrived by train from Madras in February 1946 - W/c Gavin Robinson AFC was CO.

Malcolm Sealy

E-mail:  jbish21<AT>
Date:  30 May 2010
Time:  15:46


The site is fantastic the information is an open page to Royal Air Force history.

It has helped sort the Caoastal Command  Squadrons out from the Bomber Command Squadrons.

These are so woven in together I think I am getting there. John Bishop

E-mail:  degren<AT>
Date:  5 Jun 2010
Time:  19:04


Great site.  I'm researching family history and looking for any information/stories on WO David M Russell 485 Squadron, and WO John S Horan 292 Squadron.  Thanks.

E-mail:  apf.nunn<AT>
Date:  9 Jun 2010
Time:  10:09


What a great site, I feel I should request any friends still around who were in 230 Squadron during 1942 - 1945 in Burma, Ceylon, Madagascar.  My father now 88 was on the Sunderlands and was a radio tech setting up stations on remote islands in the Far East, Africa, India. He won't talk about this period of his life as he was away from family for 6 years. His Name is FRANK TREVOR NUNN, and it would be great for him to hear from any comrades from his past

E-mail:  jdjenkins<AT>
Date:  9 Jun 2010
Time:  11:31


A very informative site - I have some info about Topcliffe. My grandfather, BW Parsons, is listed as station commander, apparently between '64 and '68. I have his original logbooks (he died a couple of years ago), and his Record of Service listed in the back of the logbook has these dates as Station Commander: 24.8.64 to 11.8.66.

Hope this is of use,

best wishes,

Jonathan Jenkins.

E-mail:  sam-1167<AT>
Date:  11 Jun 1918
Time:  18:31


My grandfather Jo Palmer was in the RAF during WW2 and I have a few photos of him and his squadron, one of which has "C" Flight 915 Squadron written on it in his handwriting - the group are in their football strip.  Does anyone know about this squadron or any of the men in it?

E-mail:  coraxbg<AT>
Date:  11 Jun 2010
Time:  19:18


Great site, thank you for doing this. You helped with much wanted information on some forgotten aircrew from the RCAF / Cdn Army with 664, 665 and 666 Sqns.

E-mail:  suze12<AT>
Date:  20 Jun 2010
Time:  05:54


Looking for an Airman, Norman Bannister, nickname Bannie, in the RAF, stationed at Kemble AFB near Crudwell in 1940, attended the Xmas party. His descendants would like more information about him, anything at all. He was from the north of England and was born before 1912. If anyone knew him, please contact me, Thank you.

E-mail:  matthew<AT>
Date: 21 Jun 2010 
Time:  02:35


J M Frayne son of F/O J Frayne Lancaster LM108 Good Luck

E-mail:  mikecolton<AT>
Date:  26 Jun 2010
Time:  19:45


Dear All,

Just to let you know that Flight Lt. Jack Hesmondhalgh who was a member of 101 Squadron during the attack on Brest Harbour has passed away.

His funeral will be held at Hereford Crematorium on Friday 2nd. July at 3pm.

If anyone wishes to attend then please contact us via our e-mail address or by mobile on 07929-118598.


Mike Colton

Secretary, Allied Special Forces Association P.O. Box 32 Hereford HR1 9DF

E-mail:  Ringer10<AT>
Date:  27 Jun 2010
Time:  20:38


Very good  I am looking for N 2" school of Admin Trades 15 4 59 to 15 7 59 No 12 copy Typist course and course SgT Johnson. In athletics team, my then name Jane Heath now Gandy. would be nice to hear from any  one who may remember me

E-mail:  firefox<AT>
Date:  27 Jun 2010
Time:  20:40


Fascinating! Brought back many memories of my time at Benson.  Thank you   Arnold Bulmer (S.A.C.)

E-mail:  carolcrocker<AT>
Date:  28 Jun 2010
Time:  09:52


My Dad, Kenneth Watts born Co.Durham, was in 267 Squadron, he joined the RAF 16/3/44 after his home was bombed. He was a pattern maker and joined as a carpenter. I know he went to India and Burma (Burma Star). He took photographs which I am unable to identify the locations. Does anyone know where 267 sq. actually went? Any info welcome, regards

E-mail:  paul<AT>
Date:  28 Jun 2010
Time:  14:38


My Father in Law who is 88 years old was stationed in India around 1942 ish initially he was on the Duchess of Athol ship (which was later sunk) He was an amateur boxer in the RAF and told me many happy memories that he still remembers.

When he first went to India there was very few RAF personel there and he and about 5 or 6 others stayed in a hotel for months he loved it.

His name was Jimmy McGinley and he had a mate from Scotland who eventually lived in England.

Its a long shot I know but if anyone can shed any light on this I know my father in Law would be delighted!


Paul McGaffney

E-mail:  brian.brian2<AT>
Date:  29 Jun 2010
Time:  22:48


Anybody out there from 63 Group Communications Flight based at Aldergrove 1953-5?  Only a small flight but some good friends  Brian Longworth....Rigger

E-mail:  oc.318<AT>
Date:  29 Jun 2010
Time:  23:57



I'm Phil Barnwell and I'm the OC of 318 Sqn. I'd love to hear from any former 318 Sqn pilots.

A great web site and most valuable for the remembrance and history of the Polish air force. Keep up the great work.

Kindest Regards

Phil Barnwell RAF

Flt Lt

E-mail:  bazv<AT>
Date:  1 Jul 2010
Time:  18:25


good site baz

E-mail:  sandra.ault<AT>
Date:  4 Jul 2010
Time:  22:36


Thank you the site is most informative  I am wondering if my father flew with this squadron during ww11 His name is Bernarnd Robinson Knight Date of birth 2/12/ 1920 he came from Brighton Sussex .He is now nearly 90 years old and not too well. Any information would be most welcome. 

Sandra Ault, daughter.

E-mail:  donald.kinch<AT>
Date:  7 Jul 2010
Time:  16:15


Reference Max Scannell.  I was a Sunderland skipper at Iwakuni in 1950/1 when Max performed one of the most skilful flyig displays in a Meteor that I have ever seen.  The Yanks and the Aussies could not "forbear to cheer".  He probably had an audience of some 300 people; just wonderful.  I do believe the Aussies were less unhappy at losing their fantastic P51Ds after witnessing that display.

Sqn Ldr "Archie" Kinch RAF (Ret'd)

E-mail:  sue<AT>
Date:  7 Jul 2010
Time:  20:04


This web site is brilliant I wished I had found it earlier.

E-mail:  jsaund6<AT>
Date:  12 Jul 2010
Time:  14:29


My father, Flt Lt Dennis Noble Britton, DFC, DFM, RAFVR, served in 83rd Squadron Pathfinder Force during WW2.  He is still alive but frail with poor memory.  He was awarded the DFM in September 1943 and the DFC in January 1944. 

I have been unable to discover why he was awarded the DFM (we have his service records from the RAF and I have obtained from the National Archives a combat report following which he was awarded the DFC).  Can anyone advise me how I can find out about the DFM citation? 

Regards  JS

E-mail:  briancullauthor<AT>
Date:  13 Jul 2010
Time:  18:43


Absolutely excellent site.

I may be in touch later.

Brian Cull (author)

E-mail:  allarabia2<AT>
Date:  13 Jul 2010
Time:  20:19


It never ceases to amaze me to see the massive range of visitors from all over the world. The RAF provides a unique to all who served. Even after all these years there is a special relationship with old comrades. Early this year 31 of us returned to RAF El Adem. Forgotten were all the misery from those years ago. We met the CO of the base and the GOC Tobruk. The local people gave us a fantastic welcome. For pictures of our 3rd visit see Jim Smith (ex 249 Sqdn and Operation Swifter)

E-mail:  mullihm<AT>
Date:  16 Jul 2010
Time:  10:08


Good site, excellent information for research, well put together

E-mail:  robin.dataspot<AT>
Date:  21 Jul 2010
Time:  00:13


"One of the Few" to whom we owe our freedom

With Regards

Robin Merrall

E-mail:  jimmyainslie<AT>
Date:  22 Jul 2010
Time:  13:33


I really did appreciate the thoroughness of your Biographical Details of my great uncle AVM K M StC G Leask CB MC*etc RAF Retd.  He was My mother's (Clara Gladys Ainslie nee Leask) uncle and 1st cousin to my grandfather James Cunliffe Leask MC. NF (KIA 30th March 1918)After whom I am named.

Yours Sincerely

James C L Ainslie

E-mail:  dwarner<AT>
Date:  24 Jul 2010
Time:  09:06


I had no idea such an amazing site existed until I came across it by chance. As I am searching for information about my father W/CRD Ronald Cox from the RAAF, who served with the RAF for a short time with Intruders during WW2, I was very pleased to see such an interesting site. Thank you D Warner

E-mail:  khenny<AT>
Date:  24 Jul 2010
Time:  11:57


I was updating my family tree and researching my uncle (Sgt Joseph Toal) who died on 16 July 1949. I found the account of the crash on your website. This is the first time I have come across any details of it anywhere. The fact that you actually had pictures of the crash site was somewhat surprising and quite emotional. I would like to thank you for this as I have now been able to pass this information on to his two remaining brothers who I am sure will be visiting your site soon.

Kenny Toal

E-mail:  ray.cave<AT>
Date:  28 Jul 2010
Time:  20:53


1ACC at Wattisham

Never will forget the Paramali exercise - nor cutting the grass at the old Anglian site and receiving 2 weeks jankers for writing 'Help' out on the green with the old push lawnmower!

E-mail:  donaldhaley<AT>
Date:  1 Aug 2010
Time:  02:36


My name and rank was 3063339 cpl Don Haley ( Bill),I was stationed at Kasfereet 145-1948.Got married in 1947 In Alexandria to my Wife Ann she was Greek after that I was posted to R A F Negombo untill 1954 and then was on the Suez do at Yatesbury and then posted to Cyprus R A F Nicosia until 1957 and then  posted to Driffield. Then I came to Australia in 1962.

E-mail:  wesleyharry<AT>
Date:  3 Aug 2010
Time:  13:06


As a photographer with the squadron from June 1947 until July 1948 was interested to read your squadron history.  I served at Seletar and Tengah - was on detached duty to Mingaladon, Burma as well as on another detachment to Taiping, Ipoh whilst searching for Chinese Terrorist camps.  I do have a number of photos taken my service with the squadron!(I certainly remember Chiefy Kerswell of squadron photo section as well as F/O Peddar (later Air Marshal!!!) with whom I kept in contact until his death a couple of years ago. I often flew with him in the squadron Harvard taking photos of his girl friend's home!!)

E-mail:  mick.ayre<AT>
Date:  6 Aug 2010
Time:  22:18


Hi I served from 1973 to 1988 TG11 Telegraphist just a long shot my late father also served during ww2 he was a Flight Sgt Aircrew in Lancs and Stirlings, he never really spoke of his time in Bomber commander but he did lose 2 crews, whilst he was grounded. His name was Robert (Bob) who originally came from Doe Lea Derbyshire, anybody out there remember him and also myself please get in touch.

E-mail:  robertwood10<AT>
Date:  7 Aug 2010
Time:  08:55


not heard of this site before, looks very interesting.

E-mail:  dave.boyle<AT>
Date:  7 Aug 2010
Time:  11:38


A8123386 Dave Boyle ex Gen Tech (E) ex BFBS, now living in Reading.

My Dad, deceased since 1988 was 584592 Donald Boyle Thanks very much, very interesting.

Will join when I can afford it, £10 is a lot to me at the moment, to find out more look me up on Facebook or follow this link,!/group.php?gid=115834298463977

E-mail:  brian.brian2<AT>
Date:  9 Aug 2010
Time:  19:36


Great job

E-mail:  pamdor64<AT>
Date:  9 Aug 2010
Time:  20:40


hi my father, the late John b Niven DFC & bar flew with this squadron during WW2. We would like to hear from anyone who may remember him

E-mail:  tilburycm<AT>
Date:  9 Aug 2010
Time:  21:51


Seeking any information about W/O TILBURY Walter John Charles (b. 1922), 209 squadron, served Kai Tak in the Officers' Mess (after being very ill), and buried at Sai Wan Bay Military Cemetery beginning 1946.


E-mail:  david.winn<AT>
Date:  11 Aug 2010
Time:  23:11



I'm David winn and my father was Sqn Commander at the end of the war: Sqn Ldr CV Winn of 141 Sqn. Today I came into possession of a very old print with the original signatures of both A and B Flights on either side of the the Mosquito picture of 141 Sqn. It was folded and a little damaged. However, as it had been folded the light has not really damaged the signatures.

I would be grateful if anyone can remember signing the print or has an other information about it.

I have already sent the print for restoration and framing, which I am told will take about 8 weeks.

Any info would be much appreciated.

David Winn

E-mail:  peter.trebilco<AT>
Date:  12 Aug 2010
Time:  07:41


Thanks very much for a very informative (if (because it is such an interesting topic) disappointingly brief) history of so many places with what I imagine are in fact very rich histories.

I write to inform you that I am researching the Australian Defence College in Canberra, Australia, which has its origins in the early single Service Colleges of the RAN, the ARA and the RAAF. Most of our pre-war staff officers, for example, through our close contemporary connection to the UK, were trained in UK staff colleges. Indeed much of the excellent ground work created by your early colleges informed the early curricula of our own, and our two histories are inextricably linked in so many other ways, too. I wonder if you'd be able to advise me where I might find a comprehensive history of the early staff colleges in the UK. In particular, examples of early curricula would be useful. As a nation of convicts (tongue in cheek, of course), we seem to have not kept particularly useful records of such things and I would like to map the early content (which no doubt we brought back from the UK) to our current content as a way of highlighting a shift from the professional (staff) development focus to the more academic one of recent years. I'm researching educational sociology and questions of prestige, role, and status in the more internationalized staff college of today, particularly as we begin to consider the role a faculty might play. It seems we place more importance on a qualification from a university than before. I want to understand how this might affect the culture of the staff college.

Thanks again for your wonderful work.

Kindest Regards,

Peter Trebilco

E-mail:  wmorty<AT>
Date:  12 Aug 2010
Time:  16:18


This is without doubt the most valuable site for everyone associated with the RAF or just interested. I served from 1947 to 1972 and the gen here revives many many old memories. Long may you live! Thanks a bundle. Bill Mortimer Ch/Tech(A)

E-mail:  dommoss<AT>
Date:  16 Aug 2010
Time:  12:23


Helo great site.  My grandad was based at RAF Acklington in 1953 and says the group captain was a guy called Farmer, which is missing from your list. Hope this helps, If you want nay further info for around this time feel free to email.


Dom moss

E-mail:  janetchisnall<AT>
Date:  17 Aug 2010
Time:  18:52


I found your site purely by accident and am wondering if any of your members can help.  I am trying to find out about LAC RAF 723097 Gerald Astley Peart who was at RAF STATION DUNKESWELL, HONITON, DEVON during 1947. He Married Betty Briscoe in 1947 and then they both seem to have disappeared.  Does anyone know if they emigrated? and if so where to?

E-mail:  neil.m.h<AT>
Date:  20 Aug 2010
Time:  06:47


Excellent site, I hope that readers can help me.

I am trying to find information about my Uncle Gordon David Gerald Hudson (Pilot Officer) Service No.88226  83 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve. Killed 9 May 1941, my Grandfather Harry Gerald Hudson (Squadron Leader RAF in 1942)and my father James Harry maurice Hudson (Leading Aircraftsman) RAF Aircraft Fitter Service No. 1169561 Can any body help?

E-mail:  dondelph<AT>
Date:  21 Aug 2010
Time:  14:53


I served with Dr Aidan Macarthy twice during my service in the RAF. He was a wonderful man and I feel it was an honour and a privilege to serve with him. Your web page has given me the opportunity to say this. Many thanks.

E-mail:  symonsrobert32<AT>
Date:  22 Aug 2010
Time:  20:40


AVM Ramsay-Rae was my AOC at 224 Group.  Anyone posted into/out of 224 Group had to be interviewed by the AOC.  On my way to see him, I was caught in a tropical storm, and my starched KD was turned into a soggy mess. However, the AoC put me at ease, and he was a real gentleman.  Seeing his physique and apparent fitness, it was difficult to imagine he had such a torrid time at the hands of the Japanese.


E-mail:  bgadmin<AT>
Date:  25 Aug 2010
Time:  05:26


An excellent and well presented website. I have lodged a query regarding 1 particular aircraft from 195 Sqn in the hopes that you may be able to assist.


Bryan S. Franklin

E-mail:  daisychin97<AT>
Date:  26 Aug 2010
Time:  16:24


My late father Jack Coope was with 233 and 271 and it has been very nostalgic seeing here what he had told me about his time with said squadrons.  He said that the comedian Jimmy Edwards was a Dakota pilot with one of these squadrons...any ideas which one please?

Also I am looking for anyone who flew with Tony Fairfax of 9 Squadron and 21 OTU where he died 4/10/41 at Edgehill.I need a photograph of him to complete my research into him. Thanks...Martyn Coope.

E-mail:  mjtudor<AT>
Date:  28 Aug 2010
Time:  11:28


Thank you Malcolm for running this fantastic website. After four years researching an Albemarle crash I have managed to trace surviving relatives of all five of her crew and it was all through extraordinary connections on your website.  It is heartening to know that those that lost their lives all those years ago are not forgotten - clearly indicated by the number of people who log on and leave messages!  Thank you and I hope many others benefit from your hard work and dedication.

E-mail:  bjgb18<AT>
Date:  2 Sep 2010
Time:  01:05


Having been estranged from my father most of my life I am now looking to find his RAF records.  All I can remember is that he trained in Canada, joined in 1939 and came from Wandsworth His name was Thatcher. Not sure if he actually saw any action would appreciate any info on squadrons that trained in Canada.

I think this is a brilliant site - so varied and so informative and am sure it must answer many questions for many people.

E-mail:  md.outram<AT>
Date:  8 Sep 2010
Time:  10:21


Wg Cdr C M H Outram. This is his son, Michael Outram trying to location information about Wg Cdr C M H Outram.



E-mail:  pokerist69<AT>
Date:  10 Sep 2010
Time:  17:30


Great site! The best of its kind. Love it. CB from Israel.

E-mail:  fernley.tout<AT>
Date:  14 Sep 2010
Time:  13:09


Regarding 172 Squadron by husband's older brother was lost at see in 1944 - Lawrence Randle tout and I am trying to find out more about the squadron

 I hope someone will be able to assist

E-mail:  stuartnorth<AT>
Date:  14 Sep 2010
Time:  20:41


Hey, What a great find your web site is. My Grandad Served during the war in 107 Squadron and was a Navigator. Will be using your site for research. I have some interesting pictures from this Squadron and will be sharing them with everyone.

E-mail:  sdalmiya<AT>
Date:  17 Sep 2010
Time:  20:38


Late Sq. Ldr Late WHB Hiles DSO, DFC was an old boy from my school, St.Paul's School, Darjeeling, India.

He served with 623 Bomber squadron in World War II. His Short Stirling Bomber EH925 IC-C went down over Berlin on 23/24 August, 1943.

I wish to do an article on this brave and decorated officer for our school magazine. In this connection, i would be grateful for any material, write up, citations, photographs etc that you may kindly be in a position to provide me.


Sumant Dalmiya

10, Asoka Road, Alipore

Kolkata - 700 027 (India)

# +919830221780

E-mail:  davidandmargaretdatta<AT>
Date:  18 Sep 2010
Time:  09:58


Most valuable site. fulfils a need that MOD & RAF authorities fail to do. I have a query and hope to have your email. D.Datta

E-mail:  timhardcastle<AT>
Date:  19 Sep 2010
Time:  04:15


I am the Grandaughter of Flying Officer John Verney (131568) RAF Volunteer Reserve (MBE citation 1943) and would appreciate any further information you may have relating to him?

Any information you could forward would be grately received and much appreciated.

Kind and sincere regards

Jude Hardcastle (nee Taylor, nee Verney)

E-mail:  paulajanemorris<AT>
Date:  19 Sep 2010
Time:  16:40


My father served with 600 squadron he was L.A.C.Morris.C. (Cyril)1280907.Does anyone have information ? Does anyone want the photos he took for research?

E-mail:  nasiolkowski<AT>
Date:  19 Sep 2010
Time:  18:25


Poszukuj fotografii Sir Goeffrey Tuttle.

Jestem te  zainteresowany zapisami Operation Book 235 sq z dnia 1 listopada 1942 roku.

wdzi czny za pomoc.

Piotr Nasio Kowski

E-mail:  j.edwards60<AT>
Date:  21 Sep 2010
Time:  14:35


I nurse a navigator in my nursing home who served in Lancasters his first plane was shot down near American lines, he told me he walked through the yank lines right up to the command tent. the Americans thought he was German at first, but with all the right check he said they treated him well.  The American commander flew him back to France himself his wounded comrade was sent to England before he was when he returned to his post he told me his co had taken his whisky and had packed his kit up thinking he was dead, he was quite cross he said to say the least, he was either 93 sqdrn or 99 I will verify this due to nursing confidentiality i can only give out his first name douglas.  He went on to serve in the South African police and was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal.

E-mail:  jm<AT>
Date:  22 Sep 2010
Time:  13:09


The Royal British Legion, Mijas Costa Branch Spain.

Sadly announce the death of Bernard (Bernie) Watson Ex Coastal Command. Bernie was a founder member of the Branch, and President for many years.

John Pattison, Branch PRO

E-mail:  traciegrace<AT>
Date:  22 Sep 2010
Time:  16:01


Hi great website. I am looking for information on my late uncle HERBERT KERSLAKE RAF Bomber Command Sqdn 620. He died after baling from his Stirling aircraft on 27.09.1943. There were 2 others in that plane who survived. Possibly A.M.Barnes and W.Billy) Hawes. Any information would be great!


Tracie (niece of the above)

E-mail:  bquips<AT>
Date:  28 Sep 2010
Time:  07:44


I have a LOG book cont no 4 with the name PULFORD CWH. It also has many hand written notes and loose pages including sudan telegraph, shares certificates, pages and pages of numbers and addings, life insurance letters, flying duties. It is in brilliant condition and I was able to decipher much of the hand written entries. I have wanted to know about this man and I found him on your site. I read what had happened with such sadness, looked into other names mentioned. I feel like I finally found this man I have had a part of his life for such a long time. It is the very early hours but I think I have now found out all I can. THANK YOU. I now dont know what I should do with all his documentation. If there are any remaining family or friends. But thanks for the things I learnt here. What an amazing resource. These amazing men that should not ever be forgotten.

E-mail:  pokerist69<AT>
Date:  30 Sep 2010
Time:  01:49


Love your work. Great site. All the best from Israel. CB

E-mail:  mccrora<AT>
Date:  30 Sep 2010
Time:  17:26


"In the end the success of Fighter Command in the Battle of Britain was largely due to the use of both methods which split up the enemy formations on their inbound journey and being harried on the outbound journey.  Probably the biggest fault in the system was the lack of co-ordination of at times between No's 11 and 12 Groups, for which both AOC's should share blame".

The above paragraph from the section on ACM Keith Park conflicts with more thorough BoB research (Bungay, Deighton, Orange, Brown) which show that Park's (and Dowding's) strategies were correct and that Leigh Mallory's tactics failed. Fighter Command had a battle plan and a system of co-ordination, Leigh Mallory and Bader repeatedly chose not to follow it.  

E-mail:  christinatracey2003<AT>
Date:  1 Oct 2010
Time:  19:57


No 608 (North Riding) Squadron Harold Macfarlane - anybody that knows this man please get in touch- I am his carer and am willing to pass messages on.

E-mail:  bobplumtree<AT>
Date:  2 Oct 2010
Time:  16:22


An excellent website.   I chanced upon it recently as my son asked me if AVM Eric Plumtree was a relative.   That I have not discovered, but as a matter of interest I served in the RAF 1956 - 58 being at RAF Wildenrath 1956 - 57 when Eric Plumtree was stationed at Oldenburg and Jever.   Plumtree being an unusual name, if anyone reading this has any information as to a family connection, I should be pleased to hear from him.

Robert Plumtree Shenfield Essex

E-mail:  charles.rignall<AT>
Date:  4 Oct 2010
Time:  14:17


Many thanks for your excellent work.  My father, George Desmond Antony ('Tony') RIGNALL (I believe his last rank was Flt Sgt) died on September 30, 2010 and I have been trying to research his wartime aviation history.

I understand that he was in the initial deployment of Beaufighter pilots with Squadron 252.

I am writing to update you of his date of passing and also enquire where I might start to research his RAF deployments (squadrons and types).

Regards, Charles Rignal

E-mail:  ros.bri<AT>
Date:  5 Oct 2010
Time:  13:09


I was trying to find any information on my uncle, Flying officer Fred Smoker RAAF, who served with an RAF Lancaster crew in ww2.Entering his planes call name "Fanny by searchlight", I came across this site. It truly is amazing, the depth of information here is staggering, ideal for any researcher into RAF history or just to relive past service memories.

E-mail:  msmarix<AT>
Date:  5 Oct 2010
Time:  18:13


Interesting information.  RLG Marix is a first cousin of my deceased paternal grandfather.

Michael Marix

E-mail:  wpnocun<AT>
Date:  6 Oct 2010
Time:  12:51


Congratulation, very nice site. As I'm Polish I'm interested in Polish squadrons. That is nice you are keeping Polish names of squadrons (300-309 and 315-318)in most cases. What do you think to change the name of 318th squadron from Danzig into Gdansk.

Good Luck and Best Regards





11 Oct 2010



A great site and very informative. I am friendly with a gentleman by the name of Ron (Buster)Brown, now 91 years old. He flew with 253 squadron out of Kenley and was shot down by a ME109e over Maidstone, Aug 30th 1940 but managed to crash land his Hurricane. He was too wounded to continue as a fighter pilot so trained and became an engineer on Halifax bombers and flew mainly in the North African and Med campaigns.

He is a terrific bloke and recently I had the pleasure to take him to the Russell airgroup hangar where he got back onto a Hurricane fighter they have in flying condition, near Niagara Falls.

 Anyone knowing him can e-mail me and I will get the message to him.


Geoff Haimes

E-mail:  phil.marrill<AT>
Date:  12 Oct 2010
Time:  00:16


A Great web-site. Did not quite help me trace a Sqn Ldr PF Christopher (7 Sqn) c. 1943. But I am sure that can be resolved.

E-mail:  PBro452140<AT>
Date:  12 Oct 2010
Time:  21:06



My wife is trying to gather information on her dad, AC1 Charles William Lamb, who served at RAF Station Rateh Jang, India as an airframe fitter in 1946.

Thank you,


E-mail:  flyr42<AT>
Date:  13 Oct 2010
Time:  18:16


I am in possession of a copy of "Contact" by Elliott White Springs of WWI vintage.  The flyleaf is inscribed  Arthur A Parker, Jr. 46 Squadron, RAF.  I would appreciate any information you could supply on his dates of service, etc.

I am retired USAF and really appreciate old aviation books.

Wayne Roberts  4917 ravenswood dr, apt 1412, San Antonio, Tx 78227 

E-mail:  albert.peters<AT>
Date:  16 Oct 2010
Time:  17:47


I was very interested to see the photograph of Air Chief Marshall Sir Neville Stack when he was a Flight Cadet at Cranwell. I served under him 1954-1956 when he was Wing Commander Far East Transport Wing, RAF Changi, Singapore. I was NCO i/c Flight Planning and one of my duties was to keep the charts in his office up to date. I flew with him on just one occasion, on Operational Supply Drops over Malaya. Thank you for an interesting picture of him.

E-mail:  bgi62923<AT>
Date:  17 Oct 2010
Time:  01:44


I was at Coningsby in 1951 I thought the oc was Gus Walker Ben Gill formerly SHQ Orderley room

E-mail:  dollar<AT>
Date:  19 Oct 2010
Time:  22:21


Very well laid out site. Im trying to find out as much as I can about my dads time on H.M.S Eagle. His name is LEN SPRAGUE although his real first name was CHARLES. He was seconded to the FAA from the RAF just after Singapore fell. If anyone has information please contact mean on Your help is appreciated.

E-mail:  guyconan2<AT>
Date:  22 Oct 2010
Time:  12:05


Very interesting website! So glad that there are people like you devoting time and effort to interesting subjects.

Guy Stewart

E-mail:  davekaye<AT>
Date:  25 Oct 2010
Time:  10:41


Bruce Buss mentions a flyg officer Skirka - I remember such when I was in RAF El Adem. Can you give an E-mail address?

E-mail:  l.dbowers<AT>
Date:  25 Oct 2010
Time:  21:07









E-mail:  ritchie<AT>
Date:  26 Oct 2010
Time:  15:30



I'm trying to trace anyone who served with my grandfather Edward Tassell, who was a Coastal Command Flt Sgt navigator. He was originally in Sunderlands, based throughout the UK including Pembroke Dock, Brawdy, and Orkney.

Latterly he was posted to Lybia in what must've been 252 Squadron, flying Beaufighters, where he was injured out of the war. (I believe he was also involved in a lot of the early trials of radar.) If anyone knew him, or could give me any useful leads I'd be most grateful. Ritchie Tassell

E-mail:  paston82<AT>
Date:  27 Oct 2010
Time:  19:20


Hi Iím looking for Brenda Bolton joined RAF Spitalgate 1970 finished in 1974 I know she went on to work for the post office any information would be greatly appreciated

E-mail:  Jampot211251<AT>
Date:  1 Nov 2010
Time:  05:36


I am sorry to trouble you but my father, in October 2011, will be 90 years of age and we the children would love to re unite him with a Beaufighter for which he was a fitter during the war serving with the City of London 601 Squadron. For his 80th we managed to find a picture of one and had made the crest, in wood. of the City of London Sq. He served in North Africa, and in the Italy so we under stand and this was confirmed from the war office when they confirmed the 5 medals he received.One of my brothers lives near Biggin Hill and trys to take my father and his wife to the Battle of Britain day held I think in September. It was not till dad retired that he relived some of his experiences to us and I know deep inside he is very proud to have been in the RAF, judging from the speed that the pictures plaques etc were put on his wall on his 80th.Are you aware of a Beaufighter that is still in exsistance today if so would you be able to provide details to me. I live in Thailand  and next year I will be 60 in December so I would love to surprise my father with my brothers and sister with maybe a trip to see his plane of choice.

Graham Bailey.

 My fathers full name is Edward Albert Bailey. Any information about his service during the war would be appreciated. 

E-mail:  vashworth<AT>
Date:  2 Nov 2010
Time:  01:56


I am the younger brother or W/C A (Artie) Ashworth RAF, DSo, DFC & bar, AFC & Bar, Mid, PFF who flew in 216 Sqdn in Egypt from December 1941 to April 1942. I am currently writing a biography of Artie and would like to make contact with anyone who either flew with him or knew him at that time. He also servied in 75 (NZ) Sqdn, 38 Sqdn, and 635 PFF Sqdn. After the war he served in a number of sqdns including 139 as well as serving as a test pilot at Farnborough.

E-mail:  bjwalker1210<AT>
Date:  2 Nov 2010
Time:  15:29


I like to no if any one new a vicent ricker in the air froce USA around 1952-3 . if so can you e-mail me and let me no were he is now

E-mail:  alan.nicholls<AT>
Date:  2 Nov 2010
Time:  19:42


6 FTS Ternhill 1950 -Nov 1952

SAC Alan Nicholls

B Flight 1 Squadron

Working on Prentice asAirframe mech.

Full history of 6 FTS available.

(includes plan of site and booklet.

E-mail:  housal<AT>
Date:  3 Nov 2010
Time:  18:36


sergeant E.L. House(known as John) former 186squad 1942+, I started of as radio operator, then rear gunner, very interesting site. I would like to know if there is anyone else out there who knew me, would like to get in touch with someone who's last name was De Wolfe ( he was involved with the music industry) who served with me in the war,

E-mail:  martinturner699<AT>
Date:  6 Nov 2010
Time:  18:32


dear sir,during the war years my dad was attached to 152 squadron in north africa .as ground crew ,he remembers most things can as you can .imagine.just thought it would be nice to let you know he is approaching 89,(11/11/10).

E-mail:  Lee.C.Buckingham<AT>
Date:  9 Nov 2010
Time:  11:40


Hi there,

Im trying to find out more details about my fathers involvement in various squadrons during WWII.

I know 47 Sqd was a main squadron during us service as he always tells us about exploits in Khartoum and the Sudan and the Wellesley bombers.

His name is Guy Charles Buckingham and was known as 'Bucki' or 'Buck'

He was a trumpet player in a jazzband that used to play regularly of an evening when not on duty at the Great Britain Cabaret.  His jazzband was known as "The Madastrians"

Anyway, I would love to hear from anyone if they too had any connection to my father during his station time.



E-mail:  tonypallen<AT>
Date:  9 Nov 2010
Time:  18:50


An excellent site of huge value to the modeller.

The addition of sample serial numbers, especially where codes ae shown would be icing on the cake.

E-mail:  paulinet1<AT>
Date:  10 Nov 2010
Time:  12:27


Thank you for a little information on my uncle group captain g,w,petre now 101 and still going strong

E-mail:  raf4247363<AT>
Date:  14 Nov 2010
Time:  23:41


I was in the RAF in Hong Kong at Kai Tak 1960 to 1962 while there i was in the mountain rescue team but i can't find the badge can you help

E-mail:  repmis88<AT>
Date:  15 Nov 2010
Time:  08:38


Delighted to find your web site. It filled in a bit for me in trying to locate a Greek airman who escaped from Greece with my father in 1941.

E-mail:  bill<AT>
Date:  18 Nov 2010
Time:  09:28


I had the honour to be the staff car driver for Gus Walker at RAF Manby in 1957. although, only for a short time.

As has been said, a true gentleman

E-mail:  barriewoodward410<AT>
Date:  21 Nov 2010
Time:  21:32


Although I was in the UK Military Police I find your site very interesting and pleased that I could contribute with the photo of A/Marshall Constantine,  I will be following the site with interest from now on

E-mail:  nigel.pittman<AT>
Date:  21 Nov 2010
Time:  23:20


Thanks for all the hard work which has gone into maintaining this site. It has clearly helped many to research and obtain an insight into the lives of others and I found it immensely interesting.

E-mail:  catfilipello<AT>
Date:  22 Nov 2010
Time:  01:10


My name is Catherine (Asprion) Filipello, my father Francis Asprion (NY) was in 582 Squadron and he is looking for Charles Mac, Mc?? married to Shirley who was stationed with him in England around 1955.  I believe it was Molesworth.  Please contact me.

E-mail:  flack885<AT>
Date:  26 Nov 2010
Time:  15:11


I was Air Commodore Quinells driver in 1940 whilst we were stationed at Forehill house and found him very down to earth definitely a great character   757581 Cpl H. Flack.

E-mail:  gramapa2<AT>
Date:  28 Nov 2010
Time:  00:50



E-mail:  suzanne<AT>
Date:  30 Nov 2010
Time:  17:36


Hi, I'm looking for anybody who was at Sek Kong with 28 sqn in 1955/6. My mother's cousin was FO John Shipman, who died when he crashed his Vampire on 22nd March 1956. My mum was only young at the time and information is very scant. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who remembers John or the incident. Many thanks, Keith Moore.

E-mail:  matthewcontctme<AT>
Date:  1 Dec 2010
Time:  15:21


Thanks I have found out more about my family I will recommend this site

E-mail:  rhian94british<AT>
Date:  6 Dec 2010
Time:  05:30


Ronald Edmund Roberts was my great grandad, it was great to see him get a mention on here. I currently have his B.E.M medal. It is nice to hear what actually happened, as he died before I got to know him. So I didn't hear any stories.

So thanks :)

E-mail:  zoe.sandland<AT>
Date:  7 Dec 2010
Time:  18:28


My grandad was Harry Sandland (1012199)and I've recently been given some photo's of him plus his medals.I never got the chance to meet my grandfather but i'm very proud of him and thought I might learn more about him on here. He was in the RAF 1939-1945 and spent sometime in Leeming Bar & Blackpool. Unfortunaely i can't find much as i'm not sure where to look. Thanks Zoe Sandland.

E-mail:  dennis.r.hill<AT>
Date:  8 Dec 2010
Time:  15:54


Having served under Air Marshal Sir Francis Fressanges at Changi 1954-56, I was delighted to learn more about him from your site.  I was at times alongside him at Mass in the RAF Roman Catholic Chapel there.

Dennis Hill

E-mail:  carmarthenholidaylets<AT>
Date:  8 Dec 2010
Time:  20:16


Hello. May I say this is a fantastic website.

My name is Simon and I was wondering if you could help me with any information with my late Grandfather Zdzislaw Sieroslawski who served with 318 Squadron. Any information would be appreciated.


E-mail:  beruang100<AT>
Date:  9 Dec 2010
Time:  10:01


This is great website, its my first time visit this page.

E-mail:  guy<AT>
Date:  11 Dec 2010
Time:  09:23


This is a wonderful web site for all those interested in the Royal Air Force. I know it will not include me as was only a corporal. However on leaving the service I became a civil servant and was sent to RAF Linton-on-Ouse. It was here that I met Sqdn Ldr Sam Key who was a relative of the Atcherly brothers. Whilst at Linton I met scores of pilots that flew Meteors or Sabres. Oh how I wish I could turn the clock back to those happy days.

E-mail:  martynpalmer<AT>
Date:  12 Dec 2010
Time:  10:54


Excellent site. I gained a lot of information about my late fathers squadron, 225 which was based in Italy in 1943. He was a rigger and looked after WU P. ( or WHOOPEE! as he called it !)

Martyn Palmer. Bristol.

E-mail:  alexander.sutherland1<AT>
Date:  13 Dec 2010
Time:  10:34


An absolutely excellent website for all sorts of information. I am chairman of our local RAFA branch and is invaluable to locate various locations and historical events maybe long forgotten .

E-mail:  mikeambler<AT>
Date:  14 Dec 2010
Time:  15:01


My Father was a Flt Sgt air gunner with 148 squadron. Can you advise me where to look on the internet for information about his squadron.  I know that he was flying out of bases in Italy towards the end of the war. Mike Ambler

E-mail:  chasimjamil<AT>
Date:  19 Dec 2010
Time:  20:06


HI, My Dear Friends I Am Asim Jamil S/o Late Mohammad Fazil Choudhry my Father was serving in RAF AS A Foreman of Trades in 1960 to 1975 He is longest serving pakistani employees at raf plz  person contact with me if some body knows him. I Proud My Father Thanks And Regards. CHOUDHRY ASIM JAMIL.

E-mail:  davidselway<AT>
Date:  21 Dec 2010
Time:  09:15


Wonderful to see my fathers name on your site (Sir Anthony Selway) - I am only sad that he didn't live to see the birth of the Internet - he would have loved it!

E-mail:  pat.s1<AT>
Date:  28 Dec 2010
Time:  20:53



My father W/O S G Smith was with 145 Squadron in N Africa, Sicily, and Italy flying spitfires mainly no. ZX-P Patrick Smith

E-mail:  petermcgrory2004<AT>
Date:  28 Dec 2010
Time:  21:54


My Father, Gerald James McGrory, flew with the 125th Squadron in WWII. I want to get a tattoo, both to honor him and because he was too I'll to get it before he passed away!

If anyone has a good suggestion of what to get, would you please contact me with an image?

Kindest Regards,

Peter McGrory

E-mail:  bennies<AT>
Date:  30 Dec 2010
Time:  23:51


Interesting site.

My father John Bennie was a Lancaster top gunner in 44 squadron based in RAF Spilsby during the war. After the war he was also based in northern Germany for a while assisting with the resettling refugees. He stayed in the Air Force in the MTT and was also based in RAF Thornhill Gwelo Southern Rhodesia, RAF Habaniya Iraq, Germany RAF Laarbruch Steamer Point Aden as well as a number of bases in the UK. Made for an interesting childhood! If anybody has any information or remembers him I would like to hear from you.

E-mail:  adfielder<AT>
Date:  26 Jul 2011
Time:  11:18


I have just returned from 3 days in Lincolnshire.  First staying at the Petwood Hotel....home of 617 Squadron.  A visit to East Kirkby to see the beautiful Lancaster,Just Jane, taxying around the airfield. Went to Cranwell Flying College to support the RAFBF. 'Anthems in the Park, with Kerry Ellis and Brian May with The Royal Airforce Band.  It was wonderful being with like-minded people and brought back very happy childhood memories of our time in the RAF.  I am now looking to find out more about my dads squadrons 83 and 216 and hopefully even find some of my dads old comrades and my friends from those times 1940 - 1962.  This website is so interesting and I feel optimistic of bringing the RAF back into my life through this sharing of interests and information.  My dad was Douglas Lewis Charles Fielder.  He was a W.Op and Air Gunner.  Good luck everyone.  A real pleasure reading about you all online.   Great website!

E-mail:  wilf<AT>
Date:  29 Jul 2011
Time:  21:16


My name is Wilf. I was stationed at Changi from October 1945 - January 1949. I worked at Singapore Signals Centre. Now aged 85. I would ask for anyone who remembers me to make contact. It would please me very much if it should happen. I live with my wife in Gloucestershire.

Date:  2 Dec 2011
Time:  03:04


An invaluable source of  rapid, accurate initial information for researchers.  I also enjoy the  illustrations of Squadron aircraft, which must have taken a vast amount of effort.

David Provan Wg Cdr RNZAF (Retired)

E-mail:  prospero<AT>
Date:  2 Dec 2011
Time:  04:57


Great Site thanks.

My father Jim Bailey was in the RAF and used to tell me wonderful tales of the adventures of Batchy Atcherley. I wonder if you have heard about him borrowing a small plane from the squadron in order to visit a friend on an aircraft carrier unannounced and landing when the lift was down, setting fire to the plane which was lifted up and dumped overboard by a crane? Jim also described him carving his initials in the snow with his wingtip whilst sitting astride the fuesalage in a hunting coat with a system of reins.

E-mail:  dodv50<AT>
Date:  2 Dec 2011
Time:  14:52


Excellent site thank you. My father, Dennis Owen Davies (passed away in 1990), was in 621 Squadron. Not easy to find much reference to it, so nice to see a mention.

Date:  3 Dec 2011
Time:  12:33



E-mail:  plong4<AT>
Date:  7 Dec 2011
Time:  13:05


exellent book wish my dad was alive to comment he was based in singapore and did a lot of jungle drops with sqn leader foreshaw my fathers was flight sgt norman long always told me of the good times not the bad

E-mail:  karlgbackup<AT>
Date:  8 Dec 2011
Time:  22:48


I'm the Granson of Alan (Ted) Tyler (SN 1874589) Armouer in 205 Group / 231 Wing / 37 & 70 Squadrons - North Africa 26.11.43 to 12.12.43 - Italy (Quotofiya and Tortorella) 12.12.43 to 01.10.45. Amongst others...

My Grandfather is well and I'm in the process of researching his military years (+ replacing the medals missplaced just after the war). If you know Alan (Ted)/ have any information or photographs that you are happy to share, they would be very welcome.

Contact Details: Karl Graham  Email:

Thank you.

E-mail:  saccollector<AT>
Date:  10 Dec 2011
Time:  03:19


Excellent site!