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Guest Book 2009

E-mail:   georgemay<AT>
Date: 5 Jan 2009
Time: 20:15


I was in the Royal Air Force at Headquarters Fighter Command Bentley Priory in 1957. Due to a minor infraction (not saluting an officer) I was on a charge in front of Dennis Crowley Milling. He reprimanded me and told me to get out of his office. I remember the incident well but did not know what a famous pilot he was. I was only a Junior Technician.

As a scahool boy in the south of England I would count the planes flying out to Germany and count them coming home again. He might have been on of them.

I also worked at the airfield where Douglas Bader crashed and lost his legs. He was taken to the Royal Berks hospital in Reading where our youngest son was born.

George King

E-mail:   Gilletine<AT>
Date: 6 Jan 2009
Time: 07:27


I love this site. It has a ton of information and is now added to my favourites. Thank You

E-mail:   cr4ftym00<AT>
Date: 7 Jan 2009
Time: 08:53


What an incredible website, the information is fantastic. My father is 70 this year and served 22 years in the RAF. I want to put together some information regarding stations, squadrons etc and your site has helped immensely.

Thanks Sarah Lindfield

E-mail:   gary<AT>
Date: 8 Jan 2009
Time: 04:18



I was doing a search for my Dad (George "Smudger" Smith) who was a glider pilot in WWII and I noticed my sister posted here in 2003 and I thought I would give any other eagles an update. Dad is till alive and kicking with most of his marbles, although he is getting progressively more frail everyday he is still living at home and caring for himself.

Keep up the good work

Gary Smith (son of smudger!)

E-mail:   rich.wildman1<AT>
Date: 9 Jan 2009
Time: 08:59



I had known but quite vague info about my great uncle SGT (gunner) George William Mosey 1041594 290 squadron whom died in a training plane crash on warrenpoint in july 1944. I have recently inherited a case of old phots relating to my ancestors and found two photos of my uncle george. I struggled to find info but a lovely lady named Janet Brown helped my find out more. I am awaiting access to the warren point forum and intending on putting his photo's on with a bit of info. If anybody has information I would gladly accept it. CRACKING SITE BY THE WAY

E-mail:   rtlown<AT>
Date: 10 Jan 2009
Time: 16:20


Hi just wanted to say what a great site this is. It has given me more information into my Uncle's Squadron (233). Sadly I never got to know him, he was killed 15/4/1941 his plane crashed into Ben Lui Scotland.


Ray Lown

E-mail:   lecric<AT>
Date: 14 Jan 2009
Time: 03:13


brilliant is all I can say about this site dropped on it by accident incidentally I served with 38 group 1969/71 it was then 38group TSU stationed at Tangmere.  Keep up the good work I will carry on reading as and when I have the time

E-mail:   sjmd1156<AT>
Date: 14 Jan 2009
Time: 20:17


If I may I would like my father Flt Sgt Patrick (Pat) Thomas Dempsey (1924 to 2009) to be remembered on this website.

He served on the following camps.

Aden 1958 - 1960

RAF Akrotiri Cyprus 1960 - 1963

RAF Bicester (England) 1963

RAF Middleton St George (England) 1963 - 1965 RAF Butzweilahoff (W. Germany) 1965 - 1967 RAF Catterick (England) 1967 - 1968 51 Field Sqn RAF Seletar (Singapore) 1968 - Nov 1969 15 Field Sqn RAF Wittering (England) 1969 - 1972 in support of the NATO Harrier Force and Northern Ireland and Sardinia RAF St. Athan (Wales) 1972 - 1975 RAF Waddington (England) 1975 - 1979 RAF Wildenrath (W. Germany) 1979 - 1984 16 squadron Krefeld - (attached to Army) 1984 onwards

May he rest in peace

E-mail:   kiwilogicnow<AT>
Date: 15 Jan 2009
Time: 08:39


I am searching for information about Flt Lt Walter Hughes Wasey, who was with 226 Sqn before the D- Day invasion. Anything anyone knows about him would be appreciated Regards Winton Wasey

E-mail:      smithpeter9<AT>  
Date: 15 Jan 2009
Time: 11:58


served with 9 Para Sqn in Jordan in 1958 was involved in destroying faulty ammo for 208 Sqn RAF as a result was taken up in a spotter plane just wondered if the pilot was still around

E-mail:         tim<AT>
Date: 18 Jan 2009
Time: 11:37


From Glyn Parry- Evans with interest in Sir David Parry Evans

E-mail:   jenoates<AT>     
Date: 18 Jan 2009
Time: 17:38


I have really enjoyed visiting this site. not only because I needed help with information on my grandads squadron but it has also given me an insight to the many people who served in this regiment during the wars.

If anyone knows or remembers grandad he was Joseph Oates I think he was with the 3rd Balloon Squadron at Abbey Wood Kent during WW1

I will certainly come back to read further on this site....ITS GREAT!!!!

Jenny x

E-mail:        gnduncan<AT>
Date: 19 Jan 2009
Time: 21:18


I look forward to participating in a web community whose members may be a mix of the curious, nostalgic, but above all proud of the endeavours of many - not just the few - who have served.

Gary Duncan

E-mail:        prosewryter<AT>
Date: 19 Jan 2009
Time: 22:10


I am researching Vice Air Marshal William Ernest "Bull" Staton for an article on Wikipedia under his name. Contributions would be welcome, either to my email of prosewryter<AT> or directly in Wikipedia. If the latter, please be meticulous in documenting the source of your information.

Many thanks.

George J. Dorner

E-mail:  gilmour.1<AT>      
Date: 20 Jan 2009
Time: 18:43


A very interesting site.  I was an AIR WIRELESS MECH with 264/33 Squadrons 1957/59 <AT> Middleton St George and Leeming.   Have photo line up members.  Any one out there, Gilly

E-mail:   james.rawlinson<AT>      
Date: 20 Jan 2009
Time: 23:54


HI JUST FOUND YOUR SITE -I WAS WITH 3(f) Sqdn in Gutersloh with vampires Sqdn leader Mcfie was our sqdn leader at that time 1948 I was a ac/1 fme (flight mechanic engines) in 1947/8 I was on Lancasters 44 Rhodesian sqdn bomber command RAF Wyton Nr Cambridge great site this JIM

E-mail:    rodbooth<AT>    
Date: 22 Jan 2009
Time: 00:45


My father was rear-gunner on Wellingtons and shot down in March 1943 on returning from 'gardening' over the Friesian Isles. He was the only survivor but I have photos, etc of the crew and dad's movements through POW's

They flew out of Leconfield.  If anybody's interested , pls contact me.

Rod Booth
11, Belle Vue Rise.,
W. Yorks HX3 7LZ
01274 - 604471

E-mail:    vigrahm<AT>    
Date: 23 Jan 2009
Time: 23:28


I served on 222 Sqdn as a photographer 1953 /58 Cpl. Vi Doughty

E-mail:   scottyjr<AT>     
Date: 25 Jan 2009
Time: 07:10


Dear Sir,

- I loved all the information your site provided about days gone and especially about some British forgotten heroes of WWI as Lt. Macgregor of RNAS 10th squadron which was my grandpa's friend.

After almost 91 years after the WWI's end it's so difficult finding some information about that.

Congratulations. It's a fantastic site.

Yours Aye,

Claudio A Macdougall.

E-mail:       david6238<AT> 
Date: 26 Jan 2009
Time: 15:07


As an ex member of the R.A.F.(24 yrs service) I found the web site very informative, especially the shop.

E-mail:        wayneismadasafish<AT>
Date: 26 Jan 2009
Time: 16:05


Hi sorry my email will not work but if its any help I was Stationed at RAF Turnhouse from 1992 to 1993 and the station Commander was Gp Capt Dan Needham i think i'm not sure how long he was there. I was posted to Nordhorn from Turnhouse the smallest camp in the RAF 25 Personnel


Wayne Robinson


RAF 1991-2004

E-mail:    goodroy<AT>    
Date: 25 Jan 2009
Time: 07:10


Hi, your RAF history omits any mention of the RAF Boy Entrant Scheme - formed in 1934 to enlist boys to train as mechanics in the Royal Air Force.

This was an alternative to the apprentice scheme, also started by Lord Trenchard.

Boy Entrants trained at either Cosford, Compton Bassett, Yatesbury, Locking, St Athan, Kirkham or Hereford or pre-war at Eastchurch, Farnborough or Cranwell- 1934 to 1939, and again from 1947 to 1965.

Pre war boys were often trained as aircrew and many lost their lives with Bomber Command.

Pre-war service numbers started 55 - post-war 192 to 195.

Hope this is helpful.

Roy Gooden


E-mail:   cmccausland<AT>     
Date: 1 Feb 2009
Time: 07:10


This is a marvellous site and in the past my enquiries for personal research have enabled other parties to receive valuable information that they have been seeking.

I am interested to know if any former RAF members connected to the QUB Sqn has knowledge of an incident involving one of thier brethern who was involved in an air accident in the area of Co Armagh, in the area of Portadown during the 1960's or thereabouts.

Any information would be most welcome and this is for personal use.

E-mail:     valsmith147<AT>   
Date: 1 Feb 2009
Time: 22:20


A very interesting website! I'm searching on behalf of my husbands family. My father-in-Law, Fred Smith, served at RAF Wythall in 1947. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew him. I would particularly like to hear from Gillian.

E-mail:        sirhcclark<AT>
Date: 3 Feb 2009
Time: 12:28


Hi, I am trying to research my late Father's RAF history June 1939- Nov 1964. Thomas Buchanan Clark Flight Lieutenant 52221.Known as Tom, Nobby, Jock. Joined June 39,Cardington, No2 Radio School Yatesbury Air Signaller with 16 Squadron Bertangles France April-May 1940. Trained as Air Gunner at Manby August 40. Flying Boat Training Squadron Stranraer then 201 Squadron Sunderland at Sullom Voe AG/Wop. Involved in fatal accident 4/3/41 7 of 11 died, patched up and joined 279 ASR AG/Wop Dinghy Drop Bircham Newton Dec 41. Feb 43 55 Squadron Desert Air Force AG/Wop. Emergency Commission Pilot Officer May 43. North Africa/Sicily/Italy Baltimore's. 26/6/44 shot down behind "Gothic Line" kept by peasants for 6 weeks. Rejoined Sqdn Sept 44.Left Dec 44. After training & recrewing joined 271 Sqdn W/Air. Aug 46 VIP Crew to AC in Chief. After Signals Leader Course joined King's Flight on 1947 Royal Tour South Africa. Also flew HRH Princess Elizabeth/HRH Prince Phillip.  From Oct 1949 briefly with 10 Sqn and 24 Sqn Bassingbourn & Waterbeach VIP work before rejoining KF22/6/50 - 12/11/52 then FEAF RAF Kai Tak end of Korea then at Changi for Malaya until May 55. June 55 Examiner at Air Signallers School Swanton Morley. Became Air Electronics Officer Instructor, was at Hullavington, Thorney Island, then Watton CSE 17/11/58 Feb 61 then 2/10/61 to 22/5/63.Families Officer west Raynham 22/5/63 until retirement. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE? Regards Chris Clark e-mail: sirhcclark<AT> Thanks

E-mail:   charlieleigh<AT>     
Date: 3 Feb 2009
Time: 15:03


Hello, My name is Eric Leigh and I am a retired army officer. I recently purchased a quantity of ex military maps and other papers. In those papers I discovered the two original commissioning certificates for a Kenneth Vernon Garside, who I understand later became an Air Vice Marshal. With these commissioning papers I also found this gentleman's University of Oxford final exams certificate showing that he had achieved a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts. I am a dealer in these types of documents and will shortly be placing them on a popular web site for sale. I hope you found this of some interest. Respectfully E Leigh Maj. RHA Rtd.

E-mail:    john.curran48<AT>    
Date: 4 Feb 2009
Time: 02:40


Very good! I am impressed would like help with my research please if you able

E-mail:       spacecadet<AT>
Date: 6 Feb 2009
Time: 16:13


An excellent website and an invaluable resource for historians and genealogists alike. In relation to which, I was wondering if you (or readers of the website) would have any further details on A/C Paul Chamberlayne? I am drafting a biographical entry on his family but I have been unable to locate his descendants. Would be much obliged for any pointers on this count as I am hoping to track down a portrait of him and/or his father, Major Tankerville James Chamberlayne. Many Thanks in advance. Ross.

E-mail:  brian.redwood<AT>     
Date: 8 Feb 2009
Time: 08:33


This is an extremely interesting site and will certainly return to do more research. Did you know that the RAF had its own tartan, called Royal air force Tartan which was designed by Arthur Mackie who served in the RAF as a pilot in 1943. Now 85 he has a new website at we hope you visit as a percentage of all sales goes to RAFA.

E-mail:  john<AT>     
Date: 9 Feb 2009
Time: 20:45


Terrific site!

Thanks so much.

(Searching for WH Budd Logbook).

John Hennessey

E-mail:    parsonscardiff<AT>   
Date: 11 Feb 2009
Time: 14:44


a very interesting site. Well done. I am trying to find more information on St Athan in South Wales. I believe there were some Free French personnel stationed there and I can find very little about this. If anyone can help please E mail me. Many thanks

E-mail:    tortoisetrust<AT>   
Date:  13 Feb 2009
Time: 13:25


good all round website loved it

E-mail:  ffranmay<AT>     
Date:  14 Feb 2009
Time: 20:10


Hello from Brittany, France. I am a teacher in a village secondary school in Guisseny. We have been researching the crash landing of a spitfire from squadron 131 on 3rd August, 1943. The pilot, Flight Lieutenant Earl Rae Smith happily survived after being pulled out of the wreckage by a local man.  After being a prisoner-of-war, he returned to his native Melbourne, where he still lives to this day. His late brother Cyril Smith, also of squadron 131, was shot down a mere 5 days later, and was in the same prisoner-of-war camp as his younger brother. They took the same boat home to Australia at the end of the war. We are looking for any information or images of squadron 131 and would be very grateful if anyone should remember these pilots, or have any additional information, if they would contact us.

Lest we forget the sacrifices made by so many young pilots duirng the air battles over France during the Second World War. Many didn't make it home, and our buried in our cemeteries.

E-mail:     spearthrower100<AT>  
Date:  16 Feb 2009
Time: 08:39


Great stuff, keep it up. My grandfather was a Royal Air Force Coastal Command General Reconnaissance Pilot. After training in Southern Rhodesia, South Africa and Palestine and service in the Middle East theatre of operations, he was posted to the South East Asia Air Forces, Aden Commands 244 Squadron based on Masirah Island in the Indian ocean. His name is Tom Proctor and resides in Lichfield. I believe he used a Mk X111 (stickleback) Wellington amongst others.

E-mail:    chris.wells38<AT>   
Date:  18 Feb 2009
Time: 23:38


Brill website

My Father In-law was an engineer (ground crew) with the 66 in Cyprus with the Sabres and Hunters

E-mail:    andrew<AT>   
Date:  19 Feb 2009
Time: 00:18


My name is Andrew Lawton, second son of Brian Lawton.

Brian died on January 20th 2009.He was a wireless operator with the Lancaster 460 squadron.


Andrew Lawton

E-mail:   nikiaitken<AT>    
Date:  19 Feb 2009
Time: 00:29


I'm writing to let you know that I have a large wooden lead lined trunk with the name Wing Commander R.E.C Peirse RAF on it. The name had been blacked out with paint but you were able to see it using a torch. It has been in my family since 1962 when my mum immigrated to Melbourne, Australia from England. For the last 40 years it has been used daily as a toy box and now a coffee table.

I was excited this week when I discovered your website and found he was a highly decorated officer. I would love to hear from anybody who may have information/comments about the trunks age or use.


Simon Ford

E-mail:    norbury4<AT>   
Date:  19 Feb 2009
Time: 21:35


Hi, I have recently discovered that Sir John Barraclough is my blood line grandad. His son (my dad) is still alive and actively seeking to verify the information passed on to him through letters from Sir John to my grandmother. Please contact me 01212435350. Debbie Norbury (forrest)

E-mail:     d.hurding<AT>  
Date:  19 Feb 2009
Time: 21:42


What a wonderful web site I have just lost my Father and have been looking through his photos and badges, and medals from ww2 and have managed to identify some of the badges. Will carry on with my research as my Father was in a air gunner in the RAF. Will be looking through his air gunners log shortly. Thanks.

E-mail:  r.hallford56<AT>     
Date:  20 Feb 2009
Time: 04:28


Hi. My father went through training at RAF Bridgnorth. He was in 16th Flt and pass out date was 18th Dec, 1951. I have a photo of the passout and a list of the people in the photo if this is of help to anyone. I did load it up to the RAF Bridgnorth site, but this seems to have disappeared. Do you know of its situation. Kindest regards, Richard Hallford

E-mail:   tamie.milne<AT>    
Date:  20 Feb 2009
Time: 16:23


It's a great site love the reunion section, a chance not many of us have nowadays.

E-mail:  david-wllams51<AT>   
Date:  23 Feb 2009
Time: 05:34


I’m looking for info on my uncle who was KIA on the 26 Aug 1944 his name was Sgt David Douglas Evans he was aged 19

 E-mail:     Sbeddoe<AT>
Date:  24 Feb 2009
Time: 18:35


 E-mail:  peterf707<AT>   
Date:  24 Feb 2009
Time: 18:35


As an author I am trying to find out about the Vampire crashes that happended at RAF Merryfield. As a child I saw a few flame in during the early part of 1950. I have a photo of the 10 graves of those poor men lost at that time.

E-mail:    Kermington<AT> 
Date:  6 Mar 2009
Time: 01:08


I just want to find out , has anyone got any photos of Kirmington's Guard Room, my own cousin served with 166 Sqn, but was lost on air operations in April 44 Mike Clark

E-mail:   fairmead.upholstery<AT>  
Date:  6 Mar 2009
Time: 01:24


The corporal Stanley Banks listed amongst your BEM awards is my late father. I and my family are very proud of his bravery, and are very gratified to see it commemorated here. Thank You.

David Stanley Banks

E-mail:     andrewsdavies<AT>
Date:  7 Mar 2009
Time: 04:48


great web site.

I've just taken over 273 Sqn Air Training Corps as CO I would like to use this information to help our cadets to some history of our Sqn number.

many thanks

Flt Lt Andy Davies RAFVR(T)

OC 273 (Wallasey) Sqn


E-mail:  msmarix<AT>   
Date:  7 Mar 2009
Time: 22:01


I was pleased to find information about one of my relatives, Reginald Lennox George Marix

E-mail:     rmilgate<AT>
Date:  8 Mar 2009
Time: 00:30


Well done

Brilliant site full of useful information, can spend hours on here

Russ Milgate

E-mail:     john.hallett2<AT>
Date:  9 Mar 2009
Time: 21:36


Thank you for this interesting site.  If it is of any help Max Scannell was the Station Commander at Gan in 1965 and chain smoked "Disque Bleu"

Kind Regards

John Hallett

E-mail:  colinpye7<AT>    
Date:  9 Mar 2009
Time: 23:52


I was most interested and appreciative as I was Shorthand Typist to the then Group Captain when he was Commanding Officer at RAF Gianaclis, Egypt. in about 1943.   I was LAC Colin Pye No 1213534 and was often ferried to Alexandria in the Group Captain's Fairchild to play hockey for the RAF.   We were separately returned to UK - he to Transport Command & me to RAF Kimbolton.   I then joined A/C Revington at Transport Command, being promoted to Corporal. Demobbed 1945/46.   I believe APR passed away in 1986.

E-mail:     cveldridge<AT>
Date:  10 Mar 2009
Time: 22:04


 Just wanted to say Hi!  My father Major Victor Wishart Eldridge served briefly with 489 Sqn in WW2.  He was Royal Canadian Air Force.  At the time I think his rank was WO1.

He always speaks highly of his "kiwi" Sqn time.  He is now 87 and still fighting! 

Charles V. Eldridge

E-mail:     rayroyal80<AT>
Date:  11 Mar 2009
Time: 02:47



E-mail:     i.watkins11<AT>
Date:  11 Mar 2009
Time: 10:34


Congratulations!. This is such a detailed and informative website. Ian Watkins

Date:  14 Mar 2009
Time: 17:20



E-mail:    mwmorty<AT>
Date:  14 Mar 2009
Time: 19:07


Without doubt the most comprehensive site available for anything at all about the Royal Air Force. A wonderful job. Congratulations and long may it continue. Bill Mortimer (once a Chief Tech.)

E-mail:    Stambourne<AT>
Date:  18 Mar 2009
Time: 09:31


I wonder if 600 Sqn were at one time based at North Cotes, near Grimsby,  and later in WW2 at Bone in N. Africa, and/or at Blida, a pre-war French Aerodrome.  Maybe even the entertainment "Cafe Coastal" at Blida.   Just possibly they might remember the I.O., my Father

Any info welcome, esp about the 'chorus line'


J Stafford-Baker 

E-mail:   lochleven43<AT>
Date:  19 Mar 2009
Time: 14:25


Hello - I was a National Service Airman at Syerston between 1956 and 1958 in EPAS (Equipment Provisioning and Accounting Section) of the Equipment Section.

Station Cammander during my time was Group Captain Bennett. He used to stride across the airfield most days when there was no flying whatever the weather as, we were told, he had been tortured by the Japanese during WW2 and needed to get into open spaces daily if possible.

Well respected CO - if you have access to an Air Force List of the time it would give you his history.  He often visited HQ Flying Training Command at Shenfield Park, near Reading and sometimes to Bath.  The AOC of Flying Training Command during my time was AVM Atcherley (one of two brothers of that rank).

Hope this is of interest - let me know if I can help with any more info that is that I can remember !

David Cobbold

E-mail:   robinson.robbie<AT>
Date:  19 Mar 2009
Time: 23:36


very good site, now I must join. Jeff Robinson RAF Ceylon Old Comrades researcher

E-mail:   Vjetman<AT>
Date:  21 Mar 2009
Time: 09:11



E-mail:   georgesimpkin<AT>
Date:  22 Mar 2009
Time: 23:14


I served in the royal air force from 1951 to 1955 and took part in the New Zealand air race in 1954 i was a member of the Canberra service crew that was fortunate to go to Australia and the on to New Zealand i re-enlisted in1958 and served in Aden from which my first wife was casevaced in 1963 because of my wife’s illness I was offered my discharge for a nominal sum because of my 2 young children so finished my RAF service in 1964

E-mail:   canadaddy<AT>
Date:  23 Mar 2009
Time: 02:07


 F.S. A.L. Schoenthaler was my Uncle, never met him; died Jan 5/44; #431 Iroquois Squadron, Halifax aircraft #LK 698.This site is a tribute and truly touched my heart.

If anyone has a snap of said, lov' to have a copy.

Happy Trails Brian Schoenthaler

E-mail: eric.rapp<AT>  
Date:  26 March 2009
Time: 21:31


A very interesting site. The first contact I have made with Coastal Command since being demobbed from Bircham Newton in 1945

E-mail:   martyn.lewis<AT>
Date:  27 March 2009
Time: 12:58


I am currently researching our family history and would be grateful if you can you please provide any information about of my father details as follows?

His name is Gwynfor Thomas Lewis  DOB 1 June 1921.

His address on enlisting in 1940 was 21 Upper Gynor, Ynyshir, PORTH, Rhondda

He was in the RAF Regiment Squadron 2706 originally at Hemswell, Lincs then on to India, Akyab, Burma, India and Hong Kong. He was demobbed 1946.

He remembers a Scot from Ayrshire? called Charlie Grey who may have worked in a coalmine? before joining up.

If you require further information please contact me direct?

Great site loads of info.

E-mail:   spitfire.boy<AT>
Date:  3 Apr 2009
Time: 07:42


Hi there, My name is James Liskutin and I am searching on behalf of a grandson for any details about a former air gunner. I am looking for any records you have of a Canadian, Frank Douglas Topper, who served at Tangmere for a short period during World War 2. The rafha has a few details but nothing more than his entry dat and service number?

R.A.F. Tangmere - ENT: August 30th 1942 - Topper - Frank - Douglas - RCAF Service Number R-69646 - Air Gunner -

could you please keep this in mind when talking to people about RAF Tangmere and Canadian servicemen in bomber command?

Secondly, with not many details;

I am searching for details on Halifax HX 186 which was lost on a mission over Germany. The gunner died in his seat but the family wish to go to the location. could you possibly keep this in mind? he was Royal Austrailian air force. more details are coming.

many thanks. James Liskutin

E-mail:   simon.moriarty<AT>
Date:  7 Apr 2009
Time: 08:40


I am the son of JG Moriarty, navigator on Flight N0.BD201, who was shot down and captured on June 25/26th 1942. He was in 10 OTU flying out of Abingdon. I am interested in any photographs of this time and in particular of his crew or the group photograph of 10OTU in 1942. Crew included Sgt. N.R.Parsons, Sgt G Ewen, F/O R Van Toen, F/S G McB Harris

E-mail:   jo.heron<AT>
Date:  9 Apr 2009
Time: 22:28


I am putting together a scrap book for my mom's upcoming 85th birthday and was wondering if anyone served with her fiance James/Jimmy Cassidy of the 218 Squadron out of Downham Market Norfolk.  His plane was shot down returning from a bombing raid on Berlin August 23/24, 1943.  Any notes, stories etc. would be greatly appreciated.


Valerie Heron

E-mail:   jo.heron<AT>
Date:  29 Apr 2009
Time: 2:31


I am putting together a scrapbook for my mom's upcoming 85th birthday and was wondering if anyone who visits this site might have served with an uncle by the name of Robert (Bob) Robertson who originally came from Newcastle Upon Tyne; served in the RAF and saw service in North Africa.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Jo Heron

E-mail:   Jeff<AT>
Date:  10 Apr 2009
Time: 09:18


We are working on the Falkland Islands Expedition with Neil Wilkinson, the man who shot down two Argentinean Aircraft and the pilot who sunk the HMS Coventry.  You can read about the expedition here.

E-mail:  apshutt<at> 
Date:  11 Apr 2009
Time: 18:33


This is the a rare record of my father, Thomas Woodruff Rippingale. 166 sqn.1944

I have a photo of him and his crew.

Anna Rippingale Shutt b. 1946

E-mail:   Kmalaxander<AT>
Date:  14 Apr 2009
Time: 15:55


Saw an entry of the Aerodrome forum for this site, with some good comments so I thought I'd give it a look. My own interest in the RFC in Macedonia, Mesopotamia and Palestine.

E-mail:  lawrerob<AT> 
Date:  15 Apr 2009
Time: 05:58


Seeking information regarding my 1st cousin Raymond Robert Grenville Birch

E-mail:   hughessmokeyjoe<AT>
Date:  18 Apr 2009
Time: 11:18


My father served in the RAF during the 2nd World War,having obtained his service record your Web Site was invaluable in filling in the details such as the locations he served in.

Many thanks.

Joe Hughes

E-mail:  mrspence<AT> 
Date:  21 Apr 2009
Time: 03:12


Good site, need more on post war 1947-49 RAF squadrons in Egypt.  Looking for anyone who was in 52 rifle squadron, RAF regiment 1947-49. C/O Gunner Davies

E-mail:   rhondacollins633<AT>
Date:  21 Apr 2009
Time: 21:04


This is a wonderfully well-thought out and complete web site. It has been of great use to me in my efforts to connect with an uncle I never met who died during WWII, and in educating the next generation about the sacrifices made by the previous generation.

E-mail:   sdg.anderson<AT>
Date:  22 Apr 2009
Time: 16:01


I am researching Blyth Battery Northumberland and a barrage balloon facility on the site.

Can anyone let me know where the records are and what balloon command Blyth would come under?

Dave Anderson

E-mail:   rbmskinner<AT>
Date:  23 Apr 2009
Time: 17:13


Congratulations on an excellent site.

Having served 22 years as an Aerospace Systems Op. (Scopie) I am now researching radar sites in Lincolnshire (Ingoldmells, Orby, Stenigot, Skendleby and Langtoft) and 12 HQ at Watnall (Notts).  Any info would be appreciated.

Keep up the good work.

Richard Skinner

E-mail:   tonysarao<AT>
Date:  23 Apr 2009
Time: 17:49


does anyone remember Stirling bomber W 7513, declared missing with its crew (75 sqn),off the coast of Norway on a mine laying mission in ww2

E-mail:   donaldvernon<AT>
Date:  28 Apr 2009
Time: 17:00


I have two of the log books of Squadron Leader John Bamber. He joined the RAF in the late 1920's and spent a long time during the war as test pilot at Boscombe Down. He was accredited as being a test pilot of the highest standard. Indeed the records show that he flew well over 100 types of plane American, German etc, These books should be preserved. Can you suggest where they could be sent. Donald Vernon, 121, Cwm Road, Dyserth, Denbighshire. LL18 6HR

E-mail:   ffrankworth<AT>
Date:  30 Apr 2009
Time: 19:11


In Sep 1940 my father, Francis R Worthington (then W/Cdr, RAF) was posted to the RAF Flying Training School in George, Western Province, South Africa. As a result my mother,sister and I, spend 4 of the war years in South Africa. From my father's Flying Log I can see that several

E-mail:  jrpoole<AT>
Date:  3 May 2009
Time: 19:56


My father flew as air-gunner in 223 Squadron 1942-3, Baltimore III mainly. Kenya, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Malta, Sicily and mainland Italy bomber support for 8th Army. I have his operational logbook, a fascinating document, and a number of his photographs, including the aftermath of a desert crash-landing and of a defecting Dornier which unexpectedly turned up!

Does anyone else out there have connections to the squadron at that time?  I would be thrilled to hear.

E-mail:  n.empson01<AT>
Date:  3 May 2009
Time: 20:58


Hello - I joined the RAF at Cardington,03.07.50.  Passed out "Smartest Recruit" and with the medal for 303 shooting ! (no, honestly !!)   Had to go up twice with "longest way up, shortest way down". Then to Wellsbourne Mountford, Warwicks, in a very cold winter. Piggy Williams was the S.W.O. man. It was there that I leaned how to clean cook-house tins!  Passed out top of entry from School of Photography.  Benson next, a brilliant camp, (on 237ocu). Next, to Bassingbourn Cambs. 231 OCU Canberras.  Yanks were still there with B17's when I arrived. Lousy camp. Contracted glandular fever with several others.  Demobbed from there Aug. 1953, missing the Coronation Parade I'm glad to say, though I always was a bit of a bull-shitter for smartness!! Time was better spent at home! Wouldn't have missed it........

E-mail:  bill<AT>
Date:  4 May 2009
Time: 16:47


Hello, my old boss Michael Wetz was a reconnaissance pilot flying Spitfires in 16 Squadron in 1944-45 and used to tell me first hand stories of some of his sorties. 

Your site is fascinating and a tribute to those who gave their lives for us.


Bill Rolfe

E-mail:  larryrussell<AT>
Date:  7 May 2009
Time: 17:49


I had occasion to view an A&AEE aircraft while working as a photographer at RCAF station Cold Lake - 448 Test Squadron in c. 1969.

E-mail:  trevor.winship<AT>
Date:  13 May 2009
Time: 16:59


I am 1125326 Corporal Ernest Winship, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve's eldest son, Trevor David Winship.  I found web via one of my daughters, Michelle, whose daughter, Abigail is putting an essay together for her school.  The subject is for a Second World War story and she requested if I could pass any info with regard to my Dad and his BEM.  I sent her copies of the letter from the King, and a letter from the Royal Air Force informing my mother of Dad's injury and prints of his medals with his BEM.  I was so pleased to find my Dad's award on this website and I am so sure both he and my Mother would have also been overjoyed.

I shall also be informing my Brother, Kevin of this website.

Many thanks,

Trevor Winship

E-mail:  lilleyjo22<AT>
Date:  13 May 2009
Time: 21:24




E-mail:  dklister<AT>
Date:  16 May 2009
Time: 00:23


Excellent, I especially enjoyed your detailed history of No 1 ACC.

I was part of that massive airlift in 1968 from RAF Wattisham to Cyprus.

Derek Lister (Cpl Electronics Fitter 1ACC 1966-70)

E-mail:  parris1a<AT>
Date:  16 May 2009
Time:  03:03


I have diaries, souvenirs and poems of my late father's service with the RAF during WW11. I would love to share these with someone, especially the poem of a near-escape of a barrage balloon. He was LAC Warren 962048

E-mail:  phillip.sillick<AT>
Date:  17 May 2009
Time:  12:48


The Station Commander at RAF St Athan during 1955 - 1957 was Air Comm Baker-Carr. He was earlier attributed in having equiped fighters with Rockets for straffing Trains. He was certainly the OC whilst I was training at No 4 School Tech. Training at RAF St Athan No 26 Entry.

Phillip E Sillick JP (ex Flt Lt RAF VR)

E-mail:  Derek.Nuttall<AT>
Date:  17 May 2009
Time: 17:57


Very impressed

E-mail:  colin.beadle<AT>
Date:  18 May 2009
Time: 20:11


Congratulations on a brilliant site. I own a classic Rover P5B which belonged to Sir Edward Chilton it is in immaculate condition. If any visitors wish to see photos they can contact me on colin.beadle<AT>


E-mail:  paulineurry<AT>
Date:    24 May 2009
Time:  14:14


A good site

E-mail:  eharvada<AT>
Date:  24 May 2009
Time: 20:38


Eric Hollister RAF MRT 1974 to 1987 Stafford, Leuchars and Valley teams... "Just passing through, now living in Colorado".. Cool site..

E-mail:  davidhodgson19<AT>
Date:  24 May 2009
Time: 20:40


I found the site very useful in looking up my local, wartime, station RAF Morecambe and also RAF Cosford where I was an apprentice

E-mail:  sarahrngwood<AT>
Date:  25 May 2009
Time: 18:32


I thought that it might interest you to know that I have Gus Walker's metal Gieve's trunk in my shed at home, and am about to sell it.

kind regards


E-mail:  bradleyjameshatton<AT>
Date:  28 May 2009
Time: 05:26


Great site, very interesting. I discovered some aerial photos from during WW2 which have 540 Sqdn written on them. I used your Web page to look who, and where they originated. I have been trying to locate more of the same pictures without success; it seems all such photos must be purchased which I find a great shame. Thanks again, lots of valuable info gained!

British Soldier serving in Germany


E-mail:  matthewwagg<AT>
Date:  31 May 2009
Time: 14:57



Great website full of really useful information.

Please can you link our two websites together-

E-mail:  marilyn.martin1<AT>
Date:  2 Jun 2009
Time: 17:42


I have recently received my Father's service record from R.A.F Cranwell. It's been interesting reading about what S of TT and OTU he was at, however, I am finding it almost impossible to find out where he was posted to in India! On the service record all it says is ACSEA and a date ~ do you know of anywhere at all where I would be able to get information of his time in India? I can't even seem to find out what squadron he would have been attached to!

E-mail:  dianneh<AT>
Date:  2 Jun 2009
Time: 19:22


Thank you for this information as I have been looking for my Uncles war history for some time and I have found out more on your site than any other. I am looking for information on Ronald Britton Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Sqdn 204. Service Number 1078394....I have found this info on a Malta War Memorial Cheers

E-mail:  gordon.dyer<AT>
Date:  4 Jun 2009
Time: 02:37


Thank you - a great site.

I was wondering if you know anything about the RAF detachment at Richborough Port (a secret port) built in Kent which handled supplies going to France in World War 1. An RAF salvage unit was formed there in 1918 which dealt with broken aircraft returning from front line.  As far as I know the unit was called No.5 Port Detachment.

Gordon Dyer

E-mail:  marshalloftheraf<AT>
Date:  5 Jun 2009
Time: 02:05


Fantastic site, lots of detail, but I appear to be researching a unit not yet featured on the site.

RAF Highgate, London was home to the RAF Intelligence School from 1942 to 1948.  The School was housed in a Victorian Mansion called Caen Wood Towers (renamed Athlone House in 1972) that is currently under threat of development.

I hope that this site will aid with my bid to publish details of this secretive station and your members can assist with research.

Great Stuff, keep up the fantasitc work!


Dan Marshall

E-mail:  bengraham311<AT>
Date:  5 Jun 2009
Time: 02:30


re: Air Commodore E D H Davies (07043). The following might fill in some missing information in regard to his assignments.  From April 1948 to October 1949  I was posted to HQ 65 Group, R.A.F Hendon where Air Commodore Davies  was C.O.  Even though I was an enlisted airman, working in the officer's mess, I found Air Commodore Davies to be a thorough gentleman.

311248 Ac/1  B.E. Graham

E-mail:  bajaskylane<AT>
Date:  7 Jun 2009
Time: 01:43



I'm a surviving nephew of my uncle John Andrew Allen, Pilot Officer, RCAF, assigned to RAF 93 Squadron at the time of his death on 12 April 1945.  I would like to find any surviving squadron mates who may remember him and know any circumstances surrounding his final days and final flight in his Spitfire IX over northern Italy.

ANY information will be greatly appreciated.

Bill Allen

(310) 488-4900

2501 Temple Avenue

Unit 318

Signal Hill, CA 90755-4035


E-mail:  brian.brian2<AT>
Date:  11 Jun 2009
Time: 23:13


Looking for the history of 63 group Communications flight based at Aldergrove. I was there from 1952-55

E-mail:  brian.brian2<AT>
Date:  11 Jun 2009
Time: 23:13


very interesting

E-mail:  mrgumby<AT>
Date:  11 Jun 2009
Time: 23:51


I am the son of F/O Harris E.(RED) Naugler 101 Ludford Magna . Iam looking for any

E-mail:  Arlenhearts<AT>
Date:  14 Jun 2009
Time: 01:47


Hey I think your site is amazing!

I was at RAF Kirknewton for gliding today I really enjoyed it even though the weather spoilt it I passed level 1 gliding and was really pleased

signed Cdt Arlena Birrell 870 (Dreghorn) Sqn

E-mail:  trevor.bawn<AT>
Date:  20 Jun 2009
Time: 16:04


J.E Johnson was a superb fighter pilot and anyone interested in him should read his book "Full circle" he flew with the Tangmere Wing in WC Douglas Bader's section, which served him in good stead, learning much about tactics and leadership from him.

E-mail:  roger.steggall<AT>
Date:  20 Jun 2009
Time:  21:15


Just popped onto this site I am Roger Steggall the first fighter controller to receive the Fighter controller brevet from Ken Hayr it was a fantastic time and one that I always remember I was the only one who had to do the full aircrew training something that not everyone knows about.

E-mail:  bradleyborland06<AT>
Date:  20 Jun 2009
Time: 22:54


Hi, not much on RAF Errol Tayside. It has quite a history, with Russian Troops etc. and not far from RAF Tealing, where Molotov arrived to meet Winston Churchill.

Bradley Mortimer Spencer Borland. Kinfauns Perth

E-mail:  ram2004<AT>
Date:  21 Jun 2009
Time: 03:13


I was stationed at Wahn in 53 I am Hon Sec of RAFA Guernsey and through the site I have found out one of the members was the Commanding Officer of Wahn So this is an interesting site well done.

E-mail:  Royfellows722<AT>
Date:  22 Jun 2009
Time:  22:00


Ft/ SGT A R Fellows Rear gunner of QR P in the summer of 1944.Shot down on 23 September 1944 Looking for mid upper Ted Ravenhill any info appreciated

E-mail:  axel1712<AT>
Date:  23 Jun 2009
Time:  11:03


best wishes .for all RAF dog handlers and their 4 legged comrades

axel hehl, kaiserslautern k9 search and rescue squad chief instructor.

E-mail:  marjorienora<AT>
Date:  26 Jun 2009
Time:  22:43


Came across this site while looking for information regarding a former Squadron Leader Francis Vernon with whom I worked at the NATO headquarters in Fontainebleau France in the 50s. I am sure it is a great source of information to so many.

Marjorie Keddy (formerly  Marjorie Chaput) Canada.

E-mail:  scubapjk<AT>
Date:  3 Jul 2009
Time:  17:42


I constructed a 1/48th scale Typhoon TP-F of the 198th (Fighter) Squadron which was depicted by the aviation artist Nicholas Trudgian as taking part in the August 1944 destruction of German panzer units in the Falaise gap of France. I have exhausted all written materials in an attempt to identify the rank and name of "F for Freddie's pilot. Any recommendations as to where to go from here? Thank you. Phil Kuoni, Maj, USA (ret)

E-mail:  sianlewis68<AT>
Date:  2 Jul 2009
Time:  22:49


Hi Found your web - its great! will search for a few relatives who have served in RAF in Hong Kong and an uncle who was a cartographer.

I trained at Cosford as a PTI in 1990 myself. Damaged ligaments in both ankles just before wanting to work with RAF rescue. I PVR'd shortly after that and regretted it ever since.


Acting Cpl Sian Brown


E-mail:  britbryant<AT>
Date:  7 Jul 2009
Time:  10:09


I have just discovered this site and what a great one it is

E-mail:  britbryant<AT>
Date:  7 Jul 2009
Time:  10:21


I am seeking any information that might help to track down the following armourers of the 91st Entry RAF Halton:

Peter Ward - no middle name (last heard of in Plymouth area) Fred C Blake (last heard of in Bodmin) Geoffrey Taylor - no middle name Colin F Nye David R Turton (served in Rhodesian Police 1968-78, may have returned to Bognor Regis) Julian Peter Green (Pete Green) Keith R Stewart (last heard of in Basildon)

I have exhausted all the usual sources (, BT phone book etc) and any information, however, slight, could help to find them.

Mike Bryant

E-mail:  daverichards<AT>
Date:  9 Jul 2009
Time:  00:54


Greetings from Dave Richards ...

RAF Boy Entrant 33 Entry Air Wireless Cosford Re-mustered to RAF Boy Entrant 35 Entry Armament Mechanic St Athan

Served at

RAF Scampton

RAF Akrotiri

RAF Wattisham

RAF Masirah

RAF Valley

RAF Akrotiri (2nd tour of duty)

RAF Chivenor

Also did short detachments for Duty and/or Training RAF Waddington (Vulcan Servicing School) RAF St StAthan (Fitters Course) RAF Newton (Red Top/Firestreak Missile Course) RAF Salalah (Several Duty Visits )RAF Luqa (Detachments from Cyprus with Lightning Aircraft)

My father was an Air Gunner in WW2 (166 Squadron RAF Kirmington) and later in life CO of 1196 Squadron Air Training Corps; my Grandfather was a Petty Office in Royal Naval Air Service in WW1.

Interesting site, I shall be visiting frequently.

I'm always happy to be contacted at daverichards<AT>

Cheers for now !


E-mail:  mail<AT>
Date:  9 Jul 2009
Time:  02:51


Thanks for the site. Here's my own recollection of living in the twilight of the British Empire :) In 1956/57, my father was acting W/O Reg Harvey (RAF Regiment), who served under the wing of Sqn. Ldr. Jim Thacker (28 Squadron) in Nicosia. 

We had been rapidly shipped out of another accompanied posting in the Suez Canal zone before things had got critical there the year before.

Our lives were forever being packed up into black painted wooden crates with our father's name stencilled on it. We moved first into a hiring in Agios Dometios in the western part of Nicosia, an outlying street down which a boy with a flock of goats with clonking bells would come. I'm sure that's all changed now, but this was 50 years ago. Certainly not all the locals were hostile. A Cypriot lady opposite exchanged eggs from her chickens for our stale bread. Our local Cypriot grocer was called Nicko.

The EOKA troubles were in full swing. My father slept with a pistol under his pillow, not surprisingly, as he was primarily a gunnery instructor. Another RAF man was shot dead in front of his son, we were told, in another part of the city. It was all quite tense. As schoolboys, we had to travel to school on a bus with an armed soldier on the running board, and wire netting over the windows to prevent bombs being thrown in!

We knew Jim Thacker and his son, Peter, well. Peter was our age, so I guess he still would be. From the hiring, we moved to the safer environment of Wolsely Barracks, within sight of the airfield that later became, I believe , Nicosia International Airport, but that, like our married quarter, is now in no-man's land. We would see Blackburn Beverly transports fly in and out. We would go to the NAAFI shop, our only local store, where we enjoyed on a diet of British comics like "Knockout!".

Altogether, we lived in Cyprus for about 18 months. My dad's best pals were corporals, "Curly" Gates And "Ginger" Rogers. Curly had a large black Triumph motorbike. My brother and I were taken round the camp for a ride on it. My twin brother Keith and I have so many memories of that camp and our time there. The life of ex-pat service families was like a long Mediterranean holiday for the kids, though we had some awareness of the political and military tension even then. The Dirk Bogarde film about the EOKA crisis, "High Bright Sun", made in 1964, captures the contemporaneous flavour of it remarkably well, and was shot on location.

There were Hawker Hunters on the airfield, and I recall going to a church parade under the wing of one of them. My brother and I were about 5 or 6 years old and went to St. Michael's school in the barracks -- our quarter's garden lay on the other side of the strand of wire that was the school fence. We disembarked on the s.s. Dilwara during Christmas 1957, after a couple of weeks at the Riverside Hotel in Nicosia, where we witnessed the chickens for lunch being deprived of their heads with a cleaver on a wooden block behind the kitchen, their headless bodies running around for a while.

My dad left the RAF in 1960, after we'd spent a further 18 months in, of all places, the Isle of Man. I have no idea what the RAF was doing there. After a second career in the Post Office, my father died of lung cancer in 1981, aged 64.

I was in the Royal Navy myself, from 1972 to 1983, and in the Falklands War throughout. My father had died two years before that.

Best wishes,

Trevor Harvey, North Walsham, Norfolk, UK

E-mail:  b3wood<AT>
Date:  10 Jul 2009
Time:  23:02


I'm writing a manuscript circa 1938-1941, Part of the story involves a RAF Squadron Leader. I now know, after finding your site I've made errors (countless?) which I shall endeavour to correct. As an aside, My father was Royal Navy WWI, submarine E1, frozen in, then scuttled in the Baltic during the start of the Russian revolution. He and his mates escaped by going around the Baltic by road and rail to Finland. He was also on the 'Argincort' during the Battle of Jutland.

Thank you for the site, it is amazing.

Barry Wood, Vero Beach, FL. USA

Date:  11 Jul 2009
Time:  20:12


Aa a first timer I'm getting used to the info on this web site.   I must have missed out on a lot so hopefully I will be login in more often  to see what's happening in the future.  My main interest is RAF middle east late 1940s to 1950s so any reunions to do with that would be worth going to and to meet old comrades of my father.  W.G.LEWIS.  YOURS SINCERLY

E-mail:  michael<AT>
Date:  17 Jul 2009
Time:  17:35


My grandfather, Arthur Held, served in 51 Squadron RFC from 1915 - 1919. They were based at East Harling near Thetford, where he met and married the daughter of the local pub!  Beginning as a coppersmith/mechanic, he became an observer/gunner on home defence duties and on the whole had a fairly uneventful war, although he had some amusing tales to tell.  It is nice to see here pictures of the aircraft he flew in - especially the FE2.

E-mail:  hwells<AT>
Date:  18 Jul 2009
Time:  23:07


Great website. I was one of the Spec ABC operators with 101 Sqdn from Oct '44 to Feb '45 and completed a tour of 30 ops. It should be noted that we were most unpopular with our crew, from Capt down and with even the Station Commander at Ludford, as we were sworn to secrecy and no one  knew what we were actually doing. The rest is history. Eric Wells, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

E-mail:  saratait21<AT>
Date:  19 Jul 2009
Time:  10:28


My father's cousin Clifford Albert Downing served with 223 Squadron in the desert and was killed on 23rd May 1942. It is interesting to read the history of his squadron. Thank you.

E-mail:  danguest<AT>
Date:  19 Jul 2009
Time:  23:42


My dad was a mechanic with the RCAF Air Observation Post squadron 665 stationed in the UK and Belgium. Dad has passed away but he told us a few things and I am trying to find more info.

His squadron was loaned to the Americans in Belgium, there is no official info on this?

I would like to correspond with someone about squadron 665. Dad worked on the Auster Mark V airplne, I am trying to find one to put in a museum here in Alberta Canada to tell people of their importance, any leads would be greatly appreciated. 

E-mail:  vfbaker<AT>
Date:  20 Jul 2009
Time:  02:36


Great site.

My name is Paul Baker.My dad was Cyril Baker and he was a flight seargeant in the RAF Police. He was posted to RAF Changi in 1963 to 1965.I was between the ages of 10 and 12. I seem to remember that I caddied for him while he was playing golf with President Lee Quan Yew amongst others. Anyone out there that knew my dad could you say if thats true please. I recently had a 1 day stopover in Singapore and after 44 years tried to locate my old place.Much had changed of course but I thought I found it,which was great because my mum died there in 1965. To Denise who was trying to find her old place, you should try the RAF Changi association web site for a map of Changi in 1965.

great site again

E-mail:  duncanforrow<AT>
Date:  21 Jul 2009
Time:  12:18


I had heard of a member of my family (my great uncle) having had and important role in the Persian Air Force many years ago. I found this site via google and it gave me an insight into the role of Air Commodore H E Forrow and his activities. A very useful site and one that I have forwarded to many of my family members. Thank you

E-mail:  jackiecbardsley<AT>
Date:  23 Jul 2009
Time:  22:53


Hi, my Dad served at RAF Butterworth, Malaysia from 1965-66 with 60 sqrn, he's trying to track down his colleagues, especially keen to contact Alan Jock Symington, can anyone help?

Many thanks, Jackie

E-mail:  steve.c<AT>
Date:  25 Jul 2009
Time:  15:13


Love the site. Its full useful (for once) information.

E-mail:  ann<AT>
Date:  4 Aug 2009
Time:  23:32


My Father Crpl Francis T Kilroy was in the RAF Transport. He was stationed both at Biggin Hill and Kenley. He was chauffeur to Wing Commander Johnny Johnson.Once when the Wing Commander was on leave he was called back for a raid. My Father was flown up to Johnny Johnson's home. Johnson had a soft top Morris Minor and wouldn't go anywhere with out it. He was flown back to Kent for the raid whilst Dad had to drive his Morris Minor back to base with instructions to get the soft top repaired.They called the raid 'Operation Morris Minor' Does anyone have any information about this operation just out of interest?

E-mail:  rosemary<AT>
Date:  5 Aug 2009
Time:  08:16


Incredible resource.

E-mail:  johnldixon2002<AT>
Date:  8 Aug 2009
Time:  20:34


An Internet search threw up that your Website may contain more details of a family WW2 casualty than is available on CWGC.

We are interested in the circumstances of the death of L/Ac Guy Depledge TILBURN died/killed 15 October 1940 and cremated and commemorated at Croydon.

Was he the victim of an air raid, by any chance?

Your Website looks impressive - perhaps you would like to check out one for which I was previously Co-ordinator which you might like to include as a hyperlink on your own site?


John L Dixon

E-mail:  frank.storey<AT>
Date:  10 Aug 2009
Time:  15:22


I suppose I must be one the last members of 295 squadron left - though I was a fitter 2E rather than aircrew - eyesight let me down for that.  I did go on operation doomsday so was one of the first troops in Norway when the war finished.  I would like to buy a copy of the squadron insignia - My father (Thomas) was also on 295 squadron from its birth he is long since died.  He was a fitter 2A after being a balloon operator.  Thanks for keeping the history alive.

Frank Storey 

E-mail:  daddy.pig<AT>
Date:  11 Aug 2009
Time:  17:08


A superb website for all researchers and modellers!

I've been building plastic model aircraft for over 40 years and this is the best source of RAF information I have ever found. Many thanks for all the hard work put into it's creation and upkeep.

 All the best, Ian Bass, Bedfordshire, UK

E-mail:  andomurphy<AT>
Date:  13 Aug 2009
Time:  20:46


The web-site is excellent - congratulations!

I write as 3rd son of Air Commodore J J Murphy dec'd. I can confirm that his DoB was 26 October 1906 and he died on 10 October 2002, aged (almost) 96! His OBE (Military) was awarded for his contribution to the Berlin Airlift.


Owen Murphy

E-mail:  ap.hugh<AT>
Date:  14 Aug 2009
Time:  01:24


Please note Photograph captioned No205 Sqn at RAF Sharjah in around 1971/1972 is in fact No210 Sqn who were base there at the time. WG554 was not on 205 Sqn, all 205 a/c had light blue spinners.

E-mail:  rafabenalmadena<AT>
Date:  16 Aug 2009
Time:  18:53


Very helpful site, with very interesting content. Now lets see whether it can assist in information on 659 Sqdn (1943 - 1947). My father, Kenneth Lionel Mullis was attached to the Sqdn as a driver and signals operator. Yes, he was a "pongo". I saw sense and joined RAF(71 - 78. If any can remember him or give any accurate details on the Sqdns action etc I would be most grateful. Already have loads of photos from that time, mostly in India but also of a group taken in Hammoor, Germany 8th May 1945. Please feel free to get in touch. 

E-mail:  kopterkojak<AT>
Date:  18 Aug 2009
Time:  06:30


thx ,kelly from blackpool struck a chord singing ain mumbai.why had dad gone from raf calvely on 3dec43 to blackpool,retun on 4th?probably to attend sea rescue course being a spit and hurri pilot fg offr skr"zozo"bhatt.regards kojak Wg Cdr kj "kojak" bhatt

E-mail:  mcbrien410<AT>
Date:  18 Aug 2009
Time:  09:25


687410 A/A McBrien here.

Just a great website.  I had no idea that so many RAF bases existed.

What is there left today?  Health & Safety or Human Resources as a job.

Lucky I've just retired.


E-mail:  oldman33<AT>
Date:  19 Aug 2009
Time:  00:02


I have looked at the site for RAF Seletar it covers all units except No6 Tactical Signals Unit on the east camp and its Mobile Air Operations Team ofspring on the west camp. I served on both of them 1967(late) till April 1970. could you Please amend. Unfortunately I do not know when 6 TSU was formed at Seletar

E-mail:  jdp970<AT>
Date:  20 Aug 2009
Time:  20:18


I am seeking info on 422 and 423 squadron members from WW2 era.

I have a website dedicated to them here:

E-mail:  jack.storey<AT>
Date:  20 Aug 2009
Time:  21:29


I'm Jack Storey - was at RAF Nicosia from 1961-4. Played Rugby in the all-conquering Raf Nicosia side which for two years were unbeaten. We even beat No. 2 Para, RAF Akrotiri, RAF Episkopi, the Kuwait Oil Company in Kuwait & at Nicosia - a great period. Most famous players were Eric Lowes, Doc Davies, Paddy Burns, Paddy Strong, Mel Buckley, Lynn Davies & Ben Ball - would love to hear from any Nicosia people who remember me.  

E-mail:  ronalddutt3<AT>
Date:  26 Aug 2009
Time:  14:34



E-mail:  info<AT>
Date:  26 Aug 2009
Time:  16:22


Thanks for the information, I have been tracing the history of a Mark Vb Spitfire W3644 which was shot down 23rd June 1942 after taking off from Hutton Cranswick with 19 Squadron.  You can see my progress on building a replica of this Spitfire at

E-mail:  signalman1111955<AT>
Date:  26 Aug 2009
Time:  21:40


A very informative site well worth the effort of setting it up

E-mail:  Jason.smith<AT>
Date:  27 Aug 2009
Time:  13:25


Hi, Fantastic site.

I’m Looking for any information on my Grandad, Walter Smith – in 108 Squadron in Malta in 1943.

I believe he may have been a gunner in a Beaufighter V1.

If anyone knew him or has info/pics that would be fantastic.


E-mail:  bathsheba99<AT>
Date:  31 Aug 2009
Time:  08:41


I am looking into the history of the names on the war memorial at St Mark's, Kennington Oval, London SE11 (it's just opposite the entrance to the tube station).

The names include that of Frederick Charles Boswell Eaton, who died age 19 on 04/09/1918. I would be happy to send you photos of the memorial for your site. Do you have any other information on Eaton apart from census and the CWGC?

I will be including the information on my site - it will shortly have a new section on the St Mark's names. The Stockwell names include some for RAF - please let me know if you would like photos of the relevant panels. Again, any additional material you could send me would be very much appreciated.

Hoping to hear from you.


E-mail:  dgr.sjr<AT>
Date:  31 Aug 2009
Time:  11:22


Many thanks for answering some of the questions, surrounding my Uncle Sgt James Rowlands.(VR)  Wireless Air Gunner with Whitleys of 58 Sqdn, from Linton on Ouse- missing in Dec 1940.

Perhaps I can help others, via this site, with info from the RAF in the middle east in the 1920's.

Thanks again

David Rowlands

Ex Cranwell Brat and 51 Sqdn.

E-mail:  ian.frayling<AT>
Date:  31 Aug 2009
Time:  21:10


Thank you very much for the excellent site. My father, then F/Lt VF Clarke, served in 179 and 210 sqns in 1946 at St Eval and flew Lancaster ASR IIIs. Indeed I note from his logbook that while in 179 sqn he flew the Lancaster actually illustrated on this site: OZ/P, SW294, on July 26 and 29th 1946. Later in 1946, he flew SW294 3 times again 17-21 Oct as aircraft "P", but this time in 210 sqn. He remembers the camouflage came all the way down the fuselage sides, but now I know what paint scheme to give the Hasegawa ASR III. He also flew Sea Otter JH968 on 2nd Sep "Dinghy and airborne lifeboat recognition trng" at SRTU Thorney Island between sqns. Sincerely, Dr Ian Frayling

E-mail:  acporter01<AT>
Date:  31 Aug 2009
Time:  21:17


We are looking for friends of Maurice Stanley Dean (Ted)who was a physical instructor in the late 1930's at RAF Halton regards Alan Porter (Ted's) son-in-law

E-mail:  william.andrews1<AT>
Date:  3 Sep 2009
Time:  08:27


Appears to be an interesting site - joined forcesreunited recently but little responce so far.   Had a good browse this site and must say quite impressed.   What is the situation regarding membership etc, would like to do further exploring - see whom I can find that I served with. 

E-mail:  MemSecChangi<AT>
Date:  4 Sep 2009
Time:  14:42


Hello Any persons interested in RAF Changi please contact Membership Secretary : Malcolm Flack 14, Highfield Close, Amersham,Bucks HP6 6HG Tel. No 01494 728562 E-mail: or see Website   RAF CHANGI ASSOCIATION (inc HQFEAF) founded May 1996 is for those RAF;WAAF;WRAF or civilian staff or their families who served at Changi 1945-71

E-mail:  poormick<AT>
Date:  8 Sep 2009
Time:  21:05


A nice site easy to use compared to some others & informative.

E-mail:  sparks65<AT>
Date:  9 Sep 2009
Time:  10:21


WHILST CHECKING UP HISTORY ON RAF CALSHOT, WHERE I SERVED LATE 50'S EARLY 60'S I CAME ACROSS YOUR SECTION AND READ THROUGH YOUR GUEST BOOK, THE COMMENT'S IN IT BROUGHT BACK MANY HAPPY MEMORIES OF MY TIME IN THE RAF. I joined in October 1956 and came out September 1965, if any one knows me, i would be pleased if they got in contact with me, some of the station's i served on are RAF Wittering, Finningley, RAF Christmas Island, RAF Germany and last one RAF Odiham from 1963/65, from there i have been trying to locate Graham Fosket, Dave Ryan and any other guys who was in signals section at RAF Odiham around that time.

best wishes to you all Haydn. smith.

E-mail:  oropolitics<AT>
Date:  9 Sep 2009
Time:  20:11


An excellent source of information-keep it up. By the way, the Hurricane IIc shown in the 176 Sqn page may not be accurate : 176 operated AI radar equipped Hurricanes with dipole antennae.


E-mail:  barriebarriet<AT>
Date:  9 Sep 2009
Time:  21:23


looking for a list of ww2 airfields, and only site i could find wad yours, well done

E-mail:  djrose007<AT>
Date:  10 Sep 2009
Time:  16:02


Interesting site, thanks very much. I was looking for 203 Squadron and I see they converted to Nimrods just before I arrived at RAF Luqain 1972.

A friend of mine, in Malta, is trying to contact people she knew on the squadron. Any idea if there is a forum she can joint to ask the questions? I don't have any names.

Myself, I had a very memorable 9 hour flight chasing a French submarine off the islan of Pantalleria, must have been 1973. I worked in the Commcen so had lots of contact with the aircrew hence the 'jolly'.

E-mail:  shirleyjackland<AT>
Date:  11 Sep 2009
Time:  01:06


would like to hear from anyone that was with the 30th Sq. Depot Special at Brize Norton AFB in Oxford, England from 1953 to 1956. I believe the barracks number that I stayed in was no: 413

E-mail:  jimjam1981<AT>
Date:  13 Sep 2009
Time:  17:59


This site is very informative

E-mail:  cernestjones_herronisland<AT>
Date:  15 Sep 2009
Time:  14:22


Really great! Keep up the good work!

-SAC Spike Jones-

(Former Barnham Hell driver)

Date:  15 Sep 2009
Time:  23:15



E-mail:  witstert<AT>
Date:  15 Sep 2009
Time: 23:15 


Very interesting. It has given me the background of the inheritor to an estate of a relative (by marriage) of mine.

E-mail:  ruckbrit<AT>
Date:  19 Sep 2009
Time:  04:57


Served on RAF Chia Keng (CK2-GCHQ) Singapore 1958-59 along with "Taffy" Brian Edwards from Port Talbot, South Wales-Have tried tracking Taffy down over the years but always came up with a blank!

If anyone knows of his whereabouts-please contact me thru my Email address. Thanks, Ruck Nicholls, Los Angeles, USA

E-mail:  kevin.young9<AT>
Date:  20 Sep 2009
Time:  20:52


My name is Kevin Young, younger son of Henry Douglas (Doug) Young, formerly Flight Lieutenant and a Member of 206 Squadron Coastal Command in World War II. My father sadly died in 2003 but one of my last abiding and moving memories was taking him and his best friend Squadron Leader John Burton (Bomber Command) to Duxford Aerodrome and listening - for the first time - to their private memories of missions, improvements in aeronautical technology throughout the war and how luck they both felt to have survived.

I have some photos and memorabilia from those years - is their anyone still around who might have served on Liberators with my father - either during training in Canada and the USA in 39-41 or in protecting the Atlantic Fleet and pre-emptive strikes against U-Boats between 41-44?

Dad was based variously at RAF Leuchars in Dundee, St Mawgan in Cornrwall and in Canada/US.

I had the pleasure of meeting his co-pilot Len Watkins and his Australian WOP/AG Ron Hansaker who hailed from Newcastle in Australia - before they both passed away this decade.

Would be a pleasure to meet or speak with anyone who knew my father, who is much missed.


Kevin Young (Dr)

+44 1865 (Oxford) 361179

E-mail:  onebren<AT>
Date:  21 Sep 2009
Time:  20:05


A great web site.  Interesting to see AVM William Kerby....  He was the first RAF officer to be appointed as the Provost Marshal for the Royal Air Force.  He served in every rank from AC to AVM.   As an airman he was one of the first instructors when the RAF Police School was set up at Halton in 1919.

His decorations are on display in the Bognor Regus RAFA club

E-mail:  berniekelt<AT>
Date:  23 Sep 2009
Time:  23:09


Hi, just found your page...fascinating!! father served with 111RSU part of 324 wing and connected to 43,72 and 93 squadrons.

E-mail:  aviationhistorybombay<AT>
Date:  25 Sep 2009
Time:  03:31


Wonderful Site.  I am looking for info on 1930-1945 JUHU and SANTA CRUZ AIRFIELDS.Anyone been there, seen that??Any pics and info please??

Mrs A Reddy INDIA

E-mail:  abburns<AT>
Date:  26 Sep 2009
Time:  12:35


Dear Sir

What a wonderful walk through history, I felt privileged to read of others' lives.

Thank you

E-mail:  mrsm<AT>
Date:  26 Sep 2009
Time:  18:23


Thank you for the useful career information about my 2nd cousin John RA Embling.  His father Jacques and my grandfather were brothers.  We were also told he helped the Regent of Iraq escape during the 2nd World War and that when he was shot down during the war he escaped capture by staying in the Orleons area of France hidden on a farm, which after the war he returned to thank the farmer's family. The "Andre" part of his name came from a French ancestor.

E-mail:  Jdvirgo<AT>
Date:  27 Sep 2009
Time:  16:50


Hi, I was stationed at RAF Lubeck West Germany BAFO and would like to contact anyone who served at the camp during 1947/1948, including visiting Squadrons

  yours Doug (Johnny)

E-mail:  redshamus<AT>
Date:  30 Sep 2009
Time:  18:21


thank you , for all the info you have collected on your site ,it is a great reference point

E-mail:  angela.johnson01<AT>
Date:  3 Oct 2009
Time:  17:07


I came upon your website when researching into 221 Group, in which my father Walter Royston Giles, known as Roy (nickname "Farmer") served during the Second World War.  I believe this was stationed at Imphal.  I have in my possession a photo of a Christmas Dinner menu for 1944, and it makes interesting reading.  Prior to his wartime service my father was in the RAF in Iraq during the 1920's (I have photos of old Baghdad!), and he rejoined the Airforce after the war, (until invalided out due to a bad road accident), during which time he was in Egypt from 1951 - 1954.

E-mail:  dcmadril<AT>
Date:  4 Oct 2009
Time:  01:11


I am in possession of a New Testament Bible issued to an A. Lloyd of Queensferry, Flintshire that indicates he was with the 7047 Servicing Echelon in Burma in 1944. It is an original bible issued to military troops both British and American and was probably one of thousands with the signature of Franklin Delano Roosevelt though the signature is not original. If possible nothing would give me more pleasure than to return it to his family or any information provided would be appreciated.

E-mail:  pkm1001<AT>
Date:  4 Oct 2009
Time:  15:23


Very good site!

I am looking for information regarding a Laurence/Lawrence (Laurie) Spiller who was in the RAF (1940-1950) possibly based at Kenley or Biggin Hill.  He had a girlfriend called Joan Llewellyn.

Anyone with any info regarding Laurie Spiller and his whereabouts, please contact me at my email address.

E-mail:  ian<AT>specialone
Date:  10 Sep 2009
Time:  17:02


Having recently discovered your site I found it most helpful.

I was at RAF Habbaniya 1957/58 when Gp Capt `Jumbo` Edwards VC was the Station Commander and he was held in high esteem from all personnel. Although we were only `guests` of the Iraqi Army there were incidents when he held no truck for our hosts but maintained a dignified and resolute manner. He always struck me as though he could only lead from the front.

E-mail:  dshew<AT>
Date:  12 Oct 2009
Time:  17:21


Great site !

David Shew , great grandson of  Flt Sgt Sidney Victor Shew, 54 Squadron

E-mail:  BilMar<AT>
Date:  19 Oct 2009
Time:  12:20


I might be a little late in seeking information on my uncle who was killed on Sept/Oct 1940. He was Sgt HH Harrison of Belfast in the North of Ireland. He joined the RAF as a Boy Entrant and when war broke out he trained as air crew. He was in either 139 or 149 Sqd RAF, and was killed over France. I would like to know who died with him as I understand the entire crew died together. I would like to know what aircraft he was in, and exactly what was his Squadron number. I do know he has no known grave but his name is recorded at Runnymede. Any information would be welcome.


Bill Dolan, New Zealand.

E-mail:  daleeder<AT>
Date:  21 Oct 2009
Time:  05:56


What a sensational site. As a radio control scale modeller this site has been and will be in the future an invaluable resource to me. I will be spreading the word of its existence.



E-mail:  jsforrest1<AT>
Date:  23 Oct 2009
Time:  13:17


I am the unknown son of Sir John Barraclough born 2.5.45. at Nantwich

E-mail:  burgie52<AT>
Date:  24 Oct 2009
Time:  12:07



E-mail:  bacronin83<AT>
Date:  24 Oct 2009
Time:  21:45


Great website - been searching for something like this.  When asked what he did during WW2 my father always told me he was 'skiing in Canada'.  It now transpires he was stationed at RAF Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island. He was Warrant Officer Arthur Smith.  He was in Canada from 1941 - 1944 when he went to India and then onto Singapore from 1945-6.  If anyone has any information regarding him it would be most welcome.

E-mail:  swingtail44<AT>
Date:  28 Oct 2009
Time:  09:33


Informative-thanks. I was an Airloadmaster in the Rhodesian Air Force (DC-7CF) before embarking on a career as a loadie in civil aviation, mainly on the CL44.

E-mail:  ron.carey<AT>
Date:  29 Oct 2009
Time:  13:43


I will forward you an email regarding my cousin Pilot Officer James Carey Boyers. Some of my questions you excellent site has answered.

Kind Regards

Ron Carey

E-mail:  m0gob<AT>
Date:  29 Oct 2009
Time:  20:56


Good Site

Ex 33rd Entry RAF Cosford Ex Ch/Tech Air Radar Brian (Dutch) Holland

Date:  31 Oct 2009
Time:  15:48


Both my wife and I were members of 3701 Radar Reporting Unit Brighton Sussex. C/O was I believe Sqn Ldr. Burley. Would be pleased to hear from any ex members.  P.C. Mitchell.

E-mail:  tphill<AT>
Date:  4 Nov 2009
Time:  02:47


Memory Lane Material!

Served 1959-1972. 93rd Halton, 6 FTS Acklington, 208 Muharraq, Vulcans at Cottesmore, Tengah and on other 101 detachments, 213 Bruggen & 111 Cottesmore.

Tom Hill (once a plumber)

E-mail:  hmcgiffin<AT>
Date:  7 Nov 2009
Time:  05:33


Very interesting site! My Dad, sadly deceased two years ago, ex-Wing Commander William Hunter McGiffin, commanded 502 'Ulster' Squadron for several years and in many location throughout WW11. I wonder does anyone remember him - I hope so and would love to hear from you.

Howard McGiffin

E-mail:  dicksmith.imaging<AT>
Date:  7 Nov 2009
Time:  10:55


I was an air frame fitter at Hullavington in 1946 which gave me much a great insight in my work as we had so many types of aircraft at that time. It would be of great interest to have a list of these if anyone could help. A great site many thanks.

Richard C. Smith.

E-mail:  john.mallichan<AT>
Date:  7 Nov 2009
Time:  23:04


I`ve only just found the site ----- I aim to spend much more time searching.

I was a Chief Tech. QS.B2 and was involved with Bloodhound missile system from 1962 to 1968 mostly with the CSDE, but did introduce the Mk.1 missile to RAF Northcoates, i/c servicing flight.

I look forward to future visits!

best regards,


E-mail:  rob.eggenhuizen<AT>
Date:  8 Nov 2009
Time:  16:34


Dear Sir,

Please can you give me any information about a Kiwi Airmen, who was a member of the 578 Squadron at Burn 1944.

For a couple of years ago, I meet a new friend and his name is Rinus v/d Vegte who had lived in New Zealand for 45 years. (a real kiwi) He came back with his new Dutch wife and will live the rest of his live here.(the Netherlands) By accidental he visit the War Cemetery Memorial in Groesbeek, in the Netherlands and found there a grave from Vincent William Mathias, a Kiwi-Airmen, Pilot Officer, age 28 year old and died on 30th November 1944. (service no. 426055) He ask me to mail New Zealand because he don’t understand a thing about computers.

I was also interested in this so we work together.

I was born 14 years after the W.W.2 and I have been always interested in this war…why I do not know!

Its my responsible for telling the story again and again so this will never happened again!

VINCENT WILLIAM MATHIAS: On the 7th July 1944, he was posted to no. 1658 Heavy Conversion Unit to convert to Halifax Heavy bombers prior to his final posting NO. 578 SQUADRON at BURN, YORKSHIRE.

On 5th October he was commissioned and promoted to Pilot Officer.(Captain) His eighteenth mission by this squadron on 30th  November 1944, was to attack Duisburg in Germany.

He and all the crew members game not back to Burn.

Later information received that they collided with another aircraft from the 429 SQUADRON.

They are all buried in the Groesbeek War Memorial Cemetery….also the members of that other aircraft. (AL-W//MZ314 from Leeming; left on 30th November 1944 at 16.43 hour) Rinus and I have adopted the grave of Vincent William Mathias.

We had many contacts with two squadron leaders in New Zealand for looking any family still alive in NZ..

Also with Vicky Carrington from the Air Force Museum in Christchurch, NZ..

Nobody responds to our call in a magazine of the ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIRFORCE.

We have one photo from the complete group that came from NZ. to the UNITED KINGDOM as volunteer.

Also we have lots of letters from Vincent and information where he had lived in NZ.

My question is Sir: is there anybody who has a photograph or a letter or anything from Pilot Officer Vincent William Mathias, flight a Halifax 3 bomber whit no.LK-V//NR193, left from Burn on 30th November 1944 at 17.10 hour.

Sir, is their any kind of help you can give us?

Thanking you in advance.

Kind regards from Rob Eggenhuizen, Keurvorststreet 62, 6584EH Molenhoek (LB) the Netherlands, Email P.S. others members were all British: Sgt. Parry,- Sgt. RCWH Horey, Flt Sgt.  Glovegrove, Sgt. R. Brown, Sgt. B. Hudspeth, Sgt. D. Evans.  They all came from The United Kingdom.

E-mail:  laura.meads<AT>
Date:  8 Nov 2009
Time:  18:02


a fantastic site, v touching. am seeking help, my great uncle, flt sgt george barnes, kia over iceland. 269 squadron, have drawn a blank everywhere else. any info would be great.x

E-mail:  michaelrdrayton<AT>
Date:  8 Nov 2009
Time:  18:49


If this is of interest please make use.Info direct from Officers Record of Service Ralph Drayton MC 3 Dorset 5 12. 14 -14.2.17 Acting Capt.

No.1 T Wireless School Farnboro 20. 2 .18 - 25.5.18 W/T section RAF Cranwell 25 5 18 - 24 8 18 Naval Section WT School Howden 24 8 18 - 31 8 18 RN Airtship  Station Longside 31 8 18- 16 9 18 RN Airship Station Luce Bay 16.9 18- unstated!

RAF rank 2 Lt (Hon Capt) 22.4.18

Michael Drayton (son)

E-mail:  challinordavid<AT>
Date:  8 Nov 2009
Time:  22:04


Did anybody know my father - A E Challinor - Ted Challinor to his mates , who played in the RAF central band in the 1950s and 1960s? He was stationed at Uxbridge when I was born (1963) and was latterly director of music, though before I came along was stationed in Singapore (1958-61). He wrote a march - Flying Review - available on CD.

Sadly he died before I was 5 in 1968, and I would Love to hear of any one who met him, taught him, or worked with him. Not least now, I have a daughter of 7 I want to tell her of her other grandad...

David Challinor

ANY memories of him will be warmly appreciated - thank you

E-mail:  mike<AT>
Date:  10 Nov 2009
Time:  17:00


Thanks for your site. Researching my father Sqdr. Ldr Jack Collins DFC & Bar kia 1944 Mike Collins

E-mail:  colettebyatt<AT>
Date:  10 Nov 2009
Time:  20:53


Lovely to see a picture of my dear and much missed friend Sir John and to see that his important role in the RAF is being recognised on your excellent site.

Best wishes,

Colette Byatt

E-mail:  laura.meads<AT>
Date:  11 Nov 2009
Time:  22:14


thanks so very much for yr email with regards my great uncle, george barnes. yr info was really helpful, and you gave me more help than anyone else. thanks once again. laura.

E-mail:  tonydav65<AT>
Date:  12 Nov 2009
Time:  12:44


Hi! Love the site - very informative.

I'm researching my grandfather's RAF history and would love to hear from anyone who had contact with him, or knows anything about him.

His name was James (Jim) Gerard Murphy and he served as a Leading Aircraftman for the 919 Balloon Squadron during WW2. He died on the 29th May 1943 from head injuries and is buried in Widnes cemetery.

I've reached a brick wall in my research and would love to hear from anyone with information. Thanks in anticipation!

Tony Davies

E-mail:  barpetrob<AT>
Date:  13 Nov 2009
Time:  08:48



Date:  14 Nov 2009
Time:  14:02



E-mail:  john.flanagan01<AT>
Date:  14 Nov 2009
Time:  23:46


Interesting site.  I ran a coach company and used a former engineering workshop at HMS Blackcap (Stretton) as my operating base, I remember an old friend telling me about burying old gauges and altimeters (Radioactive) at RAF Burtonwood after the war in a pit that is now covered by housing developments. Scary.

John F

E-mail:  sallymoorey<AT>
Date:  16 Nov 2009
Time:  00:47


Researching my dads war service prior to me visiting Sri Lanka.  Like to contact anyone in fleet air arm 757 squadron  operational training unit no 1,air mechanic electrician who was serving with him.

Dec 1943 - Dec 1946 PHILIP MOOREY from Mitcham Surrey.

John Moorey Melbourne Australia (03) 98771880

E-mail:  rondavidson<AT>
Date:  16 Nov 2009
Time:  11:50


803 naval air squadron was equipped with Vickers Attacker aircraft from autumn 1951 until at least 1953. The original C.O. remains alive today plus two other pilots from  1951.  Dated 15/11/09

Date:  17 Nov 2009
Time:  15:02


Very good found out that two members of my RAFA  in Guernsey were C.O's where I had been stationed one who has just had his 100th Birthday. Combined with the have been in contact with a fellow camper ! in a Group HQ.

E-mail:  davidchorlton200<AT>
Date:  18 Nov 2009
Time:  02:52


very good website, found a lot of the units i served on. keep up the good work

E-mail:  vulcan157<AT>
Date:  18 Nov 2009
Time:  16:28


hi, my name is ray stewart, ex-raf aiframe fitter, 1960-72, trying to post info, about my late Dad, ex-w/o, served on the N.W. Frontier in India, from 1929-34, was air gunner on westland wapatis, flew with Sir John Baker on occasion. Please to inform me how to register on this great site, thanks, Regards, R.Stewart.

Date:  18 Nov 2009
Time:  22:02


Fascinated by the 240 sqn special duties. My late father was a wop/ag with the special duties flight, the pilot was Fl Lt Turnbull DFC.

I have Dad's flying log on the desk in front of me, identifying the operations he was involved in.

E-mail:  tarlokbath<AT>
Date:  19 Nov 2009
Time:  07:00


God Bless the Eagle Squadron and all who served during WW2

E-mail:  boyo70<AT>
Date:  22 Nov 2009
Time:  07:03


what a great site i only wish i could have found more members from RAF WILDENRATH 1958 to 1960 as my husband graham griffiths(taffy)was stationed there, he used to go to 'STELLA'S hotel with the boys anyone remember him? thanks 4 ur wonderful site

E-mail:  djrose007<AT>
Date:  25 Nov 2009
Time:  14:42


Some very good reference material on your site, thanks very much. Also like the re-union section which I will point out to the Trade Group 11 (Telecommunications/Peanuts etc...) Association.

While I'm here, A lady contacted me through the website I created for RAF Malta If anyone can help her you can contact me through the website address 'Contact Me'. She is looking for a Sqn Ldr Billy Brenton who served in Malta during WWII. This is her text:

"  My mum Beatrice Borg a young widow during World War II met an RAF Squadron Leader named Billy Brenton from Plymouth EnglandHowever she called it off since he was a Protestant and in Malta at that time granting a marriage to a Protestant would not have been allowed. I was about 8 years at the time...Billy went on numerous flights (missions) to Germany..Though my mother have passed on, I the daughter have always wondered how Billy Brenton fared.........Did he survive....Have small pictures of Bill (which my mum saved) of himself and with other fliers taken in Malta.....they are small 1 1/2 inc by 1 1/2 inc in my position.....Any information about him will be so appreciated. We migrated to the USA in 1948.....I myself a married woman (widowed) with 3 grown sons live on Long Island New York.Hope to hear from you.Vivienne Borg Laferla (maiden name)Vivienne Critelli is my married name.  "

E-mail:  patwill<AT>
Date:  25 Nov 2009
Time:  15:53


Dear Sir

My late uncle VINCENT THOMAS WILLIAMS served with the 52 rifle Sqn RAF REG in Palestine 1948.  He was mentioned in despatches, and was awarded the oak leaves.  We can't find any thing out about this even though we have his RAF service record.  It only states : GSM WITH  CLASP PALESTINE 1948.

Any information will be gratefully received.

Wayne williams .

E-mail:  0228charlie<AT>
Date:  26 Nov 2009
Time:  05:54



I discovered this site only yesterday and I think it's just fantastic.As a former member,(air wireless mech.) of 541 Squadron, RAF Gutersloh 1952 - 1954, I'd love to hear from any of the guys who served at that time with the squadron. By the way, my name is Laurie Anderson, ex Scotland, now Australia. Cheers, Hope to hear from some of you.

E-mail:  majortking<AT>
Date:  30 Oct 2009
Time:  10:58


Dear Sir,

The web site is a great credit to you and your colleagues. The range of information is staggering and would do credit to the National Archives. My purpose in looking was to attempt to discover more about RAF Intelligence, and particular Wing Commander W.C. Pitts. There being so much data on the site it is entirely possible I may have missed RAF Intelligence data.

What I have found out about Wing Commander Pitts (from Buncrana in Co. Donegal) is that he was short service commissioned in 1930 and eventually resigned from the RAF in 1947. In know he spent a considerable amount of time in the far east, especially in and around Indonesia (then the Dutch East Indies). Any information would be gratefully received.

John King

E-mail:  sheilawindsor<AT>
Date:  30 Oct 2009
Time:  12:32


I am very interested in this site.

i was in the Waaf during ww2 and was wondering how to get my records.

all i have is my discharge papers;it would be nice to know exactly where i was and when.

Sheila Windsor (Pearce)

E-mail:  editor<AT>
Date:  3 Dec 2009
Time:  21:47


an excellent site, although on downloading the data on Sqdn. 82 the logo was halved by the page. I have just discovered that my uncle Claude Hamilton ( 22 ) died on 10.viii.40. Sqdn. 82, remembered Runnymede Memorial. I am, therefore researching deeply into everything about his Sqdn., and the related activities within the R.A.F. e.g. Blenheim planes et al. Without such a site as yours it would be a difficult task. Many thanks for the data Sincerely, editor, Geoffrey Hamilton 01604 713 777.

E-mail:  garydrake<AT>
Date:  9 Dec 2009
Time:  14:22


Excellent site, most useful for checking aircraft types and markings.

E-mail:  danelliott<AT>
Date:  12 Dec 2009
Time:  15:16


A most interesting site, thanks for making the effort.

My name is Danny Elliott and I was a Rigger in the RAF between 1965 and 1974, serving at Halton (202nd Entry), Waddington (Line Sqdn, Vulcans), Muharraq (VASF) and Finningley (6FTS).

Bregards to anyone who recalls me.

E-mail:  catherine714<AT>
Date:  13 Dec 2009
Time:  18:22


I would like to thank Mr Malcolm Barrass for his prompt reply to my question on my uncle who died 1943. And is buried in Belfast City Cemetery.

He has given me a piece of the jigsaw which I have been attempting to find for many years Thanks again Malcolm Catherine Niemi Canada

E-mail:  ollyholbrook476<AT>
Date:  15 Dec 2009
Time:  19:18


26 squadron March 1963.split,advance party to Aden the remainder in November to RAF Kuching Borneo. When the Belvederes in Aden called it a day the Aircraft went to 66 sqdn the ground crew to 74

E-mail:  jimnjean<AT>
Date:  16 Dec 2009
Time:  13:35


Jim Wilson ex Corporal Radio Instructor, 1941-1945  I was stationed at Aston Downs ,52 OTU, also served at radio schools Yatesbury and Compton Bassett.   You have a great site and browsing through it brought back so many good memories for me.   I aM NOW 86 although my discharge papers show my age as 88, I stuck a couple of years on when I joined up as I was under age.

Good luck to all our serving members

Jim Wilson

E-mail:  walterbrookes<AT>
Date:  16 Dec 2009
Time:  15:16


delighted to  see somewhere, such a comprehensive wealth of knowledge that i can access. I was never one of the rafs' greatest assetts, but i do have great affection and reverence for those who dedicated their lives to the ROYAL AIR FORCE

E-mail:  davmar<AT>
Date:  17 Dec 2009
Time:  23:03


A Magnificent reference for all us old model aircraft enthusiasts. Well done!

David S Read ex RAF

E-mail:  brianstafford169<AT>
Date:  26 Dec 2009
Time:  15:02


I came across your site whilst researching the history of RAF North Coates and saw a request for information which I was able to supply. I have to say the site is fantastic and hopefully will continue to grow