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Guest Book 2008

E-mail:   danelliott<AT>
Date: 1 Jan 2008
Time: 13:47


Alan Deere was once my CO.

At the time, I was an apprentice at RAF Halton, No1 School of Technical Training. Air Commodore Deere was a pure gentlemen, and always had time for we mere brats.

I believe he was a man who never lost sight of the purpose and direction of the RAF. A true hero.

E-mail:   doreenandcolin<AT>
Date: 2 Jan 2008
Time: 09:13


I served with No.56 sqdn 1960/61 and donated the book 'Capt Ball VC' to the museum. Now in retirement I paint and as a 'friend' of The Guild of Aviation Artists I have painted many pictured depicting the squadron. My association with The Red Arrows has brought me into contact with officers of recent years, in particular Flt. Lt. 'Parky' Parkinson and now Sqdn. Ldr Martin Higgins.

Best regards to you all,

Colin Ball - Junior Technician

E-mail:   jmp<AT>
Date: 3 Jan 2008
Time: 18:56


Hi. One of my father-in-law's (John "Jock" Findlay's)closest friends in the RAF was a classmate at RAF Halton in 1931-33 and a ship-mate on H.M.S. Courageous (1935)with the Home Fleet in Gibraltar. His name was SMYTHE, however, all I have is the first name "Paddy". I realize that most Irish folks were called Paddy and this fellow was definitely Irish (whether born there or of Irish descent - I do not know). I realize that the chances of finding him (or about him) is pretty slim - however, one never knows. If anyone has any information please contact me.

E-mail:   alandsaadi<AT>
Date: 3 Jan 2008
Time: 21:17


Thank you for Seletar badge. have you got Sqn badges?

alan hughes (curly)

Where are you andy anderson and pop powel?

E-mail:   melvinhill59<AT>
Date: 4 Jan 2008
Time: 12:47


very interesting site. I came across it whilst trying to find out about my Dad's time in the RAF Regt during ww11. He was in 2777 Sqn with 2TAF. Although I have his service record, and a basic history supplied by the RAF,information about the Sqn is very scarce. He was in No4 Flight,if anyone has any info I'd be very grateful. Many Thanks.

E-mail:   jbigoz<AT>
Date: 4 Jan 2008
Time: 15:04


Have found your web site very interesting and helpful to me as I am writing my memoirs and have been able to trace most of the stations I served at But I am still sort one or two.

E-mail:   tinkler<AT>
Date: 4 Jan 2008
Time: 16:04


Looked at your site for the first time nice to read comments, I served at RAF Norton (3GRSS) in

1953/54 The only one I could remember is Dave Palmer A Londoner I read in RAF Norton site about a SP wanting more news about that time.

I represented the Station on the Coronation with a lad called Bell

E-mail:   philbangs<AT>
Date: 5 Jan 2008
Time: 01:04


Hi, I was given a pewter beer stein and tray many years ago when my late uncle died, his name was William (Bill) Newman. The stein and tray are engraved "Talek Datoh 1945 131 Squadron RAF". I have meant to try and find some info about the squadron etc for many years but time flies! I am just relocating to Perth Australia from Sydney Australia and came across them again. Just thought I would post this message to see if anyone can shed any light on the items, best regards Phil

E-mail:   peter.magnall<AT>
Date: 6 Jan 2008
Time: 11:49


Interesting site and I shall probably spend a few hours reading some of the content and possibly making a Contribution or two.

E-mail:   dicksmith.imaging<AT>
Date: 8 Jan 2008
Time: 15:15


Very good indeed.

I served as an airframe fitter 3 weeks onwards just after the war ended at many stations also burma leaving on independance day.found lots of information. thank you very much.

E-mail:   piggysarah<AT>
Date: 8 Jan 2008
Time: 21:20


v good site, lots of nostalgia for me, raf bletchley/stanbridge (CCS)1952-3 as gwm, ted moore

E-mail:   appin<AT>
Date: 9 Jan 2008
Time: 21:06


This is for Lorraine Byrne who was looking for information on the Halifax Bomber "Farouk" My cousin was the pilot of the plane and is still going strong. If you want to ask him any questions, please let me know. Was your father's name Patty? Doug would like to help. Regards, Randy Stewart

E-mail:   jimkidd1012<AT>
Date: 10 Jan 2008
Time: 16:21


My father served with 219 Sqn in the UK, North Africa and Italy. He sadly died in 1994 and it was whilst researching family history that I came across your excellent site. I enjoyed very much reading about the sqn.

If anybody knew my father William George Kidd from Newtongrange near Edinburgh, I'd love to hear from you and perhaps exchange copies of photos I have of his war years.

E-mail:   john-smith<AT>
Date: 11 Jan 2008
Time: 15:50


I am trying to find details of my service in the RAFVR 1952-1954.

I gained a PPL via an <AT>C flying scholarship at Herts & Essex flying club at Broxbourne.

I joined the VR to get not only free flying but got £60 per YEAR for the pleasure.

No chance of pilot on Nat Service s became an airframe fitter in 2nd TAF

E-mail:   dickmoules<AT>
Date: 12 Jan 2008
Time: 11:55


Just found your site, 12/1/08, most interesting. I was WW2 RCAF and RAF pilot; joined BSAA Corporation after. Stories about fantastic Bennett abound. Is he still alive?

E-mail:   ThomasMBarrymore<AT>
Date: 12 Jan 2008
Time: 19:00


Nice site!

E-mail:   jhy122<AT>
Date: 12 Jan 2008
Time: 22:07


I was stationed at RAF Staging Post Mauripur 1954-56 and was there when CAS Dermot Boyle arrived in the Canberra in 1956.The RPAF provided a guard of honour and band to welcome him to the station and as he manoeuvred the aircraft around them blew all their hats off.  Later in the day I was in the airmens' mess when he came in to ask "any complaints"!! whilst a photographer from the local press took our photo.

Happy days

E-mail:   jeandogs<AT>
Date: 13 Jan 2008
Time: 06:17


I am from Long Island NY and have a family tree of my relatives from England. The first one I searched for was John W. Baker, KCB. The little information I have on him matches his page. After hours of searching, this was the first site that turned up any results. I want to thank you for that. I don't know of anything of our relatives over there and really wish to find out. That side of my family is on my father's side and he passed away awhile back and no one else is left on his side.

Thank you again.

Jeannie O.

E-mail:   chris<AT>
Date: 15 Jan 2008
Time: 20:25


An extremely interesting and useful site. Well done

Chris Davey

E-mail:   john<AT>
Date: 17 Jan 2008
Time: 20:04


I served in No 3 ACS RAF Regiment in Jever 1952/1953 as a DR riding a TRW 1...I have some pictures from this period and would also like to hear from anyone else serving at this time..

LAC Bewick 2537666

E-mail:   ranya<AT>
Date: 19 Jan 2008
Time: 19:37


Fine site, with solid bios of officers. Thank you for the time and effort.

E-mail:   fireman2697<AT>
Date: 20 Jan 2008
Time: 17:33


Just came across your web site an I found a picture of my father.He is in the first picture they have his name as Bill Perry but it was reall LLoyd perry of skinners pond pei

E-mail:    christiaan22limburg<AT>  
Date: 22 Jan 2008
Time: 08:49


hello we have found some things of a lancaster bomber near schinveld it was it was paked in a plastik bag litle things radio parts i have read on this site that some people searching for the crach place we kan saying where we found these things for more info you cane mail me on my mail adres christiaan22limburg<AT>

E-mail:   kenrseaside<AT>  
Date: 23 Jan 2008
Time: 04:27


As an ex Flt. sgt AQM/LM I find yousite both nostalgic and interesting. J1932027 F.S. Robinson John K. RAF 1956-1970.

E-mail:     marsh227<AT>
Date: 26 Jan 2008
Time: 23:22


During my service at RAF Abingdon (Air Wireless Mech)in 1953 I contracted Meningitus and was hospitalised to the RAF Haspital IDH unit at Halton. It was only after recently obtaining a copy of my medical records that I realised just how ill I was. I would like to belatedly thank those staff that contributed to my full recovery. Unfortunately, I have forgotten names. W Brian Marsh

E-mail:     ian.macmillan1<AT>
Date: 27 Jan 2008
Time: 23:22


A most comprehensive site - congratulations to all concerned - and I fancy that it will prove a most useful aide-memoire from time to time now that I have found it.

Ian Macmillan: 1964-96, Nav, Wg Cdr(Retd)

E-mail:    tiggerpookie<AT>
Date: 29 Jan 2008
Time: 02:25


Hello, Very nice site. My Uncle , Sidney Burtwell was in the Raf 214 sqdn. I have been researching him, and his sqdn for a time. So sad, he died at only 20 years of age when he was shot down April 1, 1942.

Date: 31 Jan 2008
Time: 15:16


I am the son of 2677679 Ernest Jones. During a period of unemployment, I went into the family loft, and brought down stairs some of my fathers photo's. They includes his service with the South Staffords, and from his time with 2605 County of Warwickshire. I have sectioned the photo's so far into his time at Trawfyndd, and Germany. I have a feeling the scenes of the Bofor's was taken at Watchet, but not sure. I will willingly Email them to you, as long as my father retains, the interlectual/copyrights rights to any that may be reprinted. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerley

Andrew Jones


I tried replying to your message, but I received a 'failed delivery' message, could you please contact me again!

E-mail:    geon<AT>
Date: 3 Feb 2008
Time: 20:44


Just wondering if anyone remembers my my fathers flight. They flew Lancasters from Tuddenham at the time that 90 squadron and 130 squadron were stationed there.

A Flight

Pilot - Sqd Ldr Harrison then later Wt Off McDonald Engineer - Steve Navigator Ron Petty Bomb aimer - Sid Keeler from Newcastle Wireless operator - Fred Mellor (my father) Mid upper gunner Henry from Kent Rear Gunner Ernesto Phillipo (Ernie Philips)

Ernie and my father had recently met up. Ernie has now passed away, but his daughter keeps in touch.

Sqd Ldr harrison was an expert in radar and left the squadron to work on radar air defences in France.

Fred has a photo with all the names on so I will be able to post the photo and the full names and more of the storey if anyone is interested.


E-mail:    officeoldwestbrookians<AT>
Date: 7 Feb 2008
Time: 07:21


Still looking for anything on ADH Foster, Squadron Leader. He also served with Fighter Command at Stanmore, 25 Squadron and the Signals Section at RAF Hawkinge. Please contact me if you have any details.

E-mail:    jcochrane65<AT>
Date: 10 Feb 2008
Time: 01:27


My name is James Cochrane I'm looking for information on my Uncle Arthur Charles Cochrane{Jimmy} Sq 257 1941 -1943 presumed KIA 03 1943.

E-mail:    daniel<AT>
Date: 14 Feb 2008
Time: 20:28


Hello everybody,

I´m searching Chief Technician Daniel Bachu. He was at RAF Laarbruch at 1956/57. Do anybody know him? please contact me at e-mail.

Thanks a lot

E-mail:    alanandgwen<AT>
Date: 15 Feb 2008
Time: 21:00


Brilliant site, came across it while trying to advertise some Shackleton Photographs taken during a mail-drop off Beira 1970.anyone interested.

Alan Taylor ex navigator

E-mail:    pjhutchinson<AT>
Date: 23 Feb 2008
Time: 03:49


I am looking for info on my father (Peter) George Hutchinson, recipient of the George Cross, who flew Blenheims with AM Sir Ivor Broom. After the war he was with the RCAF & later flew for various airlines inc. CPAir & Lufthansa. If anyone happens to know his present whereabouts or any other info, I would greatly appreciate hearing. Thank you.

Also i would add that a search capacity would be very helpful on yr site.

E-mail:    debchad61<AT>
Date: 23 Feb 2008
Time: 11:59


hello,my name is DEBBIE CHADWICK(nee THORNE).my dad served in the royal pioneer corps.his name was RICHARD FRANCIS THORNE,mostly know as RICK OR DICK.dads last posting was to germany,where we lived in krefeld and dad went to work at 28 sigs,he was the staff sergeant over the has served in aden,cyprus,ireland,bicester,kineton,arborfeild,to name a dad sadly passed away on the 17th november 2005,and i have opened a memorial page for him at i just wanted to try and let some of his friends know some how,if you would like to go and write a message,lit a candle feel the way dad died in warrington.thank you for letting me post this message.

kindest regards


Date: 24 Feb 2008
Time: 14:51




Some years back I set up a web site about my cousin PO Arthur Marcus Fitzgerald, pilot of EM-N (ED627) of 207 Squadron who was killed in action along with his crew on the 28th August 1943.

Since then the web site has developed into quite a wealth of information where I have managed to trace the families of five of the other six crew members, the German night fighter pilot Ludwig Meister who shot them down and was still alive in December 2006 and who has also contributed to the site with entries from his log book and his radio operators diary about the loss of EM-N.

Other information includes information and photographs from the other family members as well as the German Police report of the crash of EM-N.

Because of this web site, I have been asked for help in researching a number of other Lancaster bombers, EM-V (LM 334) of 207 Squadron, PH-A (DV 187) of 12 Squadron both lost the same night as EM-N and PH-A being shot down by Ludwig Meister about half hour after EM-N and HW-K (ED 583) of 100 Squadron which broke up during air trials over the village of North Thorseby, Lincolnshire killing its crew of eight.

The website includes many documents, photographs and letters and can copy and use them if necessary and as the resolution is not great in many cases to save file sizes, I can supply better copies if need be.

The latest addition to the web site are articles and photographs of a 4000lb “cookie” bomb being recovered during the construction of the A6 Autobahn, Germany in 1977 and which I believe was the one being carried by EM-N when it was shot down.

The web site is at

Shaun McGuire

E-mail:    info<AT>
Date: 24 Feb 2008
Time: 23:42


My father was sac Brian h swallow 155 squadron serving in malaya 1957. Sadly he passed away in 2005 but i would dearly love to hear from any of his old friends.

Kindest regards

Becky Powis-Jones

E-mail:    bricoll<AT>
Date: 27 Feb 2008
Time: 23:18


Thank you for this superb web site. Not only does it supply a great amount of interesting reading but it has also been an invaluable reference for my little project of acquiring all the Royal Air Force aircrew brevets ever issued plus other associated flying insignia.

Thank you again.

B. Collins

E-mail:    motorconsultant<AT>
Date: 28 Feb 2008
Time: 13:35


found you through Google. My father (D G Hill) served with 541 Squadron during the war flying Spitfires on 94 sorties. He died in October 2006 having enjoyed a long history of flying for Imperial Airway/Boac/BA and finally Singapore Airlines. I have just taken charge of all his log books and photo albums. There are some superb evocative photos of his comrades. If we could find the relatives perhaps they would like a copy of their loved ones? Sadly I have written to RAF Benson without even the courtesy of a reply and have been told by a friend that Benson have terminated all re-unions and have no interest in maintaining the wartime historical element of their own station. Does anyone know different? Yours Faithfully Peter Hill

E-mail:   bartram1<AT> 
Date: 29 Feb 2008
Time: 17:18


I am the sister of George Causer who crashed on the 13th July 1943 when flying in Lancaster bomber on mission to Turin and is now buried with the crew in a grave in France at the back of a private cemetery he was flight sergeant engineer, I believe some one is trying to locate any relatives of the crew.  We have the log book of previous flights.

E-mail:   denelse<AT> 
Date: 2 Mar 2008
Time: 03:17


Dennis Shandley served in demo flight Dumfries1952-54 a few courses for six months finished my 4 years in Wildenrath Germany. Great life great regiment

E-mail:    bernie.brown<AT>
Date: 3 Mar 2008
Time: 03:48


Came across your site trying to locate the insignia of 166 squadron...excellent site !... preparing some kind of permanent tribute to my brother Arthur Edward Brown (Artie), pilot of JB639 which crashed at Barrow on Humber in December 43 ..just retrieved his medals from the UK, if anyone has any info, i have some photos etc, as he was a keen amateur...i am now living in Perth Australia....

E-mail:    hobbitonmills<AT>
Date: 4 Mar 2008
Time: 20:54


Thought this site was very worthwhile and interesting! Hope you don't mind but my father in law has asked me to research things he remembers from his time served with the RAF Maintenance Unit during WWII and he wonders 'does anyone remember lights out, when they played Moonlight Serenade by Glen Miller at Maison Blanche (Algiers 1943-1945)' Elaine Mills

E-mail:    russellmilgate<AT>
Date: 6 Mar 2008
Time: 18:55


I served for several years at No1 ACC on the "Anglia site" at RAF Wattisham between 1972 - 1977. I'm trying to find any photo's from that era?

Very good site


E-mail:   jtough1<AT>
Date: 8 Mar 2008
Time: 18:04


Became a brat in Sept 1969 44th entry St. Athan.  There were only 9 of us in that entry, transport mechanics. The ones that I remember are; Ross martin. Two, Ray's. Shipman, Pete Roberts, Jim Tough (Me) Spent 2 yrs in N<AT>O Belgium. Returned to England, bought myself out and emigrated to Canada. Great move. I have searched for a site like this and to my great surprise found this one. Thank you for the opportunity to try and find some of my friends that I met in my Air-Force life.

E-mail:   phyldarcy<AT>
Date: 8 Mar 2008
Time: 20:35


Having spent 9 years in the RAF (1958-67) I love everything about the air force.

Now retired and living in East Dean, East Sussex. I find that the RAF operated an airfield at Friston.

I would very much appreciate any pictures of the airfield in action during the war. I already have a significant amount of detail of the squadrons etc and hope I can make a contrubution in the future.

Many thanks

D'Arcy Richards (ex Cpl RAF No. 3526192)

E-mail:   john<AT>
Date: 13 Mar 2008
Time: 17:46







E-mail:   jerrydent<AT>
Date: 13 Mar 2008
Time: 18:09


Excellent web site, most informative. Thanks, Jerry Dent pilot, 31 Sqn (PR7), XV Sqn & 208 Sqn (Buccaneer), 1966~1978

E-mail:   bd<AT>
Date: 15 Mar 2008
Time: 14:57


A great help with my research of my father's service. Thanks

E-mail:   jet2elp<AT>
Date: 16 Mar 2008
Time: 11:56


I have found your RAF site to be one of the very best air power organizational sites. It is outstanding to those who enjoy the history of air warefare and love the minutia of detail. The aircraft and unit insigna artwork is some of the best. Your Order of Battle research is some the best I have found.

Jerry E. Tolbert, El Paso, Texas USA

E-mail:   uklady10942<AT>
Date: 22 Mar 2008
Time: 04:08


My name is Sheila A Breslin. My husband was the wing historian at RAF Upper Heyford from August 1988 to June 1991. We lived at RAF Little Rissington from August 1990 to June 1991. A beautiful place to live. I am British and we had actually gone back to England planning to stay there after Vincent retired, but due to the Gulf war the USAF had other plans for us and we left "Rissy"to go to Nevada. Not a very happy camper off I went , from the beautiful Cotswold hills to the blazing hot desert of Nevada.

I love this website and will be back often to see if anyone we knew ever leaves a message.

E-mail:   martineden79<AT>
Date: 23 Mar 2008
Time: 21:41


Great respect for polish pilots fighting for Britain in WW II - especially 303 Squadron.

Saluto from POLAND.


E-mail:   derek<AT>
Date: 23 Mar 2008
Time: 22:53


very good web site

derek bishop

coulby newham middlesbrough

E-mail:   norburys<AT>
Date: 24 Mar 2008
Time: 11:05


Just found this website when looking up information on my Great-Uncle George FW Heycock (26138). I am the grand-daughter of George's young sister Dulcie Osborne nee Heycock, who is now nearly 91.

I would be interested to hear from any one with information or memories of my great-uncle.

Mrs S Norbury

E-mail:   apshaw5<AT>
Date: 24 Mar 2008
Time: 15:53


I served for 22 years with the Royal Air Force Police, initially with Special Investigations, then with Counter Intelligence. I am now a member of the RAF Police Assopciation - Chairman of the London & SE Branch and a National Trustee. I enjoy still being part off "the larger family" and having now seen your Web-site, I feel even more a part of. Keep up the good work

Alan Peel Shaw BEM. JP

E-mail:   gordonb<AT>
Date: 25 Mar 2008
Time: 08:17


I have been trying with no success to contact anyone who I served with from 1959/1964 37Sqn and 34Sqn RAF Regiment RAF Akrotiri Cyprus, RAF Sealand Cheshire and a second Tour at Akrotiri. I am now Chairman of RAFA Aphrodite Branch.

Gordon Boam

E-mail:   janetsmadhouse<AT>
Date: 25 Mar 2008
Time: 21:19


many thanks for a great website. i am trying to find out about my uncle Flight Sgt Les Sawle who served with 227 squadron sadly he was missing presumed dead on the 23 January 1944 aged 22. if anyone as any info I would be grateful. i believe he flew in Beaufighters

E-mail:   bobski68<AT>
Date: 25 Mar 2008
Time: 23:32


fantastic site filled with loads of information.

keep up the good work

E-mail:   hr.macdonald<AT>
Date: 26 Mar 2008
Time: 18:47


Nice site: I would love to share experiences with someone who flew on Korean Airlift and who would actually believe what we went thru ..the weather and Shemya by the sea, the long hours and sheer terror at times. I was a loadmaster on 426 RCAF North Stars. Per Ardua Ad Astra Ron

E-mail:   haydn.smith<AT>
Date: 30 Mar 2008
Time: 12:56


through the pages of your guest book, i wonder if anyone has any idea what happen to the drill cup of RAF Bridgnorth, when the station closed in 1963, any information would be very appreciated.

E-mail:   clive.pearce<AT>
Date: 30 Mar 2008
Time: 16:38


A very interesting site, i was looking for information on Pocklington Airfield and sort of wandered into this site.

Clive Pearce

E-mail:   desmond.cook<AT>
Date: 31 Mar 2008
Time: 15:29


Very impressed, most comprehensive, Found lots of interesting information - how long it will take me to study it all is another question. Keep up the good work.

E-mail:   p.goymer883<AT>
Date: 4 Apr 2008
Time: 21:54


When I was a little girl of 5/6 my father was posted to Dortmund. I can remember for a very short while living in the buildings of a glider site. I think it must have been a temporary place but I know it was in the middle of a glider field.   This must have been around 1955 because I know I started school in Dortmund.

I would be interested to receive any information about this. Does anybody remember it?

E-mail:   filann<AT>
Date: 6 Apr 2008
Time: 20:40


Trying to trace William Henry McCormack.

I am the daughter of the above and I am trying fill lots of blanks in my past. He was in catering maybe as a chef in RAF Coventry in the second half of 1939 where he lived with my Mother on Hawkesmill Lane Allesley nr meriden by 1943 he was stationed at RAF Rufforth near York where he lived at The Willows in Rawcliffe Village. Can any one help. Did you know him or about him.

Anne Worley (nee McCormack)

E-mail:   appair66<AT>
Date: 9 Apr 2008
Time: 11:57


In May 1959 I was posted to RAF Coltishall on my return from serving in Australia with No 12 Joint Services Trials Unit. At the time I was a Corporal Technician with Air to Air Guided Missile experience.

The Station Commander was Group Captain Bird-Wilson.

After a course at English Electric Warton on the Lightning Aircraft I joined the Air Fighting Development Squadron. Group Captain Bird-Wilson had twice commanded the squadron and was a frequent visitor. In this way we got to recognise the Station Commander mush more easily than I think was normal.

In 1961 I was ushered into his office on promotion to Sergeant.

Aferwards I had the customary drink in the Sergeants Mess and was then advised to go home, make sure that my No 1 Uniform had the correct badges of rank and be back at the Sergeants Mess by 19.00hrs.

Group Captain Bird-Wilson was to be 'Dined Out' of the Sergeants Mess and as the most junior SNCO I was to be Mr Vice. The CMC of the Mess told me my duties and I recall that with much nervousness I ate my meal!

However, what an honour, to be promoted and on the same day take part in the Station Commander's leaving ceremony

A.B.J. Bamforth

Flt Lt (Ret'd)


Ex Halton Aircraft Apprentice

586246 ex Halton

E-mail:   rfiske8<AT>
Date: 10 Apr 2008
Time: 19:25


My Mother was Edith Perham, My grandmother was Maria Trenchard of the Lord Hugh M, Trenchard family. My mother was born in Manchester England in 1880. I have long admired Lord Trenchard and am proud to be a cousin of his. He had a long and quite interesting career as the founder of the Royal Airforce. Thankyou Rev, Roy A Fiske AB STB MD Inverness Fla,

E-mail:   kernick<AT>
Date: 11 Apr 2008
Time: 14:57


LAC George Kernick (born 1918) with both 3 & 5 OTU has just viewed the site

E-mail:   michael.sillick<AT>
Date: 12 Apr 2008
Time: 00:03


does anyone remember someone called mr kenneth Hawes

E-mail:   psemanic<AT>
Date: 12 Apr 2008
Time: 20:52


I was stationed at Tegel Air Base in Berlin during the Berlin Airlift. My duties were fire protection of the incoming and outgoing British aircraft, namely Hastings and Lancasters. A Hastings #TG-.611 crashed on the morning of 16th July 1949 killing all five crew members.I have their names in my records. I also have in my possession a letter thanking the USAF crash rescue fire fighters for their immediate response to the crash scene within 45 seconds. The letter is signed by Air Commodore J.W.F Merer. I have been surfing your site and found this name. If you are interested in more information concerning the crash please let me know. I have two pictures of the aircraft after the crash. I will be glad to share this information. I was also stationed at RAF Fairford and RAF High Wycombe during 1960-64 era. I still have British friends in from those days. Pete Semanick - Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

E-mail:   nats<AT>
Date: 13 Apr 2008
Time: 04:21


I was stationed at ahlhorn in1962-1965 /a nike site at the flegerhouse air field. 42nd art. detachment. is there any one out there that was there with me/cookie/ polanski/cherry jay /tomas/please email meoh yes i'm stan kendrickfrom foley al.

E-mail:  filann<AT>
Date: 14 Apr 2008
Time: 08:21


Thank you for putting my message on the site I am hoping just maybe just maybe someone out there new my Dad William Henry McCormack

Anne Worley (nee McCormack)

E-mail:  webbob<AT>
Date: 16 Apr 2008
Time: 11:42


one of the better sites on 80 sqn and others of the RAF is good to come across my father served with 80 in the desert during the war i have a photo album of pics he took but i cant get the pics out as they are stuck in so tend to rip was looking for or hoping to find any pics from members who served with the sqn in ww2 who may have known my father edward "ted" webster maintainance fitter ground air crew but yeah its a good site one of the better ones.


brian webster

E-mail:  steph.cruickshanks<AT>
Date: 16 Apr 2008
Time: 21:11


Hi - I am doing some family history research and understand that one Cecil Ronald Johnston (Johnny) of Special Operations Executive 570 Squadron was shot down over Holland just weeks before liberation. I also understand that he was presented with the Dutch Resistance Memorial Cross from Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands after the Second World War finished. Do you have any information on this man and his service in the Air Force during the war. If you have any photographs, I would really appreciate these - I am his daughter and have never met him! Anything you may have or any of your readers may have would obviously be very much appreciated. Many many thanks indeed.

This email address is my own daughter's as I do not have my own computer - as yet.

E-mail:  davegreen<AT>
Date: 17 Apr 2008
Time: 23:20


Hi there, thanks for your website. I bought the hand-made shield for the 104 that apparently hung in the mess hall (a few years back now, in a second-hand shop in Rye I think). Its hanging on my wall, was just interested in the history of the 104 and this was great.



E-mail:  brianunderscoreredwood<AT>
Date: 20 Apr 2008
Time: 20:06


I am carrying out some research on behalf of a lady in Arizona whose father Captain RG Immig flew with the black knights (Hunters) of 54 squadron. If anyone has any details of fellow pilots with any relevant pictures it would be greatly appreciated.

E-mail:  tonywiles<AT>
Date: 20 Apr 2008
Time: 21:54


Air Commodore A D Prior


I'm writing to thank you for researching the career history of the above person, who was my Great, Great Uncle, known to me as Uncle Denny. I only started a Google search today on him, by using his initials and sir name, and have been amazed at what I have found out so far. As time goes on older members of my family have forgotten or misplaced information about him (he died in the 80's, well into his 9th decade) so to see his list of postings is amazing.

My Dad told me of an incredible story from when Denny was a young Sopwith Camel pilot in WW1;he was shot down over No Man's Land on the Western Front and sustained a bullet wound in the buttocks. He managed to land his aircraft, was patched up by a German medical orderly, before being allowed to take off again and reach allied lines.

During WW2 he commanded a Fighter Command squadron (or possiby a station) before suffering a nervous breakdown having been in charge of so many men who flew to their deaths. However he recovered to become an Air Commodore.

Please see the following weblink , it shows Denny leading a flight of westland Wapitis in 1932.

I couldn't actually find your name on the site, but once again thank you very much for helping me to research my family history.

Kind Regards

Antony Wiles

E-mail:  triarius<AT>
Date: 22 Apr 2008
Time: 19:08


Thank you!!!!

You may have no official connection to the RAF, but you apparently know more about some aspects of their history than they do. This site made my day!

E-mail:  royhgallagher<AT>
Date: 22 Apr 2008
Time: 21:47


thanks for all the information and many memories I was the air gunner for F/O Goldstein and wonder if any of my crew are still around from 296 sqdn 1944 /1945

E-mail:  ahimsa83<AT>
Date: 23 Apr 2008
Time: 09:17


An excellent and most useful summary of Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding.

For further reading see: DOWDING of FIGHTER COMMAND, by Vincent Orange, a new complete biography to be published September 2008 and, Professor Jack Dixon's new book of Dowding during the Battle of Britain (title not yet determined) to be published November 2008.

Also, Mark Kozac-Holland is writing a book on business management based on the 'Lessons from History' of Churchill, Beaverbrook, and Lord Dowding's successful managing the complex defence of Britain during WWII.

Dowding passed his RAeC pilots' licence No 711, 20 December 1913.

And Captain H.C.T. Dowding, Royal Garrison Artillery, obtained his RFC Flying Certificate - Officers, No 156, Central Flying School, Upavon, 28 April 1914, are amongst the original documents and photos in my possession.

E-mail:  walter<AT>
Date: 25 Apr 2008
Time: 07:17


Very good site a joy to use one fault on aircraft markings of 100 Squadron originally 100 squadron Cambarras tail had Green and Yellow squares the change to blue and red came after the squadron recied the Freedom of Stamford.

E-mail:  babslenowen<AT>
Date: 28 Apr 2008
Time: 16:56



I'm Len Owen and am looking to contact anyone who knows or new F/Lt Len Lawson 222SQD tempest pilot. Or Betty Owen radios operator based at Bridgnorth, St Athen, Portadown and Vally.

Please contact via e mail;.

E-mail:  viking.consultingnz<AT>
Date: 29 Apr 2008
Time: 05:04


how do you do ,i am cecelia mckee square mckee"S sir andrew mckee daughter

regards cecelia mckee.

E-mail:  david.moorhouse<AT>
Date: 29 Apr 2008
Time: 15:17


I`m an ex soldier who spent most of my Army Career of 16 years on RAF Sites.

I met Group Captain Robert Freer at RAF Seletar and the same officer several years later at RAF Boulmer.

I know he reached Air Chief Marshal rank but I couldn`t find him on your site.

Otherwise your site is brilliant the best that I have come across.  Well done and many thanks.

E-mail:  ronni.doggett<AT>
Date: 29 Apr 2008
Time: 19:18


Just wanted to say what a great site this is and so helpful.

I was in the WRAF (2839462F) 1962-66 as a Teleprinter Operator met lots of good people.

Many thanks

E-mail:  mark.ramsay-smith<AT>
Date: 30 Apr 2008
Time: 14:45


Wing Commander Samuel Rex Ramsay Smith passed on last week, aged 93.

Sam was posted to Chivenor in April 1944 as Squadron Leader and in Sept 44 the Squadron moved to Limavady, where he stayed until April 1945.

There will be a thanksgiving service at St Johns Church Eastbourne on 8.5.2008

E-mail:  dennis02<AT>
Date: 2 May 2008
Time: 18:20


My father was his driver in India and Burma during WW11.He told many stories of the Abandoned earl.Cpl Arthur Jackson RAF

E-mail:  sullivan964<AT>
Date: 5 May 2008
Time: 16:59


Thanks for the site. I live in a place called Oakhill Tean Staffs which I am told was an RAF listening post in WW2 and played a role in the locating of the Bismarck. Does anyone know about this? I can't find any reference to this LP anywhere. Cheers.

E-mail:  krzystek<AT>
Date: 10 May 2008
Time: 14:12


Have found your web site very interesting and helpful to convince me, that I am on the right track to compile 18,000 names of the Polish Air Force (under British Command) in the years 1940 - 1947 including the Polish Section of WAAF. The second edition of my book will be printed this year, at the end of August. The book is in Polish, and the title of the book is: "Personel Polskich Sil Powietrznych w latach 1940 - 1947" - (The Personnel of the Polish Air Force during the years 1940 - 1947).

Tadeusz J Krzystek - ex-servicemean of 302 Polish Fighter Squadron at Heston (1943 - now aged 89 living in North Wales (and still counting days !)

E-mail:  mitch<AT>
Date: 15 May 2008
Time: 11:38


Had a quick look.Gives me a little more information than I had previously.I have just been given my Uncle Lens diaries from 1939 to 1942.

He was Sergeant Leonard Allen Mitchell.From his diaries I have been able to establish that he was a wireless operator- gunner of No.11 O.T.U at Bassingbourn and flew in Wellington Bomber as a bomb armer from 30th May to 26th June 1942 the day he was kill on a 1000 bomber operation.While he give some information of things that occurred over this period and prior to,I would like to know more.I note from other sources that the airfeild had been closed so that the runways could be paved.This must have been prior to his arrival because he arrived on the 19th Jan 1942 from Yatesbury.

As my Dads family have strong links with the Airforce,my dad and his two brothers Len and Tom having been in the RNZAF I am interested in these things.

Your faithfully

Kevin Mitchell

E-mail:  racarswell<AT>
Date: 17 May 2008
Time:  01:03


If you are interested I have a photograph and an interesting story about someone who reported to AVM McDonald at RAF Wigtown duirng WWII. You could say my older brother and I owe our existance to RAF Wigtown.

E-mail:    virkie<AT> 
Date: 18 May 2008
Time: 02:18


Very interesting. Perhaps you could add Coldblow Lane to your list (NATO ACEHIGH as per Mossy Hill). Very close to Detling

E-mail:  phfactory<AT>
Date: 20 May 2008
Time: 08:09


My uncle's father was in 209 squadron. The family still has his flying helmet, the nose cone from his sopwith camel engraved with the signatures of all the members of the squadron, and an invite to a dinner to commemorate the shooting down of Richtoffen. The cover of which is a cartoon, beautifully rendered, of the said event. Great website!

E-mail:  setsh77<AT>
Date: 21 May 2008
Time: 21:26


Perfect!Amazing!Super!Thank you very much

E-mail:  ajalon<AT>
Date: 22 May 2008
Time: 10:23


A brilliant source of information of all things RAF.

Keep up the good work.

E-mail:  setsh77<AT>
Date: 22 May 2008
Time: 12416


Just an amazing site!

E-mail:  deegee<AT>
Date: 24 May 2008
Time: 07:25


I'm so glad you have all this info here, because I'm pretty sure my dad was part of the 356 squadron RAF WW 2. I know he was a front gunner on Liberators around Burma, and something about Salban.

I would like to get in touch with Peter Caldwell from this site, but his email no longer works for that squadron, and the other squadrons near by....

My Dad was William Gledhill.

I forgot to add that my Mom was also in the RAF WW2...(W A A F) as a radar was at Bawdsey Manor, and I believe she was one of the first there. I think later she was on the Isle of Wight...and at some point Scotland. I think they had some of their training with Dr. Watson Watt....At that time she was Phyllis Peacock (she is still alive at 88)

E-mail:  shebrimac<AT>
Date: 25 May 2008
Time: 14:01


Was at R.A.F. Jever, from May 1952 until September 1953,serving with 3A.C.S.R.A.F. Regiment, my number 2533080, name McEneaney, national service man, enjoyed my stay, have pleasant memories.

E-mail:  dennygee<AT>
Date: 25 May 2008
Time: 14:07


I served in the RAF Regiment from 1963 to 1967, 48F Upwood, Catterick, 63-64, 16F Aden 64-65, 51F Zambia, Aden, 65-67. any one remember serving with me?

Denis Graham

E-mail:  grahambravey<AT>
Date: 25 May 2008
Time: 09:19


very interesting site - found biographical details of two air marshals I worked for and had had difficulty finding through other sources. Thank you.

E-mail:  r.vernon<AT>
Date: 26 May 2008
Time: 20:49


I am trying to find ex mate who know me from 152 squadron at Wattisham between the years 1954-1957 people like bugsy and chalky white and so many others that i can remember and would like to hear from again



by the way i forgot to mention what a very good site you have here, best if luck

E-mail:  f16dewey9999<AT>
Date: 27 May 2008
Time: 12:14


Greatly educational :)

Most Sincerely,

Mariecor Agravante :)

E-mail:  davidbailey9933<AT>
Date: 27 May 2008
Time: 12:55


My Uncle, Bill/Harold Bailey was Navigator in a Lancaster Bomber (101 Squadron), shot down over Belgium in 1943, he was actually blown out of the plain unconcious with his parachute only half on.

I am trying to trace any of his comrades.

I have only recently heard him tell the full story.

David Bailey

E-mail:  charles.herriot<AT>
Date: 30 May 2008
Time: 17:37


Met Jamie Rankin when I was Sgt in ATC 1143 Sqdn (8th Edinburgh) Wing. He was Air Comdre ATC Scotland. Years later, in Portobello, where he lived, I managed The Red Lion where he taught me to play cribbage. His saying even then was "Whodat?".  He was a colourful, but unassuming man always wearing a tan coloured sheepskin flying jacket.  Knew him from 1962 to 1971 during which time he was rushed to RAF hospitals in England at least twice, after collapsing unconscious. I would like to see a Statue of him in Portobello dedicated to a brave local son. Charlie Herriot

E-mail:  longdrivemotors<AT>
Date: 31 May 2008
Time: 12:08


my name is Bruce Warburton, Auckland, NZ.

My uncle was Air Commodore James Warburton, It was interesting to find him on this site as i dont know much of him as we emigrated to NZ years ago and i only met him 2 or 3 times.

I will see if i can find a pic of him and send it

E-mail:  thomasboschcan<AT>
Date: 1 Jun 2008
Time: 20:06


Looking for any one from RAF MORETON IN MARSH 1951 #1 FTS. A Flight .To 1952 LAC Hedley Thomas

E-mail:  www.colinpollardspain<AT>
Date: 1 Jun 2008
Time: 23:06


Just discovered your SUPERB site. I was at RAF Wilmslow in August/September 1956 and played double b in the Band. I have been trying to get a copy of the photo taken at that time, without success. Anyone out there who can help?

E-mail:  johnogrout<AT>
Date: 1 Jun 2008
Time: 23:57


Great site with lots of useful information.

My main interest is in WW2 airfields in particular, RAF Bradwell Bay. Any wartime photographs and information about this airfield would be gratefully recieved.


E-mail:  matthewss6<AT>
Date: 2 Jun 2008
Time: 10:51


My father, Bernard Matthews was with 275 Squadron in the early 1940s flying Air Sea Rescue missions in Walruses from RAF Valley and then the Isle of Man. Yesterday, 1 June 2008, was his 101st birthday so I took him to the RAF Museum at Hendon for a nostalgic reunion with one of his old aircraft on display. Are there any other 275 members out there? I tried to post photos of him then and now, but the web-site doesn't seem to want to take them.

Stuart Matthews

E-mail:  stephen.ward99<AT>
Date: 3 Jun 2008
Time: 21:20


DEAR SIR, im still going thru all the info on your site, what a great site. im researching blyton airfield, lincs.+ i was particulary interested in 1615722 sergeant leslie arthur potter and his bravery concerning the crash nr blyton.  i would be grateful if you could tell me from which squadron the lanc was from so i may look into it further. thankyou steve ward

E-mail:  jonhunt2002<AT>
Date: 4 Jun 2008
Time: 12:18


This is great! I want to contact Ginger Prest who was at RAF Hopton in 1954-55 and anybody else who might remember me


John Hunt

E-mail:  cnoad<AT>
Date: 5 Jun 2008
Time: 11:37



Very nice site. Made quite easy to move through, despite the numerous areas covered.

Colin Noad

E-mail:  andrewjwest<AT>
Date: 7 Jun 2008
Time: 12:59


My father was Stanley Raymond West who was in RAF. I have a group photo from RAF Cosford 1951, No 7 Flight 'A' Sqn 12 S of RT RAF Cosford.

It is signed by many colleagues, are any of you still out there?


Andrew West

E-mail:  janetthomas343<AT>
Date: 7 Jun 2008
Time: 17:11


Looking for T. CUMMINGS. in RCAF.  Lodged in Scotland in 2 war 1948- thank you for your help jam

E-mail:  stewartclarke6<AT>
Date: 8 Jun 2008
Time: 22:49


A brilliant web site, the definitive RAF info place, particularly like the squadron markings section by types of aircraft....definitely in my "favourites"

E-mail:  jvmerchant<AT>
Date: 10 Jun 2008
Time: 09:16


A very good site which includes a drawing of my old squadron boss's aircraft, Sqn. Ldr Bob Elles 615 Squadron Biggin Hill 1957. It is the first time I seen a drawing of this aircraft. I have been hoping to find a photo of this machine. Can Anyone help. Sincere thanks.

E-mail:  tejisarao<AT>
Date: 10 Jun 2008
Time: 15:12


My fathers cousin, Sgt D S Sidhu(No946455) was serving in 75 Sqn as a Flight Engineer. His Stirling [W7513], was shot down on night 28/29 April 1943(minelaying off the coast off Denmark).  The entire crew was believed KIA.  I would like to contact the families of the crew.  I have an old photograph of the crew lined up next to their plane.

Date: 17 Jun 2008
Time: 01:54



Very interested to come across this site. I am researching my Father's time in the RAF 1941 - 1963, particularly his time at RAF Marham in 214 squadron during the flight refuelling trials. (Flt Lt B A Sedgley). I accidently came across the site when I was trying to find details of a Military Hospital in Fayid, Egypt where I was born in 1949. I noticed a request for photos for this hospital (your request No 300) - how do I find out if the person had any responses - there is no email address attached to his name.

Date: 17 Jun 2008
Time: 10:56



My Uncle, George Kirk, was a member of 49 Wireless Observer Unit. His unit saw service in the Sinai Desert and Palestine. The unit apparently took part in the invasion of Sicily and finished well up the Italian Continent at Udine/Kalgenfurt(Austria) George was then posted to RAF Habbaniya plotting Liberators carrying troops on leave via the SWAB 8 Transmitter.

Anyone who embarked the Sibajak (Dutch Troop Ship)at Liverpool in 1942 bound for Gibraltar or the Aquatania out of Cape Town please contact me as George is still alive albeit somewhat frail and would like to contact any of his old comrades.

Names mentioned include the then C/O of 49 Wireless Observer Group an Australian called Jentz no rank remembered. An Adjutant by the name of Willie Schlund ( I am relying on my uncle's failing memory here!)a Cpl Tom Fullerton, Observer and a George Langridge

Your help in this matter would be welcomed

Ronald C Hinson

E-mail:  home<AT>
Date: 17 Jun 2008
Time: 17:59


i wonder if you could help me ,i have tried on many occasions to find mates i knew in the RAF Regiment some 50 years ago I was mainly station in RAF Amman Jordan and would like to hear from any one who knew me in the period 1954-1957.

Ken Ramsden of 21 squadron rank Cpl

E-mail:  edward.wyman<AT>
Date: 18 Jun 2008
Time: 10:37


It is good to know that F.T.C Reading is not fogotten. My memory is of the Medical branch and its Officers, they were top class the PMO A/cdr Walker DPMO G/capt Freeman FPMO W/cdr F Barker

E J Williams

E-mail:  marinoni<AT>
Date: 18 Jun 2008
Time: 22:30


I am looking for any information on Irv Loewen...He was a spitfire pilot on Malta during WWII..he was a damn fine friend of mine.

E-mail:  bazostead<AT>
Date: 20 Jun 2008
Time: 16:35


An absolutely stupendous web site. Information is comprehensive, easily accessible and fascinating. I am so pleased to be given the opportunity to research my family's RAF history. Thank you.

Eric Barry Stead

E-mail:  shelleyj<AT>
Date: 20 Jun 2008
Time: 23:13



hi. my mum served at R.A.F. Binbrook during the 40`s. i am trying to find any information on her job, which was to do with fitting films in recording equipment on bombing raids. her name is Eileen Fowler but, was nicknamed Pat or Patty, she is still known as Pat to this day. is there anyone still around from those days? would be great surprise for her if anyone has any memories to share. thanks.

E-mail:  alangbaker<AT>
Date: 23 Jun 2008
Time: 00:51


I'm the grandson of Sir John W. Baker, GCB, MC, DFC

And I'd love to hear from anyone who knew him or is related to him.

E-mail:  cbaker<AT>
Date: 23 Jun 2008
Time: 00:51


Thank you for providing this site! To see the record of my grandfather's (Sir John W. Baker) achievements online is quite something.

My brother Alan has actually made contact with a relative we didn't know existed because of a comment he saw in the guest book regarding our grandfather.

Chris Baker

Vancouver, BC Canada

E-mail:  d.r.macfarlane<AT>
Date: 27 Jun 2008
Time: 08:44


I am writing in the hope of clarifying your comment against (60758) Air Commodore F.W.Thompson; ie."there could have been two different F.W.Thompsons."

In earlier years I worked for de Havilland at Hatfield. At one time in the department of Guided Weapons. During that period 'an' Air Cdre F.W. Thompson became Chief Project Manager of the Air Weapons Division. He had served in Bomber Command during WW2 and the 'F' was for 'Francis'. He was my boss for seven years. By the time I left in 1971, the company had become Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Your gargantuan effort is much admired.

With best wishes. D.MacF.

E-mail:  hammond.timothy11<AT>
Date: 27 Jun 2008
Time: 08:44


An excellent site which among others gives the 29 squadron battle honours which are not on the RAF website.

E-mail:  nbrown224<AT>
Date: 29 Jun 2008
Time: 21:51


I found the website quite interesting. Although 268 squadron flew Mustangs early 1942 until they ran out, then to Typhoons July to September 1944.

The Mustang was the better airplane to the Typhoon.

My father, (Flt Lt R.G.Brown) flew with 268 Squadron from January 1942-June 1944 when shutdown; evading to Malroux, France to predicate in the American breakthrough of the German lines late summer 1944.

My father was able to meet up with the squadron in September 1944, just before leaving France for England specking to the Group Captain to long missing his flight. Leaving the next morning.

My father die July 1995 however, before that he wrote an account of some of his experiences on 268 Squadron and evading/fighting on the ground of France with marquis. The book "ON The Edge" 1999 General Store Publishing House.

Thank you,

Norman F. Brown

E-mail:  charleslawson6<AT>
Date: 30 Jun 2008
Time: 02:51


to all members of C Flt 51 Sqn RAF Regiment, 1980-85 wish to find out how you are all doing, Charles Lawson at would like to catch up with you all.

pass best wishes to the current squadron, all the best lads.

E-mail:  deejaygnome<AT>
Date: 4 Jul 2008
Time: 11:58


A great site - I Dean Harris am a direct descendant of Sir Thomas Williams. I found this site while researching my genealogy and I am proud to be part of such a distinguished Officer.

E-mail:  azziecat<AT>
Date: 5 Jul 2008
Time: 17:45


The site is most informative. As a collector of WWII model aircraft, I find it invaluable when researching the operational squadrons, individual pilots and their achievements. It must have taken a long time to compile this information. I truly appreciate the effort that allows me to gain some expertise from this endeavour. I thank you

E-mail:  joybec<AT>
Date: 6 Jul 2008
Time: 17:12


I am looking for a needle in a haystack! If anyone might have known a black man in the RAF, around 1951, at Netheravon, please email me.

thank you


E-mail:  hobo1516<AT>
Date: 8 Jul 2008
Time: 12:23


As an Ex RAF Person I commend you for your efforts and congratulate you for the presentation, it is indeed a site to come back to, even if only to reminisce.

Thank You

Keep up the good work


E-mail:  just4idaho<AT>
Date: 8 Jul 2008
Time: 23:38


Great website! While sorting through my grandad's loft recently, I found an old box full of aircraft parts with the inscription "Wellington bomber, crashed after take off from Little Rissington 1946". I'd really love to hear from anyone who may remember or know about it! Thanks for a great read!

E-mail:  steve.jenks<AT>
Date: 9 Jul 2008
Time: 11:42


I am trying to find any info on my Great Uncle Joe who was killed in 1942 while with 11 (P) Advanced Flying Unit. Thanks to this site I have found where he was based, who in turn put me in touch with people at Cranwell who gave me more info on him.

If anyone knows anything about, or anyone from 11 (P) AFU please get in touch.



E-mail:  papaslut<AT>
Date: 10 Jul 2008
Time: 10:22


Last hope for me to find details of pilot WW2 whose diary for 1941 is in my possession.

Can anyone help?

Eric C King

19 Welbeck Rd

E Ham

London E6

Service No - 1271762 Ended up in Canada, that's all I have Many thanks Bert Collins

E-mail:  JACYDON<AT>
Date: 10 Jul 2008
Time: 21:53


My name is Don Berry, I served with 51 Squadron for a total of ten years with a break in the middle when I was posted to Singapore, I am in touch with Bob Hinnel who lives near me.

I found you site interesting, I hope to add some more snippets later. Keep up the good work

E-mail:  billpyrah<AT>
Date: 15 Jul 2008
Time: 17:50


Great Site,

My father, Bill Pyrah was in the RAF from 1935 to about 1950. He spent most of that time as a flight instructor training new pilots on Tiger Moths (I think). If anyone has any information about him or anything that may be useful I would be very grateful. Thank you

E-mail:  deejaygnome<AT>
Date: 15 Jul 2008
Time: 22:34


I am a direct descendent of Sir Harris and feel privileged to be connected to an officer and a man of his stature.

Dean Harris

South Africa

E-mail:  av8rdej3p2<AT>
Date: 16 Jul 2008
Time: 16:46


A pleasure going thru all these details of such an elite organisation. Joseph

E-mail:  mary<AT>
Date: 18 Jul 2008
Time: 23:36


What a great site! I am shortly hoping to visit my Uncle's grave in Waynes Keep Military cemetery, Nicosia, Cyprus. He was pilot officer D M Whitby James. On November 17th 1953 he flew a vampire aircraft on a practice dive bombing sortie at Dheina Range. It was reported that he released his bomb below the briefed release height and it went into a dive after a high speed stall which he was unable to get out of. He had completed 491 flying hours, 265 of which had been on a vampire aircraft. If anyone has any memories of David who came from Castlemartin in Pembrokeshire, Wales, my father Laurence Whitby James would love to hear them. I was born in 1958 so unfortunately never met him but I often think about this young man in his 20's who sadly like so many others lost his life

E-mail:   hutch<AT>
Date: 22 Jul 2008
Time: 14:55


2587523 LAC David Hutchinson, NS pay clerk 3617 FCU Bournemouth 1953/54 I enjoyed my service in Bournemouth, civilian digs, table tennis, trials for Fighter Command football team at RAF Newton, played for unit in Dorset league and enjoyed the seaside. Was anyone else as lucky?

David PS My home was in Southampton!

E-mail:    john-wheatleygcrn<AT>
Date: 22 Jul 2008
Time: 19:18



E-mail:    flynette1<AT>
Date: 26 Jul 2008
Time: 08:46


Great site your doing well.

We need your help.....My step mother Katharine Doris Lawrence, married name was Gibson-Judd would love to contact her sister EVELYN, L, AMELIA Lawrence, also may have used name PORTER.

Evelyn was a gunner in the army at Bristrol UK 1942- 1943 many be longer.

Doris is now 86 years old living in Victoria Australia...

I not sure how to find out this information so I hope you can help us in some way.

Thanks............Lynne Finne-larsen

E-mail:    juhub<AT>
Date: 26 Jul 2008
Time: 14:54


This is a long shot and I hope nobody minds me asking about a RCAF Pilot whose name was Jack/John?? (no surname im afraid) had a daughter by Doreen Prior of Gravesend in 1941. The babys name was Ann. He was informed and new the child was to be adopted. He possibly came across with the Early Canadian Flight June 1940. Is there anyone who can rememeber this Pilot and Doreen? By the way I am looking at the Gravesend involvement in WW11 and am amazed at what I am finding.I believe the air field was used to rest planes before they were sent to other Air Fields. Many of the Pilots were at Biggin Hill etc and they billeted at Lord Darnleys Estate and a place called The Laughing Waters. Most of the Air Field is now covered by a housing esate and local sports centre. In this centre is a placque with servicemans names that were killed on it. Ive yet to see this. Lord Darnley Estate was sold off and is now the Cobham Hall School for Girls. I do hope someone can point me in the direction of this Pilot or know who he was. He must be in his 80's now. Possibly late 80's if he survived the war. Many thanks and I am glad I found this site as Im sure its going to be very helpful. Just a thought many Americans went to Canada and came across as Canadian Pilots.???

E-mail:    berniekelt<AT>
Date: 1 Aug 2008
Time: 00:55



Just discovered have broadband. My father, Wyndham (Taff) Thomas, served in 111 R.S.U in Africa and Italy. Would love to contact anyone with experiences. Have lots of photos and dad's diaries.


kelvin thomas wales

E-mail:    dmf5665<AT>
Date: 5 Aug 2008
Time: 00:00


Hi Just found your web site its brilliant.

I used to be in 37 Squadron RAF Regiment. My name is David France I can remember a few of my old pals FL LT Bradshaw - Jordy Harris - Davy Jones - Graham Duncan -Tony Breae CPL Ray Mears. It would be great if there is any one from the list above or not mentioned looks at this site and would like to get in touch. Yours SAC David France

E-mail:    pmphyllis<AT>
Date: 10 Aug 2008
Time: 01:53


Very comprehensive listing. I am hoping to contact any members still surviving(!) of 3502 Royal Auxilliary Air Force - Ulster.

E-mail:    juhub<AT>
Date: 12 Aug 2008
Time: 15:15


On the 26th July 2008 I put a piece about a Canadian RCAF/RAF Pilot named possibly Jack/John. Someone has come up with the name John Harold Lemon who flew with the 57 Sqn of which little is known about. He was killed in April 1943. Anyone help on this (This info has been supplied - Ed). Anyone still with us that can tell me what sqn he was with before the 57. Anyone still with us that may remember him or his friend Doreen??

E-mail:    libbyroseman<AT>
Date: 14 Aug 2008
Time: 07:25


My husband and I had the great honor of becoming dear friends with Air Commodore and Mrs. Noel Hyde. They befriended us when we were stationed at RAF Woodbridge with the USAF, where my husband was a rescue pilot. My fondest memories of England were of the Hydes. Our family was fortunate enough to be invited to stay with them for our final six weeks in England. Air Commodore Hyde nominated my husband for membership in the RAF Club in London. At that time there were only a very few American AF officers who were members. Thank you for this site. I am enjoying it. Libby Roseman, Johns Creek, GA USA

E-mail:    e.turner<AT>
Date: 18 Aug 2008
Time: 20:42


A very interesting site. I've only recently begun to research information about my mum's uncle (1344679 Allan Ross) who joined 101 after training with 1656 HCU, during WW2. He was shot down on the Nuremberg raid 30/31 March 1944, aged 22. I've been amazed at the information I've been able to find, and the help I've received, to help build a picture of his life. Sites like yours help with background to that.

I found your site while looking for a 101 Squadron Association and look forward to visiting again.

Date: 18 Aug 2008
Time: 20:42



E-mail:    jryall26<AT>
Date: 23 Aug 2008
Time: 19:05


I was a tail gunner on a B24 and did my OTU Nassau Bahamas. It was a sad training as two Libs collided and I was one of the pall bearers and they were all buried the same day. Later when returning to the base a Mitchell flying along side of our plane exploded and my friend was the engineer on it. I finished OTU and went on one of the few ops from that OTU. Went after a Uboat on the 17th April 1945, the last time I flew in the RAF. Went back to the UK and arrived in New York on VE day. Any of those guys still around.

Jack Ryall - Sgt. Air gunner. 23rd Aug. 2008

Date: 24 Aug 2008
Time: 08:07


Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

E-mail:    ww-ii<AT>
Date: 26 Aug 2008
Time: 22:07


For those interested...

I have made a software programme called "World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands" which can be downloaded via the website

The purpose of the programme is to search for information about allied aircraft crashes in Holland in the Second World War.

The programme itself (it is not a website) runs on your PC (no installation is required) and connects to my Internet database to get the data, so you will always have the latest information available...

Due to the fact however that I have to maintain the database in my own free spare time, it is not (yet) filled with all the crashes, though at the moment (August 26, 2008) some 396 aircraft and 2391 crew members are listed in full detail; The database itself is expanded on a regular (almost daily) basis...

Please note that the software is completely FREE-OF-CHARGE and may be used by anyone interested...

Any comments/remarks (good or bad) about the programme... and/or input to the database... are highly appreciated!

Greetings from Texel island - Holland,


E-mail:    mike<AT>
Date: 26 Aug 2008
Time: 22:07


Congratulations on this fine site and thank you for all the hard work that this represents.

I served with 109 Sqn and 139(J) Sqn between 1955 and 1959 at Hemswell and Binbrook and would like to make a couple of comments as follows:

The 109 Squadron Canberra's "Hemswell flash" is always described as yellow with black edges. This is wrong. The edging was always a mid-blue (lighter than the roundel colour).

199 Sqn were stationed at Hemswell when I arrived there in April 1955. Its aircraft were Lincoln B2s and just two Canberra B2s. By the time we left for Binbrook at the end of 1955 the squadron had become just a Flight (I can't remember the number). Incidentally, the 199 Sqn Canberra's tail flash was alternating dark blue and white sectors - not as shown in the illustration. These colours matched those used on the banded Lincoln spinners.

Best wishes

Mike Newstead

(Webmaster - these have been changed)

E-mail:    brianpam125<AT>
Date: 3 Sep 2008
Time: 14:09


I am seeking relatives of a Leslie Airey, born c 1921 son of Frank Walters Airey of Preston. His brother William Shaw Airey & Frank were brothers. I'm just wondering if this is the same Leslie Airey who eventually went to work in Peterborough on the Concord project.

E-mail:    jareth<AT>
Date: 3 Sep 2008
Time: 20:40


We now have a portrait of Sir Hugh Lloyd hanging in the Foyer of the Officers Mess at RAF Linton on Ouse, I was wondering who he was and I have found your site very informative.

With thanks

Mrs J E Cartner

Linton on OUSE

E-mail:    andrew.rugg04<AT>
Date: 4 Sep 2008
Time: 14:31


exelent website i recomend it to anyone that likes or is interested in the raf

E-mail:    c1a55yh1lton<AT>
Date: 5 Sep 2008
Time: 16:00


I am looking to find any one who may have known my father Frederick Geoffery Law born 1933, Lancashire. All I know is that he went to Egypt, Tripoli in ww11. He came home thankfully but he past away ( 1983) when I was very young so just wanted to get to know what his life was like and let his grandchildren know all about there grandad. Any one who would have known him could not mistake him as he was 7ft tall!!, any info please email me on

Very Kind Regards,


PS what an amazing site, thank you.x

E-mail:    mottrpr<AT>
Date: 6 Sep 2008
Time: 03:39


Surfing late at night this looks like a good site for contacts

E-mail:    mthomasm<AT>
Date: 6 Sep 2008
Time: 09:11


My Dad John Smith, R.A.F WW2. Spitfire Pilot. Squadrons 124, 160, 232 at Maison Blanche, North Africa.

Would love any correspondence, photos etc or which website to view.

Sincere Thanks

Pauline Thomas ( Daughter).

E-mail:    jvmerchant<AT>
Date: 6 Sep 2008
Time: 14:45


Thanks, well done. A few memories came flooding back. I was with 56 ATC Woolwich attached 615 R.Aux.A.F. Biggin Hill 1954 - 1957. The names are still with me. The Boss "Bob" Elles. Pee Wee Judge. Ian Smith. Any photos available of Bob's aircraft?

Joseph J. Merchant

E-mail:    drumcree<AT>
Date: 9 Sep 2008
Time: 06:11


My father Harald Waagen was in 332 Sqaudron 1943-1944 stationed North Weald and Faulklands, he was gunner engineer ,he was also training in Little Norway Canada 1941,does anyone have any pictures from either place. He was from Stavanger thank you

E-mail:    frejoa<AT>
Date: 9 Sep 2008
Time: 18:17


having just got into computing, I was interested in seeing a bit about 2822 R.A.F. Regiment on your site, as I was a member of that Squadron, from 1942-44 and was stationed at Gosport and Azores.  I was wondering whether there was anyone else in that Squadron.

Fred Whittaker

E-mail:     arniegong<AT>
Date: 10 Sep 2008
Time: 08:35


high speed flight team photo needs boothman third from right not second.

(Webmaster - correction made)

E-mail:    edward.wyman<AT>
Date: 9 Sep 2008
Time: 06:11


It is good to see Flying Training Command remembered, my work in the medical branch in 1949 will never be fogotten, or the Officers that I was proud to know. They were A/vm J Walker G/Capt Freeman G/Capt F Barker S/Ldr O'Reorded, W/O H Dyche.

Edward Williams 02920-75235

E-mail:    jmatthewblythe<AT>
Date: 9 Sep 2008
Time: 06:11


this really is the sort of website i really enjoy please keep up the great job you are doing

E-mail:    pprother<AT>
Date: 15 Sep 2008
Time: 13:49


How wonderful to see this page. I knew Gerry's wife, Colleen Clifford, and have been thinking of them both recently as I have been doing a great deal of reading on WW2. I ponder what life was like for them during their time at the British Embassy in Washington. Regards Peter Prothero

E-mail:     rafresson<AT>
Date: 15 Sep 2008
Time: 21:29


After the war, among other appointments, my Uncle Noel went on to command the rocket range at Woomera in Australia and returned to the UK to set up the RAF Museum at Hendon. He retired as an Air Commodore.

At his burial two Hawks flew over in salute.

Richard A.Fresson

E-mail:     gmmwest<AT>
Date: 17 Sep 2008
Time: 02:49


A very interesting site. Most informative.

Thank You

TSGT Robert E. West

E-mail:     neferu<AT>
Date: 18 Sep 2008
Time: 22:09



I'm the first cousin twice removed of Oswald Robert Gayford - Fairy Monoplane world record

Thank you


Date: 19 Sep 2008
Time: 19:54


A very interesting site.  I was in the R.A.F as a boy entrant at R.A.F Hereford,"E" Flt, No. 3 Squadron 47th entry Suppliers and would like to hear from anyone else who may have been in that entry.  My name is Anthony (tony) Duckmanton.

E-mail:     juggler55<AT>
Date: 20 Sep 2008
Time: 00:39


Hi there, ex RAF SAC Peter Holme, served time at

Padgate,1954 Compton Bassett,, RAF Changi 1955/1957 Wireless Ops, Hillingdon 11Grp 1958/1959, Compton Bassett Tech course, RAF Nicosia 1959, RAF Uxbridge then to RAF Oldenburg, RAF Jever, RAF Butzweilerhof (n of Cologne)1960 to 1962, RAF Watnall ATCC, to 1963 RAF Aden 1964, RAF Dishforth 1964/1965 then Demobbed. Anyone during those years please contact thanks

E-mail:     skeetv<AT>
Date: 22 Sep 2008
Time: 23:16


Great and interesting web site. I am interesting in finding the combat information for Lt Leonard H Meldeau that was a member of the 121 Canadian Fighter Squadron of the RAF. I have a tribute to him when he was flying a Spit in North Africa as a member of the 309th Fighter Squadron on my web site.

Otha H "Skeet" Vaughan Jr

Huntsville, Al

E-mail:     pgturnbull<AT>
Date: 26 Sep 2008
Time: 16:29


Wonderful reference work. It enabled me to identify AVM Kingston-Blair-Oliphant as my Station Commander at Locking in 1956 and was able to read up on his superb career.

Former RAF Apprentice: Peter Turnbull

E-mail:     roger <AT>
Date: 28 Sep 2008
Time: 20:50


A very interesting and informative site, as a modeller and an ex ATC member I found the answer to several questions. Very many thanks.

E-mail:     fettejk<AT>
Date: 29 Sep 2008
Time: 05:17


Thank you for this site and contact point... Without it I would have had no idea how to get in touch with Men who may have flown in Sqdn 205 in Shackelton Aircraft and may have been in Sangley Pt.Phillipines at the time I was... Thanking you in advance for this great sight..

Ken Fette USN


E-mail:     david.ryder3<AT>
Date: 4 Oct 2008
Time: 00:40


Just registered, so not very familiar with things just yet. First impressions are of a lot of info. Obviously a lot of time & effort has gone into it.

Well Done.

E-mail:     silenaautomotive<AT>
Date: 4 Oct 2008
Time: 00:40


The late Leslie Bastable would have no doubt been fascinated with this computer contraption let alone having a mention on it. I would be interested to hear of any memories of his time in Malta.

Thank you.

E-mail:     la1478ampl<AT>
Date: 6 Oct 2008
Time: 11:19


Good Morning,

I appreciated finding your site after locating a reunion item for the Friends of 75 (New Zealand)Squadron Association.

Recently I was unsuccessful in trying to contact anyone who served in the Signals Section at RAF Andover between 1958 and 1959. This was prompted by one of two persons I have been in contact with over the past two years and I wondered if we may have some success on your site.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike (Mick) Wells.

E-mail:     hank<AT>
Date: 11 Oct 2008
Time: 21:35


Excellent site. I stumbled across this by accident. Rest assured I will stagger back!

Arthur Hancock

E-mail:     ww1collie<AT>
Date: 23 Oct 2008
Time: 21:35


I have been doing research on AVM Raymond Collishaw and stumbled across your site this morning. Well done to all those that must have put a lot of time and effort into getting the site to its current status. I plan to visit often in my research.

Raymond Collishaw

Burnaby, British Columbia

E-mail:   smurlit<AT> 
Date: 23 Oct 2008
Time: 20:06



My father was based in RAF Changi in 1965 and I'm trying to track down where we lived. Our house was semi-detached and had balconies along the front upstairs. We There was a field of oxen opposite and the jungle behind. I know there was a kampong nearby because my sister got lost and was found there.

There was a small swamp which years later was drained and was discovered to be a mass burial grave. There was a cemetery nearby - Chinese or Malay.

We would walk to an Ahmas night market and would walk along what I thought to be a very wide monsoon drain - but was probably a canal - the pictures of Bukit Timah canal from that era look the same.

There was also a row of shops in walking distance -I remember watching a dragon dance there. We lived next door to 2 little girls - Kerry & Lee if that jogs anyone's memory!


Denise (daughter of Bob & Marion Howie)

Date: 25 Oct 2008
Time: 13:26


Very informative

E-mail:     alfie.williams1<AT>
Date: 26 Oct 2008
Time: 12:16


A tremendous source of information, especially on camo and unit markings.

E-mail:     la1478ampl<AT>
Date: 27 Oct 2008
Time: 23:56


It is an asset to find a site like this but more co-operation is required in filling the many gaps that exist.

One I have found was the Station Commander of RAF Wilmslow in 1957/58 and was Gp. Capt. Kentish. He may have remained until closure but was certainly there from December, 1957 until June, 1958.

During the same period the Commanding Officer of RAF Hospital, Wilmslow was Wg. Cdr. Robertson who was said to be one of only three women serving in the RAF at the time. She and the other two were Medical Officers of which another was said to have been a Sqn. Ldr in charge of the Sick Quarters at RAF Compton Bassett.

E-mail:     petermoore504<AT>
Date: 28 Oct 2008
Time: 18:15



Like many others I have stumbled across your excellent site.

For my sins I am hon secretary of 504(County of Nottingham) Squadron Association. I am seeking ex serving members Regulars, National Service and Auxiliaries. We were a Royal Auxiliary Air Force squadron latterly based at RAF Wymeswold, Leicestershire. We have an active Association with 4 meetings year plus 4 newsletters. I did 4 years as an Auxiliary, then 2 N.S based at Cranwell Tech Wing 1957 /59

E-mail:     golfwhiskylima<AT>
Date: 29 Oct 2008
Time: 00:30


Hi I'm Gordon Lowrey 6 squadron association secretary. My new address is:

Coningsby House 43 Sandygate Grove Sandygate Sheffield S10 5TG Phone no: 0114-2305620 e-mail address: golfwhiskylima<AT>

E-mail:     lizzietatt<AT>
Date: 2 Nov 2008
Time: 18:15


My father was P/O Henryk Kracinski who was in 300 Masovian Squadron. He had an horrific crash in Exeter on 6 Feb 1942 but survived. It is so good to know that all the Polish Squadrons are still being recognised on websites like this. Thank You.

E-mail:    f.butcher<AT>
Date: 2 Nov 2008
Time: 20:11


I have just been introduced to your website by Wilf Crutchley,ex 118 Sqn.I have not yet had the opportunity to search it in full, but look forward very much to doing so.Who knows,it is possible I may be able to help with information later.Fred Butcher ex 118 Sqn. 23 Sqn. 60 Sqn. 64 Sqn.27 MU. 207 Sqn.

E-mail:   robinwoollard<AT>    
Date: 3 Nov 2008
Time: 00:00


I am pastor of Ratho Presbytarian Church in Ontario, Canada. We are a small farming community, and most of our congration bear the same names of their Scottish ancesters who came to Canada circa 1845. This Remberance day we are thinking (among others) of Norman Wallace Peat. All his family still live here.

Robin Woollard

E-mail:     warry<AT>    
Date: 5 Nov 2008
Time: 14:38


Fascinating website ! I am the son of Grp.Capt.

G N Warrington (24/2/08 - 8/9/45) He joined up in

1929 and durung the war was with 218,9,215 squadrons and 223,221 Groups India and HQ 177 Wing Allied Air Command SE Asia,Wing HQ,Bally and RAF HQ Northern Ireland. He and my mother died in September 1945 and I would love to find out more about his service life. Alastair Warrington

E-mail:  kkutyn<AT>    
Date: 7 Nov 2008
Time: 19:06


This is an awesome website. My Father, Michael Kutyn was a navigator in the RAF and RCAF during the second world war. He served with the 10th squadron Royal Air Force in Melbourne, Yorkshire. I'm fortunate that my dad is still alive today to tell my daughter the stories he has, this way we'll never forget what Canada, England and all the other allies did for the world.

E-mail:    andrew<AT>
Date: 8 Nov 2008
Time: 10:46


I am looking for any information about Sergeant Arthur Maurice Finfer who served with 1406 (Met) Flight and 519 Squadron based at Wick. His aircraft, believed to be a HP Hampden, did not return from a sortie on 23 August 1943. Any information about my uncle, the Flight or the Squadron would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew M. Finfer

E-mail:   bernie.s<AT>    
Date: 8 Nov 2008
Time: 23:10


ex member of the RAF regiment(25 years) some small gaps but a very interesting and well informed site keep it going

1 point though a link somewhere to the varies official shops (eg RAF Catterick/RAF regiment) might prove beneficial

E-mail:   palmtreeqld<AT>    
Date: 10 Nov 2008
Time: 09:02


346415 Corporal Thomas Patrick McTeague, D.C.M., Royal Air Force.St george Medal.

I'd like to hear from anyone who may know when he died ? I believe he returned to Ireland. He was my great Grandmothers nephew and would like to contact family in Ireland Angela in Australia

E-mail:     familybutters<AT>  
Date: 10 Nov 2008
Time: 11:12


Thoroughly enjoyed my time as an air radar technician at Bruggen between 1955 and 1957.

Good squadron.. still keep in touch with a couple of old colleagues from those days!

E-mail:       david.sally<AT>
Date: 10 Nov 2008
Time: 12:08


Dear Sir

Thank you for your interesting and informative website.

I thought you would be interested in my father's (Anthony Jaques Mantle's) story, when he was in the RNAS. He saw action with 226 Squadron when based at Lemnos, during which time he was awarded the DFC. Following this he saw action in Baku against the Red Russians, and then was in fact captured by Bolsheviks, along with his observer, following a crash-landing. He spent several months as a POW in Russia before shipped back to England as part of a prisoner exchange in 1920.

I have some fascinating aerial photographs of one of his bombing raids, and also some of him and his colleagues with their aircraft.

I am now living in France, but you can contact me on the e-mail address as given...

Best wishes

Sally Pearson (née Mantle)

E-mail:      vic.harrison<AT> 
Date: 10 Nov 2008
Time: 13:37


EX RAF Gan 1962/3

Stanbridge 1963/4

Putlos 1964/7

STCIC MOD London 1967/9

E-mail:       Chris<AT>
Date: 10 Nov 2008
Time: 23:10


Hi, I am a new to this but..

My father was a cook / canteen person in RAF Tengah. He left me an interesting keepsake of his. Its a 1946 Christmas Menu for the Air Command Far east. The menu is for th Christmas dinner and looks like it was served by the Officers, Commanding officer and NCO's. Its got all his "mates" signatures on the back. I can scan it if you are interested...Chris<AT>

E-mail:      thedicksons<AT> 
Date: 11 Nov 2008
Time: 20:09


On this Remembrance Day 2008, I am researching my Father's RCAF 431 Iroquois Squadron. These were, I believe, the best of times and the worst of times for my Dad. We are forever so proud of his service.

E-mail:       bkilgrain<AT>
Date: 14 Nov 2008
Time: 06:34


This a fabulous site and contains a gold mine of information !!! An excellent site for historical research.

E-mail:       svlpacker<AT>
Date: 15 Nov 2008
Time: 17:16


My father Ronald Packer served with 902 (Tactical) Wing in Burma in 1945 during the closing stages of WWII. Unfortunately I can't find any material about this. It seems to have been completely forgotten about. So if anyone has any information I'd be very glad to hear from them.

E-mail:       jameslear31<AT>
Date: 16 Nov 2008
Time: 14:54


National Service 1956 stationed in Shinfield Park till 1957 demobbed in august 1958 worked in trade testing section name James Lear now live in Billericay Essex C/O Squadron Leader Wilson

E-mail:   haccp<AT>   
Date: 15 Nov 2008
Time: 17:16


Dear All, looking for information and photo of F/L Archibald Angus McIntyre,KIA 28 February 1945,222 Sqn, crashed Nunspeet, Holland.  Buried in the Nunspeet General Cemetery.  All info is welcome.

Best regards Jaap Vermeer

E-mail:    hellojohnhodgkinson<AT>  
Date: 16 Nov 2008
Time: 21:48


Thanks for your article about my illustrious uncle Johnnnie Johnson. Living (and doing some politics) in France, his légion d'honneur makes me especially proud. Go get'em, Johnnie !

Best regards,

John Hodgkinson

E-mail:  pete<AT>    
Date: 18 Nov 2008
Time: 01:13


Thank you for putting this documentary together thereby retaining information on these historic individuals. What a tresure for the families of these great men.

Pete Rose

Grandson, Sir Francis Mellersh

Son , Patsy Ann Mellersh,War Bride, Married George Rose, Canadian Soldier overseas

E-mail:      simon.thorne65<AT>
Date: 18 Nov 2008
Time: 13:19


I'm currently writing a book on the RAF's role in the second World War and i must say your web site is by far one of the best sites i've come across to help me.

Some of the information you have i've not been able to obtain anywhere else.Keep up the good work and thank you.

Regards Simon Thorne

E-mail:      arthur<AT>
Date: 18 Nov 2008
Time: 17:51


Hi I have just found my father in laws 36sqn Mayfly membership book and found your site while trying to get more info.



E-mail:     Gulfrose<AT> 
Date: 19 Nov 2008
Time: 21:48


Hello- Apon finding this site I doubt I'll be using any other as a primary information source for Units.

I have a question regarding personnel. Please answer at if so inclined. There was a man by the name of Commander Wilfred Briggs, attached to the RNAS in the First World War. What little I have been able to find regarding him is contradictory. Thanks.

Henry E. Whittle Florida, USA

E-mail:      moving.waves<AT>
Date: 19 Nov 2008
Time: 21:48


excellent work

Colin Bruce

Goring by sea

w sussex uk

E-mail:      kirklander73<AT>
Date: 19 Nov 2008
Time: 21:48


Hello i served on 2890 SQN using the skyguard/oerlikon SHORAD system before joining the RAF full time. 2890 disbanded at the same time as 2729, Before becoming a Auxilliary/regular co operation sqn on Rapier (FSB1M) Back at RAF Scampton, called the Rapier caderisation unit.It itself disbanded not long after with many transferring to 2503 (Field) SQN

E-mail:      leschampagnes<AT>
Date: 22 Nov 2008
Time: 14:48


I came across your web site by accident. I am looking for anyone who knows anything about 294 RAFVR squadron in Libya in 1944. In particular FLt Lt Denys Ashton who was killed on 16th March 1944.

Your wen site is really interesting even to us civilians!

Elisabeth Shatwell

E-mail:      ctjreid<AT>
Date: 23 Nov 2008
Time: 05:18




E-mail: edryden<AT>     
Date: 26 Nov 2008
Time: 06:26


Air Vice Marshal- Sir Allan Boxer

I joined No 7 squadron on November1956 when it was reformed as a Valiant squadron under the command of Wing Commander Allan Boxer and caried out the Electrcal acceptance check on Valiant XD828. He was a great man, and treated every one under his command as humans.

E-mail:      ra.gregory<AT>
Date: 26 Nov 2008
Time: 06:26


Thanks for a most informative site. I served on a number of RAF Squadrons from 1958 to 1972 as well as the Kenya Air force and Singapore Air Defence Command.

Looking through some of my old photos I found one of 210 Sqdn at Sharjah cica 1971/72 and have emailed it to you.

Kind Regards: Roger Gregory

E-mail:      remembrancesociety<AT>
Date: 3 Dec 2008
Time: 23:43


A great website - clear and load of very useful information. We would like to hear from your readers with a view to placing a "page of honour to them. All we ask is to contact us via our website and send the information that you have -we may well be able to add to it!

Great work that you are doing and hope that we will be able to work together in the future.

Best wishes,


E-mail:      ben<AT>
Date: 5 Dec 2008
Time: 17:48


Congratulations on your commitment to an excellent site.

I served as a National Serviceman with Central Flying School, Little Rissington in 1950-52, reached the exalted rank of Senior Aircraftman (the first at CFS), and cannot help wondering if anyone out there remembers me..........."Dixie" Dean, Station Workshops.

E-mail:     rafret<AT>
Date: 10 Dec 2008
Time: 11:39


What a gem to find!

As an old sweat of 31 years service it is a joy to look around the site and reminisce of old times.


Fred Ward

Flight Sergeant

Royal Air Force (Retd.)

E-mail:     nedpotter<AT>
Date: 10 Dec 2008
Time: 11:39


My first visit to your excellent site was also a very sad one as I did not know Tony Dudgeon was dead. We met at Bruggen where I taught him cinephotography, using a Paliard Bolex. Later in London when he was at the "Airworks" I also met his brother, worthy of a mention as he invented the ejector seat (on rails).

He was also an AVM.

Ned Potter

E-mail:     pitrep<AT>
Date: 14 Dec 2008
Time: 22:43


Very nice informations

E-mail:     fontleroi<AT>
Date: 17 Dec 2008
Time: 13:04



I am delighted to have found your site. Both my father and my uncle, both now dead, served in the RAF, and I am trying to find more about their service and connections. I shall return.

David Edwards

E-mail:     amourchambers<at>
Date: 21 Dec 2008
Time: 14:09


Very informative.I give your site a 5* rating

E-mail:     peter<AT>
Date: 26 Dec 2008
Time: 00:14


In memory of my Grandfather, 600 Squadron Intelligence Officer Denys Lane-Walters RAF, during the Battle of Britain.

Peter Emmerton

E-mail:     oc.268<AT>
Date: 26 Dec 2008
Time: 00:14


I would like to show my appreciation of this Website. I think it is an excellent site and has enabled me to learn valuable information about No 268 Sqn RAF. As the Commanding Officer of No 268 Sqn Air Training Corps, it was much help when deciding what names to give my newly formed flights.

Thank You

Cameron Green

Pilot Officer RAFVR(T)

Officer Commanding

268 Sqn ATC